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First, a chocolate report:

$5+ but the taste is great and it was my payday so I spent $10 on food/drink for me. The finish isn't as fine as with some other chocolate but that's a minor quibble and probably because it's "raw."

I also got coupons for 3 free bottles of Honest Tea because I emailed them about an odd-tasting batch (marked by a plastic ring around the caps of the glass bottles).

I'm slowly starting to type up my novel draft. I'm changing tenses from past to present for the dreams. I've also got a fractal story idea that's partly written that I might submit to a contest by September 15.

Summer is ending. nooooo

I'm slowly getting back into the job search because my calling job only lasts until the end of this month.

TV-wise, the five-episode cinematic J-drama Shokuzai was pretty good and kept me thinking about it long after the five episodes had finished. Sometimes it was unbearably slow but I also felt that any faster pace would betray the characters. There was also director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's thing of sudden extreme plot twists. The acting was amazing, though. Great to see interesting parts for five female main characters. Some pictures here.

Doctor Who was alright. I've joined the legion of Oswin fans! Also made this graphic. I really like working with transparencies. As for the Ponds...I know that's a realistic problem but on top of everything else they've experienced, it seemed like Moffatt was out of ideas for relationship roadblocks.

Here are reviews I've written recently for YAM-Mag:
the dorama My Little Chef, the sci-fi novel Death Sentences, the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, the Olympics and its US TV coverage, and My Life in Movies.
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Lately, I've stopped baking because money is tighter than ever, and eggs with rice can make one meal. So my cooking has been limited, only making a quesadilla here, a sandwich there.

While searching for jobs this afternoon, I came up with the idea of using the chocolate bar I got (Lindt 85%, just over $2 at Walmart) with the tortillas we have stocked in the kitchen. I also wanted to add some cinnamon for spice. I looked up recipes and thought this one was closest to what I was thinking.

At dinnertime, I was ready to experiment.

I dusted a sheet of wax paper with cinnamon, then put the butter in the pan before melting it at a low heat. The pan must be coated with the butter. Then I placed the tortilla in the pan. These are really cheap flour tortillas, so I had to let them warm in the pan a few seconds more than usual, or else they break.
Then I break the chocolate onto the tortilla. It's warm around the pan, so I have to do this fast.

This is the best picture I could get of my chocolate-stained hands:

Cook as if you were cooking a quesadilla. Place the finished product on the wax paper and let the cinnamon coat it, flipping if necessary.

Experiment with the heating levels and amount or type of butter/coating substance.

- - -

On the way to Walmart yesterday, I saw that the sunflowers were growing again!

Also, I have a work assignment next week, staffing this event.
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this is what I had for lunch

there's this version as well as this version.

That second one uses the Lindt sea salt chocolate. I tried this before with that chocolate (which is cheap at Walmart) and it was okay, but I wanted more sea salt flavor to balance

Those recipes have special instructions, but I just grilled the thing using olive oil and that's it.

I used Valhrona 85% cacao chocolate, because it's good and only $2.99 a bar at Trader Joe's.

I also used wheat bread because I'm poor

and I got a bit of sea salt on sale yesterday

yay for expanding my easy yummy sandwich repertoire
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] misachan!

In other news, I spent July 4th dealing with a massive headache.
We went to Jack London Square in Oakland, and thankfully for my head, the fireworks were cancelled.
It was on the way there that I revealed to my parents that my headache was still crazy active.

so we just ate as soon as we got there and that helped the headache start to go away

in less serious matters: argh the nice bakery/candy shop that was going to open there isn't open yet

I need my good chocolate

Cost Plus World Market doesn't carry any of the brands I like anymore

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Christmas was good times with family friends.

some highlights -

- Christmas Eve at a relative's house. Gradually getting better at karaoke (apparently being loud is most important points-wise). I TOTALLY ROCKED "EDELWEISS" AND EVERYONE SANG ALONG

- Christmas morning: so I haven't had the spare cash to buy good chocolate for a long time...but today I got 3 Valhrona bars! yessssss
as well as a PC movie editing system (anything is better than Windows Movie Maker) and Brian Azzarello's Joker graphic novel. Opened the box of genmaicha (matcha -a.k.a. green tea- and brown rice) packets I bought a few days ago. That tea turned out great.
Church had a really cool Nativity scene, with a manger made of palm tree fronds. Here's a picture.
lol there are so many palm trees here, might as well make use of the greenish fronds that fall

- Christmas afternoon and evening: went to the home of some family friends, where we usually spend Christmas. Lots of good food. For a while, I had been craving good persimmons but wasn't able to buy or obtain (a building at school had a bunch free but they had gone dry) any. But someone brought a bunch of persimmons to the party, and they left a ton over so I was able to take a good amount home. score.
Also got some good stuff like movie theater certificate money.

