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aw man I had one dream where aliens were making doubles of people and animals. At first they let the doubles live but it turned out that while the animal copies (including dinosaurs) were running amok and distracting people, they'd eliminate their original humans when they saw fit. At the end, the guy character whose perspective I saw through half the time was trying to get some police to help him...but then one of his friends' doubles arrived and turned the police (which included Detectives Adams and Ochoa from Southland) into doubles. nooo

towards the end I saw Juno Temple frolicking like a flower child on some grassy areas near the creek that ran through the pastiche university in my dream.

in the next dream, I was telling Joan Watson to close the door because my zombie sense was getting nervous. But then a car broke down in front of the door and we (Joan, some other people, and myself) had to quickly get the people inside. But one of the twin children was starting to manifest signs of zombiedom and I couldn't convince the family (now Downton Abbey in a New York penthouse, except with Michelle Dockery as a maid). The maid and I tried to put the zombifying kid into another room, but some things? (memory's a blur here) occurred and I was evading the actual stairs by jumping and grabbing onto the railways down. Then I heard a scream and felt guilty for just leaving them, and then I saw Lord Grantham having a stern talk with the maid. I got on the landing to speak up on her behalf when I heard another scream and then I started to wake up.
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I couldn't help it, and watched the leaked episode 7 of Game of Thrones. Even though I've read the books, seeing it happen is still exciting to me. I think the series really picked up in pace from episode 5 on.

I've also finally caught up on Fringe.
thoughts )

I've also been on a mad dubstep kick lately. Rec me stuff.
In Downtown Davis, there's a place where, on Thursday nights, a bunch of random firedancers come out and perform to some dubstep and slow electro.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] malinowy and [ profile] nodancetonight!

and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] sammet, [ profile] alegorico, and anyone else I missed...

This was a nap dream I had on Monday:
In a night-time scene, either on Earth or another planet, there was a scoreboard for the Arsenal - Albion game. The video scoreboard was introduced by the guys from Merlin.

Soon, a tiny green alien saw the final score and got into such a rage that he got in his flying saucer and flew into space, which was full of traffic.

Then he started shouting everywhere in alien language.

Then I woke up.

Hey, Arsenal won its game. Werder, pooh, I saw little offense push from you. Toluca, you lost a CONCACAF Champions League game to a Puerto Rican team? That David Horst guy on loan from Real Salt Lake seems good, though.
I also watched some Street League Skateboarding yesterday. I'm liking Shane O'Neill and Nyjah Houston - they have flair and take risks.

I also continue to like Boardwalk Empire.
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Yesterday, part of my dream was at a party where I had a fun conversation with Jeremy Renner, Carey Mulligan, Simon Pegg, and some other cool actor I forget.


Today, part of my dream was about E.T. being forced to lead an army of his home aliens and then Eliott tried to stop him and couldn't and waaaaaaah
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They seriously have to move the plot forward from now, though.

and now...


- one of the giant food packages friends gave us is a bunch of croissants from Costco. To make them taste more ~authentic~, I put bits of butter on top of the croissant and then heated it in the toaster oven until the butter melted. This also makes the croissant have more of that crisp, flaky taste I like.

- I failed at making caramel the first time - don't use a black-bottomed saucepan, even if the cookbook says metal cleans easier- but the second time I got it nice. Since it was hard to clean off a dish the first time, I poured the second batch onto sliced apples on wax paper.

Turned out I could easily pull the apples away from the caramel after it hardened. I'm not a fan of thick caramel. I like it either chewy or thin or cracked into pieces in creme brulee. But look at this:


Now I have an idea of what to put on top of some baked stuff - use apples or other fruit to create a loose mold, then let it harden and see what comes out.

ETA: oh wait my dream during the nap I had before Lost kind of predicted something SPOILER SPOILER )
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haha late (I mean 11 PM late) Saturday night I accidentally ran on a grass barrier and ended up sinking foot-deep into mud. After wiping what I could on the sidewalk, I bought my pearl tea while hopping on one leg. Didn't want to get the establishment dirty.
But I need my pearl tea, dude. I only get it once a week -at most- now, and it's like my chewing tobacco or other chewing addiction. Psychologically, it's also my connection to better times. Recently, we don't have much to spare for gas money, so every other time (don't want to waste cash or look too desperate) my dad's going out for something, I take the chance and ask my mom if I can go. Good thing today I dressed up to go out, because we ended up needing one of my credit cards for something else.

