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El Morro ocean

my Puerto Rico photos are up!

Also, the Teavana Joy 2015 blend is really good.
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Easter season is turning out well. Weather and all is rainy/sunny but improving overall.

Got a good teapot for $14.99 because I had a little extra on my Macy's card. Had to keep explaining to my mom and my brother the difference between a tea kettle and a teapot.

Parked next to Purgatory on Easter Sunday.
This was in Downtown Sacramento.
Too bad this was before the restaurant and not before church or else the symbolic meaning would have been amusing.

failed fortune cookies
Got these fortune cookie defects at P.F. Chang's that day. One cookie was sliced in half and ended up in the other package.

I've also had a job interview in the past week, and am conversing via email with another employer. These don't look like full -time jobs but they still look good.
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I've been trying to write a proper post for a while, but my feelings shift with the tides.

So here are handy year-end links instead!

My year in new music!
Other highlights of the year in movies, TV, and books

Favorite new shows: Elementary and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
New favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

Feature-length movies I watched during the year:
Films of the 2010's, ranked:
Rankings don't necessarily correspond to ratings.
Books of all sorts read during the year:

aw man I need to update my cooking posts, because I did get to improve on this pasta sauce by simmering Roma tomatoes for a long time. I'll try heirloom tomatoes next when they're on sale.
Lots of stuff went down offline this year but I think I'll dump all that negativity in 2012 and only focus on catching up on food/restaurant/cooking posts in 2013. My next assignment: making acceptable masala chai tea (or even latte) with Assam tea base and pre-packaged garam masala spice.

ETA: whoops I forgot to finish up my "TV episodes watched" list!
episodes watched from October 1 to December 31 )
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First, a chocolate report:

$5+ but the taste is great and it was my payday so I spent $10 on food/drink for me. The finish isn't as fine as with some other chocolate but that's a minor quibble and probably because it's "raw."

I also got coupons for 3 free bottles of Honest Tea because I emailed them about an odd-tasting batch (marked by a plastic ring around the caps of the glass bottles).

I'm slowly starting to type up my novel draft. I'm changing tenses from past to present for the dreams. I've also got a fractal story idea that's partly written that I might submit to a contest by September 15.

Summer is ending. nooooo

I'm slowly getting back into the job search because my calling job only lasts until the end of this month.

TV-wise, the five-episode cinematic J-drama Shokuzai was pretty good and kept me thinking about it long after the five episodes had finished. Sometimes it was unbearably slow but I also felt that any faster pace would betray the characters. There was also director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's thing of sudden extreme plot twists. The acting was amazing, though. Great to see interesting parts for five female main characters. Some pictures here.

Doctor Who was alright. I've joined the legion of Oswin fans! Also made this graphic. I really like working with transparencies. As for the Ponds...I know that's a realistic problem but on top of everything else they've experienced, it seemed like Moffatt was out of ideas for relationship roadblocks.

Here are reviews I've written recently for YAM-Mag:
the dorama My Little Chef, the sci-fi novel Death Sentences, the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, the Olympics and its US TV coverage, and My Life in Movies.
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I had a few minutes of dead time at work, and had just finished dealing with three calls at once (one of them hung up after being on hold long, but the other phone guy refused to be put on hold, so I don't blame him. But argh his phone number in the records is not the same grr).

So I ate a doughnut. Then I chewed it while doing twenty-five pushups to release stress.

I also found where the higher-ups hid their good tea.

aww yeah.

It's the 6 AM shift, so no one else gets here before 8 AM haha

and yesterday, since I arrived early before Work 2, I managed to run (not walk!) around a giant block in less than ten minutes

accomplishment of the day


10 April 2010 02:28
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I'm so so tired after babysitting (my mom wants someone over 18 present in case their parents go in the house and want to see a supervisor) my brother's classmates and friends...the last ones left at 1 AM

I had to go to Berkeley twice this week for grad stuff, and on Thursday, after months of text/phone tag, I finally got some time to hang out with [ profile] fancyxthat. WE FOUND VINCENT'S CAR. THE DOG LIVES

aww dude Nivi I forgot to discuss tea with you.

