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found via tumblr.

also, my brother got my mom to play Robot Unicorn Attack.

You can also discuss Boardwalk Empire here.
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Currently watching the Arsenal - Man City and Werder Bremen - Koln games

If any [ profile] gunnergirls are reading this right now, please join the Arsespam if you can! (I know some of you are watching on TV and can't liveblog)

aww Aaron Hunt being all chatty with Podolski as they leave the pitch

ETA: aha this Greek stream just had a pretty good promo for The Pacific

and then an ad advertising the "Lost in LA...using surf guitars on the soundtrack yeahhh

and now this weird ad where guys are flying (like, with their hands) in a Top Gun parody
it's for Axe
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because everyone needs to know where the gifs are coming from.

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I'm working on a script for my volunteer-contractor position with the digital preservation organization Cyark. So I haven't been able to flist today. I'm working on the script right now, but of course I can't miss the final night of women's figure skating.

Figure skating - women's free skate - liveblog )

oh no I just found this out now (11:58 PM)
Andrew Koenig found dead
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via [ profile] ontdcreepy:


I was whimpering and teary watching it, and then the end made me scream a girly scream

The kid gets bonus points for reading The Vault of Horror, though.

also from the scary clowns post:
do you really want to name your information-gathering company "kgb?"

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So Community and 30 Rock had new episodes tonight with guest stars. Jack Black's appearance on Community only pays off at the end, but while 30 Rock was also uneven, James Franco fit in perfectly. " of the fights will be in a Jamba Juice." Also good to see all of the writing staff in little moments.

favorite line from Community: "He lived in a land without sun!"
oh, and it was nice seeing the actors playing Chang and the dean in the Turbo Tax commercial. I think they do stuff like that to confuse DVR fast-forwarders.

favorite line from 30 Rock: "their Stars, both Wars and Trek."
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America, via local commercials:

via [ profile] dachelle:

posted by [ profile] naanie:

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via Kotaku:

A video-game tribute to Billy Mays.

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okay, a majority of the night checking the various Nightmare Fuel Unleaded links and connections on TV tropes.

now everything has the potential to be scary to me. Even innocent gifs on my flist.

here, have a soothing video. yeah. Just watch the car. mwhahahahahahahaha

more existential sad than scary:
This song from The Brave Little Toaster.

but it's better than hearing versions of that "If ever I'm in your arms again" song playing over and over in the Filipino movie my grandma's watching. oh, and one of the actor/actress "loveteam" fanvids my mom was watching had that song too.

if I ever get to making movies or stories, I want to make people so scared they'll scream and then burst into tears. yes. because that's how I'm feeling right now.

I've saved up tons of links for when I'm feeling brave again.


27 May 2009 12:46
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so I'm watching a French stream of the Champions League Final



I'm also keeping tabs on the Swedish stream...all streams I've got are stuttery, but sometimes one works better when the other doesn't, then they switch
They had a Guitar Hero Metallica commercial, which was soon followed by an ad for a music festiveal where Metallica was headlining
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1) I actually liked the nasty little twist in the Heroes season finale. While I prefer the character that died over the character that lived, I'm just amazed that the show had the guts to do that. What can I say - I think this show does low-key and twisted much better than epic love/fighting/whatevers right now. And no, I'm not going with the casting shenanigans theory. Then again, I'm not much into the characters anymore - I just watch what happens.

And the slash was strong throughout, too.

2) That Heroes twist > the Chuck season finale twist. Although Chuck pwned Heroes in every other way.

And lol on Chuck, after they mentioned a certain character's name, the soundtrack song went, "Oh yeah..." My brother and I cracked up so much. seriously. And one scene had really weird overlaying of audio.

Also, why does it say "Yum" in a little circle in the Kentucky Derby ads? My brother says it might be a sponsor, but still IT LOOKS SO RANDOM AND CRACKY, like they're going to sacrifice the losing horses to a lucky eater or something SORRY FOR MY WRONG WRONG THOUGHTS

ETA: lol at Torchwood being used as a standard of coherence, continuity, and character development on the TWOP boards. Although it is better than Heroes nowadays. Season 2 of CSI Sci-Fi: Cardiff was better as a whole -although Jack himself became more hammy- but that's because they found the right balance for angst + fun. Heroes knew what it was about, but lost that in season 2.
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So I started watching the Toluca - Atlas game in the 60th minute (final: 0-0_, and I sat through the commercials to get to the league standings.

