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TV episodes watched from January through March, with some comments )


Fringe, Being Human UK, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended.
Shows I started and continued to watch: Utopia, Les revenants, In the Flesh.
I also plan on watching all the rest of Peter Gunn on Hulu in the future.

The only movie I saw from 2013 was Something Necessary, a pretty good Kenyan movie that MUBI streamed for free on the day of the Kenyan elections..
Movies I gave the highest ratings to on this year's movies-watched list:
The Saragossa Manuscript (now I want to watch more stories within stories movies), Chungking Express (finally watched it!), Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca), and the entire trilogy experience of The Human Condition (Ningen no joken)
Favorite viewing surprises: Paranorman, La main du diable, A Matter of Taste (Une affaire de goût), Miss Minoes
ok not really a surprise since I'm a fan of Johnnie To's work already yet the choreography of lighting and movement in Throw Down deserves a mention
Faces added to my to-watch list:
Hideko Takamine, Rachel Mwanza, Pierce Gagnon
Funniest moments:
the dinner scene in Vulgaria
the proposed graveyard scene from Seven Psychopaths
when the titular character gets a gun in The Gingerdead Man

Favorite books read so far this year:
Historia universal de la infamia, Jorge Luis Borges
A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness
Works that I can imagine as a good (or better) film or TV adaptation:
Esi Edugyan's Half-Blood Blues. Jazz musicians of African descent stuck in Berlin and occupied Paris in WWII. At least it wouldn't shift more focus towards the white characters like what I saw of Dancing on the Edge.
Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!), in a way that would get the epic sci-fi look and themes right, treat the problematic aspects as problematic, and not gloss over the character flaws and twisted relationships.
Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key, in a modern (though not modern day-set) adaptation that would include the book's meditative aspects, without being slow for the sake of self-importance.
John Ajvide Lindqvist's Little Star. Probably best as a miniseries.
Favorite short stories read:
"Four Rajeshes" and "Bibhutibhushan Mallik's Final Storyboard", by Rajesh Parameswaran
"Nights Can Turn Cool in Viborra", by Charles Portis

The only new music I've played on repeat so far: various selections from Cristobal Tapia de Veer's soundtrack for Utopia.
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I liked Being Human UK's fifth series premiere. The funny parts made me laugh, and Mr. Rook is an intriguing addition.
I think it's fine to end the show with this series, and I liked both casts ok.


Hoping to finish the first season of Les revenants today so I can write a review and have my YAM editors post a) before they start the '90's blogathon on the site and b) so I can link to it when applying for this job.

Writing, either for the sites I link to in writing samples, or typing out my novel draft, has kept me from watching as many movies as I used to. I still watch TV, but that's due to feelings of time urgency on my part. Taking screencaps also teaches me how form can echo themes in content.
gosh Criterion has some good movies up for free viewing on Hulu that will expire in a day or two.

I did just receive a good rejection letter for a piece I submitted last year to a writing contest. It was a repackaging of some of the first few parts of my novel, so this feedback will be very useful:
We found this piece to be extremely good conceptually, but currently very hard for the reader to follow the story (due in large part to the volume of scene changes.) We really began to lose the thread at the beginning of the second section, when we are bombarded with names – Iris, Xan, William, Virgil. From there it became difficult to sort out the relationships. Finding a way to simplify might help this, and the core of the story is there. Just a little refinement and this could be a great piece.
I must keep this in mind. The concept is telling a story through dreams, and high concepts must have strong structure and a good entry point for accessibility. The higher the degree of experimentation, the greater the need for a strong foundation. Once I finish typing out what I've handwritten (I'm at 21,000 words now out of 50,000+ words), I can focus on craft.
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I've been trying to write a proper post for a while, but my feelings shift with the tides.

So here are handy year-end links instead!

My year in new music!
Other highlights of the year in movies, TV, and books

Favorite new shows: Elementary and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
New favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

Feature-length movies I watched during the year:
Films of the 2010's, ranked:
Rankings don't necessarily correspond to ratings.
Books of all sorts read during the year:

aw man I need to update my cooking posts, because I did get to improve on this pasta sauce by simmering Roma tomatoes for a long time. I'll try heirloom tomatoes next when they're on sale.
Lots of stuff went down offline this year but I think I'll dump all that negativity in 2012 and only focus on catching up on food/restaurant/cooking posts in 2013. My next assignment: making acceptable masala chai tea (or even latte) with Assam tea base and pre-packaged garam masala spice.

ETA: whoops I forgot to finish up my "TV episodes watched" list!
episodes watched from October 1 to December 31 )
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I was going to finish all of the Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei series and watch the latest Around the World in 80 Plates...and then other stuff happened.

TV episodes, with not-too-spoilery comments and liveblogs, watched from April through June. )
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R.I.P. to our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.

I wrote a more-or-less non-spoilery review comparing the fourth seasons of Fringe and Being Human UK.

Also, "Blackwater" thoughts? I liked it. One thing that people on tumblr haven't mentioned yet is the mix of emotions during a certain green scene. That stuff may look cool, but it's scary in effect and connotations.
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I've decided to put the list of TV episodes I've watched by month instead of packing them all at the end of the year. Sometimes I've typed additional quotes and reactions if I happen to be on the computer, or notes I remember by the time I get to the computer. No spoilers, though.

the TV episodes I watched from January through March 2011 )

Has anyone else seen this America's Greatest Otaku show? Should I give it a try, or no?
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photo by Elliot Erwitt

- - -

It's not perfect, but I'm liking Being Human UK's series 3 better than series 2 (which I didn't outright hate). It feels closer to the characters somehow.