When, in my dreams, I want pearl tea, I end up wandering and waking up too soon. Or I have to do something for school or go back to school. Most often, I have to buy various things for my family in these cool shopping centers or food courts. I NEVER GET PEARL TEA IN MY DREAMS. Maybe once I had it in my hands, but I woke up.
At least I get to wander in interesting places, though. Blends of cities, sometimes repeating or overlapping with places from previous dreams in a way that I can somewhat "figure out" directions from experience.

okay for the actual item of interest here:

I have started a super-official film blog!


There are two little intro posts, plus the first double feature recommendation, The Spirit of the Beehive and Pan's Labyrinth. Go check it out! The site has OpenID, so if you wish to comment, you can do so with your LJ username. I'll be recommending some themed double bills in the future that are so crazy THEY JUST MIGHT WORK.

The idea started when my dad said that he heard a job tip about starting or writing for an "official" blog. The subject matter doesn't matter, just that you get followers with your real name and prospective employers might have something else to judge you by. Since I consider this LJ more personal, the film blog is my more presentable slice of online presence. My tumblr falls somewhere in the middle; I don't share many personal things there, and it's harder to make the friend connection I enjoy here.

okay, I'll stop rambling now. Sorry for the super-long posts lately.
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In the last part of my dream, I was with four girls and we arranged a fight with these other girls we met in a gym/the archaeological research building? and I was worried that the other girls would chicken out.
Guess who woke up and couldn't get back to sleep before we got to the fight?

oh and while looking back at my old movie review entries and links, I found out that there is re-confirmation that Alexander Skarsgård is in 13 (the remake of 13 Tzameti), which also stars:
Mickey Rourke
Jason Statham
Ray Winstone
Michael Shannon
the guy who played Ian Curtis in Control

but argh the promotion's going to spoil the story and part of its effect is that you don't know what's going to happen
so go watch 13 Tzameti (AND DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ANY FILM POSTERS SOME OF THOSE ARE SPOILERY TOO) if you don't want to be spoiled by the promotion for this remake, which supposedly comes out February now? yeah.
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In my dream, there were a lot of things, but I remember being in a house with family friends and Simon Pegg was there with some people too. We were going over some rules or something in a living room, because we were all sharing the same house. And then there were other things I barely remember, just that it was a brownstone in a city at night.
And then there was a part in a colorful place where I overheard a businessman talking about Taipei being basically tea places. I remember moving through some stores and then ordering hot rose tea at Tea Station.
Some more colorful places, a mall, a bunch of people suffocating themselves with rope and then turning into dolls with those circle eyes that move when you move the head. There was also a zombie-like virus and we had to be careful. I remember going into one clothing store with [ profile] blumenfeuer and we couldn't close the opening to the store. One teenage girl walked in, and then another teenage girl walked in. We couldn't do anything until we were sure they did/didn't have the zombie virus. [ profile] blumenfeuer went to talk with one girl in a couch and clothing display, and I tagged along to defend. The other girl sat on a nearby couch. One of the girls started acting weird, and then we had to chase her through the mall. I eventually found her on a desk of a police station crowded with shocked people. They said she wasn't a zombie, she was an extortionist. Who also killed people. Under a bunch of files and papers, I found that I had been too late. She had suffocated herself like the others, and I unwrapped yet another binding of rope to see yet another body turned into a small doll, with those globe eyes that moved as you moved it.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ohdearyme!

Oh hey it's the first time in a long time that Star Trek entered a dream.
old school Trek

so I was watching this talent show? for school? and Worf was part of a dance crew. I don't know if they were on ice or some other special surface, because I remember thinking the moves were too hard for me. So the spaceship interior looked a lot like a mall, and outside a store I saw someone carrying a guitar case, and then later on I was carrying a guitar case? Later on, for some reason, I needed to report to the Captain and find the bridge, and I was lost and I didn't know where the command bridge level was. I was wandering in a level that looked like Valley Fair's Nordstrom when I ran into Riker. He was lost too. So we went down the escalator and entered a level that looked like a typical mall, slightly gray. We managed to run into Captain Sisko, who was very nice and willing to help lead us to the bridge. But somehow my mind shifted to a video game someone was presenting, something about zombies (or just dangerous people pretending to be dead) on a sailing ship. There was a shark outside the ship I didn't see but dream-remembered.

before Trek entered the latter parts of my dreamtime, I was in a mix of my university and a sort of theme park. The industrial San Jose/Campbell/Berkeley street mix city showed up in my dreams again, and I really wanted to get to those little Asian restaurants I visited in two earlier dreams. But when I started walking, I realized I couldn't go there and get my pearl tea because class was going to start soon. Argh, most of the time whenthat hybrid place shows up in my dream, I don't get the pearl tea and food I wanted. grr.

