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Here is the mummy documentary my project partner and I made for my Archaeology and the Media class. iMovie has constricting export rates, so it looks a little stuttery at 15 frames/second.

Why Egypt? from Diandra Rodriguez on Vimeo.

along with looking for jobs, I'm going to be working on the 6th Solstice Special! Solstice Specials are when I post a list of things I've read and watched since the past solstice, along with reviews and informational links. I hope that by the 21st, I can post something with all the reviews instead of the paltry thing I put up for #5.

Here are the titles! I just put "filmed" and "printed" because there's one filmed play along with the movies and manga, comic books, non-fiction and a play along with the novels.

Bolded are particular favorites for this half-year, though not particularly all-time favorites. Just because something's not bolded doesn't mean it isn't great, though.

Compulsion * Wait Until Dark * Transformers 2 * Shadow of a Doubt * Fulltime Killer (Chuen jik sat sau) * Fists of Fury * Suicide Club (Suicide Circle) (Jisatsu sâkuru) * Tropic Thunder *Sparrow (Man jeuk) * Becoming Jane * Ringu * Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince * Slumdog Millionaire * Mad Detective (Sun taam) * Star Wars: The Clone Wars * The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse) * The Asphalt Jungle * The Most Terrible Time of my Life (Waga jinsei saiaku no toki) * Stage Fright * Osaka Tough Guys (Naniwa yuukyôden) * The Saddest Music in the World * District 9 * Classe Tous Risques * White Heat * One Missed Call (Chakushin ari) * 28 Weeks Later * Inglourious Basterds * The Stairway to the Distant Past (Harukana jidai no kaidan o)* A Good Friend (Adivina quién soy) * The Trap (Wana) * Vagabond (Sans toit ni loi) * Ashes of Time (Dung che sai duk) (redux and original) * Six-Stringed Samurai * Human Resources (Ressources humaines) * Intacto * F is for Fake * Revenge of a Kabuki Actor (Yukinojo henge) * Les Enfants Terribles * Judgment at Nuremberg * Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters * Company * Paranormal Activity * Osaka Elegy (Naniwa Elegy) * Last Year at Marienbad (L'année dernière à Marienbad) * Edvard Munch * Martyrs

Treasure Island * The Book of Beasts * The City and the City * The Big Picture: Filmmaking Lessons from a Life on the Set * Gomorrah * Cat-Eyed Boy Vol.1 * The Hunger Games * Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (Vol. 1) * Batman: False Faces * * The Picture of Dorian Gray * Mu Shi Shi Vol 3 * The Spirit (new) Vol. 1 * Dragon Head Vol. 4 * The Walking Dead Vol. 2 and 3 * Monster Vol. 1 * Mu Shi Shi Vol. 4 * Too Cool to be Forgotten * As I Crossed a Bridge of Deams (Sarashina nikki) * Tales of Moonlight and Rain (Ugetsu monogatari) * The Homecoming * Wormwood Vol 2 * Doctor Strange: The Oath * Fables: The Dark Age * The Last Musketeer * The Living and the Dead * Alice in Sunderland * Daredevil: Hell to Pay (Vols. 1 and 2) * Deathnote Vols. 1 and 2 * Fall of Cthulhu: The Fugue * The Principles of Uncertainty * Azumanga Daioh Vol 3 * The Pillowman * Kin: The Good Neighbors (Vol. 1) * Don’t Look Now * Penny Arcade Vol. 4: Birds are Weird * Dracula * Dragon Head Vol. 5 * Britten and Brülightly * The Arsonist’s Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England * Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (Vol. 2) * Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness (Vol. 3) * The Sundial * Humpty Dumpty in Oakland (except for that last page - the ending's good but that last page is ?what?)

the Solstice Special should be up some time on Monday, December 21st, PST.

I am currently reading The Archaeology of Knowledge and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, and I have the Azumanga Daioh omnibus in my stack to read before it’s due Saturday. I am also currently…obtaining Near Dark, the vampire movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow. So you'll probably see reviews for those too.
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I just turned in my last paper of my university career.

Just need to finish some projects and evaluations next week and I am DONE.


right now I'm relaxing with pearl tea and the Music Go Music CD that I saved up to buy yesterday.

now, some questions for you all.

