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Veronica Ngo (Ngô Thanh Vân) will play Paige Tico
resistance fighter pilot sis to Kelly Marie Tran's character, Rose Tico
we might barely see her but SISTERS IN STAR WARS

also she was a cool action actress in what I've seen of her before

(related: the Star Wars park and the Wrinkle in Time trailer. darn Disney owns too much)


was getting back into the Mars Volta after hearing the latest At The Drive-In album (it's ok but not quite my sound) 
but while fruitlessly searching for the latest Algiers CD (The Underside of Power), I FINALLY picked up a copy of Frances the Mute and it is an awesome rebirth stage of my music dive recovery phase rn

so in moments I'm all SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THE FLESH OF MIDNIGHT/NIGHT FOREVER MORE and I feel powerful again


I burned out of Doctor Who some time during Clara's time there (I liked her and Capaldi, and what I've heard/seen of Bill looks promising, but Moffatt...)

but I've really liked Whittaker for a while and THIS IS A MAJOR CAREER TURN I'M HAPPY FOR HER

now...who's the new showrunner

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crossposting from tumblr...

chrry’s media year in review

music will come later

this was a busy year so I didn’t do as much as I wanted

films watched in 2016

books read in 2016

(interesting that the first and last books are Irish)

Top books read:

To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf

The Talented Mr. Ripley, by Patricia Highsmith

You Will Know Me, by Megan Abbott

Faithful Place/Broken Harbor, by Tana French

Still Life Las Vegas, James Sie

The Flight of Icarus, by Raymond Queneau

A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, by Eimear McBride

The Mark and the Void, by Paul Murray

Man Tiger, Eka Kurniawan

2/5ths of this list is Irish…

short stories:

Eleven Prague Corpses (Kirill Kobrin) and Let Me Tell You (Shirley Jackson)


Amorgos, by Nikos Gatsos, trans. Sally Purcell

dunno if I’ve got strong movie recs besides the Everest documentary Sherpa

performers seen on a screen the most this year:

(includes individual movies, tv series, and music videos)

six times: Meiko Kaji

five times: Aneurin Barnard and much of the Stray Cat Rock crew

three times: Pina Menichelli, Wunmi Mosaku, Riz Ahmed

favorite TV episodes this year:

Brooklyn 99 – 3.18- – “Cheddar” followed by Terry Kitties and Paranoia arc

Elementary - 4.17  -“You’ve Got Me, Who’s Got You?” Paul Cornell + superheroes. also, “Miss Taken”

Orphan Black – 4.2 – “Transgressive Border Crossing”

Penny Dreadful – 3.2 – “Predators Far and Near” Twist! Too bad it went all bad

Mr. Robot – 2.7 – “Handshake”

The Night Of – 1.8 – “The Call of the Wild

Maybe Narcos 2.4-5

Halt and Catch Fire –3.5 – Yerba Buena 3.6 – “And She Was” 3.7 “Threshold”

Brooklyn 99 – 4.3 – “Coral Palms, Part 3”

Westworld – 1.4 – “Dissonance Theory” thanks Ed Brubaker

Black Mirror – 3.1, 3.4

General monster design in Channel Zero

favorite tv discovery:

New Scandinavian Cooking

and now,

tv episodes watched from October thru December 2016 )
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There's a user named Cherry who, with a user named airy, often fills the Mylène Jampanoï topic on a Russian forum.

While looking through the rest of the threads, for general interest in seeing what people were posting and also to find the Sergei Bodrov, Jr. topic, I found that Cherry seems to appreciate other performers I like: Oleg Menshikov, Déborah François, Benjamin Biolay (well, at least I like some of his songs), Daniel Brühl, Carice Van Houten (forgot to paste link), Sylvie Testud, Diego Luna, Michelle Yeoh, Sandrinne Bonnaire, Maggie Cheung, and quite a few others.

She also posts about people I don't know, but still, it's weird to see a similar username have similar interests.

me internet stalker nooooo
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On Thursday, the lady I talk with about job searching took me to the university's International House to look for volunteer opportunities. Turned out they needed someone to cover the front desk later that afternoon, so after the person in charge checked my qualifications on their application and on LinkedIn, I filled in. I just stepped in and did a job with no prior notice! My phone answering and message-taking could have been smoother, but I just kept on asking questions and didn't mess up much. I'll volunteer there more in the future. They're nice and they also help with networking and career-building matters.