The little girl there got a Disney princess vanity for Christmas. What was particularly interesting was that the vanity and all its accessories doubled as musical intruments. Picture here. For example, the vanity itself became a keyboard (needed batteries to play though). The eye makeup was a harmonica and the lipstick a whistle. That's so strange it's brilliant. It's nice to see that they thought they had to add something else to sell the makeup toys to girls. Broadening horizons, one cracky product at a time.

I also ended up playing with the toy train set. The older (like, 50-ish) men also played with it too while talking. Train set toys are just that classic.
I took some pictures with the little toy robot there.

I'm still not great at Halo (3), but I did get to splatter and shoot a bunch of online people with a Mongoose, so I felt accomplished.

Later, I got sucked into rewatching the entirety of Be Kind Rewind with our friend Dominic. That movie always makes me teary-eyed at the end, argh, because it's about ~the power of movies~ and that's my dream. yeah.
My brother and I later showed some of the Kick-Ass trailers and we said maybe we can see it together when he's on break from college.

After getting home and taking a 3-hour food comagas pain nap, I woke up, ate some of my chocolate, and made myself a chai latte with the powdered mix I got from Walmart a week ago. Took a look around the kitchen. We have a lot of good food around. Great food possibilities too, mwhahahahahaha

Now I really want to plan a dinner for some reason. Cook and make drinks for everyone. After this, I'm checking out the recipes I bookmarked from tumblr.
I also want to make a short movie. Probably with my stuffed animals. My photo camera's video capabilities may be limited, but at least I have something that can shoot video.

It was too much for LJ to handle, so I had to break it into two parts:
Part 1
Part 2

so now I'll check those recipes and make a little progress on my tumblr backlog before I go to sleep. Tomorrow, I guess I become British, because I'll obtain the Doctor Who "End of Time" (DO NOT SPOIL ME as well as watch a Boxing Day match wait nevermind Arsenal isn't playing? or are my streaming sites wrong?

ETA: I totally forgot - on Christmas Eve afternoon, I started randomly doing crochet after a year or two of not crocheting anything (not that I was great when I did it). I started doing random stuff and had the loose goal of making an asymetrical triangle. Instead, I made a tree. I WAS UNCONSCIOUSLY GUIDED BY THE SPIRT OF CHRISTMAS
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sorry for the recent triple posts but I was tagged by [ profile] cheekanzoop

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

SECOND: Tag eight sexy people. Don't refuse to do it like a pansy. I AM NOW A PANSY BECAUSE I REFUSE TO TAG

memey )
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I have obtained the Campus Movie Fest equipment.

I have recorded the pop song for the "music video."

Now to find some private time to make it all poppy on Garageband.

I have two confirmed cast members and a bunch of people saying they might know someone to help.

In other news...
I got lavender soda and this thing today:

Domori 100% cocoa bar
that's right, the only ingredient is cocoa mass
It's as bitter as 100% should be, but this brand is extremely creamy as well. The smell hit you right as you open the package. ah, nice.

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so, I happen to have these chocolates right now:

The peanut butter one was a gift from [ profile] gossy16. Even though I'm a dark chocolate girl, I do like milk chocolate with peanut butter. :)

Got the other two yesterday when I had lunch with my friend "Loki" at Stanford Shopping Center. I had to show her where the Amedei, so I bought one for her and one for myself.
Later on, my family needed something from the grocery there. We were low on cash, so I needed to get over the credit limit. I got the Cowgirl lavender chocolate, and my brother made me buy him some bacon chocolate.

Oh, and Loki and I had epic balsamic vinegar tasting in that grocery. One of those flavors knocked me backwards, physically. trufax.

Full write-up to come, sometime.