Creepyposts on ONTD helped keep me up when I needed to write. Actually, a few days ago they worked too well - I'm not the easiest to scare with anything not sudden or sound-based, but I couldn't sleep and the creaky doors twice sounded like screams to me oh my gosh
You can unleash your scary stories, gifs, poems, parodies, or random disgusting things. I'm really hoping that someone makes a mashup of the Marble Hornets creepy video series and the "MAHBLE CAHLUMNS" Mike's Marbleopolis SNL sketch.

Question #2

Who wants me to post my recent papers (under friendslock) on here for you to read? I've got 1) the paper on Little Taipei shopping center as well as 2) my superawesome paper researching how to adapt The Tale of Genji into a movie shot in Northern California.

ETA: lol isn't that Cavill + Fassbender movie a horror film? If someone turned those posts into a creepy post, that would really shock people and be time I kept on switching tabs between a creepy post and Cavill post (for the lulz) and it really has a strange effect on your perception of things...
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You know you need more sleep when... find out you've been wearing your underwear inside-out the whole day.

another presentation tomorrow - let's hope I don't mess this one up like the one today
then more stuff
then a job interview Friday
then a revision of that paper I did last week, due Sunday 3 AM

and then so many things next week

but hey, I also bought issue #1 of Fables: Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love. The first two pages were so much compressed awesome that I had to show it to a random classmate sitting next to me. She also found it awesome.

and aww dude this pear green tea bag I got from a cafe is good

I must use lulz to keep me awake.
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I actually got the essay done well under time. It flowed nicely and didn't seem rushed at all. Thanks to you all for commenting; I made myself finish a new page before answering some comments.

But I had forgotten that all of the in-text citations had to be footnootes, not parentheticals. So I ended up taking much time revising all of those.

I had also forgotten that along with adding new works consulted (we had submitted a previous list) we had to make an abstract. grr think up summary what

So I ended up with little time to add the new sources to the list of works consulted. So I just added the new sources that weren’t mentioned in the footnootes. And I messed up the subject line for turning in the assignment, so I had to resubmit it 1 minute after the deadline.

I'm definitely going to get marked down for the works consulted, but I hope my 1-minute mess-up doesn't hurt me...

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7 pages done of this 15-20 page paper
that is due (via email) in 11.5 hours

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So, late Thanksgiving night, I was looking up Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" (also known as "Tale of Unending Pain") for my Tale of Genji paper.
Two translations here; the second one's just selections from the poem.
[ profile] silverence posted another translation in the comments here a while ago, but I think a forum posting would look less acceptable in the bibliography than actual sites devoted to the poem, though I can't find much on those site authors.

So while I was starting my paper, I felt like just having softer music playing. So I started off my media player with "Mon Coeur S'ouvre à Ta Voix" from a recording of the opera "Samson and Dalila." Sometime in the middle of my writing/research session, there was my favorite Astor Piazzolla piece, "Luna."

Since I was at the same time looking up info on the poem, which is based on the history/story of an Emperor searching for the soul of his love after being forced to have her strangled...all this music seemed so sad!

After Cibelle's cover of "Inútil paisagem (Useless Path)," played, I turned off the media player and was inspired to write this poem.

cut to save flisters from my feeble attempts at poetry )

alright, now I better flist and tumblr and do happy things now
oh, and eat flan. yes.
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random things:

Tomoe from The Tale of the Heike is awesome. She's only in two pages, but in those two pages she rips a guy's head off with the aid of her saddle. And since all of the characters in the story were real people (just their actions get the legend treatment), that means that there was a Tomoe or someone like Tomoe out there in late 1100's Japan.

I am reading Dracula. I think it's good- nice to see the letters + diary + article format used in an earlier time than expected.

also, I can be quite the srs bsns horror fan and I was scared screaming at one point during Paranormal Activity. I screamed like a guy, though, so no one really heard (as opposed to a high-pitched scream).

during the [ profile] ontd_startrek party post, I was inspired to look for gifs. I found some for Audition. :0
and...I saved them. >(


The 5-minute movie I'm making in my Archaeology and the Media class (with a partner) is about mummies.

non-Latin writing systems to be okay for urls?
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I'm going to be Boba Fett for Halloween!

Yeah, they ran out of the X-wing pilot costumes.

lol I'm wearing a little boy's costume
I'M A REAL BOY! lollol
I like being a tiny female. :)


I was trying to read a book for homework on the train yesterday, and I fell asleep 3 times. But I managed to catch my book each time before it fell to the floor. Maybe my reflexes are better when I'm not trying? haha I don't know.

