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DJ Earworm's got his latest mashup of Billboard's top 25 hits here. Another brilliant work.

My top 20 songs of 2009!

Not necessarily the best, since my taste is weird and sometimes it takes me a year or two to hear songs. Some songs need to sneak up on me. Oh well. There's something for everybody here.

1) "The Fire and the Thud" - Arctic Monkeys feat. Alison Mosshart
If it's true you're going to run away/Tell me where/I'll meet you there
Airy melancholy melody and romanticism flares into dark rock guitars. Fell for this song when I heard it acoustic on a radio show, and I was excited to find out it would be on the band's upcoming album. Humbug wasn't a perfect album, but it grew on me and had awesome tracks like this. Alison gives it a great raw touch.

2) "Purexed" - P.O.S
But when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks/Stand like a man made of concrete and sediment
Rap isn't dead. The most inspirational song of the year. Never Better was definitely worth buying, and not just for the fun interchangeable CD covers (that are really brilliantly done, btw).

3)“I Walk Alone” - Music Go Music
I live life in the twilight/I walk alone through waking dreams
Modern indie disco with both an edge and a gift for melody? yes.
Posted lots of links (with free music) of them here. Bought the album Expressions and it's great.

4) "Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits
THE drum line that stuck in my head all year.

5) “Hurt Feelings (Reprise)” - Flight of the Conchords
one of my favorite moments in the run of their televised musical comedy. Song's funny and a bit poignant too.

6) "Hold the Line" - Major Lazer (vid slightly NSFW)
This song had me suddenly stepping in tune in stores because the song was playing over and over in my head.

7) “Angus” - Pintandwefall
Punky little anthem about a little piranha. Cool bass line too.

8) "Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song snuck up on me. Another tune to dance to.

9) "Heavy Cross" - The Gossip
Addictive pop/rock song with a bit of disco to taste.

10) "United States of Eurasia" - Muse
While The Resistance diappointed me, this song is Muse at their bombastic best.

11) “Come Wander With Me” - British Sea Power
a beautiful melody (taken from a Twilight Zone original song, I hear) performed for the band's soundtrack for Man of Aran.

12) Baptized by Fire -Spinnerette
I still say this melody reminds me of sea shanties...

13) "Fog" - Nosaj Thing

14) "Bonsai Hada (Ordinary Skin)" - Shiina Ringo
Dramatic, with great use of accordion and cryptic but pretty lyrics.

15) Gaman (Frustration) - Tokyo Jihen
B-side that goes crazy with funk shuffling back and forth into rock and then suddenly going samba? Crazy and awesome.

16) "Rocking Horse" - The Dead Weather
The soundtrack of a shadow-soaked cowboy vampire shootout, dissolving into screams at the end.

17) “Undelivered Letter” - Quantic and His Combo Barbaro
Silky-smooth and funky jazz track with something new at every turn.

18) Too Fake -Hockey
I was crusing random streaming CDs and found Mind Chaos. Without knowing a thing about Hockey, I enjoyed listening to it while doing work and partying on [ profile] to_boldly_rock. Fun dance rock.

19) “Mannequin (Overthrill Remix)” - Noah
Someone needs to make an awesome dance crew video to this RIGHT NOW.

20) “People” - Chester French
pleasedontjudgeme ithascatchymelody funcheekylyrics ican'thelpit

bonus: The oddest dance track about a cannibalistic rave nightmare. You can't help but dance to it.
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I cannot. get. this. poem. done.

so I'm messing around on LJ.

And I just finished the latest Flight of the Conchords ep and the Freaky song is finally out of my head - fantastic episode, btw, I like how it highlighted some of the side players

I wanted to start a food post for a while

chrryblssmninja's Adventures in Food
lol Part 1 I guess


Paradise orange blossom honey. Picture by Craig Lee - The Chronicle.

From this article
and I found this a week ago, so not related to Conchords ep

something I found myself

Blackberry tart from a bakery in Oakland's Rockridge district. Sorry for the low quality cell phone pic.

a cool restaurant

Sonoma Chicken Coop
reasonably-priced, nice homey atmosphere, and fantastic food. For the 1/4 chicken in your desired sauce you get pizza AND pasta as part of your sides. One time we were walking around downtown San Jose, and we saw this new place and walked in. Turned out the restaurant was still under construction, but the owner saw us and was really nice and gave as a little mini-tour/explanation.

I think later on I'll scan some of the food articles I've saved. But back to work.
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via Pop Candy:
Polaroid 2.0?
Swoosie Kurtz to appear on Heroes, while Amber Benson will be on Private Practice.
Fables writer Bill Willingham's essay on Super versus Hero
runs on the simplistic side (the "American way" argument gets particularly muddy), and a big conservative vs. liberal war rages in the comments, but I think there is an important nonpolitical idea behind this discussion: be true to the characters.
one poster: I guess my problem comes down to the fact that most so-called “adult” takes on superheroes are adult in the same way that a late night movie on Cinemax is “adult.” They have pretensions to sophistication and sneer at the “kid’s stuff” while reveling in their gratuitous sex, violence and “shocking” subject matter. That’s not adult, that’s juvenile.
Note the inclusion of the word "gratuitous." I sure do like grit and change and diversity in stories, but altering characters just for shock or PC value is a different matter.
or, as another poster put it: I can handle rounded edges, but just don’t sandblast away the essence of the character.
Interesting to see writers like Chuck Dixon and Darwyn Cooke in the comments.

via [ profile] cleolinda: Internet smackdown of guy who says women aren't interested in "boy things" like superheroes

AV Club interviews with Paul Hogan (Tigh on BSG) and Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords

Two interviews with Kristen Schaal (Mel the crazy fan on FotC)

The meanings of the songs Schroeder played in Peanuts

another list of anticipated films at Sundance

Sneak peek at the monsters of the Where the Wild Things movie

Foreign Film Oscar shortlist; some controversy
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I give up I give up…I couldn’t do it…I can’t watch any more TV episodes…internet or otherwise. I give up!


My rules were pretty strict, though. I had to have seen the episode from the very beginning, with permission made for bathroom breaks and stuff during the episode. So that’s why there’s so few Brothers and Sisters episodes and other shows - I watch them in bits, but I rarely catch the whole thing. Also, news/late night shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien were not counted.

