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Currently sort-of trying to watch a horror movie a day for October. So far I've watched seven.
aww yeah my listing of The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting in my "movies that scared me" submission got people interested in watching the movie!

Also started meeting with the nice lady from the UC Davis campus about job prospects as well as improving my resume and job search. I'm working on her suggestions but I think I could have done more if this snifflecold didn't sideline me.
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this is a dog riding on a swing


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I think a bunch of my flisters need a little cheering up. This is the best instant remedy I can think of:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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stolen from [ profile] claennis's tumblr:

the video title says "ma-n-chi-ka-n" I don't know what that's supposed to phoenetically say
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argh today was such a busy day. and a hot day. I like heat, but not so much when I actually have to do things.

so busy today that I forgot:

1) it was Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. Only figured it out when I saw the long line while I was walking to BART. grr, I had been in the area, and I did have gelato today - Naia's rose isn't quite as delicious as Ciao Bella's

2) that Arsenal was playing Liverpool today. Oh well, I had a presentation to prepare for at 12:30 PM anyway. BUT WHOA SHOOT ARSHAVIN SCORED 4

finally, have some cute animals, via Fuck You, Penguin:
Binturong - a.k.a. bearcatcute crossbreed kitten that blogs in Japanese
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some friends of mine.

Domo-kun posing at the classical music cafe where [ profile] claennis and I hung out on Tuesday.

This is "life-size" Barbie. She is around three feet tall. I like dressing her up in my brother's and my own old, old clothes. The writing on her shirt is the name of some store in Japan. It's fun to try looks out on her. For two years, she was beach socialite Barbie.

now she's got like Hipster Barbie or something )

Finally, this is a bear that I'm still trying to figure out a name for.

Hi! )
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thanks to my brother for finding this

Cat Shit One: The Animated Series
Japanese CG show based on the manga Apocalypse Meow

the trailer is violent violent miltary violence

another link I found a few days ago:

Your Ad Makes Me Barf, the blog.
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Wild turkeys are weird.

thanks to [ profile] geekfreak03, I spent all Saturday morning looking at Creepypasta and other freaky websites.

my favorite pasta so far.

Also found the short short "true" story site Gideon's Key.
This one about the alphabet really freaks me out for some reason. I'VE READ TOO MUCH LOVECRAFT
I'm way too scared to watch number 14 on Gideon's, although I know what will happen

Also, I'm wayyyy too scared to go past the intro page on Ted the Caver. I want someone next to me.

So of course I come up with a story that, when two people see something scary on the computer, one of them will turn into a monster.
Also came up with a story about the carwash.

I am sooo angry with myself for missing the Arsenal game.

Here, have kittens on a treadmill.

[ profile] rorschachsdiary is still FTW. check the comments for added Veidt and The Comedian.

Lastly, via The Vault of Horror:

Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum/
"Fools!" said West, his clenched fist striking the lectern before him. "We must prepare today's youth for a world whose terrors are etched upon ancient clay tablets recounting the fever-dreams of the other gods—not fill their heads with such trivia as math and English. Our graduates need to know about those who lie beneath the earth, waiting until the stars align so they can return to their rightful place as our masters and wage war against the Elder Things and the shoggoths!"
Beware the power of non-Euclidean geometry.
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haha I am finally done with the hardest question on this take-home quiz! argh it was just two pages; I really need to get in the habit about writing essays about things other than stuff I'm interested in...

only saw very little of Oscars (lol Hugh Jackman made fun of NZ), but I do have this for you:
The Pussycat Dolls cover "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire
I need to hear the original before I listen to that

random time!
via [ profile] supersyncspaz7: Dancing Polar Bears!

