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so many things going on in the world but my life somehow skitters back and forth and forward

went to Napa Valley wine country for the food on my birthday earlier this month. Here is my flickr album but you can see some of the food on this page of my tags rn.

still have to go through Father's Day photos because we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and I really like Puerto Rican food that goes beyond rice and beans. give me all the plaintains (and gas pain)

so...Euro 2016...some very interesting results. So great to watch Iceland. Still rooting for Germany of course (#11 scores! aw the memories), and France can be here and there. Poland sometimes catches my interest. too bad for Ireland and some other underdogs but at least they got good wins. haha England. at least it seems like the worst fans left before the round of 16. usually don't root for Italy but (sorry to fans) I was glad they knocked out Spain.

didn't get to see much of Copa America because of work
I did see the last US win, as well as a replay of much of a certain 7-0 game...
on Sunday, I was at PF Chang's bar during my work lunch hour (technically dinner but whatever). The mall was closed but the restaurants outside weren't.
Before the store closed, I saw one or two people in various club shirts, but someone passed by in a Dortmund jersey with Reus on the back and I was like !!! Made me wonder if I would have ended up supporting Dortmund if I started watching soccer later...especially since I like these Polish players (though one was eaten up by Bayern like so many) instead of trying to catch the odd game of unfortunate Bremen...
anyways while I was eating I heard "R U Mine?" play overhead and I was like yesssss. and then I saw on the ESPN news ticker that the Copa America final was about to end overtime and go to penalty kicks and I asked them to switch the TV channel so I could see. And Messi missed! I don't like or hate him or anything it's just a surprise.

wasn't able to get tickets for the Arsenal - MLS All-Stars game, but I'll check again before the match, and if not, I'll go to a place near the stadium to watch with fans.

oh, now I have a videocamera and tripod of my own! also updated my phone because my old hand-me downs became too troublesome. We'll see if I can get myself to be more productive with time and tech. Also going to see if I can use my gift card to get a dolly for the tripod.

btw two of the online compliments for the store where I work thanked me by name for my service!

sometime I'll get to the Penny Dreadful finale. heard it was disappointing but I'm not too invested and the show was often inconsistent anyways. Animal Kingdom started ok but I didn't finish the 2nd episode because it wasn't special enough, besides some good acting, for me to actually carve out time to watch. Orphan Black had an overall solid fourth season, and I'm trying out Thirteen on its BBC America airdates.

still catching up verrrrry slowly on Okkupert, Adventure Time, and Manhattan (I was waiting until I had enough free credits to "purchase" official stream episodes). Waiting out the hype on other shows I haven't tried yet, but maybe I'll start Gomorrah, Detectorists, Bojack Horseman, The Night Of, or Wentworth. Maybe some Japanese or Korean shows or whatever's waiting in my watchlists/bookmarks/drafts. Found that my libraries have more connections to streaming sites that make it easier and actually legal to stream some movies, TV, and books that are hard to find.
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DJ Earworm's got his latest mashup of Billboard's top 25 hits here. Another brilliant work.

My top 20 songs of 2009!

Not necessarily the best, since my taste is weird and sometimes it takes me a year or two to hear songs. Some songs need to sneak up on me. Oh well. There's something for everybody here.

1) "The Fire and the Thud" - Arctic Monkeys feat. Alison Mosshart
If it's true you're going to run away/Tell me where/I'll meet you there
Airy melancholy melody and romanticism flares into dark rock guitars. Fell for this song when I heard it acoustic on a radio show, and I was excited to find out it would be on the band's upcoming album. Humbug wasn't a perfect album, but it grew on me and had awesome tracks like this. Alison gives it a great raw touch.

2) "Purexed" - P.O.S
But when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks/Stand like a man made of concrete and sediment
Rap isn't dead. The most inspirational song of the year. Never Better was definitely worth buying, and not just for the fun interchangeable CD covers (that are really brilliantly done, btw).