Trying to catch up on movies of 2012 for a YAM poll and I just watched Dans la maison, which is pretty good although the director later said some icky things about women. white French art-world males just living up to stereotypes on how they think about women ugh

anyway, I was led to the movie because the lead young actor (Ernst Umhauer) was so smirktastic in a trailer.

and by today I ended up translating a Japanese article here because it sounds like it was written by a big fan of the movie trying keep things professional.

I had the help of the Perapera plug-in for Firefox but still that is another achievement

also saw Antiviral and there was also Caleb Landry Jones for another strange but oddly fascinating face for a young male lead in 2012

memorable film faces are great to study- attractive or not, classic or contemporary- because they're such a part of characters and they can't be generically pretty or ugly or ___ but stand out in motion because of a quirk or flaw or how they can capture the screen's attention at a startling moment and...

then I'm reminded of the general old Hollywood rule for filming leads: "light men for character, light women for beauty" and how that more or less stands today unless an odder-looking character actress scrapes some way to top billing. I want to make a movie that lights women for character.
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Overheard while my mom was watching The Expendables 2:

Mom: They should get that Japanese-looking woman from that movie, you know, the Transformers-like movie.
Brother: You mean Pacific Rim?
Mom: Yeah, she's good and pretty.


- - -

I just helped my brother with his Media Lit homework by directing him to a gifset on my tumblr.

- - -
Just watched Kaizers Orchestra's Siste dans concert and aw man is this really the end?
I did chuckle a bit at the people crying in the crowd, but they were chuckles of understanding.
- - -
Speaking of Norway, Ylvis brothers' shows subbed in English.
With these guys as well as Norwegian movies and my attempts to sing Kaizers songs, who knows what linguistic mishmash of Norwegian regions I'll pick up...
- - -

TV episode roundup July-September:

I really didn't watch much these three months. )
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I've been trying to write a proper post for a while, but my feelings shift with the tides.

So here are handy year-end links instead!

My year in new music!
Other highlights of the year in movies, TV, and books

Favorite new shows: Elementary and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
New favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

Feature-length movies I watched during the year:
Films of the 2010's, ranked:
Rankings don't necessarily correspond to ratings.
Books of all sorts read during the year:

aw man I need to update my cooking posts, because I did get to improve on this pasta sauce by simmering Roma tomatoes for a long time. I'll try heirloom tomatoes next when they're on sale.
Lots of stuff went down offline this year but I think I'll dump all that negativity in 2012 and only focus on catching up on food/restaurant/cooking posts in 2013. My next assignment: making acceptable masala chai tea (or even latte) with Assam tea base and pre-packaged garam masala spice.

ETA: whoops I forgot to finish up my "TV episodes watched" list!
episodes watched from October 1 to December 31 )
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I guess it would be more realistic to resume job searching after Thanksgiving?

So here are links to other things on the internet.

Ficathon if you're so inclined. Any fandom, RPF even, have fun.

"My movie alphabet" meme: Mine consists of some favorite faces from older cinema.

Submitted a few posts to the Noirvember tag, and my old Film Noir infographic from last year now has at least 345 notes! haha that might sound sad but I'll take what I can get.

Spent wayyyy too much time trying to make an Elysium cast graphic, but I gave up and just posted a photoset instead.

Finally, Arsenal! I wish I could have been awake to see the North London derby, but at least I saw the Champions League game today.

Oh, and if I was making a Christmas list, I'd put Kaizers Orchestra's 2001 album Ompa til du dør on it. I've known them for a while, but I've been playing songs from that album a lot lately. For a taste, check here.
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putting this together is the reason why I haven't been very active doing other things lately:

check out the article and spread it around the internet!
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I've decided to put the list of TV episodes I've watched by month instead of packing them all at the end of the year. Sometimes I've typed additional quotes and reactions if I happen to be on the computer, or notes I remember by the time I get to the computer. No spoilers, though.

the TV episodes I watched from January through March 2011 )

Has anyone else seen this America's Greatest Otaku show? Should I give it a try, or no?
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Go here to read [ profile] claennis' senior thesis project for her Alternative Media and Social Change class.

 In total, I keysmashed out 11,000 words more or less about Hyphen Magazine, which if you have not heard of, is a fun, hip, and serious print/digital magazine from SF/Bay Area, re-conceptualizing Asian America in the 21st century. I looked at it as a new means of re-visualizing alternative media and multi-ethnic Asian America, so on. So if you are interested in anything I mentioned above, feel free to mosey around; there are graphics and some videos to keep you entertained. *Laughs* Oh think I spent the last month plus on this.

