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so many things going on in the world but my life somehow skitters back and forth and forward

went to Napa Valley wine country for the food on my birthday earlier this month. Here is my flickr album but you can see some of the food on this page of my tags rn.

still have to go through Father's Day photos because we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and I really like Puerto Rican food that goes beyond rice and beans. give me all the plaintains (and gas pain)

so...Euro 2016...some very interesting results. So great to watch Iceland. Still rooting for Germany of course (#11 scores! aw the memories), and France can be here and there. Poland sometimes catches my interest. too bad for Ireland and some other underdogs but at least they got good wins. haha England. at least it seems like the worst fans left before the round of 16. usually don't root for Italy but (sorry to fans) I was glad they knocked out Spain.

didn't get to see much of Copa America because of work
I did see the last US win, as well as a replay of much of a certain 7-0 game...
on Sunday, I was at PF Chang's bar during my work lunch hour (technically dinner but whatever). The mall was closed but the restaurants outside weren't.
Before the store closed, I saw one or two people in various club shirts, but someone passed by in a Dortmund jersey with Reus on the back and I was like !!! Made me wonder if I would have ended up supporting Dortmund if I started watching soccer later...especially since I like these Polish players (though one was eaten up by Bayern like so many) instead of trying to catch the odd game of unfortunate Bremen...
anyways while I was eating I heard "R U Mine?" play overhead and I was like yesssss. and then I saw on the ESPN news ticker that the Copa America final was about to end overtime and go to penalty kicks and I asked them to switch the TV channel so I could see. And Messi missed! I don't like or hate him or anything it's just a surprise.

wasn't able to get tickets for the Arsenal - MLS All-Stars game, but I'll check again before the match, and if not, I'll go to a place near the stadium to watch with fans.

oh, now I have a videocamera and tripod of my own! also updated my phone because my old hand-me downs became too troublesome. We'll see if I can get myself to be more productive with time and tech. Also going to see if I can use my gift card to get a dolly for the tripod.

btw two of the online compliments for the store where I work thanked me by name for my service!

sometime I'll get to the Penny Dreadful finale. heard it was disappointing but I'm not too invested and the show was often inconsistent anyways. Animal Kingdom started ok but I didn't finish the 2nd episode because it wasn't special enough, besides some good acting, for me to actually carve out time to watch. Orphan Black had an overall solid fourth season, and I'm trying out Thirteen on its BBC America airdates.

still catching up verrrrry slowly on Okkupert, Adventure Time, and Manhattan (I was waiting until I had enough free credits to "purchase" official stream episodes). Waiting out the hype on other shows I haven't tried yet, but maybe I'll start Gomorrah, Detectorists, Bojack Horseman, The Night Of, or Wentworth. Maybe some Japanese or Korean shows or whatever's waiting in my watchlists/bookmarks/drafts. Found that my libraries have more connections to streaming sites that make it easier and actually legal to stream some movies, TV, and books that are hard to find.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] icequeen3101 and [ profile] dirtyking!

and now


January isn't over yet. Here are handy links, with mentions of what I'm anticipating and other works I might be interested in if I hear more interest-gaining reviews/descriptions.

The AV Club's list.

[ profile] oddmonster has a nifty project for reading 365 stories this year. Check out her progress and how you may participate here.
The Millions' look at upcoming 2012 releases.
Anticipating: The Flame Alphabet, RAILSEA, Telegraph Avenue.
io9's 2012 sci-fi/fantasy book preview.
Maybe: The Fourth Wall though I haven’t read other Dagmar Shaw books
io9's comic book previews for the next few months.
Most anticipated: New Winter Soldier and Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga. Maybe: Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country, The Manhattan Projects, Fairest.
Related: DC launches new 52 comics, including one by China Miéville

MUBI'S first look at 2012, most anticipated.
IMDB's Coming Soon list.
Indiewire's 50 most anticipated.
Movie Morlocks: New movies to see before the apocalypse
io9's list of sci-fi/fantasy movies in 2012.
Sadly, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is delayed until 2013.
Dark Horizons' in-depth, 10-part feature on the notable films of 2012.
Anticipated: Prometheus, The Avengers, The Hobbit (Part I), Brave, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Seven Psychopaths, Stoker (director Park Chan-wook), Cogan’s Trade (director Andrew Dominik), Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters
Maybe: The Dark Knight Rises, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (I liked the book), Lincoln (amazing cast), Restoration, Mars et Avril, Reykjavík-Rotterdam (though I'd prefer to see the original), Intruders (director Fresnadillo), Juan of the Dead, No One Lives (what I saw of Midnight Meat Train was ok but wait to see what hear), On the Ice, The Raid (crime fight through Jakarta, The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Riz Ahmed in a starring role), Return, Robot and Frank, Satellite Boy, Untitled Bin Laden Project, Untitled Ramin Bahrani project (very odd given his other work), V/H/S, Welcome to the Punch, Big House (director Mateo Garrone), A Pigeon Sat On a Branch Reflecting on Existence (I’d have to check Songs from the Second Floor first), The Wettest County (Hillcoat's The Proposition was good).
I like the idea of Berberian Sound Studio but I heard it’s more likely for 2013.
Sundance Film Festival updates:
Films picked up for distribution, updates one, two, three, four, five.
io9's favorite sci-fi films at Sundance.
The International Film Festival Rotterdam is currently offering a "series of exclusive YouTube premieres of films screening at the festival, available for 24 hours."