3)“I Walk Alone” - Music Go Music
I live life in the twilight/I walk alone through waking dreams
Modern indie disco with both an edge and a gift for melody? yes.
Posted lots of links (with free music) of them here. Bought the album Expressions and it's great.

4) "Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits
THE drum line that stuck in my head all year.

5) “Hurt Feelings (Reprise)” - Flight of the Conchords
one of my favorite moments in the run of their televised musical comedy. Song's funny and a bit poignant too.

6) "Hold the Line" - Major Lazer (vid slightly NSFW)
This song had me suddenly stepping in tune in stores because the song was playing over and over in my head.

7) “Angus” - Pintandwefall
Punky little anthem about a little piranha. Cool bass line too.

8) "Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song snuck up on me. Another tune to dance to.

9) "Heavy Cross" - The Gossip
Addictive pop/rock song with a bit of disco to taste.

10) "United States of Eurasia" - Muse
While The Resistance diappointed me, this song is Muse at their bombastic best.

11) “Come Wander With Me” - British Sea Power
a beautiful melody (taken from a Twilight Zone original song, I hear) performed for the band's soundtrack for Man of Aran.

12) Baptized by Fire -Spinnerette
I still say this melody reminds me of sea shanties...

13) "Fog" - Nosaj Thing

14) "Bonsai Hada (Ordinary Skin)" - Shiina Ringo
Dramatic, with great use of accordion and cryptic but pretty lyrics.

15) Gaman (Frustration) - Tokyo Jihen
B-side that goes crazy with funk shuffling back and forth into rock and then suddenly going samba? Crazy and awesome.

16) "Rocking Horse" - The Dead Weather
The soundtrack of a shadow-soaked cowboy vampire shootout, dissolving into screams at the end.

17) “Undelivered Letter” - Quantic and His Combo Barbaro
Silky-smooth and funky jazz track with something new at every turn.

18) Too Fake -Hockey
I was crusing random streaming CDs and found Mind Chaos. Without knowing a thing about Hockey, I enjoyed listening to it while doing work and partying on [ profile] to_boldly_rock. Fun dance rock.

19) “Mannequin (Overthrill Remix)” - Noah
Someone needs to make an awesome dance crew video to this RIGHT NOW.

20) “People” - Chester French
pleasedontjudgeme ithascatchymelody funcheekylyrics ican'thelpit

bonus: The oddest dance track about a cannibalistic rave nightmare. You can't help but dance to it.
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Actress Noah Cyrus arrives for the 2009 Totally Texty Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party on August 5, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

Diddy wants to be part of the Arctic Monkeys
XD oh dear. Poor Matt. That scene where Diddy keeps on talking and cooking the grits is so awkward
and random James Ford

finally, try this huge collection of tongue twisters in 109 languages

isn't "Welsh tongue-twister" redundant? mwhahahahaha
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thanks for the alert, [ profile] dachelle!

New Arctic Monkeys single, "Crying Lightning"

I like it. More of a dark slow-burn than a punch-in-the-face single. People are saying that Josh Homme (he's producer) is infecting the sound too much, but whatever I like Queens of the Stone Age too, and I like that Arctic Monkeys tweak their sound a bit with each album.

I'm looking forward to the studio version of "The Fire and the Thud." I have an early radio version and it's lovely. I hope Allison Mosshart is still guesting on that one.
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Arctic Monkeys debut four new tracks plus Nick Cave cover at New Zealand concert
needs some polish (and needs to be heard in non-concert audio, aagh), but "Pretty Visitors" will probably be my favorite out of all them...potential epic yay!

Why does weird Skittles ad have Tagalog in it?
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I finally made it up to skip=40 on my flist! Considering the fact that I was around skip=240 most of the week, this is quite a feat.

Now I need to go over Music homework.

But first, random link time!

