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saw a bit of X-Games BMX event while waiting for food at Wing Stop. That Napolitano guy impressed me.




wasn't perfect, and I can see why people might be disappointed, but I've seen the word "fiasco" used to describe it and I think that's a bit harsh.
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dudes we are four episodes behind on BSG so plz no spoilers in comments

but I just have to show you guys the two local TV guide covers. I usually fold the TV guides, but I am keeping these for posterity. Unfolded.

Also, I think I posted this before, but I bought this Stitch because it's kind of disturbing.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] azuresquirrel!

I wish there was a "vote Kara" banner

ETA 2: thanks to [ profile] yaiyah:

lol it's Dean vs. Sawyer HOW WILL WE CHOOSE

My dad finally developed some pictures we took on a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood many, many years ago. It was especially interesting to see shots from the King Kong part of the tram tour (that part was burned in a fire several years ago, I think. I know it's gone). Oh, and THE SET OF PSYCHO FREAKED ME OUT EVEN MORE THAT I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE.

oh, and I caved and watched that first episode of Make Me a Supermodel season 2. Colin is as adorable as everyone says, although I really want to go through the screen and straighten his back. don't slouch, especially on the runway dear.

(ETA: ohmygosh, he titles his blog "Dearest Journal." I am giggle-crying now, that is so cute)

But hey, I made up for it by watching two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Still not caught up, but we ended on "Deadlock," so not too far back

finally, Alan Dale vs. zombies.
“It starts on a 747, which lands and gets overrun with zombies. My character has three children, Kelly joins us, we escape. At one point I’ve got a flamethrower and we’re cooking zombies!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] retrokicks!

Have watched Battlestar Galactica 4.12 and 4.13, so we're up to "Blood on the Scales." I hope we'll have time to catch up before Friday.

Also finished Being Human finale. oh my gosh. The first half was too teary/angsty, but the events that occurred more than made up for it. ooh when does the second series start?

via [ profile] hannahstarr: [ profile] rorschachsdiary.


Jason Voorhees (well, the first actor, Warren Gillette) injured by axe
Gillette was on hand at a Hollywood party celebrating the new movie, dressed up like the murderous character he played 18 years ago in Friday the 13th Part II. Unfortunately, he also saw fit to wield a real axe in order to make the costume that much more convincing, and a woman at the party seems to have taken his performance a bit too seriously.

According to Page Six, the woman jumped the hockey-masked actor (you'd think he'd at least have had on the burlap sack for accuracy's sake) and tried to wrestle the axe away from him, in the process accidentally slashing his hand.

"It was straight out of a horror movie," a source told Page Six. "Lingerie-clad models were running and screaming, as a blood-soaked Jason ran off the runway to get to a hospital."

Over a week old, but:
Highs and lows of the 2009 Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale)

Gomorrah sets box office records; an interview with the screenwriter.
Matteo Garrone’s Italian mob film Gomorrah found the highest per-theatre-average debut of 2009 this President’s Day weekend, according to four-day estimates provided this afternoon by Rentrak. On 5 screens, the IFC release grossed $102,702 for a $20,540 average.
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- I did not get into Screenwriting class.

- In one class, we had to say what we did over winter break. The last thing I said was "watch seasons 1-4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Around 3/4 of the class (okay, it was a small discussion section, but still) erupted in appreciation, and one girl said, "That's what I did too!"

- blood oranges can leave interesting stains on benches.

- I was hit by a closing door while rushing to board a train on BART. Nothing bad, just felt like a really sharp shove.