Julie White, who plays Shia LeBeouf's mom in Transformers and the sequel: "No. I don't know anything about a Transformer. I call them all Megadad. But the big one is called, like, Mega-mega-megger-megalomania. But I always just called him Megatron, which made Michael Bay very mad, because his name is something else [probably Devastator]... So no. I'm just, I'm still not up on my Transformers."

aww look at little doll Deadpool...Dollpool... via [ profile] foresthouse

so after watching the end scene of Kamikaze Girls on Youtube for the fourth or fifth time (the book ending is even better, but this one's good too), I decided that I had to look up Osaka dialect Japanese, or kansai-ben.
Excellent lessons here. There's also a free guide to these lessons.
Cracktastic and not-so-helpful lessons here.
haha Pirates of the Caribbean actors speaking Japanese, starting at 1:27
Lol Orlando Bloom sounds American
And major lolz to Chow Yun-Fat and Johnny Depp, who didn’t even try
this Brazilian student of Japanese speaks much better: falando em Osakaben

Tracy Morgan's shark tank sets his apartment on fire.
yes, Tracy Jordan is the character, and Tracy Morgan is the actor.

A nice farewell to Late Night with Conan O'Brien

awesomely passive-aggressive cakes. More.
I showed the last one on the last link to my brother and he didn't see why I was laughing so hard. pah whatever

finally: Daniel Faraday, the moodtheme!
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via [ profile] cleolinda: Pictures of the Victoria fires.
related lighter note: Koala thankful for rescue from fires; Sam the koala now a global star
"She is lovely - very docile - and she has already got an admirer. A male koala keeps putting his arms around her," Ms Shaw said. "She will need regular attention and it will be a long road to recovery, but she should be able to be released back into the wild in about five months."

Ice possible factor in New York plane crash

via [ profile] soleta_nf: in social issues: The "not-rape" problem
check the "linked-by" comments under the essay for more perspectives on the situation

Egypt gets a new mummy

Werner Herzog and David Lynch to make a movie together

Directors Michel Gondry, Joon-Ho Bong (The Host), and Leos Corax (French director, don't know what he's done) to team up for Tokyo!
the trailer is cool, though somewhat indie-cutesy.

Emily Blunt's casting in Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) may affect her appearance as Black Widow in Iron Man 2
argh Black Widow is so much cooler than some "reimagining" of Gulliver's Travels
Is it bad that I confuse Emily Blunt with Emily Mortimer?

If you haven't seen it yet, Inglourious Basterds trailer.
haha, pair this with Dead Snow and that would make an interesting double feature

Christopher Nolan to direct sci-fi/action film Inception next.


Brian Michael Bendis confirms live-action TV version of comic book Powers for FX
I need to read Powers shoot

via [ profile] hobbitofkobol: Law and Order UK promo pics
aka that new show with Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman

Kings attacks Brooklyn Museum with promotional tank
this in-depth review of the Kings pilot (with slight spoilers, but one can glance over them) says it's slightly silly and pretentious, but has strong spirit and grand atmosphere.
I'll give it a try.

Lost continues decline in ratings against expanded American Idol, but was the most-viewed (legally) show online for the month of December, when it wasn't even airing. hmm.


Teen charged with billing school for $37,000 worth of candy
Engaged: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

finally, continuing the 30 Rock - Amedei chocolate connection from last post:
weather's been crazy lately - hail then sun then rain all in the same day - and BART had some weird schedule at the Fremont station, so my dad drove me to school today. (I buy him stuff around the area when he does that, good tradeoff ha) My dad was hungry, so we stopped at a cafe where they had really good hot chocolate and confections and chocolate bars and stuff. I saw the smaller I cru (single-origin) bars from Amedei and decided to get the one with beans from Trinidad. It was $5.25, which is okay compared to the usual-size bars from the brand, which are around $12. I'm not saying that higher price always = higher quality, because I've been burned before by some brands and pleasantly surprised by cheaper ones. But this is good stuff.
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via [ profile] around_fremont: Rooftop standoff in Fremont.
No one was hurt.
Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said the man approached a crew doing roof work on an apartment complex at Walnut Avenue and Guardino Drive around 11 a.m. and began yelling at them in a foreign language, Veteran said.
umm there are like 135 languages spoken in Fremont

via [ profile] supersyncspaz7: aww look at the adorable little sleeping otter

Two days ago, I was watching Youtube videos of dogs sleeping or falling asleep. They were twitching from bad dreams and making crying sounds. And I laughed cruelly through it all, ha

The fake news site for Kings is up. Too bad the characters seem kind of bland, because the concept of modern American monarchies seems awesome.