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Christmas was good times with family friends.

some highlights -

- Christmas Eve at a relative's house. Gradually getting better at karaoke (apparently being loud is most important points-wise). I TOTALLY ROCKED "EDELWEISS" AND EVERYONE SANG ALONG

- Christmas morning: so I haven't had the spare cash to buy good chocolate for a long time...but today I got 3 Valhrona bars! yessssss
as well as a PC movie editing system (anything is better than Windows Movie Maker) and Brian Azzarello's Joker graphic novel. Opened the box of genmaicha (matcha -a.k.a. green tea- and brown rice) packets I bought a few days ago. That tea turned out great.
Church had a really cool Nativity scene, with a manger made of palm tree fronds. Here's a picture.
lol there are so many palm trees here, might as well make use of the greenish fronds that fall

- Christmas afternoon and evening: went to the home of some family friends, where we usually spend Christmas. Lots of good food. For a while, I had been craving good persimmons but wasn't able to buy or obtain (a building at school had a bunch free but they had gone dry) any. But someone brought a bunch of persimmons to the party, and they left a ton over so I was able to take a good amount home. score.
Also got some good stuff like movie theater certificate money.

The little girl there got a Disney princess vanity for Christmas. What was particularly interesting was that the vanity and all its accessories doubled as musical intruments. Picture here. For example, the vanity itself became a keyboard (needed batteries to play though). The eye makeup was a harmonica and the lipstick a whistle. That's so strange it's brilliant. It's nice to see that they thought they had to add something else to sell the makeup toys to girls. Broadening horizons, one cracky product at a time.

I also ended up playing with the toy train set. The older (like, 50-ish) men also played with it too while talking. Train set toys are just that classic.
I took some pictures with the little toy robot there.

I'm still not great at Halo (3), but I did get to splatter and shoot a bunch of online people with a Mongoose, so I felt accomplished.

Later, I got sucked into rewatching the entirety of Be Kind Rewind with our friend Dominic. That movie always makes me teary-eyed at the end, argh, because it's about ~the power of movies~ and that's my dream. yeah.
My brother and I later showed some of the Kick-Ass trailers and we said maybe we can see it together when he's on break from college.

After getting home and taking a 3-hour food comagas pain nap, I woke up, ate some of my chocolate, and made myself a chai latte with the powdered mix I got from Walmart a week ago. Took a look around the kitchen. We have a lot of good food around. Great food possibilities too, mwhahahahahaha

Now I really want to plan a dinner for some reason. Cook and make drinks for everyone. After this, I'm checking out the recipes I bookmarked from tumblr.
I also want to make a short movie. Probably with my stuffed animals. My photo camera's video capabilities may be limited, but at least I have something that can shoot video.

It was too much for LJ to handle, so I had to break it into two parts:
Part 1
Part 2

so now I'll check those recipes and make a little progress on my tumblr backlog before I go to sleep. Tomorrow, I guess I become British, because I'll obtain the Doctor Who "End of Time" (DO NOT SPOIL ME as well as watch a Boxing Day match wait nevermind Arsenal isn't playing? or are my streaming sites wrong?

ETA: I totally forgot - on Christmas Eve afternoon, I started randomly doing crochet after a year or two of not crocheting anything (not that I was great when I did it). I started doing random stuff and had the loose goal of making an asymetrical triangle. Instead, I made a tree. I WAS UNCONSCIOUSLY GUIDED BY THE SPIRT OF CHRISTMAS
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Discoveries in 2009 that had an impact on me

- Music Go Music
- the Maiku Hama series
- aloe vera drink
- chai
- Alison Mosshart (at first I thought she and The Kills were too hipster-cool to appeal to me, but then I heard her voice (sans the usual affectations) on the Last Shadow Puppets cover of "Paris Summer" and I never looked back
- Henry James' supernatural stories
- J.A. Caesar's crazy rock opera experimental music
- Fulltime Killer
- friends from ontd_startrek
- "The Pillowman" - a play by Martin McDonagh (writer/director of In Bruges)
- Creepyposts
- Sisters of the Gion and Osaka Elegy
- Brand Upon the Brain!, The Saddest Music in the World, and other Guy Maddin works
- Half-Price Books - this year I actually went inside and bought things
- rose gelato and Epicurious Garden in Berkeley
- Cupkates Bakery
- that cafe in Berkeley with the vegan pizza
- Tumblr
- this pear green tea
- Kern's Peach Nectar soda
- the mango sorbet with blueberries and granola combo I only found at Papamingo
- Arnold Palmer drink - thanks to [ profile] kerlin!
- Felicia Day
- using the "bookmark" feature not just for sites I want permanently bookmarked, but also to return to sites I want to return to soon for a limited period of time. I used to paste links into a document for that.
- Final Girl