- my Crosscultural Verbal Art class has sometimes very technical linguistics readings. There are quite a few linguistics grad students who can talk much better during discussion than I can. But I've found a way to approach one of the professors: we were talking about separate ordinary and poetic languages, and after class I brought up the fictional Elvish (LOTR) languages of Quenya and Sindarin. And it was relevant! yay!

cool video via [ profile] queenthesixth:
don't know how long this ad has been on TV but I've only started seeing it the last few days. It's a T-Mobile UK advert, apparently they're not a big player in the UK yet and are trying to get the brand name out there and I certainly think this is one way of doing it. They filmed 300 dancers breaking into dance in London's Liverpool Street station and filmed people's reactions as well. Naturally, most of these reactions involved people whipping out their phones and either recording or calling/texting people about what was happening. I really like the advert myself and being a real musical freak, if people suddenly started doing a synchronised dance around me, I'd be enraptured. It'd be like living the dream! And yes, I would take out my phone and start texting everyone I knew about it.

why do we get fake Pizza Hut lasagna and Carl's Jr. restaurant ads in the States when this is so much cooler

[ profile] cleolinda:
Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurlyenko to be in British sword-and-sandals movie
yes, the first two actors mentioned were also in 300.

Faye Dunaway wishes that the new Bonnie and Clyde could at least get a "real actress" to play Bonnie, instead of Hilary Duff
ooh. haha. ouch.
However, one must add..."A real one from that reality show you were a judge on?"

What about Third World sci-fi?
I wish it had been more of a discussion about the possibilities for the genre rather than the promotion for one film. But that film has a really interesting take on border-crossing and virtual labor, so that might interest some people.
But any real discussion on Third World/Global South/underrepresented places in sci-fi must bring up the short film Alive in Joburg. South African director Neill Blomkamp does fantastic "realistic" sci-fi work, and I'm saying this having only seen "Alive" and some of his ads. Peter Jackson wanted him to make the Halo movie (that will probably never get made in the next five years or more), and if you look at Blomkamp's aesthetic, you can see that it might have made a video game-based movie worthy of note.

The bittersweet, dignified demise of Battlestar Galactica.
I like the phrase "network outlier" being used to describe Lost.

KFC brings chicken and toasters together with BSG promotion

What do video games tell us about the moving image?

A call for creativity in DVD chaptering
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oh my I'm mentioned in Ack-Attack's greatest hits post!
A UNICORN FROM THE SEAAA - chrryblssmninja


you know what we need? We need a clip of Miles (Ken Leung) singing.
He appears 1 minute in.

what everyone wants to know: What was in Hurley's dad's sandwich?
from the comments: I can't believe that no-one has yet pointed out the obvious connection to the Mayo Clinic. Dr William Mayo came from Salford, England. Salford served as the basis for some of the writings of Karl Marx, who of course inspired Lenin, whose name is very close to Lennon, as in John Lennon, who was an inspiration for Charlie on Lost.
Also, the Mayo Clinic was located in Rochester (Minn). Rochester was the name of the valet-chauffeur on the Jack Benny program. Note that Benny is a nickname for Benjamin. Jack Benny was famous as a penny-pincher. And just who is Benjamin Linus after? That's right. Penny.
So, clearly, the mayo on that sandwich proves that Hurley's father is working for Ben and Charlie.
Damn, those Lost writers are clever.

It all works out!

Lost's return is death knell for traditional TV season

whoa shoot - Frogurt was the "Aaron Burr!" guy in that Got Milk? ad!
They used to play that ad so much...whoa nostalgia trip.

Hot pocket attack gif

non-Lost matters:

via [ profile] hobbitofkobol:
premiere of ballet set to music from Battlestar Galactica

Peter Berg interview about Wonderland, Friday Night Lights, Virtuality and another Dune remake
I wonder if he's still working on that remake of The Mission (Cheung Fo). The Johnny To movie about gangsters, not the movie about missionaries set to an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.
The IMDB page is still pro-only.
also: Johnny To's Tsim Sha Tsui universe is cool.

lol rpattz will be in San Jose for movie premiere at Cinequest
the California Theater is v. v. pretty.