You see later on that I started to include sports events I watched on TV. This was inspired by [ profile] padfootie’s monthly recap posts. I wanted to keep a record of them somehow. I didn't write down the Olympics, though, because that would be too much.

Sometimes I would comment on an episode. No comment doesn’t mean no reaction.

via [ profile] canadian_turtle: the 500 television episode
Episodes in 2008

My list )

So, for next year...shows to finish/start/try out, in no order
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Mad Men
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
Extras and Office (UK) series finale
Arrested Development
Green Wing
Mighty Boosh
Band of Brothers

and some others
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Free and legal songs for trying out/downloading:
Lily Allen's fresh piano-pop take on "Womanizer"

"Crank It Up (Does It Offend You remix)" - Hadouken! remixed by Does it Offend You Yeah
I'm just okay with both bands, but together they are awesome!

Watch the Flight of the Conchords season 2 premiere early!
I don't know whether works outside of the US, though.

ETA: via [ profile] novafairy:
I'm tired. If someone can speak up for Chuck, Slings and Arrows, Spaced, Extras, Jeeves and Wooster, 30 Rock, The Middleman, the Dead Set miniseries, even Mystery Science Theater 3000, that would be great.
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nice quiz via [ profile] kiwimangoodness:

Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Queen

Congrats! Only 2-3% of the population score this!

Queen’s are the rarest of all types. They are quiet but hold the deepest of convictions regarding the matters of the world. They are frequently activists for their cause, they will do what’s right but not for glory, not for political power. It is why they are the Queen. They are the champions of the oppressed and the downtrodden. They are found in the wake of the aftermath rescuing those in acute distress. They may even fantasize revenge on those who victimize the defenseless. Think of ‘Poetic Justice’ and you’ll have appealed to the Queen.

You can’t lead the Queen if only because they are right in suspecting others motives. You cannot fool this individual even if they are sympathetic. The Queen selects a few for friendship – these are friends that transcend the very word. They promote harmony with their very presence and typically make their surroundings more beautiful by just being there to clean up the mess. Don’t mistake them for extroverts – they are special in their diplomacy. They are ‘doers’ and dreamers. They can only be intimate with a chosen few. They will withdraw suddenly if pressed and this is necessary for them.

The Queen excels with writing and communication. They are often the counselors of home, of public service and the good face of politics for the King. They look at the global perspective and are better at spotting patterns and relations. They think of the future and strive for meaning and purpose.

Take Which Chess Piece are You Test? at HelloQuizzy

and now I'm number 4 on the waitlist for the Ocean and peoples class. I think people saw the readings and got freaked out. But they're given ahead of time, yay! I should get started on them.

hey, FotC fans: Jemaine got married. (link via [ profile] cleolinda)

Now I need to start catching up on The Middleman. lol The Middleman creator (and former Lost writer- his best ep was 1.17, the Jin one) Javier Grillo-Marxuach, is [ profile] chaodai. He was listening to L'arc-en-ciel in one post.
and some time I need to start watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

and yesterday I was feeling bad, so I watched all of Extras S2 so I could cringe while laughing at more awkward and uncomfortable situations yay

finally, US men's gymnast Raj Bhavsar in Sports Illustrated:

"[Sasha Artemov] tends to be better when he swings big, so that's all I told him," said Bhavsar. "Ever since joining us in Beijing, he'd pretty much boned every pommel horse set he'd raised his hand for."
uhh, Raj...

quote found from the fellow immature minds in the TWOP forums.
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news links saved in my Yahoo!Notepad:

6 die in bomb outside Danish Embassy in Pakistan
Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil
Whenever they say "lost to civilization" or something like that, it irks me. My modern Anthro training makes me go grr at all the cultural arrogance implied in the headlines...
from a while back: Nepal abolishes monarchy

- - -
and now, a music meme I couldn't resist, via [ profile] realproof:

here )

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] louis_quartoze!

Also, while today was shaping up to be bad (because of late paper-writing and time mismanagement and arguments and stuff), it actually turned out okay.
Best thing so far: I finally declared my Anthropology major! Also, I was wondering if I had declared too late for this, but I didn't...I can actually graduate a semester early! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Busting my sleep cycle for those AP classes in high school really paid off! yes! \o/ (= :D =) !!!!1!!

things have been crazybusy. Finally finished the Farmers' Market film, just need to fix a few sound and color things. Last last Wednesday, I accidentally took the San Francisco train. Good thing I woke up noticed just in time to get the closest stop back home. Wednesday, I went to Rasputin and got The Last Shadow Puppets CD (which is awesome!), as well as a Celtic music CD for my brother's birthday later in the month. In the $0.50 section (which seems to be non-used, just clearance and scuffed/slightly cracked covers and such), I found the Clinique Happy CD they did for a charity promotion a few years ago. Lots of happy songs. What was totally a surprise: I found Gackt's Mars in that section too. While most of his songs aren't quite my taste anymore, I still like the guy and some of his work, and this was the only CD not available in the San Jose library. Besides, when are you going to get J-rock imports for only 50 cents?

Oh, and I finished a music collage. It's on four standard pages taped together. Maybe I'll scan it sometime and post it here.

Had to film some pickup footage (for my internship) at the Botanical Gardens last Friday. Missed the bus back to campus. Kind of wanted to, anyway. My hair was down, my shoes were comfortable, and I had the lighter camera with me this time. So I walked all the way down the steep hill/canyon road. Took about 35 minutes. Enjoyed it a lot. Saw some wild turkeys.

And finally, in TV land: Lost was fantastically fabulous last night. (hey, I ate dinner while watching, and anyways I would have died trying to work while it was airing)
Check out the icons I got a while ago:

aww Dan. Made by [ profile] inthe_sunshine.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Made by [ profile] mysticxf. Genius.

I feel like sharing more icons whee

Mel from Flight of the Conchords. The actress is my friend on Myspace! :D This is my fannish icon. Made by [ profile] earth_vexer.