Oh, and I took this picture for [ profile] croakvegas:
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icons for all incarnations of The Doctor

oh boy I am craving pine nuts right now
cooked or raw, I don't care
this is because my dad is cooking pasta and I'm thinking of the Create-Your-Own pasta at Macaroni Gril, where I put together an aglio olio (sp?) thing with added pine nuts

this now leads to


also, an idea stolen from [ profile] fancyxthat:
Sandwich of the year:
a Monte Cristo, at Bennigans
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I've only seen bits of this TV show on public televion, but I think some of you might be interested. What first got me watching was the high video quality; much better than that of many food programs (then again, I don't have the Food Network, so I might be wrong)'s Diary of a Foodie

I don't know if the full episodes can be viewed outside of the US, but there are recipes too that can be viewed by anyone.

full episode links in the episode title

examples, from Season 1
China: One Billion Foodies
Drunken Chicken with Rice-Wine Granita
Five-Spice Fortune Cookies
Noodles with Pork and Hot Bean Sauce
Snow Peas with Sichuan Preserved Vegetable
Stir-Fried Asparagus with Oyster Sauce
Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Soy and Rice Wine

Episode 2: Anatomy of a Meal with José Andrés
Caramel Corn Clusters
Caramelized Pork Rinds

more Season 1 episodes and recipes can be found here.
Episode 3 - "Italy: Home Cooking"
Episode 4 - "H20"
Episode 5 - "The Hungry Luddite"
followed by: "The Green Kitchen," "Brazil: When Foods Collide," "Just Desserts" (WITH CHOCOLATE CHILE ICE CREAM?), "Living Off the Land," "Australia: Slow Food" (recipes: Rhubarb Chutney, Rhubarb Tart), "Science of Deliciousness," "Zen and the Art of Cooking," "Salt and Pepper," "Delicious Indigenous," "Noble Rot," "Cure de Force," "Raising the Bar," "Contraband Cuisine," "Anatomy of a Meal II with Lydia Shire," and "Avant Garde à la Carte."

molecular gastronomy is now my current favorite word.

Season 2 episodes and recipes

Episode titles: "Southern India: The Spice of Life," "New Zealand: The Rugged Land," "Bread: The Foundation of a Meal," "Hidden Hong Kong," "North Carolina: BBQ and Beyond" (is it bad that my mouth started watering when I read BBQ?), "Bloggers: Confessions of the Food-Obsessed," "Baja: The New Provence," "Bovine Rhapsody," "Trompe l’Oeil: The Art of Culinary Deception," "The Open Flame," "France: The New Guarde," "The Anglers," "The Inventors," "Chile: Mestizo," "Anatomy of a Meal: Paul Bartolotta" (what is Lobster in Crazy Water?), "Fine Fast Food," "The World of Sweet," "Aromas: Fragrance and Taste," "Vietnam: The Taste of Simplicity," "Drinks: The Golden Age of Spirits."

Season 3 Episodes and Recipes

Episode Titles: "Hawaii’s Big Island: Food Lover’s Paradise" (oh my I want the Macadamia Nut Shortbread), "India & Vietnam: Complex Cuisine," "Ancient Traditions," "Oaxaca: Food of the New World," "Farm to Fork" (clip show), "Korea: Ancient Food, Modern World" (lol title what? I want recipes for crazy Asian pizza), "Tasmania: The Next Culinary Frontier," "Turkey: Iftar in Istanbul," "The Collective," "Tuscan Simplicity," "Chile Peppers: Playing With Fire," "Montreal: Cooking on the Wild Side," "La Cocina Andaluza: The Flavor of Flamenco."

lol some of these titles are unintentionally funny
but the show itself is pretty good
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via bloomaliciousfoodie on tumblr:
Honey Peach ice cream recipe
Keep your pretty men, stuff like this is what makes me truly swoon.