I blame [ profile] ontd_startrek for dredging up the TNG and DS9 that showed up in my dream, and for getting the lyrics in my post title stuck in my head (I barely watched Enterprise, what?)
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So, in my dream, there was something about one of my professors showing some maybe sundial-ish things to a bunch of people and me. It was in a house or museum or both.
I checked the time. 9:05 PM! Lost had started already! I wondered whether I should just wait to see the whole thing later, or just start now. I decided to turn on the TV. Sun was sitting in a Korean office, and the camera was zooming in on her. Suddenly, Jin's voice started coming out of her mouth. Twist! the next sequence was about Jin (in Sun's body) kicking out a bunch of guys from the women's bathroom. Then it was commercial, and then I only saw flashes of Ben before the reception went weird. What! I can't even get good reception in my dreams?

anyways, Lost season finale tonight!


5 May 2009 03:18
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was napping. trying to get some rest and idea for project. Dream was interesting. Only thing I remember was a really nice house, smaller than the one we're in now but prettier. grrah Mom you woke me up from nice house.

So Monday was okay. Woke up two hours before my alarm clock what. Had enough time to calm down and surf before waiting for phone interview for Camp Galileo summer camp assistant instructor job. Interview went better than I expected. I wish I had picked better examples for some of the questions, but it went alright overall and I managed to convey enthusiasm without squeaking.

Sense of accomplishment fueled me, on BART, to write pretty good detailed outline of major report.

After school and internship, went home (finished reading sources while on BART!) typed up detailed outline and added a few things.

But now. The handout. For this Tuesday presentation. The class scares me. So many people smarter than me. It's also weird to me, "presenting" while sitting. I want to stand.

Their handout layouts are so professional.

If only someone else did Powerpoint. I'm good with that. I'm the best at Powerpoint. I make it not boring. I make it work.
I can also get away with putting less printed detail on the presentation.


so, this week:
- the mentioned paper for Cross Cultural Verbal Art. 15-20 pages. Thursday.
done: 3 pages so far of detailed outline, plus beginnings of actual text
(ETA: just got the bibliography done, woot)

- anthro paper on connecting class texts to modern issue, Friday
done: nothing!!! I have been flailing to find a topic!
there's also an in-class quiz that day, but that's okay

- 1 and 1/2 evaluation of Environmental Sciences class, due Wednesday. We also have a paper and presentation due, but my group's second rough draft was turned in Sunday, so I think we can put that together in one or two hours during our meeting tomorrow

- revision of previously presented poem, Thursday
done: some mental work, but nothing on paper yet.

I just can't write anymore. The internet's been a bit more boring today, so I procrastinated by walking around the house instead. Trimmed nails. Picked up anything to read a few pages of.

I don't want to work anymore I don't I don't
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woke up from my nap. Had a dream where "Jones" from the Lost episode "Jughead" was on a beach, investigating the killing of some woman. A SUPER GIANT sea lion was the killer, but I knew that Jones was working with the animal. Also, they worked for The Matrix or something. I was sort of there, standing on a higher hill of sand, but not noticed. And then I walked away and some other adventures happened in some hybrid of the Berkeley campus and other places.
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last night I had a dream
bunch of people from Lost
meeting in some warehouse
I particularly remember Sun
but no Dan :(

also, I was in a cafe with someone and George from Being Human
The cafe was nice
George told me "you're crazy" in a very insulting manner
but it was okay in a way because it was George and I am kind of crazy
- - -

If x = me
and C = Dan Faraday
x + C = :)

- - -
right now my brother and I are up late doing work
we don't want to do it
so we had some short music-blasting wars
argh I just need two more paragraphs on this thing
but I just can't typethink

don't worry we had many errands to run and Supernatural to watch and then I wrote a little and then figuratively passed out so it really hasn't been too late

oh, and I applied for the internship. Because of that, only had fifteen minutes to gobble lunch before class. oh well.

why can't I think
or use capitals

just one more day till Spring Break
but some important family/house stuff to do Saturday

I just want to watch Ravenous and the other DVDs I have from the library

ETA: done. at 4:52 AM. at least my anthro logic was working, even if my spelling logic was being bluuuurrrreeedd
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reaction post - Episode 2.14 - In the Realm of the Basses )

just three more episodes to go with season 2 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
that's it. It's getting a tag.
also, it's weird that Dee's full name is the same as mine, except with an "e" instead of an "i." I never hear my name, even a slightly-different pronunciation, on TV...