A Heineken commercial came on, and then I shouted, "Hey! It's Richard!"

My parents walked over to the TV to see what was the fuss. I had to tell them it was Richard (Nestor Carbonell) from Lost. My mom didn't think Carbonell is Hispanic until I told her that he is Cuban. My dad was like lol those dangerous Cubans - my dad's Puerto Rican; the two places tease each other like cousins or siblings.

Lost is following me!

and now from a possible never-aging pirate (or sun god. Or both!) to a real pirate queen:

toys 008

toys 009

Emeraldas is awesome. Retro anime heroines -or anti-heroines?- FTW.
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thanks to my brother for finding this

Cat Shit One: The Animated Series
Japanese CG show based on the manga Apocalypse Meow

the trailer is violent violent miltary violence

another link I found a few days ago:

Your Ad Makes Me Barf, the blog.
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this Lays ad is very disturbing.
Eat our product and you become a plastic dancing thing!

Found in Lists of Bests:
The World Cheese Index!
if only I knew the names of 3/4 of the cheeses I've eaten. I also recognize some names but I'm not sure I've tried them...
from the comments: If you finish this list, do they give you a new heart?
lol the author description of Feta is "by sheep and goats"

Here's a darkly funny ad for cheese

you might be wondering: What do humans taste like?

Later on, you might want to test your toilet's ability to flush various objects

Ricky Gervais and Elmo!
"It’s called acting, Mr. Gervais"
"Where did you lose this interview?"
hahaha I watched this twice

Finally, It's that guy! From that thing!
list of 51 character actors you might recognize.
I didn’t know Adam Baldwin was in Full Metal Jacket!
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Scolari sacked as Chelsea manager

[ profile] prthecrazyone has an idea of Jose Mourinho's response:

JOSE MOURINHO WILL SPEAK ON THIS SUBJECT NOW. I am the Special One. Chelski FC should have never fired the Special One, for if you fire the Special One, you are left with inferior people who think they are Special Ones. Like Grant. Who cares about this Grant? I do not care about people who look like frogs. And Scolari? Pfft. Jose Mourinho will manage any team to success, including Portugal National Team!!! For now, Jose Mourinho will focus on Inter, and climbing his way to the top of ITALIA!!!

(But if you wish to have him manage Chelsea/Portugal, the Special One's secretary has his number.)

via [ profile] theblended:

Casillas sings, "Me siento seguro"

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okay, that NBC Super Bowl ad for Monday Night shows?

The one that starts with Sylar vs. Hiro and then they start lipsynching? And then Matt (with invisible keyboard) and HRG (with microphone) show up? and then the people from Chuck (and Medium too, they're okay but I'm not big fan) start lipsynching and dancing too?

I think that ensured that I'll be looking forward to Heroes tomorrow.

haha I am so weird

ETA: via [ profile] cleolinda:


ow my digestive system hurts just looking at it
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lost in translation: 20 baffling foreign movie posters
slightly NSFW.

The Russian Star Wars poster made me cry and headdesk while laughing

oh, and Army of Darkness was renamed Captain Supermarket in Japan.
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- I did not get into Screenwriting class.

- In one class, we had to say what we did over winter break. The last thing I said was "watch seasons 1-4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Around 3/4 of the class (okay, it was a small discussion section, but still) erupted in appreciation, and one girl said, "That's what I did too!"

- blood oranges can leave interesting stains on benches.

- I was hit by a closing door while rushing to board a train on BART. Nothing bad, just felt like a really sharp shove.