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via Pop Candy:
Polaroid 2.0?
Swoosie Kurtz to appear on Heroes, while Amber Benson will be on Private Practice.
Fables writer Bill Willingham's essay on Super versus Hero
runs on the simplistic side (the "American way" argument gets particularly muddy), and a big conservative vs. liberal war rages in the comments, but I think there is an important nonpolitical idea behind this discussion: be true to the characters.
one poster: I guess my problem comes down to the fact that most so-called “adult” takes on superheroes are adult in the same way that a late night movie on Cinemax is “adult.” They have pretensions to sophistication and sneer at the “kid’s stuff” while reveling in their gratuitous sex, violence and “shocking” subject matter. That’s not adult, that’s juvenile.
Note the inclusion of the word "gratuitous." I sure do like grit and change and diversity in stories, but altering characters just for shock or PC value is a different matter.
or, as another poster put it: I can handle rounded edges, but just don’t sandblast away the essence of the character.
Interesting to see writers like Chuck Dixon and Darwyn Cooke in the comments.

via [ profile] cleolinda: Internet smackdown of guy who says women aren't interested in "boy things" like superheroes

AV Club interviews with Paul Hogan (Tigh on BSG) and Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords

Two interviews with Kristen Schaal (Mel the crazy fan on FotC)

The meanings of the songs Schroeder played in Peanuts

another list of anticipated films at Sundance

Sneak peek at the monsters of the Where the Wild Things movie

Foreign Film Oscar shortlist; some controversy
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The answers to the character question meme!

And the characters are... (with intro pic/video previews specially chosen for your enjoyment, so even if you don't know the person, please enjoy)

1) Abe the Alien (alien loves predator)
2) Castiel (Supernatural)
3) Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
4) Daniel Faraday (Lost)
5) Eric van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)
6) Anna (Chuck)
7) Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) bonus video
8) Liam McPoyle (not Ryan) (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
9) Benjamin Linus (Lost)
10) Liz Lemon (30 Rock)
11) Darren Lamb (Extras)
12) Lily Charles (Pushing Daisies)
13) Bret (Flight of the Conchords)
14) Susan Death (Discworld)
15) Kirby (video games)
16) Voldo (Soul Calibur)
17) Yoda (Star Wars)
18) Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
19) Momoko (Kamikaze Girls)
20) The Middleman (The Middleman)

and now, the questions and answers )
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my BSG downloads are all messed waah...hoping this one running now works

if not I'm going to streaming


argh I can't go surfing on the internet out of fear of spoilage

someone entertain me

oh, and last call for the character question meme. Ask me anything!

Here, have Entertainment Weekly's 15 most eagerly awaited midseason shows
It starts with a spoilery pic from Lost. And this isn't a spoiler article. But aww look at Daniel...

also, an awesome vid by Shmangalang on the TWOP forums: What if It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia had the BSG title credits?

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reaction post - Episode 2.14 - In the Realm of the Basses )

just three more episodes to go with season 2 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
that's it. It's getting a tag.
also, it's weird that Dee's full name is the same as mine, except with an "e" instead of an "i." I never hear my name, even a slightly-different pronunciation, on TV...

Today is Three Kings Day/Epiphany/Dia de los Reyes.
my brother and I are spoiled brats who get things on both today and Christmas.

my gifts:
- fondue set
- Classic Doctor Who comic books (Four and Six! And I didn't know Grant Morrison was writing a series...)
- cool board game "Say What"

among my brother's gifts was the BSG board game.

now I must go. Lunch and pearl tea awaits.
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I give up I give up…I couldn’t do it…I can’t watch any more TV episodes…internet or otherwise. I give up!


My rules were pretty strict, though. I had to have seen the episode from the very beginning, with permission made for bathroom breaks and stuff during the episode. So that’s why there’s so few Brothers and Sisters episodes and other shows - I watch them in bits, but I rarely catch the whole thing. Also, news/late night shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien were not counted.

You see later on that I started to include sports events I watched on TV. This was inspired by [ profile] padfootie’s monthly recap posts. I wanted to keep a record of them somehow. I didn't write down the Olympics, though, because that would be too much.