Machiavelli Chocolates
An unlikely name for a specialty chocolate line that celebrates Filipino flavors.
In just under a year since Machiavelli Chocolatier has hit local shores, runaway favorites include the Yema de Manila (patterned after the leche flan ), a divination of egg yolks and sugar mixed with chocolate, and Purple Yam Yum whose whimsical color peeks out upon first bite. I never even considered that ube and chocolate would work, but here it does. There’s something appealing about the balance created between the earthiness of the tuber and the smoky tones of the chocolate.
ooh usually I can't eat too much ube because it's too smeet, but in a small chocolate it should be fine

Chocolates have no relation to morals. – Machiavelli Chocolatier

oh, and I met [ profile] fancyxthat and we had a nice lunch, talking and eating raspberry crepes.

finally - [ profile] geekfreak03, for my script, I need to know what Rebecca thinks of Oklahoma, and what her favorite anime is
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pictures from my birthday. Went with family and a friend in our tiny car. San Francisco!

grr what is this 200 recent picture limit for free accounts on Flickr
I keep a bunch of the pics on my account large so any random stumblers can use/improve upon them. This is especially the light textures.

never mind that. Check out this post! I picked out only the best pics for you.
random pictures of cheese and chocolate and the ocean and more )
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reminds me of how I've seen dark chocolate Pocky "for men" and some German dark chocolate ffor "herren" (right in the name too: "Schwarze Herren Schokolade")

link from that site: top ten crazy-weird East Asian pizza crusts
It doesn't contain shrimp. It doesn't ooze with cheese. It doesn't wrap around a log of meat. But Mr. Pizza's Grand Prix is my pick for the weirdest crust because ... it's made of cookie. A rather healthy sounding cookie that's sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and raisins, although, according to Mr. Pizza, it "tastes like European soft cookies!" If this doesn't sound enticing enough, the pizza comes with blueberry dipping sauce to slather the crust in after you're done eating the noncrusty part (which is topped with shrimp and potato—fairly normal for an Asian pizza).
only the potato-mousse and mochi ones look possibly good to me

from comments:
I remember going to a Tokyo Shakey's ages ago, and seeing a pizza come out with corn and baby octopus on it.

some surfing reveals that canned corn is standard pizza topping over there. I wonder what East Asians would think of our Americanized Asian dishes

ETA: shoot I missed this chocolate thing in Berkeley
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Finally. I am done with the two papers.

I stopped flisting around Sunday, and I only let myself get distracted by music and [ profile] ontd_lost. So if you posted anything you want me to see, leave a comment here.

I went and found some nu cumbia music to accompany my frantic typing.
You can get some good free tracks from the Bay to Buenos Aires label here and here (I recommend "Mundo Querido" from that last one) and free mixtapes from the Buenos Aires club Zizek.

After delivering my papers, we went to that food court place in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto area. Got some good chocolate at Alegio, and the guy at the counter let us taste these cool specialty chocolate covered sweets from Barcelona. aha I found it Enric Rovira. This little shop is the only place that sells these chocolate in the United States. We had to guess what ingredient was covered by the chocolate. I guessed the third one right - peppercorn, although I didn't know it was pink peppercorn. Really odd things, but they tasted good anyway.

now all I have is internship stuff and a poetry reading. Phew.
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my unicorn is awesome. It farts rainbows.

so we went to the First Communion of the daughter of some family friends in Alameda. During the reception, I watched over the little 6-year-old daughter of some other family friends, while her older brother watched over her twin. Lol that little guy. So random.
- "I came from this." -points to the table umbrella-
- One of my friends: "Look, there's girls." The little kid turns his head right away.
- "I wouldn't mind if any of you died."
- "So I ate one of my nose hairs..."

seriously, there was so much crazy. We were all laughing so hard. The older brother tried to catch some of it on video, but the prime lolz happened when the camera was off. I told the other guys I was with that I remember when they were his age. They weren't as random.

Since their family was going to Japan for vacation, I taught the little girl a few phrases. She already knew "Konnichiwa," and was eager to learn. She also wanted to play with the Communion girl and her friends, but I guess they were already too into their own games. They kept on running back and forth to the bathroom to play, and of course the little girl followed. But she wanted me with her, so okay. She wanted to play hide and seek too, but there aren't many places to hide in a restaurant patio.

So after some people, including the family with the twins, left, we went to walk around the nice little part of Alameda we were in. I should have brought my camera, little stores and all. There was a co-op supermarket across the street. Alameda Natural Grocery. Inside, there were two people manning a table with samples of chocolate. Turns out one of them helped run the business and make the chocolates with her sister. They started when she was sixteen, and she's 24 now.