American TV show return/premiere dates:
through February ~ March-May ~ io9's guide 2012's sci-fi/fantasy TV.
Being Human (UK) has promo material for series 4 but no set air date.
Longer list of 2012 new TV, via IMDB.
Later premieres include: David Fincher's House of Cards (less is known about his Mindhunter project), Hatfields and McCoys, Julian Fellowes' Titanic (along with Titanic: Blood and Steel), Labyrinth (sounds iffy but interesting cast), L.A. Noir, Dancing on the Edge, Pompeii, Top of the Lake, Wicked, Hobgoblin, Lizzie Borden, Shaun Micallef is Mad as Hell

List of 2012 music releases and events in the United States.
Anticipating: The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, Shiina Ringo if the album's coming this year
Maybe: Islands, Muse, Gnarls Barkley, The Strokes
At the Drive In has also reunited.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] decadentdream!

I have a new book review up at Yet Another Magazine!
Manuel Muñoz’s 2011 murder mystery What You See in the Dark.
Here is a photo excerpt from the novel:

Here are predictions of what might be shown at Sundance 2012. It's a long list, with a page for each movie, so here are the films that seem most promising:

] The Ambassador
A strange, enigmatic and decadent white diplomat arrives in central Africa, looking like a mixture of Henry Stanley and Karl Lagerfeld. He has recently bought an ambassadorship and claims to be a do-good rich business man, who has come to spearhead a diplomatic mission. Officially he is there to start a factory that produces matches - this, to employ locals and teach how to make this simple piece of fire-making equipment. Unofficially he is really there to gain access to vast reserves of diamonds. The Ambassador is a genre-breaking, tragic comedy about the bizarre world of African diplomacy.
] Beasts of the Southern Wild
...this is set on the crumbling grounds of the Louisiana delta, a ferocious 10-year-old girl desperately tries to hold on to whatever love is left for her as she refuses to evacuate her home in the Louisiana Delta without her dying father as the Southern Apocalypse descends upon them.
] The Playroom
Four children in their attic hideaway make up a fantastic story, while downstairs their parents weave a drunken intrigue of their own. In a lyrical but gripping dual narrative, the story of the children’s life intertwines with the story they make up about their life–until the two stories collide and the delicate family structure collapses.
] Revenge for Jolly!
Written by Brian Petsos this follows a man (Petsos) who, with the help of his cousin (Oscar Isaac), seeks to avenge the death of his beloved dog, who was killed under confusing and suspicious circumstances. The two men follow a series of clues in an attempt to track down the dog’s murderer, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.


1 May 2011 07:09
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] moi_toujours!

Haven't seen Doctor Who yet, but my mom borrowed the first season of Fringe from the library. We watched the pilot and I liked it. We'll be watching more soon.

quickposting pics of me on Easter Sunday )
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Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] zorabioz and [ profile] azuresquirrel!
Happy Birthday for [ profile] sector_12!
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Happy Belated Birthdays to [ profile] xlouder_now and [ profile] darkblue!

my emotions, let me show you them:

I've got a supplemental job! It's only a weeklong assignment, filing stuff and looking through records for a La Quinta Inn & Suites in Sacramento. I started today. The work isn't bad, just tiring - lots of papers to deal with, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, with 30 minutes lunch break. I'm really glad to get this assignment.

After work today, I quickly stopped at a candy store in Old Sacramento that lets you try free samples of their taffy and any candy marked with a blue sign. I got free candy from the candy store!

Currently on the third book of the Fantômas series. Pulpy crime adventure fun yay! Brilliant schemes! Secrets and scandal! People who might be dead or alive or someone else!

Why did I start reading these books?

It all started when I started looking up director Georges Franju some months ago. I really liked Eyes Without a Face, and I also appreciated Blood of the Beasts.
Among the other films he directed was Judex, which appealed to me because it's about a masked avenger. But wait! There was an earlier version, in 1916, made by a director named Louis Feuillade. Feuillade is best known for Les vampires, whose influence extends through films like Irma Vep. Yet what did he direct before that? The Fantômas series, based on the written adventures of those who attempt to track down the titular criminal mastermind.