Later that day, after lunch, I went straight to my classroom even though it wouldn't start for 2 and a half hours. I did this in order to catch some sleep and read more of the reading.

So I was inside the building, right outside the door. I sat with a round pillar at my back and I made sure everything was secure and unsnatchable before sleeping a bit.

I did not notice that there was a large drawing near me. (it's partly the art department building)
Of a guy. Laughing. Who pointed. In my direction.

don't worry folks, I crashed at home. Which is why I'm on here so late - before going online two hours ago, I wasn't online for more than 5 minutes on the computer all day!
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Today, I explained to a classmate the basic construction and mechanice of a lightsaber. At least all I could recall at the moment.

I am such a geek.


Something from McSweeney's for all my French and French-speaking flisters, as well as anyone who has taken a French or any other language class...


Jean-Paul: Je l'aime le Tour Eiffel! C'est magnifique!
Why can we see the Eiffel Tower from, like, every window?

Jean-Paul: J'espère qu'il m'achète un nouveau ballon de football!
Hey! The only things in this bag are wine and a baguette! I'm hungry!

M. Troucher: Je pense faire laver ma voiture demain.
I plan to wash the car. Apparently, I'll need all three of these verbs.

my favorite part is about the dog.
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going to go print now. I used tumblr and pearl tea to keep me awake.


aww look [ profile] ontd_startrek had a PORTHOS POST!

friends meme via [ profile] morlockiness:

[ profile] chrryblssmninja's Halloween party! All friends (and I mean ALL) are invited!

Check out your costumes! )
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It seems like half of the times I post now, I'm explaining why I've been gone for several days. Well, due to anthro project fieldwork, family errands, and other homework, I've only been able to really get online around 3-4 AM these past few days. So I've flisted very little.

Today was a good rest day after class, after staying up till 6 AM (okay, with a nap from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM) working on anthro stuff. Oh, and I had a test today on an entirely different subject. Just one essay question on a Tale of Genji thing. I hope my answer wasn't too rushed.


While I'm not into the boutique cupcake shop trend going around right now, I do like the Cupkates cupcake truck. Gourmet cupcakes in a more palatable setting, I think.

See you tomorrow in Downtown Berkeley at 12. Addison and Shattuck across from Berkeley Rep.

I've tried the Red Velvet Cupcake. The cupcake itself is good, but it's that cream cheese frosting that was reallllllllly good.

the menu is here. Somewhat expensive, but a nice treat now and then.

Also, Sweet on You has reopened inside the Subway on Telegraph Avenue. This location's much smaller, but they still have a nice variety of classic candy shop fare. The buttermilk frosting for their cupcakes is pretty good too, and a dollar cheaper than Cupkate's stuff (a bit smaller though).


Finally, three versions of the same song. I have an mp3 of the last version here, but I'd like one of the first one. And the second one too, if possible.

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The UC Berkeley (actually, it was UC-wide) protest I helped shoot for CalTV. Some other groups tried to push their message there, but the main protest was a faculty and student strike about proposed budget cuts.

oh my gosh I have asked the camera department head to tell me when there's a session dealing with lighting, because wow my lighting was bad up there. I thought I put it to let in the least amount of light possible! And it was still like that! Yeah, it was noon, but still...

Any video people reading this, especially [ profile] claennis: How do you get your colors and lighting look so good?


26 August 2009 20:19
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Didn't get into the Modern Dance class. brb, have to shift around schedule.

in addition to not being a dance major/minor, my balance and memory are as inconsistent as they were during my ballet days. Also, I guess my hand and arm placement couldn't shake off my ballet training, so I'd get confused when we had ballet-ish things done slightly differently.

My old leotard seemed to fit better than ever, though, so I guess that's a plus?

I can make up those credits with my two internships, though. phew.

I wish there was a dance group around here that didn't meet after 6 PM. One for commuters. But we're too spread out to organize. argh.
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here is my probable calendar for the semester
(click on "Week" and then go to next week to get the full picture)


lol I'll be nearly living in and around Kroeber Hall -the ARF is just a short walk away.

but hey at least I have better times for working with CalTV and to watch Champions League games
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oh my gosh

ENV SCI 84 - A

P = Pass for Pass/fail classes, you can't really fail an undergraduate research internship unless you really mess up

I was so worried about those first two classes - History of Anthropological Thought and Cross-Cultural Verbal Art. The essay for the former, on forming affinities with crews on America's Best Dance Crew, was a rush job and only 7 pages when they asked for 10-12 pages. The essay for the latter I took more time with, but I was afraid that my analysis for the poem wasn't complete, that my connections to magic were weird, and at 12 pages it was under the 15-20 pages asked for undergraduates. In addition, that class only based its grades on a presentation, this report, with some consideration given to participation in class. and the professors there are like super-scholars who know like 12 languages and can bring in all these theories into discussion but still be super-approachable and nice but would I disappoint them like I've done so many times before?

whoa shoot
I worried so much

I guess I'll post the essays here if you're bored. )
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Finally. I am done with the two papers.