You knew it was going to happen: Mamma Mia: The Sing-along edition.

via [ profile] threthiel9:
Bay County Sheriff’s deputies were forced to use a Taser to subdue an escaped emu named Plop-Plop.

Olympics 2008 pic post from yaiyah

via [ profile] cleolinda: I'd say "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO PICCOLO AND JAMES MARSTERS?!!!" but seriously, the only one who fits the role in this movie is the actress playing Mai.

Don LaFontaine, the voice of movie trailers, died recently. So did the man who played the voice of Snoopy. (via [ profile] threthiel9)

via [ profile] realproof:
check out the trailer for the British superhero show, "No Heroics".
Looks like light, sarcastic fun or something. Reminds me of some little comics I've picked up here and there.

Also coming in Brit TV: The dark reality show satire with zombies! Set in the actual Big Brother house!

[ profile] gunnergirls: LOL WHAT MAN CITY?

from a previous post:
while we were shopping for new school clothes for my brother, I saw some of the Marc Ecko shirts the designer did for Star Wars. After seeing the Boba Fett shirt, my mind latched onto it and couldn't let go. So yes, I did have to ask someone to take the shirt off the half-mannequin, because that was the only Boba Fett shirt that wasn't extra large. My brother got the Darth Vader and stormtrooper ones, although he requested that I let him wear my shirt if he wants. shoot, I remember looking at the first Marc Ecko Star Wars designs like one or two years ago in the newsletter, and thinking, "aww, if only they weren't online..."
yaaaaaay for street geek wear

so, I found the Marc Ecko site for the line.
Apparently, my Boba Fett shirt doesn't exist.
Even though there were two there. In the NEWARK Macy's. Not like it was an SF exclusive.
But they do have my brother's Darth Vader and stormtrooper shirts on there.

via [ profile] logovo: Yoda’s "Unbelievable."

Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme to produce Arctic Monkeys' third album.
ooh, cool potential.
Of the acoustic versions of possible songs on the album that I've heard, the one I really liked was "The Fire and the Thud" or something like that. I think this is the one they're doing with the Kills' lead singer. Should be great.

Finally, if you haven't seen it already:
Kermit the Frog is Christian Bale.
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some perspective:

Sudanese plane bursts into flames, kills dozens

Girls found shot dead in rural Oklahoma

and more with the feuding: The Kooks vs. Arctic Monkeys
really, can anyone confirm that? I know Alex Turner ain't perfect, but that's just weird.
And even if it is true...
1) dude, I'd still listen to Arctic Monkeys. Their sound is so much more enduring than the Kooks' is.
2) On Buzzcocks, the Kooks were made fun of for their fake Northern accents.
Maybe Sheffield's finest couldn't take hearing it anymore XD ah I'm mean.

ETA: ah, confirmed.

lol look at the first two stories I get on Google search:

from May 2007: The Kooks have slammed fellow British rockers Arctic Monkeys for failing to acknowledge them at industry events. The Naive hitmakers often appear on the ...
from Dec 19, 2006: In a bizarre move, The Kooks have thanked the Arctic Monkeys for their phenomenal success. ...

Back to the present: Fan reaction. Pretty tame and reasonable, with much less fangirl bother than I expected. refreshing.

Maybe Alex does need a kick in the face once in a while, but I still adore those Monkeys. And The Last Shadow Puppets. And whatever side project Alex comes with next.
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news links saved in my Yahoo!Notepad:

6 die in bomb outside Danish Embassy in Pakistan
Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil
Whenever they say "lost to civilization" or something like that, it irks me. My modern Anthro training makes me go grr at all the cultural arrogance implied in the headlines...
from a while back: Nepal abolishes monarchy

- - -
and now, a music meme I couldn't resist, via [ profile] realproof:

here )