Alain Delon as hitman Jef Costello in the movie Le Samouraï. That film is so so awesome. This is one of my attempts at making icons from the movie. Not great, but I'm learning more!

okay, I'm going to watch 30 Rock and The Office now. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Tagged a while ago by [ profile] croakvegas:
List ten songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 10 songs.
1) The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement
I can’t get over how all of The Last Shadow Puppets’ songs I’ve heard sound awesome both with only guitars and with the full orchestra.
2) that song from the AT&T Mother’s Day phone commercial that starts with the strings, and then has a female voice backed by 1940’s-ish male chorus. Lyrics are something like this: “hey …fell asleep under the flowers/for a couple of hours…something something another minute.” I don’t know it, but I like it.
3) The Black Hollies - Paisley Pattern Ground
One of my SXSW finds. It’s so true what people say about them- they don’t sound ‘60’s inspired. They sound like an actual band from the ‘60’s.
4) Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow
Addictive. I got my go go go go go go go go go go gadget flow
4) Here Here - Poor Sailor
First has a bit of a waltz beat, then gets all epic rock
5) Bonde do Role - Marina Gasolina
Noooooooo please get this song out of my head
I like pronouncing the band name, though.
6) Drum Sound & Simon Bassline Smith - Breakdown
From a drum ‘n bass compilation obtained from [ profile] blumenfeuer. Killer sample use.
7) The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made for You
First of all, awww for that title. Second, it’s a really nice tune. Got the ‘70’s AM radio vibe, minus the cheese associated with that genre. Great harmony and melody and just sweet.
8) Cali≠Gari - cali+gari
J-rock; fast guitars and echoes of group shouts over a dark gothy background. Makes me want to jump and shout too.
9) Os Mutantes feat. Jorge Ben - A Minha Menina
[ profile] croakvegas posted a good cover of this song. Threw me back to my Best of Os Mutantes CD, and now I’m bouncing about to this all over again.
10) NYU Mass Transit - I'm Just A Rich Hollaback Girl
Really fun No Doubt/Gwen Stefani medley by a college all-male acapella group.

Some music or music-related links:
Os Mutantes’ first song in thirty years is released. It takes a while to get good, but I’m looking forward to more - so much that I even clicked on a link to t3h ev0l P-f-k in order to listen to the group.

[ profile] cleolinda:
Flight of the Conchords cause concert frenzy in LA
Robert Pattinson possibly composing Bella’s lullaby for the Twilight movie.
There is video. R Pattz fans, watch it.

More of the Last Shadow Puppets links I promised:
Studio videos of My Mistakes Were Made For You and Only the Truth.
Want to hear what The Rascals sound like? Try out Out of Dreams and Suspicious Wit.
Some of the “Related Videos” have either Alex performing with The Rascals or Miles showing up with Arctic Monkeys, like on 505.
But hey, Arctic Monkeys fans, don’t worry: The band is set to work on a third album. Link include live versions of songs that might be on the record.

ack got to run now
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] toronja!

ton of links for me to dump on you before I start flisting.


and hey, the Conchords plug "The Mighty Boosh" on their Myspace blog.

now, tons of videos of The Last Shadow Puppets. I am so excited for this band. I plan on actually buying the album. It comes out here in the States on May 6 (April 21 in the UK). Why does Best Buy only list the vinyl album? Come on, I don't know what my parents did with the record player! if you can't get me the low prices, I'm better off supporting real record stores.

performance of "Standing Next to Me." Afterward, they talk. Includes an explanation of the band name. Great harmonizing on mellow track.
"Meeting Place" live in NYC. REALLY bad boomy sound recorded in this vid, but the song's nice. From that same show: The Chamber.
performance of "My Mistakes" from their first live show ever! In Williamsburg, New Jersey!. Dreamy little tune.
From the same show: "Only the Truth" - midtempo and moody.
Also kind of cool: how they started their live performances in the United States. Guess it's a safer testing ground.
Trippy trailer for the album
lyrics for "The Age of the Understatement," with odd macro vid
interview with Miles Kane and the rest of the Rascals
"My Mistakes Were Made For You." aww.
"In My Room" on Later...With Jools Holland. Awesome sound, with the full orchestra and all. They also played "The Age of the Understatement" there.
"In the Heat of the Morning". Radio-friendly pop, in a good way. Cover of a David Bowie song.
10-minute documentary on the band. I haven't watched it yet, but I want to.
"Two Hearts in Two Weeks" - much faster than most of the other songs, pretty fun.
I really like how some commenters discuss the chords and guitars used for these songs. A lot better than the majority of the other comments.

There are a few more Last Shadow Puppets links I have to go through, plus some Rascals stuff for those interested.

More links to come later today, I hope. For now...

via [ profile] cleolinda: Cate Blanchett with new baby Ignatius. Cute baby! And Cate's looking great too.

Stumbled onto the trailer for "The Spirit". Frank Miller's directorial debut is based on the classic Will Eisner comic.
To the uninitiated, the trailer looks like cross between Sin City and Batman, set to the theme of “Dragnet.”
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Yes, that is Bret from Flight of the Conchords in that icon. Icon's by [ profile] sunnyringo in [ profile] conchords_icons.

More from the AU meme: [ profile] claennis suggested Flight of the Conchords in Casanova-era Venice. So here you go. Time-trippin )
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whee, my grades are out!
Andean Archaeology: A-
Intro to Native American Studies: A
History and Theory of Ethnographic Film: A-
International Perspectives in Education: P (it was a pass/fail two credit class, but it filled a breadth req)

Wrecked my sleep schedule even further, though.

oh, in my Solstice Special #2, I forgot Sword of Doom(Dai-bosatsu tôge) (1966)
During most of the film, I thought it was an admirable, watchable critique of the last days of the samurai. Samurai became ronin, women were dishonored, and a sword-obsessed fighter like Ryonosuke Tsukue (Tatsuya Nakadai) is drawn to the path of darkness. Director Kihachi Okamoto maintains excellent tone with traditional austerity and more modern quick close-ups. These techniques hold the film together during sequences that intially seem like random, peaceful digressions.
Everything coalesces in the thrilling finale. The moral ugliness and violence of all that has come before comes to a shocking conclusion, and Ryonosuke Tsukue earns his place as one of the scariest screen villains of all time. 8.2

from [ profile] red_sunflower via [ profile] dontburnhot:
Torchwood S2 trailer!!!! Captain Jack's back! James Marsters with awesome jacket! Ianto! SpaceCrack!
and, via flist: BBC2 mixed Heroes with Torchwood. oh dear. Genius. They do share a Claude connection...
and hey, Doctor Who/Heroes macro slash!

in other great advertising concepts, something for the philosophy-inclined: The Kant attack ad. (via [ profile] ucberkeley)

Yes, Chow Yun-Fat will play Master Roshi in the Dragonball movie.