I try to see and read things in chronological order ok
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quick recipe that I used to make kiwi-sunflower pie

My third attempt at galettes was a success. Not pictured: my second attempt.
I remember posting about my first failed attempt on here, but I can't find it in my tag.

unrelated: Happy Birthday to [ profile] mcmitters!

ETA: imaginative music video via [ profile] meiou_set

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] crazyumbrellas!

After...six years, I've finally finished all ten episodes of My Little Chef!

Despite the plain dialogue and Japanese TV production conventions, it's a fantastic show that's sappy in all the right ways for me. It's all about being creative, finding whatever makes you happy in life, and eating good food! It passes the Bechdel test with flying colors - in fact, I don't think the prominent female characters ever have a complete conversation about male romantic prospects, and conversations about their male boss or coworkers end up relating to the whole of the restaurant. They talk more about food and family and jobs and life goals. It accepts whatever choice makes a character fulfilled- career, children, or both.
While the resolution of one-episode problems might be a little tidy, the way that series-long arcs are handled is more honest and realistic, at least for a primetime (or the Japanese equivalent of primetime?) cooking drama.

Also, the food presented always looks amazing.

Streaming with English subs here.
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Happy New Year!

and Happy Birthday to [ profile] theblended!

I'm way behind on flisting, and I haven't finished a report for work yet, so if you posted anything recently that I should look at, drop a link here!

Year-end/Year-beginning posts to be posted in a few days.

I did update my film blog! This one compares Last Year at Marienbad with Carnival of Souls.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] neo_valkyrie and [ profile] timewaslost!

how does this Polyvore thing work

here's what I tried )

lol I spent 12:30 AM to 5 AM:
- first in the virtual dressing room at the H&M site
- then trying to figure out Polyvore
- trying and failing to figure out the code to post it to Tumblr

The Arsenal game started, so I watched that while cleaning up. It was 2-0 when I fell asleep, so I was happy. Good thing I didn't stay up for the second half, haha
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It's still the 13th here, so...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] justbolognese!

Sherlock fans must try this:

Jim Moriarty's Dress-up Game

it's hilarious fantastic A+
try iiiiit
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] beesknees7, [ profile] logovo1, and [ profile] tigera4j!

Went to the corn maze in Dixon yesterday. Spent 3 hours finding our way in the dark (with the help of a maze map we picked up earlier) and it was awesome. The closest thing to an adventure I've had in a long time.

NaNoWriMo count: 5079 words. Not great, but not horrible. Yet.

Sherlock episode 3 reaction )
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Maligayang Bati, [ profile] diskarte!

song in my head right now:

"The Night Last Night" - Mark Ronson and the Business Int'l, featuring Rose Elinor Dougall and Alex Greenwald

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cyanthis and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] calidreamin08!

I've finally updated my film blog here.

This time, the double-feature recommendation is Insomnia (1997, which was remade in 2002 by Christopher Nolan) and Cure (1997, directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa).
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] malinowy and [ profile] nodancetonight!

and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] sammet, [ profile] alegorico, and anyone else I missed...

This was a nap dream I had on Monday:
In a night-time scene, either on Earth or another planet, there was a scoreboard for the Arsenal - Albion game. The video scoreboard was introduced by the guys from Merlin.

Soon, a tiny green alien saw the final score and got into such a rage that he got in his flying saucer and flew into space, which was full of traffic.

Then he started shouting everywhere in alien language.

Then I woke up.

Hey, Arsenal won its game. Werder, pooh, I saw little offense push from you. Toluca, you lost a CONCACAF Champions League game to a Puerto Rican team? That David Horst guy on loan from Real Salt Lake seems good, though.
I also watched some Street League Skateboarding yesterday. I'm liking Shane O'Neill and Nyjah Houston - they have flair and take risks.

I also continue to like Boardwalk Empire.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] warrior_camilla and [ profile] piraatschepen!

less cheerful, but still important, matters: [ profile] help_pakistan
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] kiratollan!

I was about to go to the website to stream the Arsenal game and then I fell asleep. I only woke up when I missed a call for my work, which was 5 MINUTES AFTER THE GAME ENDED.

So I had to call the person back. Luckily his recorded number still worked.

Then I found out that THE GAME WAS A 6-0 WIN.




But late nights can lead, creative things.

Like this thing I made two nights ago that's surprising me by getting a ton of notes on Tumblr:

L is for the way you look at brie

O is for the odor wafting free

V for very, very

cultivated dairy

E is ever more

the calcium source that I adore

and love’s a lactic product - yes it’s true

love’s maybe not meant to share for two


two in love just ate it

take parmesan and please just grate it

‘cause love’s a cheese I made for you!

- - - - -

I don't even know.
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I'm sorry I missed birthdays, and I know your time zones are all so different, so Happy Belated/Early Birthday to [ profile] oddmonster, [ profile] _kruemel_, and [ profile] lissapocalypse!

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