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so many things going on in the world but my life somehow skitters back and forth and forward

went to Napa Valley wine country for the food on my birthday earlier this month. Here is my flickr album but you can see some of the food on this page of my tags rn.

still have to go through Father's Day photos because we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and I really like Puerto Rican food that goes beyond rice and beans. give me all the plaintains (and gas pain)

so...Euro 2016...some very interesting results. So great to watch Iceland. Still rooting for Germany of course (#11 scores! aw the memories), and France can be here and there. Poland sometimes catches my interest. too bad for Ireland and some other underdogs but at least they got good wins. haha England. at least it seems like the worst fans left before the round of 16. usually don't root for Italy but (sorry to fans) I was glad they knocked out Spain.

didn't get to see much of Copa America because of work
I did see the last US win, as well as a replay of much of a certain 7-0 game...
on Sunday, I was at PF Chang's bar during my work lunch hour (technically dinner but whatever). The mall was closed but the restaurants outside weren't.
Before the store closed, I saw one or two people in various club shirts, but someone passed by in a Dortmund jersey with Reus on the back and I was like !!! Made me wonder if I would have ended up supporting Dortmund if I started watching soccer later...especially since I like these Polish players (though one was eaten up by Bayern like so many) instead of trying to catch the odd game of unfortunate Bremen...
anyways while I was eating I heard "R U Mine?" play overhead and I was like yesssss. and then I saw on the ESPN news ticker that the Copa America final was about to end overtime and go to penalty kicks and I asked them to switch the TV channel so I could see. And Messi missed! I don't like or hate him or anything it's just a surprise.

wasn't able to get tickets for the Arsenal - MLS All-Stars game, but I'll check again before the match, and if not, I'll go to a place near the stadium to watch with fans.

oh, now I have a videocamera and tripod of my own! also updated my phone because my old hand-me downs became too troublesome. We'll see if I can get myself to be more productive with time and tech. Also going to see if I can use my gift card to get a dolly for the tripod.

btw two of the online compliments for the store where I work thanked me by name for my service!

sometime I'll get to the Penny Dreadful finale. heard it was disappointing but I'm not too invested and the show was often inconsistent anyways. Animal Kingdom started ok but I didn't finish the 2nd episode because it wasn't special enough, besides some good acting, for me to actually carve out time to watch. Orphan Black had an overall solid fourth season, and I'm trying out Thirteen on its BBC America airdates.

still catching up verrrrry slowly on Okkupert, Adventure Time, and Manhattan (I was waiting until I had enough free credits to "purchase" official stream episodes). Waiting out the hype on other shows I haven't tried yet, but maybe I'll start Gomorrah, Detectorists, Bojack Horseman, The Night Of, or Wentworth. Maybe some Japanese or Korean shows or whatever's waiting in my watchlists/bookmarks/drafts. Found that my libraries have more connections to streaming sites that make it easier and actually legal to stream some movies, TV, and books that are hard to find.

2016-06-29 00:00 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Happy belated bday!!!! :)

I kept meaning to comment on your previous post with your favorite actors list!! I really loved it!! Definitely something I'd like to do one day, but who knows when I'll get the motivation/inspiration/time. hahah

Speaking of actors, are you gonna watch Preacher since it has Ruth Negga? I've seen a few eps so far and it's been pretty decent!

2016-06-29 16:48 (UTC)
by [identity profile]

aw man that post took a while. and since then, one or two on the list have said or done things that makes me reconsider them as, I'd praise their performances in the future if they're good, but I don't know if I'd call them faves anymore...ah, people.

I wasn't really attracted to the comic, so I don't know, but I like the gifsets I see of Ruth's character.

2016-07-06 08:39 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
I asked Billy (cuz he read the comic) and he said the comic is way more puerile/over the top, so while the show's still got elements of that, it's more toned down. And he said Jesse (either due to actor choice and/or writer choice) comes off as less of a dick than the comic version. haha Not sure if those are reasons why you weren't interested in the comic, though, but just FYI, haha

edit: whoops, forgot to add!

Re: list of favorite actors, aw man, that sucks when favorites go down a notch! I definitely know that feeling. I've realized when it comes to actors/famous people in general, sometimes I like their personality more than their work and vice versa (some both, but others one or the other, haha).
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2016-07-06 23:16 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
idk, I just never got into it, even though I read some Punisher by the same author and I've read other juvenile/gross stuff.

and yeah, even while constantly reminding yourself that you don't know these people, so don't hold fast to your idea of them, it's still like...a little piece of reality you knew is proven wrong. haha that makes it sound dramatic when usually (if no one is actually hurt), in the context of one's life, it's more like the marble on your desk you thought was blue was really red- it was just catching a different light. Sometimes it's easier to know a person's a mess in the first place, and know to separate the good stuff from the bad, than to find it out.

2016-07-04 15:08 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
So very late, but happy birthday! The Napa Valley pics look lovely, wineries are cool even though I'm not a huge fan of wine.

I'm bummed about Croatia going out when they did, I actually liked to watch them play. And Iceland had such a dream tournament really, I think I know one person who wasn't rooting for them at least in some point. And Wales had been such a pleasant surprise. :D

Yay for being named in the thank you feedback! That's always so great.

2016-07-05 19:30 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Thanks! I don't even drink alcohol, but the area is great for food and views.

yeah, I'm glad Croatia got at least one good win after the flares and fighting incident.

Iceland was inspiring! Too bad I didn't get to see the game against France, but I followed via the Guardian's live updates and it said they kept fighting even when 4 down...although I did like the French goal scorers...maybe now a French person won't shout at me about "dernier jeux" or "Giroud" when I wear an Arsenal shirt
Iceland has the best clap celebration it is epic.

Wales is looking well indeed. I hope they beat Portugal. I'm sick of them promoting it as Ronaldo vs. Bale though because both teams have other players...


2016-07-05 20:24 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
btw this was a great moment:

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