M.I.A. is angry with how companies messed up "Paper Planes.
I like her, and it's a great song. The gunshot sounds are essential! Don't mess with them.
Stereogum and Team 9 present their year-end collection of mashups. The tracks:
1 - "It's A Sweet Ghost Party" (Band Of Horses vs. Guns N' Roses vs. 2 Live Crew)
2 - "M.I.A.-Team" (M.I.A. vs. The A-Team Theme)
Promising concept, HORRIBLE exectution.
3 - "Smalltown Apology" (One Republic vs. Bronski Beat)
4 - "Roc Knife" (Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear) (MP3)
5 - "A Forest Prayer" (Bloc Party vs. The Cure) (MP3)
Very nice.
6 - "Loose Dancing" (Bangers & Cash vs. The Bee Gees)
7 - "My Man My Bomb" (Feist vs. New Young Pony Club)
Interesting, but I don't like the NYPC vocals much.
8 - "Smokey Fire" (Arcade Fire vs. Smokey Robinson vs. The Gunsmoke Theme)
soft and sweet.
9 - "Countdown To Girls" (Europe vs. Sean Kingston vs. Calvin Harris)
10 - "Ratatat Under Ether" (Ratatat vs. PJ Harvey)

Highly recommended: this 5-minute mashup of Billboard's Top 25 songs of 2007. Even if the individual tracks aren't to your liking, the mashup itself is a work of masterful control and skill.

Stereogum's also got a list of albums coming out in 2008.

La Blogotheque has Caribou's first acoustic show, a little something from Jens Lekman in Portland, and the Romanian band Taraf de Haidouks. Also, their Department of Eagles one was just magical.

Paolo Nutini wants Jimmy Page to produce his next album. whaaa?

and hey, 30 Rock fans: It's a Jordan Christmas!
and Conan rocked the guitar last night.

If you've ever suffered through Powerpoint presentations and/or economics, watch these videos.

Finally, let's dance with Bret, Jemaine, and Lobot!
Or you can just party with the Russian cannibals of "Petrov, Yelyena, and Me."
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Haven’t had time to do this lately, but…


Bay Area
Hair and mushroom mats help clean up oil spill
Toyota apologizes to Great City of Fresno, bow before its name
Cal’s band subject game to its geekery.
The above performance, from the recent UC Berkeley versus Washington State football contest features tunes and bitmap band formations from Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat and more.
We rule.
Oh, and Wikipedia to moves to San Francisco!

The United States and its captive commonwealth
Brilliant comparison of presidential candidates to hip-hop stars.
Noooo pet massacres in Puerto Rico
MySpace faked by enemy's parents drives 13-year-old to suicide.
There are no words.

world news
Winds halt cleanup of Russian oil spill. With this and the spill polluting My Bay -sniff- (okay it wasn’t pristine before the spill, but still!) environmentalists call for ban on bunker fuel
Spain v. Venezuela: The Dance Remix
Quake in Chile kills 2, 7.7 on the Richter scale.
Don’t want to trivialize the tragedy, but I just have to point out: Of course the San Francisco Chronicle article is the one that puts the Richter scale measure in the headline.
6 dead after Hamas fires on Arafat rally
Monkeys on rampage in New Delhi
an explanation (and slight condemnation) of the Foreign Language Oscar rules

go Gunners go!
Arsenal Ladies nominated Team of the Year
Via [Bad username or site: gunner girls @], from before the Reading game: When Reading host Arsenal tonight at the Madejski Stadium, Ibrahima Sonko will come face-to-face with long-lost cousin Bacary Sagna for the first time.
We had to go lunch with mom that day, so I was only able to watch the game right up to Flamini’s goal. Aw noo I missed Rosa’s little kick celebration thing with Mathieu. This is why we have Youtube.
Hee Arsene. Aww Rosa. DON’T GO TO INTER
And yay Ade scored Arsenal’s 1000th goal! And #1001 for Hleb!
Cesc interview: "I like to sit around the house and watch my favourite TV programmes - Lost, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives but I really like playing football on my X-Box…I'm happy to play wearing just my boxer shorts and it's good to log and play against other people who don't know who I am and see how good they are or how good I am."

other soccer stuff
Toronto FC’s fans are fantastic! Seriously, you guys are an inspiration.
Opinion: The Champions League, sorry the Tri-Nations, just isn't working
Becks cooks for Gary Neville.
Link and translation via [ profile] misssamjones: Jose Mourinho vs. little kid
“Apparently, José pulled a 12 year old's hair and ears, because the little insulted José's daughter quite badly. Daughter and boy are classmates. But José apologized and wrote letters to the school and to the boy's parents.”
But let’s get serious: Another footballer dies from heart attack.

actors and actresses
James Marsters learns how to leave Spike behind
Russia! Magazine Presents Actor Viggo Mortensen With 'Best Russian Accent' Award
Katee Sackhoff interview
Kristen Schaal, who plays the cute/crazy fan on Flight of the Conchords. Check her out in this Funny or Die video. Also, FotC on NPR.
Fabio v. George Clooney: FIGHT!
Ellen Page says: "I think people who grow up surrounded by that self-important, self-indulgent, surreal lifestyle forget that the majority of the world could give a rat's ass."
Natalie Portman, director.

music is where the insane go to play
“Dance” with Rick James, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, & Rod Stewart.
KISS’s Gene Simmons says: “They’ve got freckles. That’s a crook.”
David Bowie to play King of Atlantis on Spongebob
Mathematical breakdowns of hip-hop lyrics. GEEKS PWN THE WORLD, YO.
Christmas with Queens of the Stone Age!
The furor over “musical miscegenation.”
From the comments: “Strange days when Playboy publishes more insightful articles than the New Yorker.”
Heavy Metal coloring book!
Sufjan Stevens says “Rock is dead.” He then writes orchestral suite about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Here’s a preview. Here’s Sufjan as a pumpkin. Here he is, giving a tour of the BQE. Some BQE MP3s. A review of the BQE performance. And a Christmas song exchange contest!
Here’s how it works: write an original Christmas song, record it, and email the song to Asthmatic Kitty. They’ll pick a winner who will then trade all legal rights to their song for all legal rights to Sufjan’s song. All entries are due by midnight on December 1 and the winner should be announced around December 15.