I like how many of these are food-related.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I can remember at the moment. Go post your 2009 discoveries in the comments or on your own journal!
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You know you need more sleep when... find out you've been wearing your underwear inside-out the whole day.

another presentation tomorrow - let's hope I don't mess this one up like the one today
then more stuff
then a job interview Friday
then a revision of that paper I did last week, due Sunday 3 AM

and then so many things next week

but hey, I also bought issue #1 of Fables: Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love. The first two pages were so much compressed awesome that I had to show it to a random classmate sitting next to me. She also found it awesome.

and aww dude this pear green tea bag I got from a cafe is good

I must use lulz to keep me awake.
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icons for all incarnations of The Doctor

oh boy I am craving pine nuts right now
cooked or raw, I don't care
this is because my dad is cooking pasta and I'm thinking of the Create-Your-Own pasta at Macaroni Gril, where I put together an aglio olio (sp?) thing with added pine nuts

this now leads to


also, an idea stolen from [ profile] fancyxthat:
Sandwich of the year:
a Monte Cristo, at Bennigans
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In my dream, there were a lot of things, but I remember being in a house with family friends and Simon Pegg was there with some people too. We were going over some rules or something in a living room, because we were all sharing the same house. And then there were other things I barely remember, just that it was a brownstone in a city at night.
And then there was a part in a colorful place where I overheard a businessman talking about Taipei being basically tea places. I remember moving through some stores and then ordering hot rose tea at Tea Station.
Some more colorful places, a mall, a bunch of people suffocating themselves with rope and then turning into dolls with those circle eyes that move when you move the head. There was also a zombie-like virus and we had to be careful. I remember going into one clothing store with [ profile] blumenfeuer and we couldn't close the opening to the store. One teenage girl walked in, and then another teenage girl walked in. We couldn't do anything until we were sure they did/didn't have the zombie virus. [ profile] blumenfeuer went to talk with one girl in a couch and clothing display, and I tagged along to defend. The other girl sat on a nearby couch. One of the girls started acting weird, and then we had to chase her through the mall. I eventually found her on a desk of a police station crowded with shocked people. They said she wasn't a zombie, she was an extortionist. Who also killed people. Under a bunch of files and papers, I found that I had been too late. She had suffocated herself like the others, and I unwrapped yet another binding of rope to see yet another body turned into a small doll, with those globe eyes that moved as you moved it.
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via [ profile] aroundfremont:

Taiwan creates a Napa Valley of Tea

lol there's a misspelled word under the photos flash device

He would patiently explain to Westerners unaccustomed to Asian tea that their brew, full of complex flavors, does not need milk and sugar.
Taiwanese drink tea much like Californians sip wine. They sniff for aroma, slurp for taste and carefully eye the color

I guess I became Taiwanese in my tea habits without noticing. THE CUPERTINO INFLUENCE, I SAY

Thanks to [ profile] wintersweet, I found out that an Asian shopping center I've passed by is called Little Taipei. Now I want to visit. Asian shopping centers make me feel at home. THE CUPERTINO INFLUENCE YET AGAIN

XD this comment:
The best thing is that since this surrounding area as a whole is home to some of the wealthiest Chinese people in the US, and one of the highest ranking high schools in the state (Mission San Jose), there are never any thugs or trouble makers hanging around the premises.

ahahahahaha "trouble makers" and giving props to Mission

seriously, every time I mentioned I was from Kennedy, I got this "oh" reaction like "but you know things..."
How many spelling and grammar and even content errors did those non-Kennedy people make in their articles for Youth Today? I still haven't forgiven them for messing up my articles without at least double-checking facts with me.

Wow. This post took an unexpected turn.

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