New Lost Season 5 promo pic remains awesome despite bad Photoshop
haha, only Miles can see Daniel's left foot.
Lost easter eggs in World of Warcraft and Ninentdo DS game.

aack I was tabling for Toys for Tots today. I smiled through 90% of the 1.5 hours. I was able to get some donations and give out some flyers. My cheeks nearly froze from smiling politely. I felt like Tour Guide Barbie.
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oh, and if you didn't see it, the answers to the character question meme.

a sample:
c) music: 1 (Yoda), 3 (Dan Faraday), 19 (Angela) and 20 (Cthulhu) are in a band together - who plays the Glockenspiel, who the Trombone, who got the Keytar and who ends up beat-boxing? also tell me the name of the band and the name of their first album.

Glockenspiel - Dan, of course.
Trombone- Cthulhu.
Keytar - Angela. You know she’d rock it.
Beat boxer - Yoda.



With their latest single, “Binary Dreaming.” Get the album Domination in stores this Tuesday.

also features rpattz/Ianto, the US Men's Gymnastics team, Blair Waldorf as Cthulhu's mother, and The Special One.
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I've finished and uploaded the second video of my video production internship. This one's about the College of Natural Resources and the various orientation days.

ack, turned out a bit more bright than I wanted, but the motion didn't look as bad as I expected Youtube's encoding to make it.

Creative Commons license music from:
"Whaddiyasay?" - Zap Mama
"Revenge!" - Spoon

something for the lolz:

Angelina Jolie in talks to replace Tom Cruise in spy thriller

Finally: aww shy tiger
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While I was filming today, I saw two squirrels chasing each other. When they passed by me, I COULD HEAR THEM SQUEAKING TO EACH OTHER. Like a toned-down version of that Pip in Enchanted.

all is Lost
2 new Lost characters in Season 5?
umm...I'm not sold on them. Although some (definitely not all) the speculation on casting and history in the comments perks me up a bit. But hey, I didn't care either way about the new characters coming into Season 4, and we all know what happened there.

Interesting analysis of all seasons.
But it's all about the follow through, and honestly, we’re not holding our breath. Perhaps we’re being too harsh. Maybe it wasn’t only the women who were lost. The real loss of this season was the loss of humanity in all our characters. Too often, characters were pushed around like chess pieces on a board, without coherent motivation, without the kind of heart and soul these characters used to make us feel. In this ever clever world of Byzantine plots and puzzles, maybe characters are only meant to be seen as another set of clues.
As much as Season 4 was FTW, I think the shorter season and heavy plot focus made for a lack of breathing space, of time to explore character. I know a lot of people felt it was filler - and sometimes it was - but to me, it was an important part of the show's appeal, a delicately handled sine wave of action and rest.

Twilight lolz
If Robert Pattison and David Tennant ever got together, their hair would very likely mate and take over the world.

funny dancing gif

via [ profile] cleolinda: What did Edward Cullen do in his free time?


Major League Soccer
via [ profile] blumenfeuer: Scroll down to see MLS meet D&D.
It affects the team's damage rolls for any melee or thrown weapons as well as detirmines how much armor and loot they can wear or carry before encumbrance starts to become an issue.

movies and actors
Morgan Freeman’s going to be okay!