the realm of the less insane music items
Help choose who gets on a label.
Muse celebrates Halloween in Vegas
Caetano Veloso explains his musical influences
Former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein has a new blog on NPR’s site
I would rather discuss and examine what it is that people actually consume than to tell you what you should be listening to. There are already plenty of great blogs and online resources that tell us what the best new music is or that unearth rarities and lost classics. Though I might occasionally review a piece of music, I would rather explore the contexts and the ways in which we enjoy or maybe even despise it.
She’s doing a fine job so far. Check her comic skills in Thunderant’s Feminist Bookstore.
And, because I know my flist: Sondre Lerche performs on Late Night. Also, watch his live appearance at Amoeba Music in SF.

that new Star Trek movie
Cast news, some from a while ago:
Via [ profile] canadian_turtle: Eric Bana to play villain, Chris Pine to play Kirk. Simon Pegg is Scotty, John Cho is Sulu, Winona Ryder to play Spock’s mom. Chris Hemsworth to play Kirk Sr., House’s Jennifer Morrison to have a role. Bruce Greenwood to play Capt. Pike. Shatner not in movie.
And, via [ profile] logovo1: Edward Gorey meets Star Trek!

if they mess up these films I will hurt someone
Remaking High Noon?
Live action Akira to happen after all?
The Descent director to follow up with Doomsday
So far we know that Doomsday will be a gritty futuristic action thriller that stars Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins and the awesome Sean Pertwee. So far so good. The story deals with a Britain that's been walled up and infected for three full decades -- until someone has to re-enter the danger zone for a very important reason.
Wolfgang Petersen’s Ender’s Game?
Pegg and Frost to take on America in new movie
Danny Boyle prepares for Slumdog Millionaire

other movies
Ricky Gervais' movie sounds interesting.
First look at James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie in Wanted. From the director of Night Watch. Seems different than the Wanted comic.
Cloverfield’s title to be…Cloverfield?
aack poster
Hey, y’all: The Eye is a remake of a Korean film, not a Japanese one.
Batman director says: pollution was not the enemy!
Tom Cruise: Eye-patch-wearer, enemy of Hitler.. Bryan Singer what have you done,! And oh, hi, Kenneth Branaugh.
Paul Giamatti to be in Philip K. Dick biopic.
Michel Gondry and son to work on animated film. Wouldn’t it be cool if Gondry directed the Philip K. Dick movie?
Cate Blanchett ready to reteam with Edgar Wright, voice Mrs. Fox
Cillian Murphy and Al Pacino in Dali and I: The Surreal Story. Surreal indeed.

First pics of Maria Bello from The Mummy 3. Here’s her character’s IMDB page.
Rec from [ profile] never_evil: Penelope. It looks like a tolerable!cute romantic comedy. Stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, and Reese Witherspoon. I checked the IMDB page, and hey Nick Frost is in it too! Comes out in Feb in US.
Of course: Hamlet 2.

projects gone before their time
No more Polanski’s Pompeii
No more Halo movie. I agree with the article’s view: It really is a shame, and I hope people from Universal and Fox read this, because this dude Neill Blomkamp would've made an amazing Halo film, unlike any video game adaptation out there. Just check out some of the things he says about his vision: "I wanted it to feel like the most brutal, real version of science fiction in a war environment that you've seen in a while. And Universal was on board with that. I don't really remember what Fox thought about it, but Universal seemed down with it. It would have been cool, it would have been a unique take on things, science fiction in a dirty, organic way."
Really, watch Blomkamp’s short films on Youtube. He does fantastic work with realistic sci-fi.

WGA and other strike-related news
handy chart about episodes of all shows. Via [ profile] logovo1: another.
Via [ profile] cleolinda: How the strike will affect other workers
writer defends Ellen's character
Damon Lindelof: “Mourning TV”
British writers warned not to break strike
Dogs can strike too!
'Scrubs' Creator Refuses To Bow to Strike Pressure
Some soap writers cross picket line
Joss on strike
More on the Broadway stagehands strike
Should comic writers unionize?

Phew, that took a little less than forever. Had to save the advertising and Heroes sections for a later date. Hope you all enjoyed that.

Many links via [ profile] cleolinda.
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So, I wasn't able to wake up for the Bremen and Arsenal games today (again), but that was probably for the best, because I've got to interview someone for a project soon and if I had watched the games I could have been too sleepy to do the interview properly...

But, the scores:

Arsenal 1, West Ham 0
yay Robin!

Celtic 3, Dundee United 0
Hat trick from McDonald!

and, finally...

Bremen 8, Bielefeld 1
Niemeyer 17’Almeida 35’, 88’Sanogo 41’, 44’Mertesacker 59’Rosenberg 66’Ribas "Diego" 85’
I just keep on liking Sanogo more and more.

oh, and the James Dean icon above is one of the products of me testing out GIMP whenever I can spare 5 minutes. Does it look okay?

oh #2: I watched the Office season premiere online (yay I screencapped for icons!) and then caught up on episodes 7-9 of Flight of the Conchords. Episode 7 (written/directed by Taika Cohen!) is just classic.
Here I found a way to watch the entire episode. It's so brilliant. Basically, a Kiwi can't even get an apple without having to face racism xenophobia towards New Zealanders. Oh, and Murray gets a song. :D

If you don't have the time for that (but really, you should make time for that), enjoy the Conchords' fake French in Foux De Fa Fa, a song from Episode 8. genius, just genius.

When I get home, I hope to finish all the first season of Flight of the Conchords, and then follow that up with the latest from Summer Height High. Hee, so Oceanic...