Today is Three Kings Day/Epiphany/Dia de los Reyes.
my brother and I are spoiled brats who get things on both today and Christmas.

my gifts:
- fondue set
- Classic Doctor Who comic books (Four and Six! And I didn't know Grant Morrison was writing a series...)
- cool board game "Say What"

among my brother's gifts was the BSG board game.

now I must go. Lunch and pearl tea awaits.
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Happy happy Birthday, [ profile] nekare!

yes, I am not mentioning the cancellation of a certain show in my icon

I've got truckloads of school stuff to do this weekend, but I couldn't focus Friday night until I finished...a Lost fanvid. That show has really taken over my brain. Sorry, non-Lost flisters.

It consists of an episode-by-episode season 4 review (I finished this part back in May, and never got around to episode 12 in time) a little static break, then footage from the new season 5 preview. Sorry the quality isn't great; it's the best I can do with my little laptop and Windows Movie Maker.

Songs: "Startup Chime" by Ladytron and "Goin' Out of My Head" by The Zombies.

It might take some time to load.

lol I must also say that, if it wasn't for Charlotte Staples Lewis, I wouldn't have waken up in time for school. In my dream, I heard my alarm, but it turned into the sound made by cameras and other electronic equipment with viewers and lenses and stuff. The red light for flashes? Turns out it's the RED EYE OF A MONSTER and anyone who looks into it or gets their picture taken or something gets eaten by the monster. A group of people were able to catch the monster before it escaped back into the camera, but they had to keep it stretched before chopping it up. There was also some scene where I was on top of a double-decker BART train and I was holding a video camera and I got this beautiful leftwards tilt up of the people in the oncoming station...Something about a dark museum building, and a Chinese restaurant, and Vietnamese food. There was a very pretty girl sitting behind us on a bus. She had two or three babies around her. It took me some time before I figured out that she was the leader of the monsters. and she smiled, and I didn't want to turn my back. But at the bus station, Charlotte from Lost was talking to a guy at a counter. She was blabbing about "I don't know how they can believe all that business about monsters" and also made fun of the nerds who liked to help her (I saw them and they weren't Faraday). This got me thinking about the monsters and the alarm beeps, which prior to Charlotte's appearance kept on sounding from various electronic devices and prompted various scared and defensive reactions. Within a minute or two, I finally woke up. The alarm had been beeping for around half an hour.

whoa shoot Tricia Helfer to appear on Chuck!
lol, Jonathan Cake will appear too. I remember him from Extras, and he was supposedly on Empire (ABC's Rome wannabe) and Six Degrees. And because that last name is so...interesting.
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I dreamed that Sam, Dean, and Castiel were on a case. Sam was talking to Castiel about Dean, and there were close-ups of Castiel and he looked all innocent, almost childlike in figuring out the ways of crazy humans. And then he got all serious and cool. argh I wish I remember specifics of the conversation. They were in a bar more sleek-looking than the ones the Winchester boys usually turn up in. I'm guessing Castiel was undercover as one of the workers, because several people were wearing the same plaid flannel shirt he was.

One of these flannel people gave Castiel a glass of clear-looking alcoholic drink. Castiel took it, and looked all nervous and not sure of what to do. Dean and Sam were watching, trying to stop their jaws from dropping.

Castiel poured the drink on himself. The woman who gave him the drink first looked all weird, and then said, "Maybe I should try that." The drink had a nice smell.

that dream was separate from the one I was in, with secret missions and new classmates and some contest involving H&M memberships.

ETA: oh, now I remember another thing - some other people were with my brother and me in Target. It was after store hours. Two mummies had rise from their sarcophagus already. We were trying to stay away from their grasp. And then another mummy came from the direction of the Gardening section. My brother screamed. While running, I said something like "you should have know there were three mummies." All of us ran out the front doors into the parking lot. I didn't feel as scared as the others, and part of me was thinking, "ha I can't wait to tell Emmanuel that he screamed all scared in my dream."
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had a dream where Leighton Meester was being all nice and I went with her to an arcade and there I saw a family friend's new store and then Leighton turned into someone else and we played air hockey pinball and then she was herself and it was fun

and then, when we were in the car, my parents get the call that my brother had been stranded alone, that there was no study group, some larger significance to this. Leighton/Blair fakes surprise.