- my Crosscultural Verbal Art class has sometimes very technical linguistics readings. There are quite a few linguistics grad students who can talk much better during discussion than I can. But I've found a way to approach one of the professors: we were talking about separate ordinary and poetic languages, and after class I brought up the fictional Elvish (LOTR) languages of Quenya and Sindarin. And it was relevant! yay!

cool video via [ profile] queenthesixth:
don't know how long this ad has been on TV but I've only started seeing it the last few days. It's a T-Mobile UK advert, apparently they're not a big player in the UK yet and are trying to get the brand name out there and I certainly think this is one way of doing it. They filmed 300 dancers breaking into dance in London's Liverpool Street station and filmed people's reactions as well. Naturally, most of these reactions involved people whipping out their phones and either recording or calling/texting people about what was happening. I really like the advert myself and being a real musical freak, if people suddenly started doing a synchronised dance around me, I'd be enraptured. It'd be like living the dream! And yes, I would take out my phone and start texting everyone I knew about it.

why do we get fake Pizza Hut lasagna and Carl's Jr. restaurant ads in the States when this is so much cooler

[ profile] cleolinda:
Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurlyenko to be in British sword-and-sandals movie
yes, the first two actors mentioned were also in 300.

Faye Dunaway wishes that the new Bonnie and Clyde could at least get a "real actress" to play Bonnie, instead of Hilary Duff
ooh. haha. ouch.
However, one must add..."A real one from that reality show you were a judge on?"

What about Third World sci-fi?
I wish it had been more of a discussion about the possibilities for the genre rather than the promotion for one film. But that film has a really interesting take on border-crossing and virtual labor, so that might interest some people.
But any real discussion on Third World/Global South/underrepresented places in sci-fi must bring up the short film Alive in Joburg. South African director Neill Blomkamp does fantastic "realistic" sci-fi work, and I'm saying this having only seen "Alive" and some of his ads. Peter Jackson wanted him to make the Halo movie (that will probably never get made in the next five years or more), and if you look at Blomkamp's aesthetic, you can see that it might have made a video game-based movie worthy of note.

The bittersweet, dignified demise of Battlestar Galactica.
I like the phrase "network outlier" being used to describe Lost.

KFC brings chicken and toasters together with BSG promotion

What do video games tell us about the moving image?

A call for creativity in DVD chaptering
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Arctic Monkeys debut four new tracks plus Nick Cave cover at New Zealand concert
needs some polish (and needs to be heard in non-concert audio, aagh), but "Pretty Visitors" will probably be my favorite out of all them...potential epic yay!

Why does weird Skittles ad have Tagalog in it?
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hey hey [ profile] croakvegas you can skip last week's Heroes and just go into this week's. Not a perfect episode, but the unevenness is more like the unevenness in the early first season. Some cheesy moments and some great moments. Or you could just skip to the ending...

okay, I think I'm finally on the Misha Collins (Castiel on Supernatural) train.

you know why?

via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm: I'm going to get a little personal here for the fans, again. What does Misha Collins like to do on his day off? What are his interests?

Misha Collins: Well, I like to write poetry. I'm a published poet. I've been published in several literary magazines this year. I also built the house that I live in. I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I've built the house I live in and most of the furniture that's in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still. And I also like the outdoors a lot. I spend a lot of time camping, and in the winter I do a lot of back-country camping and snowboarding up in the High Sierras. As long as you don't hit trees you're fine.

from here.

lol I don't go for snowboarders at all, what

yeah, he's a published poet and built his own house and even worked in the White House and all.

but, strangely, the most important thing to me: HE SNOWBOARDS.
I am so weird...

finally, since this seems to be the "stuff related to what [ profile] croakvegas likes" post...

I need this movie! It's Jean-Pierre Melville's last film! That Alain Delon's in it is only a bonus (yeah, directors > actors in my movie taste) but why they not have at even university film archive waaaah

- - -
oh, and any American TV know that car ad with the really breathless editing? Lots of different things happening, but all the flashes are less indie-film-jarring and more organically pulling out at the last "breath" and I think it's for the Toyota Camry...
I'm hopeless searching for it on Youtube. BUT THE EDITING MAKES ME SWOON. EVERY TIME.
I was all gushing about it to my brother and he's all shaking his head, "you video people"

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