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Linkety dumpety time!

morally grey cheerleader brains with swords that paint the future
From [ profile] canadian_turtle: America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Zachary Quinto, Jack Coleman, Sara Ramirez and many others ham it up to benefit Local AIDS Charities for
The summary does not mention Sendhil and James!
Q&A with Kristen Bell. According to [ profile] yahtzee63, she plays someone with general ties to the Company and (this is interesting) to "Peter's supposed death."
Hayden article.
Asked Panettiere about a rumor that Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennet (aka HRG), would be back to his old tricks in the second season, she said, "I think we all have proven that in this show, we all have our dirty little secrets. I wish I could turn bad. I would turn bad in a second. I'd be the villain."
The Bennet supervillains! Mr. Muggles, sitting, stroking a cat. Yes.
[ profile] canadian_turtle is taking questions for the Heroes cast
Uhura joins Sulu on Heroes! TV Guide says she’ll play a New Orleans survivor who will take care of Micah (she’s his great aunt). She is somehow related to the Dana Davis character.
Yes! Someone finally made a Heroes vid to Knights of Cydonia!

Casting news for Lost!
Paul Reubens to be on Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies article
Cartoon Network is limiting its characters' appearance on children's food and drinks to healthy choices, the third company to do so in the past week.
Top 10 supporting characters on TV. Includes Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Murray from FOtC, Stanley and Toby from The Office!

stranger than fiction
Via [ profile] cleolinda: Northern Irishman bites girlfriend’s snake in half
Cool Carpet of Colorful Sea Creatures Discovered 2 Miles Deep
Overdosed Opera: Stressed stage singers turn to drugs
Art world wonders: Two young New York artists commit suicide. Sad story.
Scandal and Suicide in China: A Dark Side of Toys. Is it bad of me to think that this would make a fantastic novel?
Panda twin dies
Space hotel sees 2012 opening

movies and the people who make them
Rainn Wilson wants to be an alcoholic ninja
Hey, no drinking on duty.
Over the next couple of months, we'll see the return of the Western, violent video-game adaptations and some vigilante justice.
A bit old, but some of you might still enjoy: Actor friends Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal playing soccer
Michael Cera has a band?
Snagged from [Bad username or site: forest house @]: Frank Miller to direct adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic “The Spirit.”. Starring Gabriel Macht, Scarlett Johannson, and Eva Mendes.
100 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood
War. Jet Li. Jason Statham. That’s all you need to know.

bats for The Dark Knight
Vermont senator Patrick Leahy to be in Dark Knight
Dark Knight in Chicago
A fan asked if Batman would be more of a detective in this movie…
"The short answer is 'yes,'" Nolan said.
As the crowd filed out, there was one last surprise. All of the free T-shirts have, in neon writing only visible by blacklight, "Ha ha" written on them. Ha!
New Batman theme song? noo noo noo noo

music sweet music I wish I could caress
MIA vs. Ramones: Sri Lanka High School
MIA teaches kids to dance on Pancake Mountain
Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard was a punk rocker in high school.
Astralwerks to have new Babyshambles
From [ profile] hermitua: The Beatles' last live performance, on top of the Abbey Road studio, eventually broken up by the police: Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3
Guitar Hero III preview Slash is the spokesman?
I squeed when I saw Knights of Cydonia in the trailer!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaay

footie footie yay
A capacity crowd came to see David Beckham play soccer and a fight broke out.
Beckham played the entire 90 minutes for the third time in six days, and was limping slightly near the end of the game in which he served as captain for the third consecutive match.
"He looked hobbled," Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said. "I used him tonight and I shouldn't have done that." …
A shoving match ensued between the teams, which Beckham quickly backed out of and circled around. Defender Alex Zotinca of Chivas USA head-butted Galaxy midfielder Kevin Harmse in the scrum, and Harmse threw a punch at Zotinca. Both received red cards.

Sheesh. Here’s the video.
Hey Liverpool/Chelsea flisters! Rob Styles admits he was wrong!
Jose says Chelsea is “pure and naïve”
To which Rafa Benitez said: 'If Chelsea are naive and pure then I'm Little Red Riding Hood.'
Benitez also blasts Premiership
French goalkeeper Jeremie Janot dresses as Spiderman during match. More Janot.
Gift Grub sends managers back to school.
Rafa, did you eat Roy’s lunch?
Wenger is trying to look at my homework!

Lampard has his own TV Channel? Just for mobile phones, though.
MLS’ unfriendly schedule
US soccer organization has teamed up with Adidas to curate a spread of theme songs for each of the league's teams, getting hometown bands to whip up some fight music. Includes Akwid, Barenaked Ladies, Damone, Kinky, OK Go, The Polyphonic Spree (free mp3 in the link), The Rapture, and RJD2.
Via [ profile] sharkina: Funny footballers
Sunderland manager Roy Keane has blasted "weak" Premier League players who are allowing their wives and girlfriends (WAGs) to dictate their careers.

footie footie yay II: Revenge of the Arsenal
Via [ profile] greeniebach: Lehmann out for two weeks. YOU CAN STOP YOUR POLLING NOW
Kaká : “I’d only ever join Arsenal in England. I love the way Arsenal play football.
Da Silva scored for Croatia
Gilberto Silva: If the chance comes, it would be extremely honourable to finish my career as a Gunner.
Wenger chats with Becks and Sol Campbell
Captain Kolo!
Theo Walcott’s girlfriend Melanie Slade took time out from celebrating her A-Level results last week, to respond to Roy Keane’s claims (see link in first footie section)
Aww, she sounds really cool. Great taste, Theo!

footie footie yay: The TV Series: Episode 1: England vs. Germany )

the New Zealand robotic invasion
Via [ profile] never_evil: Flight of the Conchords icons! More icons!
An interview with Bret and Jemaine
Second season!

pan fandom
Star Wars Rocks interview with comic book and TV scribe Brian K. Vaughan
“Well, just to name-drop, Joss Whedon was trying to convince me that A New Hope is a better film than The Empire Strikes Back, but I choose to believe he was drunk at the time," Vaughan laughs.
From [ profile] yaiyah: Fandom Conversion Meme

my loco local Bay Area
SF school district gets salad bars whaat!
Mountain lion found dead in Fremont elementary school
Berkeley students get free sneak peak of The Kingdom. Stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven. A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Naia said they didn’t know about the tickets…
The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I’ve visited it, and driven past it many times. It’d be so fun if they did a mention on Supernatural.

meme attack
[ profile] jetaimerai:
1. Go to
2. Seach in Harry Potter fanfiction for summaries with your name in them.
3. Post. Try not to snicker.

haaaaa )
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Hi people. It‘s Linkspam Weekend!!!
As always, not LJ-cutting in case anything catches your interest.