Sometimes I would comment on an episode. No comment doesn’t mean no reaction.

via [ profile] canadian_turtle: the 500 television episode
Episodes in 2008

My list )

So, for next year...shows to finish/start/try out, in no order
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Mad Men
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
Extras and Office (UK) series finale
Arrested Development
Green Wing
Mighty Boosh
Band of Brothers

and some others
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I was surfing around The AV Club yesterday and I found this interesting comment:
The Lost/BSG crossover theory. Forgive the typos.
Jacob will be revealed to be none other than Gaius Baltar. Charile was alive and well in the flash-forward because he's actually the fifth Cylon. All of this will become more apparant in the BSG series finale where Edward James Olmos leads the surviving human population in a chorus of "You All Everybody" upon arriving on the island. Think I'm wrong? Prove it.

maybe the island is some training ground for new Cylons...those who die (usually after reaching enlightenment or peace of some kind) become a new model. haha

let's see what turns up on Youtube...
Battlestar Lostica

The Numbers turn up on the Spanish S1 DVDs of BSG
Casting Lost characters as BSG characters in this "trailer"
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lol Jimmy Kimmel asking Thomas Kretschmann "How many Nazis have you played?"

"Well, I'm a German in Hollywood...maybe 5, 6, 7 times...but I can say that I've played a captain more than a Nazi"

hey hey everyone please go to the show promotion meme

[ profile] roadrunner1896 did Slings and Arrows, and [ profile] croakvegas did Generation Kill.

Show support for these and other shows!

lol when I bought the latest issue of Sci Fi magazine with Battlestar Galactica on the cover, a fellow female student next to me asked "are you a fan of Battlestar Galactica?" and then we were pretty much January! January!
and then at the counter the guy asked me if I was a sci-fi fan and we talked about the star trek movie

- - -
[ profile] subtle__sarcasm put together a short but sweet post on the passing of Star Trek's Majel Barret Roddenberry.
- - -


Also, why does everyone grab and shake Faraday in anger sheesh first Desmond then Jack and now Sawyer just because he’s a skinny thing
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via [ profile] hobbitofkobol

the best thing to come from Knight Rider:

yes, that is Paul Campbell (who played the dearly departed Presidential aide Billy Keikeya on BSG) as Captain Jack Harkness.
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Today I went to the Nvision 08 World of Visual Computing convention in San Jose.

what I did:

-watched some of the Electronic Sports World Cup. This was the first time it's been held outside of Paris. The commentators all had various European accents and it was interesting to watch.

- this area was cool, all dark with green lights and stuff.

- next to it was the hall where a bunch of people were trying to beat the record for group continuous gaming, like 36 hours or so. They'd already been at it for a day, I think. Some were dozing on little head cushions set up on their chairs. There was a booth of free Bawls energy drinks nearby, so that might have helped.

-argh the Tricia Helfer meet-and-greet was yesterday. We actually passed by her (surrounded by geeks, guarded by a Centurion) in Comic-Con once, but that was before we knew anything about Battlestar Galactica. :( why didn't I check the schedule before

in the main exhibit hall

- the PMS Clan (group of female gamers) had this raffle thing we did. You could also spin the wheel for a prize. I got the "do or die" task. So I had to run and jump through the Bring Your Own Computer gameplay area and shout, "I love Patriot Memory!" A preteen boy joined me on the second run (I think I didn't run exactly all the way). We got really good flash drives as a prize.

- in the automotive area, you could go inside some new hi-tech Audi models. Separate climate control systems yay! The pretty Maserati, however, was just for looking.

- There were several games where you had to use your body to participate. One of them was like "fit your body in the hole." Next to it was an awesome 3-D display you didn't even need glasses for.

- In the food line, we were behind Team South Korea. I also saw one Team Polska player, but the other teams didn't put their country names on their jackets. One of the info people did get autographs from Team Libya players, I think.

- lol the French team were outside discussing strategy very very loudly and enthusiastically before going back into the World Cup gaming area. I guess they were waiting, because at the moment two French girls were competing against two Chinese girls.

- lots of interesting free stuff. One booth gave these giant bags that could be turned into sleeping mats, complete with attached inflatable pillow. Too bad I couldn't remember the booth - some European gamer girls were asking me where I got it, and the map was no help

My parents had some interesting conversations with people, and I tried my best not to fall asleep while my brother watched a presentation on how to make a relatively cheap gaming PC.