Orlando Bloom to play the Alain Delon role in Le Cercle Rouge remake?
but hey, Johnny To (Election and other movies) is a pretty cool Hong Kong director. His character-based, realistic style is more appropriate for remaking a Jean-Pierre Melville movie than, say, John Woo's style is. (Woo is exec. producing though.) And in To's movies, swords are preferred to guns. And it looks realistic. and those swords are sometimes hidden in newspapers. yup, SABERS IN NEWSPAPERS.
Some of the IMDB board people are saying that Bloom is actually the only confirmed actor, not the other way around. Still, I can see Liam Neeson and Chow Yun-Fat in this film a lot better than I can see Orlando Bloom.
and hey, Alain Delon might be appearing in this one too.
Sorry, correction on the above info. He was supposed to collaborate with To for another movie (not The Red Circle) which is said to be inspired somewhat by Le Samourai, but he declined it eventually. Still no confirming news for The Red Circle itself.
Sources: and

I don't care if he's old now, it would still be cool.

Speaking of remakes: Pineapple Express director to remake Suspiria with Natalie Portman?
I was really disappointed with the original - besides some artfully staged killings, the acting was horrible, the pink light saturation would have been cool but wasn't, everything was bad!random, and the ultimate villian was laughable. I can appreciate horror B-movies, but this didn't give me any scares at all.

Gore Verbinski to film Bioshock movie?

Let me just say that Bioshock is a beautiful, dark, twisted video game. Really smart and involving. But a lot of its strength lies in the player's perspective. I just hope this doesn't turn out wrong.

the project was mentioned in this steampunk movie article.
People had issues over the film adaptation's inclusion in the article.
from here:
Crap. You have the world's most detailed game implementation of the frickin' Art Deco movement ... and the director is taking his inspiration from *JULES VERNE*?!
Okay, kids, let's review: Art Deco: 1925 (starting at the Paris International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts) - mid forties. Jules Verne: 1828-1905.

And the response:
I have to say, I disagree that Bioshock is a historical hodgepodge in and of itself. *Art Deco* itself is a historical hodgepodge ("Why yes, let's have a movement that combines ancient Egyptian motifs, Aztec angularity, inspiration from Roman architecture and Japanese interior design ... and, oh, yes, let's make sure we run everything through a wind tunnel to make sure it's aerodynamic!") Bioshock is, to a certain extent, just being accurate to the *original* hodgepodge.
I have to say ... I'm a pretty big fan of Deco. Zeppelins, newly affordable color offset printing, Bakelite, and all that ... and the primary influence outside of Deco that I see in Bioshock is, well, fifties SF routed through Fallout. The rest of it, I don't see that it's impossible to find sources from the period the period.

your design lecture of the day.
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via [ profile] cleolinda:
Morgan Freeman seriously hurt in car accident


“They had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the vehicle,” McFerrin said. “He was lucid, conscious. He was talking, joking with some of the rescue workers at one point.”

"There will be SO many penguins at his funeral."
ack why am I laughing he will not die!

and, of course, so begins the Batman curse speculation. I don't believe in it, but it's interesting, in a macabre way.

Here, have a sneezing panda (via [ profile] pressao).
And another
and an angry cat

and some fun Batman snark.
not to be all "Leave Bruce Wayne alone!" but here's the thing: He's Bruce Wayne and he's famous! He's a millionaire playboy, he's a man about town, and probably quite a number of people are in a position to recognize him. He has to disguise his voice! What are his other options? Affect a British accent, like Madonna? Hold up signs? That would make it pretty hard to toss off witty remarks while holding people in headlocks, wouldn't it?
-thinks of Batman holding up little signs like Wile E. Coyote-
another fun article from Vulture
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ooh, the hate meme has disappeared. no wait, it's back.
the meme creator confesses.

Best comment to come out of this: It's not real football wank unless someone has died over it.
Sad but true.

In real football-related links, [ profile] orangecrackers posted a very nice article on Lukas Podolski at [ profile] dienationalelf.
"My dad and uncle and relatives from Poland were there in the stands," Podolski said. "They're going home tonight, so that's why I went there (to the stands). I didn't celebrate very much because I was born in Poland, I have a big family there, and you have to have some respect for the land.

and, finally, via [ profile] cleolinda: aww look at the cute little polar bear!
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Hey, Myspace did some good!
via [ profile] merry_holdwine:
Cast announced for Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse !
The four join Eliza Dushku on the 20th Century Fox TV-produced drama, which received a seven-episode order shortly before the strike.