I get all angry during and after we drop her off at my old elementary school.
I keep thinking of stuff I should say the next time I see her, like actually saying "My mother and my mother's family are of totally higher standing than you and your family will ever be" (that whole "born to a drug-runner while in jail" thing) and then I'm like whoa shoot I'm horrible and turning into Blair and my parents are like don't mind her and all I'm thinking is REVENGE and why I'm turning horrible

later in the dream, I have to fix the way my group is represented on a chalkboard and it's this really cool layout thing I do with chalk
and somehow, I have to pay for my brother's drumset, because he's suddenly interested in drumming

studytime dreams are the weirdest
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We tried to go to the reopening of the Academy of Sciences in SF, but we were turned away because all the free tix were taken. pooh. Still, Golden Gate Park is a pretty place to be stuck in traffic.
We eventually ended up in North Beach instead. That place is so fun. We got free fudge from a cool candy store. I had yummy gnochetti (little potatoes and stuff) at a good restaurant, and afterwards we went to a dessert place and I got some real...argh I forgot

-searches for "Italian dessert cream cheese" on

some real cannoli! yeah! yay.
The restaurants were pretty lively. Such a lively neighborhood, even if the yuppies have started to take over. The streetposts are still marked with the Italian flag, the restaurants still have people happily lining up to get inside, and the streets and alleys are small and cramped

check out this song. It's v. v. epic, although the production could stand to be even more epic.
It sound like ABBA meets Black Mountain. whoa.

Stream Austin City Limits performances
This Sunday: (times are Eastern Time)
12:45 PM - Sybris
01:30 PM - Nicole Atkins and the Sea
02:30 PM - The Kills
03:30 PM - Flyleaf
04:30 PM - Against Me!
05:30 PM - Neko Case
06:30 PM - Okkervil River
07:30 PM - The Raconteurs
08:45 PM - Tegan and Sara
09:30 PM - Blues Traveler

random stuff:
Robert Wagner says he considered suicide as well as killing Warren Beatty (via [ profile] cleolinda)
David Archuleta immortalized in corn
Kanye West to produce puppet show
American Psycho: The Musical!
I'm still snickering about that.
Spotted: C, N, and V, riding the L train.
The wittiest thing I could come up with on the spot was to say, "Chuck Bass rides the subway? Ha, ha!" and run swiftly off the train.
lol in my dream last night, something happened and Blair Waldorf got some kind of international pull in politics of some sort and someone said, "Now that's power power."

R.I.P. Paul Newman.

Back when San Jose had a Grand Prix, there was a Go-Kart race component. Paul Newman was racing in it, and while you couldn't really see who was zipping along in those cars, I might have walked by when he was racing. I was in proximity! so yeah, that's my Paul Newman story. He will be missed.
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Sorry to my French flisters, but...


oh and points for the Natalie Coughlin flavor piece for showing her shopping at the SF Farmers' Market. Cause that's HOW WE DO. And showing the pool at Berkeley. My gosh, so many swimmers train at Cal, I might have passed by one of them when I was in Hearst Gym...the water made everything smell weird...

I was tired this afternoon and took a nap. My dream was really weird.
food, wallet problems, Blair Waldorf and not really seeing Robert Downey Jr. )

After that dream, I had yogurt cravings. Well, dessert cravings in general, but especially yogurt. Lucky for me, we were going to pick up my mom from work in a few hours. So I had a bit of my chocolate bar, and when my mom said that she was still with a customer (she works in a furniture store), we went to the nearby yogurt shop.

I've just started watching the anime Flag.

It's good. Not wowamazing, but it's too downtempo and humble to really be that way. Depicts the complications of modern warfare without being all "HEY LOOK HOW MATURE AND DEEP WE ARE." Most of the show is "seen" through the camera lenses of two photojournalists covering a war in the fictional Asian country of Uddiyana. This technique is pretty cool, although it isn't followed 100%. But the characters are interesting, the plots are pretty solid, and Flag manages to show how a mobile suit-type machine can believably be introduced in a world much like ours.

Finally, R.I.P. Issac Hayes.

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