This is the business: Sôcôla Chocolates.
Named for the Vietnamese word for chocolate.
They make handmade chocolate truffles, with peach to guava to even Guinness, although that wasn't available for sampling.
To get the cute little promotional matchboxes, I had to say the words on the side of the matchbox: "Come on baby light my fire."
Their mascot is Harriet the Flying Alpaca.
After talking with them and trying some samples, I went to the nearby chocolate counter and bought two of their truffles: tamarind (with black sesame seed), which surprisingly worked well, and lychee, which was a nice cool-down. $2 for a small truffle, but hey they're good and handmade.

-checks site- whoa shoot they have bacon truffles as well. And durian!

They're based in Oakland, although that Alameda store and the Pasta Shop in Berkeley sells their stuff too. You can also order online.

Afterward, we walked around the Park St. Fair. I wore my bright colorful dress that I talked about a few weeks ago. I got two compliments from women at the reception, and when we were leaving the fair, some lady in a sleeveless colorful dress kept on looking at me, like I was competition or something. uh.

Nice day. Eventually, I'll return to paper-writing.
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This chocolate is so good:

Amedei Toscano Blond

Found a bar selling for $7.00 at Neiman Marcus (hey, we were shopping for nice clothes for Mom, and I got nostalgia for the days when I was little and we used to have money go there once a month). I think I've seen this brand go for a higher cost at other stores. It was the only very good brand Neiman Marcus carried; everything else was some cutesy thing or overpriced waxy Godiva.

-breaks off another piece-

oh my gosh the peaches and apricots meld so well with the 63% cacao

I usually try and spread out my consumption of expensive bars over a week or two, but I don't think this one will last two days.

don't worry, I'll make up for the cost of this, the anime fair, and the upcoming Free Comic Book Day by just eating yogurt or bread for lunch this week or something

ETA: shoot I need to stop I should not eat more it's 12:42 AM and I need to sleep sometime

the "snap" is excellent - clean and crisp; not mushy, but not hard enough to require complicated manuevering to break a small piece off

I don't think it's lasting a day
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] glorfindelghost!

So many people on my flist seem to be unhappy and sick. :(

what we need:

:) :) :)

I need some cheering up too.

What I'm giving up for Lent:
1) pearl tea
2) chocolate
3) illegal downloading/uploading
4) taking naps without having brushed teeth first
5) wallowing in puddles of sad

therefore, this post shall be...


- geekery
- crazy people on crazy islands
- barbecue sauce
- delicious healthy food
- my flist
- beignets
- pretty views of nature and cityscapes
- my cool sorta-new trenchcoat
- that fight scene IN A CAR on the latest episode of Chuck
- being random
- Andy Richter to be announcer on Conan's new show
- hearing that Werder Bremen did not lose in the UEFA Cup (sorry Milan flisters, I guess that's not happy for you)

feel free to post more happy things in comments.
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Also, found out that Hershey's is closing down the Scharffen Berger plant in Berkeley


why take over a brand and then expand so much when YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP THE ORIGINAL THING STILL GOING
there should have been something in the contract that mentioned "keep the old plant running"

they've been making much of the chocolate at other plants for a few years now, and there hasn't been a big dip in quality

okay I'll do the boycott thing

but I'll miss the nibs and specialty blends especially

and I'll still wear the shirt

finally, meme via [ profile] hobbitofkobol:

Answer all of the following with one of your userpics.

here )
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okay, so I just finished watching the latest episode of Being Human.

Tell me I wasn't the only one who cried aww shoot

Also (I don't think it's too spoilery to say this much outside of cut?): Gilbert is my favorite new character of the year so far. Even if I'm not much into 80's music and Nietzsche. I especially like how he used the leaf while dancing XD

- - -
meme questions from [ profile] acidpenguin46:

1) What is one food that you can never get enough of?
Just one food?
Chocolate, salmon, Ligo sardines, good cannoli with real ricotta, good gnocchi, flan, raspberries, fresh peaches, pluots, sinigang with good tamarind…
I really like food.

2) Your life suddenly turns into a musical, where every word you hear is spoken in song and even your friends page reads like a lyric website. How do you react?
This is most of my life already, save for the friends page business. I'm only partly kidding. I THINK IN MUSICAL NUMBERS
How would I react? I would sing and dance along, chuckling a bit here and there.