I'm so happy that Gene Tierney went all the way through on [ profile] ffaforever's winter 2010 Beauty Battle!
It's a contest in which each member of the comm can nominate two people they find pretty. The comm would vote off people in each round.
Due to a tie, the Current ~Tsar and Tsarina~ (as declared by some users) were Mila Kunis and Misha Collins, and Gene Tierney and Gregory Peck became the Classic winner duo.
I'm glad that I was also able to get Maggie Cheung to the semifinal round.

Last night, I watched the unaired pilot of Sherlock. liveblog and more coherent thoughts )
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PETA will be up in arms about RDJ doing dogface, so yes I think we should hold off on such wild ideas. Its just not right right now, you know?

I give it 15. It'll be his last role before he will have passed on, ceased to be, expired and gone to meet his maker, seen his metabolic processes become history, shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible, and become an ex-RDJ. I predict he will get an Oscar for this brave performance.
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[ profile] kiratollan submitted a new suggestion for this meme:

in response to this meme from the previous post

1. Ask and I'll assign you the basis of some show idea.
2. Create the characters you need, including the actors who'd play them. Photos optional but recommended.
3. Come up with a general synopsis of the premise.


Her suggestion: Fairytale (gone wrong)

here it is: Storybook

I think way too much about these things )
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I just finished watching the Norwegian film Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt). It's a pretty standard slasher movie for the the first 2/3, but it fully exploits the situation and puts some fresh ideas to work in the last third. It's not a mindblowing classic, but it's one of the few films that does formula right.

Part of what elevates that last third is that the character Jannicke, played by Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, becomes pretty smart and compelling.

So I looked her up, and I find that she's playing Sergeant Angua in the Going Postal Discworld TV adaptation. I think she's got the Angua spirit. I forgot how much Angua's in that book, though.

haha it's awesome when I look up someone from something random I watched and it turns out they're going to be in a thing I want to see. It's happened two or three times now, I forget for whom. But it's still awesome.

also, earlier I watched another serial killer movie, Crimson Rivers (Les rivières pourpres). Both films are set high up in the wintry mountains, although the people in Cold Prey are much more isolated. Still, lol I did not do this snow + serial killer double feature on purpose

ETA: how could I forget this
I also watched Conan O'Brien last night and his response to the whole late night debacle was great and funny
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in response to this meme from the previous post

1. Ask and I'll assign you the basis of some show idea.
2. Create the characters you need, including the actors who'd play them. Photos optional but recommended.
3. Come up with a general synopsis of the premise.

These are the requests and the shows they created.

lol these things are hilarious

I cannot come up with names, so feel free to suggest names, additional plot points, and more.

[ profile] geekfreak03 asked for:

original picture taken by Queen's University Library on flickr.

full premise and cast )

[ profile] decadentdream said: "Jack Russell Terrier and sword made of salt"

original picture taken by mr_ig on flickr.
Urban fantasy premise and cast under here )

[ profile] falseeyelashes asked for "Hijinks in a human genetics lab!"

original pic by Michael Kappel at flickr
premise and cast )

[ profile] secret_weapon gave this prompt:


original pic taken by adwriter on flickr.
cast and fantasy setting premise )

finally, [ profile] chuckney said this: "Sit-com following several transvestite roommates. :)"

original picture taken by Wolfram_Burner on flickr.

sitcom cast here )

aha this was crazy
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New York Magazine's guide to New Moon is pretty funny, for fans and non-fans alike.
However... aww dude no. All of the background artworks in these movies come from my mom's friend's gallery in South San Francisco. I used to hang out there at least once a month when I was 10 or 11 or so. I snacked on little cheeses and found out that the restaurants in South SF (at least at the time) liked to serve sparkling water instead of plain water.
Long story short - I must defend the gallery's honor. Therefore, BOO YOU NYMAG TRYING TO MAKE AN ART WORLD JOKE.