"Dollhouse" revolves around a group of young men and women, aka "Dolls," who are imprinted with different personalities for different assignments. They have no memories of their previous lives, until Echo (Dushku) begins to try to find out who she was.

Penikett will play Paul Smith, an FBI field agent obsessed with the urban myth of Dollhouse and a twisted romantic foil for Echo.

ooh, Tahmoh Penikett (Helo on Battlestar Galactica) as twisted. That should be fun.

More pilots news: ABC picks up "Atlas"
The drama project, from Warner Bros. TV, is described as "Harry Potter" meets "Pan's Labyrinth."

It centers on a young girl who finds a magical atlas that reveals a secret world underneath our world.

could be interesting, if done right.

via [ profile] logovo1:
Violence against emos in Mexico

stuff from my previous post:

The Hypothetical Alternate Universe Meme: Take any one of my fandoms AND give me another time period (Ancient Rome, Regency England, etc.). I will then give a short story explanation (or excerpt!) of an AU set in that era.

[ profile] blumenfeuer suggested football in the Old West. I kind of went crazy with this, and whatever popped into my head (Munich, Arizona?) went in.
- - -
The lone goalkeeper stands, his shadow short in the desert noon. The goal post was a crooked, wooden thing, the nails doing their darndest with their rusting selves.

Football was not a comfortable sport. Not with the cracked and sandy pitches, the worn-down dress shoes, the dress vest-and-pants uniform that soon stunk with starch and sweat.

But it was the civilized game, the last resort before you had to round up the horses and get ready for a shootout. All towns with a name had their own club, and some could afford to have their players make football their sole profession. And it was usually those players, most on the road in search of work, that were called back to their home county for the most important games. Scheduled bouts of honor meant to be more than the weeklies.

Now, Oliver Kahn was a fightin’ man. He was goalkeeper for the sun-cursed outpost of Munich, Arizona. Up in front was the alternating striker team of Miroslav "Kicker" Klose, Luca "Terror Tomato" Toni (hey, he came up with the nickname), and Franck Ribery. No one called him "Frenchie" to his face.
- - -
And now I'm out of ideas. You guys want to continue this in comments?

I don't know why I could only write about Bayern, but I guess I'm too tied to my own teams to write about them. Or something. The War of Manchester - City vs. United- also came to mind.

Also from my previous post, with some additions: Flocke on the prowl!
She ventured outside today!
Vain little thing isn’t she hee

Polar bears and dogs playing together
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I was going to blog about the long shoot I did for my Ethnographic Film project on the Farmers' Market - 11-30 AM to 8 PM woot - but I'm tired and nearly sick (yeah) so...

totally ninja-swiped from [ profile] yahtzee63:

name meme )

and, modifying another meme:
The Hypothetical Alternate Universe Meme: Take any one of my fandoms AND give me another time period (Ancient Rome, Regency England, etc.). I will then give a short story explanation (or excerpt!) of an AU set in that era.

I don't know if I'll get all the history stuff right, but I would try.

Fandoms: football (soccer), Heroes, Lost, Pushing Daisies, Alias, Flight of the Conchords, any H.P. Lovecraft stuff, Buffyverse, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, DC or Marvel comicverses, Fables, Gossip Girl, Slings and Arrows, Discworld, Star Wars, Torchwood, Supernatural, The Office, Battlestar Galactica S1 and S2 (haven't seen 3 yet), hey even 30 Rock and Animaniacs and any bands you've seen me squee over (check my profile if you want clues).

Feel free to give multiple prompts.
Doctor Who doesn't count for this. Blame the TARDIS. And I could try Classic film actors, but I need more anectdotes argh

ETA: Flocke's gone outside!

Here's an older vid of her on the prowl.

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