3) You're trapped in a tiny room with one person or object of your choice. Who or what is it, and what purpose will they serve for the period of time you're spent confined in that room?
I really want to grow an orchid for some reason. I remember seeing orchids since I was little and thinking “what is that crazy flower?” So I guess the room has a small hole with dirt and I have to learn how to tame the orchid fungus or something. I want a really cool one with some black in it. I remember first hearing about the black orchid in some cheap syndicated jungle action-adventure show. I’ve been fascinated ever since.
Or I could at least have my zebrina plant Ophelia back.

4) Do you have a favourite number, and if you do is there a story behind it, or is it just a random number?
16. Ever since I was four years old. Something about the numbers just seemed right for each other. Now I know about the certain references the two numbers possess, but to me it’s something about the red numbers being on a white background.

5) You find a dumpster baby. What do you do with it?
Find a responsible parent through organizations

another meme, via [ profile] yaiyah. 7 songs you like. I received the letter "R."

Reach Out - Music Go Music
I've posted this song twice already, but if you haven't heard it, please give it a try. It is ABBA meets Black Mountain, people! I dare you not to sing along and pump your fist to this!
there is a fire in me
I burn w empathy
dear let compassion reign
call out my name
and face the flame!

Ready For the Floor (live on Jimmy Kimmel) - Hot Chip
pleasant electronic pop

Rich - the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
raw and dirty yay

Riders in the Sky(A Cowboy Legend) - Peggy Lee
One time, a local radio station played at least half a day of covers of this song. Each one was awesome.

Run, Pig, Run - Queens of the Stone Age
I like the high tension atmosphere in this.

Rosier - High and Mighty Color
Luna Sea cover. I like how it's both peppy J-pop and grr metal at once. Cute melody too.

Radio mix - Olga Tañon
Mix of most of the big hits of the merengue singer. Gets all the best parts while dispensing with most (though, sadly, not all) of the twinkly production parts.

- - -

finally, congrats to Miro for getting two goals! I saw the highlights and he did a backflip yay!
now, if only my actual teams would do better...
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busy busy busy

what I did on Friday at school:
11 AM -12 PM: did further editing on the llama caravan project
12 PM - almost 1: had dim sum lunch and I SPILLED VINEGAR ON MYSELF ARGH
1:20 - I'm 10 minutes early for the Antropology undergraduate researchers reception thing. I run into the organizer and help her find the room and set up. She really smells the vinegar. But I get mango sorbet, yay
1:50 - arrive individual photoshoot for CalTV, but with a person before me, my session starts at 2
2:20 - arrive 10 minutes late for Music class, is okay
3:00 - go for more editing on llama caravan project, aack the first thing my supervisor asks me about is THE VINEGAR
4:00 - CalTV training session. They also happened to be looking for a song to use for a music video. So immediately pulled out my MP3 player (so fast I scared someone, like I was pulling out a pistol for a gunfight or something) and played that Andrews Sisters/DJ Unk mashup that [ profile] claennis posted once. Copyright's no issue for this project (at least that's what they told me) so yay swing dancing hip-hop video yay! We're going to be working on getting people and I'm going to help with some (definitely not all) choreography and camera work and !!!!!!!!

some random pictures:
on Friday, BART had some problems because of a minor earthquake, so my dad drove me to school. We had some time to stop at the chocolate store Bittersweet. they had Michel Cluizel and Amedei samplers sets! -faints- But I just got one bar and this:

it's pretty good; the lavender isn't too acidic and the fizzy wasn't overly fizzy. lol I joked to myself that I looked like a lush drinking that on campus. But it smells nice. :)

It's really cold here now, at least compared to the hot weather we've had most summer. Even though it's bright and shiny outside, that means no clouds trapping the heat. I'm keeping my door closed to trap some air, and I'm using my desk lamp as a heat lamp of sorts.

ack this transition to fall is going to be hard...waah I liked wearing short-sleeve t-shirts all the time

my book stacks:

what I'm reading now for study breaks

study stuff

the chair I'm using

it's fun to rock back and forth in

I found this amusing for some reason

study aid

okay, back to study. What I'm reading now: "Patterns of prehistoric human mobility in Polynesia indicated by mtDNA from the Pacific rat."
This rat cannot swim more than a few meters in open ocean

I'm only skimming flist right now, stopping at skip=260 or so. Only leaving quick comments. sorry if I'm skipping anything urgent or important. Leave a comment if I should see something (or...leave small picspam study breaks. haha.)

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