Messthrough ‘07
The revised letter to LJ/Six Apart that you can sign with a comment.
Via [ profile] logovo1: What! Links aren’t safe either? You’re going back on your word, LJ.
Also from [ profile] logovo: A different view on the matter.

Season 2 preview! Guaranteed to elicit reactions of “wow” and “what?”
Hints on new villains
Hey, it’s Sark n’ Sylar! Hey, David Anders, smile better! You’ve just been promoted to series regular!
On a different tangent, Spock meets Spock!
Masi Oka: ''When Zach and I would hang out, he'd have a rubber band over his fingers, practicing his muscle. We've come up with ways to practice — wiggle the fingers, doing yoga for the hand.... He's been practicing for about a month. I'm betting on him. He'll get it down.''
Quinto will go MIA during a chunk of the upcoming season to film Star Trek (the logistics were hammered out between Lindelof and Heroes creator Tim Kring, who are old friends)

Meanwhile Milo’s in “A Mall World”, doing his best Conor Oberst impression to date.

Snatched from [ profile] miladygrey: Doctor Who macros sing Buffy’s “I Have a Theory.”
For more macro fun,
here’s one from [ profile] colonials, the best macro site in the 13 colonies.
Lego Torchwood?
John Barrowman’s Scottish accent

Leftover TV Dinner
Vote in Kristen’s Tater Top awards!
Interview with Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth (!) on 30 Rock.
Buffy’s Jonathan is now a screenwriter!
John Krasinski as a kid
Spy on Chuck

Becks makes respectable debut, but Galaxy still lose
Is it weird that when I see the headline “Beckham makes MLS debut as Galaxy fall to United,” I think Man United first?
Oh, and Becks vs. Zidane in Sydney game?
Volzy stuck in the toilet?
Footballers when they were young (hee Iker) and more fun footballer pics.
And via [ profile] der_schnix: Great Bundesliga article
Best player
Diego: 13 goals, 100 assists (roughly), a bit of magic and spades of imagination.
Best form of dissent
Willy Sagnol to referee Markus Merk: "Ref, we'll substitute."
Merk: "I don't see your sub."
Sagnol: "No, we're substituting you."
Great job, Surly Sagnol!
The Ashley Cole Award for super secretive contract negotiations: Miroslav Klose
Waaaah…I shall get over this. See my icon? That is my coping icon. I AM COPING!
Unfortunately, his young and inexperienced agent couldn't get the phone to ring so in the end the only option was to look south. Interesting…
From [ profile] nolwe: Arsenal posing with white kit, interviews with Tomas and Theo.

Amy Winehouse rushed to hospital and now sent to rehab, while Lily Allen is detained at airport and and needs chicken soup. Oh, and Keith Richards really did snort his dad’s ashes.
Via Buzzgrinder: “Jamgate is live; a web-based app for musicians to manage, sell and distro their music without the commission that is usually charged on other sites.”
Free Flight of the Conchords MP3: Business Time. Through that link you can also listen to their new EP, The Distant Future.
La Blogotheque made Sufjan Stevens perform on a roof.
The Arctic Monkeys perform dressed as clowns.
Make sure your stomach’s strong before you watch this super weird vid for Klaxon’s “Magick.” Seriously, green stuff spurts from their eyes.
Treasure Island gets its own music festival! Ooh, look at Saturday…Gotan Project, DJ Shadow, MIA, Dengue Fever, Honeycut…On Sunday they’ve got Modest Mouse and Spoon. I’d want to go Saturday, but tix are expensive. But their green measures seem sound…
In October, there’s Vegoose in Vegas. Set to play are: Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, the Shins, UNKLE, Gogol Bordello, Battles, Iggy & The Stooges to offer up a track-by-track retelling of Fun House, and more
Speaking of Battles, check out the cool vid for Atlas. They just might make Math Rock accessible to the masses! Or at least the indie masses. Download “Leyendecker” here.
You must watch these Cold War Kids performances. In the second one just watch where they end up. Wow. I hope those people weren’t in a rush to go anywhere. Also, the video for "Hospital Beds". Editing is fast but not dizzy, some cheesy shots but overall alright. Wow, Nathan Willett is buff.
The Section Quartet: A violin quartet that plays versions of The Strokes, “London Calling,” Radiohead, and more. Download their cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Phenomena” here.
Daytrotter has new sessions by Sondre Lerche and White Rabbits. White Rabbits White Rabbits yay yay oh my gosh my fave White Rabbits song just started to play on my media player how awesome how freaky but song’s still awesome
Also great: [ profile] bittersweet_bun has uploaded both Sakuran, the film that Shiina Ringo scored, and Heisei Fuuzoku, a new album “inspired by” the film. Check them out here. Heisei Fuuzoku consists mainly of orchestral/jazz covers of older Shiina songs, but in “Karisome Otome” she incorporates tango in way reminiscent of one song from Moulin Rouge (same message, too). But it is so much better and less gimmicky and -faints- Just when I thought I couldn’t appreciate Shiina more, she makes a tango song. -stands up, sighs, faints again-
More apple goodness via [ profile] shiinaringo_: Tokyo Jihen- Killer Tune Now that’s what happy chipmunk-voiced J-pop should sound like!
And if you’re looking for a nice, soft summer song, listen to Melody Day by Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba).

Dispatches from Cloverfield
more news
From [ profile] cleolinda: New Cloverfield trailer?
Video and photos from the set

Carla Gugino in Watchmen
Trailer for We Own the Night, which features Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg as brothers on opposite sides of the law.
Becoming Jane’s historical merit
Ridley Scott talks Monopoly movie
Lego Indiana Jones?
Via [ profile] foresthouse: Light Fantastic and Color of Magic to be movies? I only found about the Hogfather movie when I was walking and talking around Palo Alto with [ profile] point_earedpain. Pratchett talks about the projects.
And yes, there really is a movie called The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? Yup, you read that punctuation right.
Clip from the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There leaked: Watch Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan meeting Allen Ginsberg.
Trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest: Darjeeling Limited, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzbaum, and Adrien Brody as brothers.