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Tagged a while ago by [ profile] croakvegas:
List ten songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 10 songs.
1) The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement
I can’t get over how all of The Last Shadow Puppets’ songs I’ve heard sound awesome both with only guitars and with the full orchestra.
2) that song from the AT&T Mother’s Day phone commercial that starts with the strings, and then has a female voice backed by 1940’s-ish male chorus. Lyrics are something like this: “hey …fell asleep under the flowers/for a couple of hours…something something another minute.” I don’t know it, but I like it.
3) The Black Hollies - Paisley Pattern Ground
One of my SXSW finds. It’s so true what people say about them- they don’t sound ‘60’s inspired. They sound like an actual band from the ‘60’s.
4) Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow
Addictive. I got my go go go go go go go go go go gadget flow
4) Here Here - Poor Sailor
First has a bit of a waltz beat, then gets all epic rock
5) Bonde do Role - Marina Gasolina
Noooooooo please get this song out of my head
I like pronouncing the band name, though.
6) Drum Sound & Simon Bassline Smith - Breakdown
From a drum ‘n bass compilation obtained from [ profile] blumenfeuer. Killer sample use.
7) The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made for You
First of all, awww for that title. Second, it’s a really nice tune. Got the ‘70’s AM radio vibe, minus the cheese associated with that genre. Great harmony and melody and just sweet.
8) Cali≠Gari - cali+gari
J-rock; fast guitars and echoes of group shouts over a dark gothy background. Makes me want to jump and shout too.
9) Os Mutantes feat. Jorge Ben - A Minha Menina
[ profile] croakvegas posted a good cover of this song. Threw me back to my Best of Os Mutantes CD, and now I’m bouncing about to this all over again.
10) NYU Mass Transit - I'm Just A Rich Hollaback Girl
Really fun No Doubt/Gwen Stefani medley by a college all-male acapella group.

Some music or music-related links:
Os Mutantes’ first song in thirty years is released. It takes a while to get good, but I’m looking forward to more - so much that I even clicked on a link to t3h ev0l P-f-k in order to listen to the group.

[ profile] cleolinda:
Flight of the Conchords cause concert frenzy in LA
Robert Pattinson possibly composing Bella’s lullaby for the Twilight movie.
There is video. R Pattz fans, watch it.

More of the Last Shadow Puppets links I promised:
Studio videos of My Mistakes Were Made For You and Only the Truth.
Want to hear what The Rascals sound like? Try out Out of Dreams and Suspicious Wit.
Some of the “Related Videos” have either Alex performing with The Rascals or Miles showing up with Arctic Monkeys, like on 505.
But hey, Arctic Monkeys fans, don’t worry: The band is set to work on a third album. Link include live versions of songs that might be on the record.

ack got to run now
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I am so enjoying lots of the SXSW finds (as well as some prime RJD2, thanks so much Jillian!)...

One I think a lot of you will enjoy: Stoney.
Proclaimed fans of Stoney include legendary music guru Rick Rubin, who recently flew Stoney to Hollywood for a private show, Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner who invited Stoney on tour with the band

Check out the song "Jailbird":

Do you dream like a baby Jailbird? (sitting in a cage)
Do you only know your own world
Do you wonder at your wings, do you wonder at your wings?
Can you follow where the wind blows
In these everlasting limbos that never give you up
but never give enough

She shakes the cage, she shakes the cage (im overcome, im overthrown)
She dares the jaded heart to hope again (she bends back the bars .and calls me home)
She breaks the chains, she breaks the chains (Im overcome, Im overthrown)
She calls the faded dream to wake and stirred up the hurricanes of change ( of change)

She's woken a dream from slumber
Shes broken the spell I'm under
I laid a loyal kiss upon the hand of risk
But nothing will feed the hunger and so
the hunted becomes the hunter
The bird upon the wire, with the belly full of fire

Well I bit the hand that fed me and it closed into a fist,
But this damn job was paying peanuts, I was feeling like a monkey in a zoo (a monkey in a zoo)
The safety of monotony had put the blinkers on, the bait of mediocrity and hook, line sinker I'd been caught (baby we'd been caught)

But what really amazed me today was the anime Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

It's an extremely imaginative version of the Dumas story, with great pacing, fascinating characters and Earth-space setting, and a very unique look:

usually pretty

sometimes odd (but you grow to accept it as part of this strange space universe)

yes, it really does look like that.