Finally, a cute story involving Simon Pegg, Charlie Brown, and a very awesome little girl. awwwwww
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Yvonne Strahovski interview about The Canyon and Chuck
I just saw a small feature about The Canyon in SF Chronicle's Sunday Datebook. They filmed with real wolves! Who, according to the director, hit their mark but are otherwise kind of unpredictable. cool. ack. cool. Yay Yvonne.

and now, two rants.

the good thing about print?
you can slam a book or newspaper or article on a hard surface if the author annoys you. There's only so much you can do with keysmashing.
- prompted by research in which I stumbled upon a person who said that Murasaki Shikibu cared much more about beautiful language than plot in The Tale of Genji. First, you're reading a translation, so you can't truly judge that, especially if you're reading the flowery Waley translalation. Second, it's not whether you liked the story or not, but if you actually read the book well the plot's pretty evident and all about relationships and cycles and retribution and punishments and loss. One person in class even said it helped her to read it like she'd watch a Korean soap opera. Soap operas are plot-focused (sometimes at the expense of character, depending on the story). You have to read the entire novel -or at least the 2/3rds Hikaru Genji is alive in- to get the full story and emotional development. Yet even within chapters you get story episodes that are part of the main story. Take the early "Evening Faces" chapter: boy meets girl, boy likes girl a lot and starts visiting/supporting her household, girl gets killed by the furious spirit of the lover he didn't treat with appropriate respect in the previous chapter. There's also the overarching plot for much of Genji's story about the Kokiden lady's family machinations against the threat of Genji taking the throne. It's not like they just sit there and talk about the rain.
but I do have to take points like this into account into the hypothetical film version I'm "creating" via research paper research for class. How to make Genji's story accessible but faithful. Yeah, I've found the comms here and the anime/manga versions and even some Yoshitaka Amano drawings. And an opera. wooh.

rant 2:
Over a drink at Le Select, in Paris, Anderson admitted that he was troubled by the reception of Darjeeling, especially in light of the success, the following year, of Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. "Why did this India movie become a big hit and mine didn't?" he said. He answered his own question: "With my style, I can take a subject that you'd think would be commercial and turn it into something that not a lot of people want to see."


"this India movie"


Yeah, you did answer your own question, Mr. Anderson. Popular appeal.
Whether a person ended up liking Slumdog Millionaire or hating it, I think most everyday, non-cinephile people would be drawn more to what looked like a fast-paced rags-to-riches story with young characters.

I've only seen Rushmore out of his work, and it's one of my favorite movies, and I still want to see Bottle Rocket, but even then I know the Wes Anderson look and type of movie. Good or bad, it's not the type of movie that would get chatted about in offices and schools.

Seriously, though, "this India movie?"

ETA: thanks to [ profile] hellopinkie: Rachel Weisz plays Hypatia in Agora? whoa cool casting. Pinkie saw it and said the film was good overall but not convincing in a few arguments and parts. But Weisz is awesome. Apparently other reviews say that the acting and production is good, but the script is unfocused. Another complaint I saw is that it focuses too much on lecturing about religion problems -which do play a part in her history, but apparently they go on and on about it at the expense of cinematic story and flow- while cutting out scenes where Hypatia is actually doing her other work in astronomy and such.

sorry for long sentences.
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Vote in the People's Choice Awards!

please try and make them less fail
I think it voting's limited to the USA, though

lol if Christoph Waltz or Melanie Laurent or Sharlto Copley or IB or D9 win that would be FANTASTIC
ooh Star Trek people too
lol Muse at the People's Choice Awards would be great, even if this latest album isn't my favorite of theirs...get the Twilight fans on that voting

Nov 10 for second voting
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You know that "recast your life" meme?

I didn't want to put myself in the story. And I wanted to change the archetypes to ones I'm particularly fond of.



this is probably a crime story with maybe a sci-fi element thrown in with an object they steal. The characters are all connected through various friend/family/job connections. I like to think that it's more complex than a "intersecting lives that come together with one sudden event" thing. They are all in each others' lives or just one or two degrees away.


This is sort of based on a movie idea I have, but is much more complicated. I might write it as a drabble series or something. Whatever happens.
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via [ profile] bobbitofkobol:
Wondering why you exceeded your photobucket bandwidth this month? well they did reduced their capacity... but also, whenever you post images in a public post on LJ, they show up on the RSS feed! Go here for more info and opt-out of the feed.

also, in case you missed it, my responses to your Top 5 prompts.

my Fables fantasy-casting list!

(random cover lol)

I'm up to the trade paperback War and Pieces, so please don't give spoilers...maybe just hints if a particular actor is right or wrong for a later plot point.

pics for if it ever happens )

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