Science and its fictional counterpart
Quadruple sunsets are possible!
How to sell Sci-Fi, according to Buffy writer Jane Espenson.
While, via [ profile] officialgaiman, an article on SF in China: part 1, pt 2 (In the early eighties, the Party considered Sci-fi an evil, which could lead the public astray. All sci-fi writing across China ceased), pt 3.
"Sci-Fi writing is now supported by Chinese government as it is considered to be a genre that can inspire the whole nation's ability to think imaginatively and popularizes science nationwide, "
Does time exist?
Via [ profile] anthropologist: The truth about The Donner Party

Are Canadians just smarter than us?
Universal’s Back to the Future ride is closed
At least the LJ main page is still recommending great comms. Really, [ profile] awesome_places post some really awesome places.
Beijing’s eco-experiment
Christopher Walken cooks.
"It is not proper to sell soft drinks or snacks right at the toilets"
Those two last links have nothing to do with each other.
Secret of levitation revealed?
Bad Thai cops to wear Hello Kitty armbands
Xkcd strikes gold again: Aeris Dies.
Edgar Simic new US poet laureate

And finally, from [ profile] logovo1 (again): Slaughter Your World, the best Little Mermaid parody ever. From the gamer webcomic Looking for Group. The clip premiered in this post. I really want to read the comic from the beginning now.

So… 3 Buffy mentions, 3 British musicians in trouble, 2 Lego mentions, 2 articles on China, 3 macro links (two for Doctor Who), 2 trailers for movies centered on brothers, 2 articles about food, and 1 article on legendary cannibals.
Have a great weekend. Sorry if I hurt your flist-scanning eyes.
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And now...the answers to the character crack questions meme!

dramatis personae

I have provided links to very informative videos. Really, go check them out.
1) Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) he’s the young-looking one with the facial hair
2) Mr. Muggles (Heroes)
3) Irina Derevko (Alias)
4) Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
5) Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who, Torchwood)
6) Mihail Bakuinin, aka “Patchy” (Lost)
7) Gackt (J-music man)
8) Menchi (Excel Saga)
9) Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
10) Yoda (Star Wars)
11) Graham Poll (soccer referee)
12) Man with No Name from Muse’s Knights of Cydonia video
13) Voldo (Soul Calibur games)
14) HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
15) Galadriel (LOTR)
16) Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
Thanks to [ profile] mossymermaid for the clip.
17) Sylar (Heroes)
18) Conan O’Brien (talk show host)
19) Anya (Buffy)
20) Dwight Schrute (The Office)

and now, the questions. And answers. )

I should really do this more often.

Oh, and Happy (belated) birthdays to [ profile] viralmemory and [ profile] rxni!
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Hi. Brain fried. Too tired to post links here or watch Superliga (if I try to watch games or movies when I'm tired like this, even the best stuff can annoy me).

Rambly brain-fried ramblings...

Milpitas, home of That Smell. There are fields there, past the dot-com ghost town office park, near the stores and restaurants of the place still called McCarthy Ranch. The corn's still growing now, behind the real estate sign. Two fields, side by side; now two lots, for sale or rent.

In the days of agriculture, it was known as the Valley of Heart's Delight. Now, it is Silicon Valley. Some of the richest soil on earth, making the office landscaping greener. I can't let go of this.

There are still farms in the Bay, scattered here and there. Here in Fremont, the place with goats and a llama is recently empty, with the wood of sheds and fences still standing. Across the road, some greener grasses stand. No horses slow their growth now.
Also growing: the business in hiring animals as roadside gardeners. They've even mentioned it in business articles. We've seen the goats by the highway. In their little herds, they keep the golden grasses trim and tidy, decreasing risks of fire and such. Hey- with animals, less need to buy fertilizer. Now and then I see the cows hired to graze the lots where the A's new stadium (and accompanying "village") will be built.

About a month ago, 400 of those goats died in a car accident. 700 goats in a trailer, driver messed up a turn- 300 traumatized goats.

San Jose, 10th largest city in the US. Its downtown is less lively than that statistic would suggest. Pockets of bustle, random events like this weekend's Grand Prix to bring people. All the high viewing spots outside the fenced areas were taken. But I did managed to see the tops of cars speeding past. Wonder if there'll be another driver fistfight like last year. I like hearing the cars.

Saw some cool cars displayed in the circle of palm trees, which you can find in a wide walking area sandwiched between the Museum of Art and the Fairmont Hotel. Ooh pretty Ferrari and Lotus. For someone who can't even drive, I sure like looking at cars.

San Jose's Japantown. Small area, small Japanese population. Still a nice area. Too bad we missed the Obon Festival. There's a Cuban restaurant next to the Filipino community center. And an abandoned 7-11 down the block. Dark glass smashed.

Okay, me stop rambly right now. Memes don't take brainpower. Meme time.

taken from [ profile] blackmoonruby:

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List each one in your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance it has....

[ profile] chrryblssmninjauserpic page.

Look at it. So cute. Taken from a random macro my brother found.

Os Mutantes: a Brazilian psychedelia band that was part of the Tropicalia movement. They make songs that are funny, sweet, scary, or all these things at once. And whee jumping hypernness pic.

Flight of the Conchords! Whee strange Kiwi craziness.

Because I always need a Supernatural icon, and this one looks cool.

Because it's pretty and it's got Nine and Rose.

It looks cool and it's got Captain Jack Harkness.

Because that's what I am.

I always need a non-Arsenal footie icon. I usually use Diego or another Bremen player, but I decided to give this cool Villa icon a try.

It's got Bennet and his moral greyness and the light orange/white/dark blue suit colors are nice.

Me is failed ballerina-ninja. Took it for a combined total of over 11 years. I still like watching dance, though (and trying to perform random steps). I so wish I was better, but...I'm not.
Oh, and the picture's pretty.

Because I'm dark like that. And Uzumaki doesn't get enough attention in the manga world. There's just a small cult of us Junji Ito fans, but that's about it.

It was time that freaky Ben represented my Lost fannishness.

It has Claude looking like he caught the emo bug from Peter. While it didn't turn out the exact shade of blue I wanted, I'm still kind of proud of it.

Because it has Shiina Ringo looking cool. And Shiina Ringo is one of my favorite musicians. I always try to have a Shiina icon.

Because it reminds me of one of the many awesome moments in Deathly Hallows.

I talk too much.

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