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finally finished Les Revenants

(so many emotions! so many questions! so many torpedoed theories!)

think I can finally return to what I wanted to accomplish in October

then I see that The Man in The High Castle episode 2 is out

ETA: oh hey found a way to watch the Norwegian show Okkupert, about Russians occupying the country
no subs tho...
ok this is a weird coincidence - not only is it speculative fiction about an occupied country, like The Man in the High Castle, but it has the dad of Ana Girardot (Lucy in Les Revenants) in the cast...

ETA 2: yessss this has undertekster at least so Google Translate can help

2015-10-25 08:53 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
I still need to finish Les Revenants!

2015-10-25 14:18 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
The second season will start airing in the US on Halloween.

The's causing almost the amount of confusion and frustration as the Lost finale, although the Les Revenants creator stopped watching Lost after season 2. I think this show gets away with it a little more, though, because it resolves quite a few emotional arcs and had more of a dreamlike/dream logic feel to it anyway. Still, so many nagging questions...

2015-10-28 04:47 (UTC)
heyt: ([BSG] Robo Boogie)
by [personal profile] heyt
In my sci fi class we are going to read Man in The High Castle in a couple of weeks. She chose it because of the tv series starting.

2015-10-28 07:09 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
It's similar to the book but the changes they made streamline the plot and lose a lot of the ambiguity. It's still interesting to watch, so I'll see how it goes.

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