- oh, and I got to try out some new games. argh PC is so much more complicated than XBox 360. Some booth guys offered tips (the key instructions on the wall were also helpful, but didn't tell you that left and right help you balance too!) , and my brother kept trying to take over in order to "show" me. I know I'm not super-skilled, but I want to figure it out anyway sheesh

- they were also showing a documentary filmed entirely in Second Life. We only watched a bit of it. It looked okay.

shoot I start school tomorrow. At least it's only one class, Basic Musicianship. From 2-3 PM.
My backpack is so pretty I almost don't want to use it. Like 90% of the backpacks out there, it's Jansport, but I only found this design in a fancy luggage store in the Stanford shopping center. It's plaid, yes, the colors are a super cool blue color and an ever-so-slightly brownish-metallic-black. I took pictures of it, but I can't get to the pic comp right now

and I went to Sanrio and got a scented pen, a freaky acid Hello Kitty keychain that looks cool on my backpack, and a Keroppi pencil case. Turned out that the pencil case had more scented pens inside yay!

and that was today. -faints-
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cibeles and [ profile] sarah1313!

3 things to say about the Olympic Opening Ceremonies:

- Zhang Yimou knows how to direct spectacle.
- aww the kid who survived the earthquake and helped two people get free from rubble because he felt responsible for their safety, being a hall monitor and all
- whoa shoot that guy had to run the entire length of the stadium, whilst being suspended by a wire, in order to light the torch

Meanwhile, Russia invaded Georgia. Russia says the troops are there to ensure peace.

and it appears that Japan has created Cylons.

That look like knights.

Watashitachi hanashimasu yo.
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[ profile] cleolinda posted the origin of "Do Not Want!"

Of course it came from a bad sub of Revenge of the Sith.

the original source, found in Cleo's comments: Star Wars Episode III: Backstroke of the West.
hey hey meme idea! Make macro with "disheveled hair projection" on picture of Rpattz or David Tennant or something!

oh, and on the BSG catch-up, we just finished episode 4.8, "Sine Qua Non." Lulzy stuff of no importance:
1) our download had the audio really high. Everyone sounded like they were on helium. I probably annoyed my mom by making fun of everyone's voices. Lee got it the worst.
oh, and 2: LELAND ADAMA.
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In my dream, I saw one of my high school classmates at what I assumed was Ohlone College, although I've never been there, so it was a mix of different places...

Anyways, a squirrel took my hand. It had death grip, really pinching with both of its...hands? paws?
some people came to make the squirrel let go of me. Earlier, another squirrel had puffed itself up in my friend's face. aack

Also in my dream, my boss posted a bunch more of the videos I shot online. It was just raw footage clips, though. I was puzzled.
I also had to help teach computers? debating? to one of my friends and some of his friends. One person forgot that he needed to learn "how to edit" (the exact words, although I don't know what they meant) before I could do anything. So I went to the bathroom while they got that done.
In the bathroom, there was this cool distorted wave layered mirror hung low, near the floor of the bathroom. While I was on the toilet, I could see my face. I had fun making weird/scary faces in the cool mirror.

When I came out of the bathroom, the guys weren't at the table. I looked through the random house we were in, but it seemed like they left me to take care of their younger siblings and cousins, who were running around all over the place, in all the rooms, playing and watching TV.

random stuff from my subconscious.

I'll go more into Comic-Con reports later, but for now, a Twitter report from Pop Candy, about the Twilight movie:
The crowd continues to scream ... Director Catherine Hardwicke said Muse and co-star Robert Pattinson will be on the soundtrack
wow, Stephenie Meyer is really getting everything she wants.

some somewhat old news:
Battlestar Galactica to finish its fourth season in January.
See the preview for Caprica
looks okay, but I'm still more excited about Dollhouse. Which is why I'm sad to hear that the pilot is being retooled. Well, actually, Joss is shooting a prequel to the original pilot and using that as the pilot. Concerns about accessibility and all that. hmm.

via [ profile] cleolinda: Fox gives green light to live action Cowboy Bebop.
Oh dear. Well, as long as the keep the style and the cool characters and the awesome jazz soundtrack, it might be okay. agh I'm nervous. "Tank!" is the best theme song ever.
ooh, I've never heard the full version. Even more awesome.

I now leave you with awful cakes.
Really, they're amazing, in a way.
Hey, even Cristiano Ronaldo makes an appearance.

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