I can't believe that people cosplay it!

from this review:
When I referred to the show as a melodrama, I don’t mean Mai HiME 17-25 melodrama, I mean one that is intelligently manifested and stunningly executed. Rather than melodrama under the pretext of ‘someone does > causes grief’, each event, almost as a depiction of fate, contributes to the very core of the story, and each moment of loss or joy has a thoughtful cause and effect behind it as a part of the intricate plot.
But I also agree with this comment: While at times I found Albert to be laughable, Gankutsuou is one of my favorites. I don’t think it’s all that complex or layered as a lot of people seem to describe. To me it’s very operatic, in that, a lot of things are broad-brush easy to understand. but in a good, non-ironic entertaining way.

I've only seen the first 4 episodes, but there are only 26, and it's closely tied to the original novel, so I think it's good the whole way through.

And finally, I saw Enchanted. I liked it.
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First, Happy Birthday, [ profile] merry_holdwine!

wait a second...Dude, Conan, Colbert, and Jon Stewart are beating each other up to the tune of "Brianstorm." TV history here. Bonus points for great choice of Arctic Monkeys song.
And now they're dancing! And slo-mo punching!
And it ends with "Eye of the Tiger."

Mannschaft lolz via Mercedes ad:

Photos from [ profile] novafairy.


Things I want:
videos of the comedy fight and the Mercedes ad
macros of the pics


ETA: Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel to star opposite Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost movie. While it's nice to see her in a bigger movie project, this line excited me most:
Friel, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Pushing Daisies, will next appear in the third and final installment of the Goal! movie franchise.
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aack, didn't wake up in time to see Werder lose. But I did see the second half of the Toluca game, and they won, so...somewhat evens out. Come on Werder, you can't start the year like this!

Forgot to mention that I met [ profile] claennis on Friday and I was so forgetful and bumbling and ack. But it was still good times.

On Wednesday we divided up into our Ethnographic Film project groups. My film on Heroes fans won't be made this semester- it would have been hard, anyway, since I missed the Wonder Con volunteer deadline and they only had Tim Sale connected to Heroes this year. Tim Sale is awesome, but I don't know if I would have found the footage I needed...
So now I'm in a group, and we're working on a film about farmer's markets. mmmmmmmmmm fresh food...

Thanks to all who helped me in some way with the Heroes project. It got me through the first semester class, and the basic idea -the concept of ownership in fandom- is something that can be explored later.

Finally, Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys teamed up with Lightspeed Champion's Dev Hynes to play as The Pun Lovin' Criminals. Check out the article and vid of them covering "Reptilia" here. Too bad the audio isn't that great. But the vid's still fun to watch.

ETA: oh, and check out this Lost playlist, with songs to download.
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"Unusually slow" response to massive Bay Area oil spill

sad bird
the surface of the Berkeley marina.
I've been there before, and while the water wasn't perfect, it still looked alright. But now...

also, links I found Thursday:
Venezuela - Gunmen opened fire on students returning from a march Wednesday in which 80,000 people denounced President Hugo Chavez's attempts to expand his power. At least eight people were injured, including one by gunfire, officials said.

Batman can't fight Hong Kong's pollution

The Writer's Guild isn't the only one striking. Broadway labor is on strike too, and I heard that the stagehands of La Scala are picketing too.

So much stress in the world. At least you can do yoga with zombies.

and finally, something to like:
Roman Coppola directs new Arctic Monkeys video for "Teddy Picker."
It's a video of them recording a slightly different version for the single. The video's low key and nice. And I like it lots!
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I have discovered another special power.