I stopped flisting around Sunday, and I only let myself get distracted by music and [ profile] ontd_lost. So if you posted anything you want me to see, leave a comment here.

I went and found some nu cumbia music to accompany my frantic typing.
You can get some good free tracks from the Bay to Buenos Aires label here and here (I recommend "Mundo Querido" from that last one) and free mixtapes from the Buenos Aires club Zizek.

After delivering my papers, we went to that food court place in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto area. Got some good chocolate at Alegio, and the guy at the counter let us taste these cool specialty chocolate covered sweets from Barcelona. aha I found it Enric Rovira. This little shop is the only place that sells these chocolate in the United States. We had to guess what ingredient was covered by the chocolate. I guessed the third one right - peppercorn, although I didn't know it was pink peppercorn. Really odd things, but they tasted good anyway.

now all I have is internship stuff and a poetry reading. Phew.


5 May 2009 16:36
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Turns out that my anthro paper and my anthro/linguistics paper are due next week, not this week.

-faints with relief-

the presentation went okay. Turns out it was a good thing I didn't write so much on the full paper, because the comments and suggestions gave me some better ideas on where to go in the report.

good thing I didn't catch any of the Arsenal/Man U game before that. :(

oh, and while I was working with my Environmental Sciences group in the International House cafe, one of the electronic displays of international newspapers had a picture of Diego. I can't read German, but I could figure out that it said something like "Bremen? Munich? Torino?" aww come on don't tell me he's leaving


5 May 2009 03:18
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was napping. trying to get some rest and idea for project. Dream was interesting. Only thing I remember was a really nice house, smaller than the one we're in now but prettier. grrah Mom you woke me up from nice house.

So Monday was okay. Woke up two hours before my alarm clock what. Had enough time to calm down and surf before waiting for phone interview for Camp Galileo summer camp assistant instructor job. Interview went better than I expected. I wish I had picked better examples for some of the questions, but it went alright overall and I managed to convey enthusiasm without squeaking.

Sense of accomplishment fueled me, on BART, to write pretty good detailed outline of major report.

After school and internship, went home (finished reading sources while on BART!) typed up detailed outline and added a few things.

But now. The handout. For this Tuesday presentation. The class scares me. So many people smarter than me. It's also weird to me, "presenting" while sitting. I want to stand.

Their handout layouts are so professional.

If only someone else did Powerpoint. I'm good with that. I'm the best at Powerpoint. I make it not boring. I make it work.
I can also get away with putting less printed detail on the presentation.


so, this week:
- the mentioned paper for Cross Cultural Verbal Art. 15-20 pages. Thursday.
done: 3 pages so far of detailed outline, plus beginnings of actual text
(ETA: just got the bibliography done, woot)

- anthro paper on connecting class texts to modern issue, Friday
done: nothing!!! I have been flailing to find a topic!
there's also an in-class quiz that day, but that's okay

- 1 and 1/2 evaluation of Environmental Sciences class, due Wednesday. We also have a paper and presentation due, but my group's second rough draft was turned in Sunday, so I think we can put that together in one or two hours during our meeting tomorrow

- revision of previously presented poem, Thursday
done: some mental work, but nothing on paper yet.

I just can't write anymore. The internet's been a bit more boring today, so I procrastinated by walking around the house instead. Trimmed nails. Picked up anything to read a few pages of.

I don't want to work anymore I don't I don't
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argh I cannot get this poem done. Oh well, the professor said that it could be emailed to him by the end of the day.

And now, one of the most awesome scenes in cinema:

the climactic battle of Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari)

spoilers! Although you can watch the entire crazy movie - with English subs!- here. It's one of the best and most insane friendship stories ever told.

the scene!

I actually think the book does the ending better, but that's because the book is just that awesome.

I wish I could just whip out a trashy Kansai accent to scare people with.

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