- - -

my Lenten sacrifices:

- chocolate of any kind
- pearl tea
- Honestea
- downloading things in a manner that is not legal

Also, somehow, I need to control the sudden flares of temper I have at home.

- - -

(Links to previous posts like this can be found here.)

"Call Me Irresponsible"
Music by Jimmy van Heusen, lyrics by Sammy Cahn.
Featured in the film, "Papa's Delicate Condition."
Jack Jones' recording on the Kapp label appeared in 1963 and reached number 75 on the Billboard chart.

Jack Jones performing the song on the Ed Sullivan Show:

Dinah Washington's version.
Frank Sinatra performing the song on The Bob Hope Show in 1963.
Here is the song on player piano.
Of course, Michael Bublé has covered it.

The first version I heard was Bobby Darin's, and it's still my favorite.

I appreciate the swing vibe. The arrangement and Darin's performance make it joyful and dynamic and defiant.

I also like Judy Garland's take on the chorus in this clip from her show. (she appears around 2:30)
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25 episodes I enjoyed the most in 2010

Only episodes I watched from beginning to end. So, for example, since I missed the first 20 minutes of the Lost finale, it could not be even considered for this list.
This also counts all the episodes I watched this year, not just ones aired in 2010.

It started to be in order at the beginning of the year, but then I got tired. I was also going to write an explanation for my choices…but I’m doing this during Arsenal’s halftime, because after the game ends, I really need to finish a report and do other things.

Conan Tonight Show farewell
Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor
Being Human episode 2.6
Misfits - Episode 1.4
Lost - 6.9 - “Ab Aeterno” - YEAH I LIKED IT OKAY
Community -1.10 - Environmental Science
Lost 6.1 - 6.2 - “LAX”
Community - 1.15 - “Romantic Expressionism”
Boardwalk Empire - 1.5 - “Nights in Ballygran”
Sherlock - 1.3 - “The Greatest Game”
Chuck - 3.10 - “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”
Sherlock - 1.1 - “A Study in Pink”
Lost - 6.7 - “Dr. Linus” - not best written but events
Community - 1.19 - “Beginning Pottery”
The Pacific- Part 9 - “Okinawa” (Buildup - Sledge is best character)
The Pacific - Part 3 - “Melbourne”
I, Claudius - episode 10 “Who, me?” - Caligula’s reign of terror
Community - 2.6 - “Epidemiology”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “Mac’s Mom Burned the House Down”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “The Gang Gets a Boat”
Boardwalk Empire 1.9 - “Belle Femme”
Community - “Mixology Certification”
Misfits - 2.4
Doctor Who Christmas special
The LXD - “Elliott’s Shoes”

My favorite show this year: Sherlock.
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I think this was the best episode yet because all the tones were perfectly balanced.

Also, because of my computer problems, I watched this one on the TV via flash drive-to-Xbox 360 connection.. Quite refreshing to watch it on a TV screen.
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some soccer news over the past month:

via [ profile] tigera4j: The Togo National Team (football) is banned from the next two African Cup of Nations and fined $50,000 because they withdrew from this year's after a terrorist attack killed two of their own.

DaMarcus Beasley talks about his car being blown up

oh, and in less serious matters, I heard on the radio that Marta is being transferred to FC Gold Pride! yay team.

last night, I became addicted to Tastespotting.
Among my finds: Homemade hot chocolate and Raspberry, Olive Oil and Thyme Shortbread.

I'm also listening to A Game of Thrones on audiobook. Listening to audiobooks is weird for me, my attention wavers differently. It's like reading a book in a dream. I tend to fare better listening to short stories on the radio. But I'm really liking the book so far. The characters are very interesting.

This is also your Being Human discussion post. I was too lazy to liveblog today, and I forgot some funny quotes! argh.
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random: model Coco Rocha's name makes me think of Almond Rocha.
I have a song in my computer about Almond Rocha.
And I don't even like the stuff that much.

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whoa shoot Being Human might become king of "guaranteed super-intense scene per episode" now
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Yesterday, we went to Hooters because my mom wanted the crab legs. Our table had a picture of Alyson Hannigan with a waitress aww.
So many TVs. one was showing FSC, so I caught up on footie highlights (5-0? good thing I missed that) and I explained/blabbed about a lot of things to my parents. My brother was like "stop talking about soccer" but seriously, we're together so much that I'm glad we had something different to talk about.

also, there was a baby, sitting in the little McDonald's inside Walmart, that was waving to me! I wasn't sure, so I kept looking and walked a bit, but then it (wasn't sure if girl or boy) kept waving. So I smiled and waved back. The baby was so happy when I did! aww I made a baby happy.

also at Wal-mart: I read the latest isssue of TV Guide (the sci-fi issue) and they mentioned Being Human not one, but three times! Once in the weekly "what to watch" section, once in the "what's going to happen in your favorite sci-fi/genre shows" article, and then in a favorable special review! eeeeeeee
I hope I can read next week's issue - they'll have to mention something about Gilbert

Kings is over! :(
and it actually set up a potential second season very well. pooh. Instead, NBC's giving us Jay Leno five times a week.


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