A few months ago, I had posted the link to the song “You Are Never Alone,” by Socalled. Last week, without reason, the song popped up in my head again. And then, that day, by accident, I stumble upon the music video.
So I was humming the Pipettes' "Judy" a few days ago, and then later that night, I found that [ profile] subtle_sarcasm had made a promo post about the band. In the comments, I linked to the song "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!". That was…two days ago? Today, the song was stuck in my head all throughout school. Today, I also get [ profile] subtle_sarcasm’s reply to the songlink comment.
At home, also at home, I was studying, sitting next to my brother. Muse’s “Muscle Museum” was playing in my head. After moving to my desk and turning on the computer, guess what my brother walks over to ask me:
“Do you know a song called Muscle Museum?”

Events similar to this have happened before.

So, the powers I have to date:
1) ninja invisibility
2) super smell
3) super hearing
4) the ability to predict things…as long as I don’t think or care much about them much after the prediction flash
5) the ability to have other people or media somehow refer to the song currently stuck in my head

And, of course, the ability to have a power work until the point I think too much about it.



And oh oh there was this blog post a while ago about how Kanye can’t katakana. I had pointed out the mistake before the incorrectly subtitled video came out!
My comment: the katakana in that screenshot says su-to-so-ga. I'm guessing they intended the "so" to be "n," but then the second slash shouldn't be so high; those characters can easily get confused.
And shouldn't it be su-to-ra-n-ga anyway?

But that’s not a power. That’s just effective use of blogs and information.

Via [ profile] sorgenmond: Yes, Virginia, there is an acapella metal band.

Some Arctic Monkeys stuff:
nice new interview.
“The Bakery.”
Alex Turner recording surprise album

And finally…this is the actual headline: Pete Doherty Puts Down the Pipe, Picks Up the Donut
Seriously, one can make a pretty active blog chronicling the news surrounding just that guy.

aww my cute hungry ferret icon
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First off, via flist...
If you see a "Career Cruising" meme going around, please don't participate or pass it on. It's not a free quiz--it's on a pay site, and by using whoever's login/password it is, you're going to get them into a huge amount of trouble. It's a site for professional career counselors and their clients, and my suspicion is that one of those clients leaked the password, probably to their friends, and it went wild from there. So, you know, for the sake of this poor counselor, please tell people to delete or lock their meme entries or not participate at all. I don't know if the counselor can change his/her password, either.


So that is my loose, loose story of most of the main music and music fannishness that's been going in my head recently. If I can get at least a few of my flist trying out the awesomely raw rock of Sleater-Kinney or the creative (yes! really!) reggaeton of Calle 13, then...that would make my day.
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They arrested the guy who stabbed someone at Kennedy (my old high school, where my brother currently goes) yesterday. He’s a former Kennedy student. Agh, last time (September, last year) it was two students stabbing someone on their first day of school at Kennedy. Come on, we have a bad enough reputation in Fremont as it is, a lot of it unearned and due to tons of prejudices (money, class esp, with a hint of race/immigration). aggh. If you have to stab someone, don’t stab ‘em at Kennedy! bad bad me

Had lunch with the very cool [ profile] deadxdreamer today! We so need to watch games sometime.

So, over the past week or so… Shinzo Abe resigned from office in Japan, and then got hospitalized, another earthquake soon followed the one that hit Indonesia, Man U manager Alex Ferguson was attacked at a London train station, US rallied for a 2-2 tie Tuesday in its opener at the Women's World Cup, [ profile] cibeles informed about 28 dead in an attack in Algeria that didn’t get much press, Ethiopia celebrated the coming of the third millenium, China cracked down on talent shows, and Madeleine L’Engle passed away.


