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I was going to continue with my practice of setting 101 goals for the new year, but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

I did write about my media highlights and favorite music of 2015.

Goals actually accomplished in 2015:

  • I was able to show [ profile] whomp around San Francisco, and I also reconnected with many relatives on both sides of my family! I'm a really social person, and it was great to see and talk with them.

  • With the family, I returned to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. New places we visited included Yosemite and Mammoth, other towns in Gold Country, Also did more local tourism, including the Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruta. All the hyperlinks in this paragraph link to pictures!

  • I did get to speak Spanish more, especially in Puerto Rico, and I used Japanese a little at work (although, when one customer asked me a question in Japanese, I answered in Spanish. I corrected myself and she was fine with it, but yeah). I even had a simple conversation in Norwegian! Although I can't say more because we can't post about specific customers on the internet. Even a few phrases of Tagalog helped once. I am now on over 80 days of practicing Gaeilge and Norsk on Duolingo.

  • Finally visited New People when we went to a festival in Japantown. My mom bought me this Omocat sweater...partly because I forgot to wear warm enough clothing for that windy day...

  • I did start lifting 20-pound free weights, and while I didn't get to 25-pound, I did move from 10 reps to 15 reps over the course of the year.

  • I bought some nice and often useful clothes (many via work discount), as well as 2 CDs, nice yearly agendas (classic art for 2015, and a slim Star Wars one with Rey and BB-8 on the cover for 2016 through 2017), and the Universal classic Horror DVD set. Also received a new photo camera and mini-tripod prior to our Las Vegas trip.

  • I did read at least one book from every continent except Antarctica, but I think that's less of a feat because diverse selection is pretty much my general taste when I go to the libraries here. Also read five non-fiction books, as well as five books published in 2015. Now I want to read more from before 1900.

I think I'll just dump my list of TV watched from October through December here. So much I still have to catch up on...

172-5) Les revenants - 2.1-4 - dl
176) Brooklyn 99 - 3.2 - “The Funeral” - OnDemand
177-8) Kollektivet - 9.3-4 -
179-80) Les Revenants - 2.5-6 - dl
181-2) Brooklyn 99 -3.3-4 - OnDemand
183-4) Les Revenants - 2.7-8 - dl
185) The Man in the High Castle - 1.2 - ‘Sunrise” - Amazon
186) Brooklyn 99 - 3.5 - “Halloween III” - OnDemand
187) Kollektivet - 9.5 -
The first two sketches were rapid-fire - Seb especially
188) Elementary - 4.1 - “The Past is Parent” - OnDemand
189) Brooklyn 99 - 3.6 - “Into the Woods” - OnDemand
190) Elementary - 4.2 - “Evidence of Things Not Seen” - CBS
Theme of secret influence and government power
191-2) Kollektivet - 9.6-7 -
193) Brooklyn 99 - 3.7 - “The Mattress” - OnDemand
194) Elementary - 4.3 - “Tag, You’re Me” – OnDemand
195-6) Brooklyn 99 - 3.8-9 - OnDemand
197) The Man in the High Castle - 1.3 – “” – Amazon Prime
198) Elementary - 4.4 - “All My Exes Live in Essex” – OnDemand
199-200) Kollektivet - 9.8-9 -
201) The Man in the High Castle - 1.4 – “The Illustrated Woman” – Amazon Prime
202) Kollektivet - 9.10 – series finale! -
203) The Man in the High Castle - 1.5 – “The New Normal” – Amazon Prime
I wish the writing for this was better
204) Elementary - 4.5 - “The Games Underfoot” – OnDemand
205) Okkupert – episode 1 - download

2016-01-16 14:17 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

A great goal!! hehe what happened to you was similar to me not making a "last post of 2015" as I have in previous years; though for me it was because I didn't pay attention to the time and ended up just watching a show into midnight. haha but I'm like "ah well" and for OCD me, that's an accomplishment in of itself. hahah

2016-01-17 18:55 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
first accomplishment of the year, then!

2016-01-20 19:23 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Great goals to accomplish! I especially like all your language usage, it's such a nice, varied bunch. :)

And very jealous of your reading accomplishments, I may have managed four continents. Any recommendations for South East Asian authors/books? My reading challenge is oddly specific with this and I'm having a hard time finding anything that would really fit it.

2016-01-20 21:53 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Thanks! And I was promoted (just up a level, Associate level 2, but still) yesterday!

hmmm...I just read Man Tiger by Eka Kurniawan, from Indonesia, which starts out iffy but has a great flow of back-and-forth plot structure. It was just translated into English, so maybe it will be out in Finland. I should be reading more from my mother's country, the Philippines, but most of the stuff I read is from the Filipino diaspora.

ETA: just letting you know that Man Tiger has some moments of brutal violence and sexual abuse.
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