Super-huge-ginormous music post (featuring Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson, Sleater-Kinney, Calle 13, and more) to come soon. I’ll just point you to the streaming performances for Austin City Limits this weekend. All times central. AGGH WHY I MISS M.I.A. STAGE NOO
Acts I want to catch:
Saturday: Andrew Bird, Paolo Nutini, Arctic Monkeys
Sunday: DeVotchKa, Regina Spektor

super music post
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Aack while on BART I just looked back at my assignment and it said skim pgs 19-50, focus on 51-66. And there was another thing to read. agggh I spent until 3 AM on that thing... at least the readings are up on Bspace. After this post I'll go do it properly. So far, I've been able to casual-read each reading once, then note-read with highlighter, then summarize (if necessary) in my notebook. I SHALL NOT BREAK MY STREAK I SHALL SUCCEED

This morning, during my exercise routine (soundtrack Favourite Worst Nightmare YEAH), I saw the black-brown-ashy cat sitting on the patio cushion. And then, when I was dressing up, I heard these violent, dog-like noises coming from outside. I peeked through the blinds to see Kerri and black-brown-Ashy sit-staring at each other. And then came the catfight. I was able to watch one claw-up! They started the sit-stare again, and then Ashy slowly inched away, while Kerri just looked all nonchalant, sometimes turning her head away, and then returning to staring position. HA HA KERRI WON! KERRI'S A FIGHTER! I saw her once more before I went out. She just looked at me, then licked herself. I waved goodbye, walked away, and returned to see her gone.

Oh, and on BART there was another Berkeley commuter from Fremont! Like me, she was marking up her reading for an Anthropology class. Different class and different major, though. I showed her the Sports J Japanese periodical I brought to practice reading with my new friend Sally. Turns out she's Japanese! We talked a bit before leaving the train. yay random Japanese-speakers around...

I feel like today's going to be a good day. Yesterday was depressing, but today's got a nice feeling to it. I'm a bit behind on flist, though...
But I've got my flower-and-ladybug yellow Converses on. I'm feeling good. I'm going to take those notes, get to class at 11, pop a bit of the good chocolate I brought at home, NOT get sleepy during class, (most likely) eat lunch with Brooke ([ profile] red_dewinter., and just enjoy the day and classes and the not-too-bad heat today. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY
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Got my first class of the school year done. -jumps-
I've still got the BART schedule programmed in my system, so I knew when to stand and when to get off the train and the fastest way to get to the building my class was in and so on. Finding the class, however, took a bit more mental effort. Wasn't late, though. The professor's cool. It's Intro to Native American Studies, so she hopes to upend many of the myths we students have accumulated over the years...Lots of reading, but there are a lot of freshmen in the class, so I don't think it'll be too hard as long as I keep up with everything.

My next class is in four and a half hours. yup. ;) I've got a reader to buy, a Statement of Intent or something for that URAP app (why procrastinate me no) to type, and lunch to eat and flists to scan.

I really hope that last semester's sleepy slump will be the last one of my college career.

Okay, so I remember seeing a "7 songs of summer" meme somewhere, and I planned on doing it before school started. I even procrastinate on memes! bad bad
I might as well do it now. Seven Songs that Shaped My Summer )

Have a nice day/night/afternoon/unspecified period of time!
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just a quick note: the HP6 casting news I posted last time are not true. Sorry, guys. Link via [ profile] subtle_sarcasm.

The following meme sucked out so much of my time last night...Google Images can be addictive...I went up to 30 instead of just 20...

stolen from [ profile] blackmoonruby:
Here's how it works:
1. Open your Winamp/iTunes.
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your friends guess who the artists are.

I also skipped over random DJs unknown outside the blogosphere and mashups and stuff. It's still pretty messed and somewhat obscure; I think I had more fun finding the pictures than you'll have in guessing them. Still, at least give it a try! If a picture looks interesting, feel free to ask about it, even if you have no idea who it is.

whee music pics whee! )

Just getting rid of this now while I try to form posts out of one-and-a-half week's worth of linkspam.

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