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Go here to read [ profile] claennis' senior thesis project for her Alternative Media and Social Change class.

 In total, I keysmashed out 11,000 words more or less about Hyphen Magazine, which if you have not heard of, is a fun, hip, and serious print/digital magazine from SF/Bay Area, re-conceptualizing Asian America in the 21st century. I looked at it as a new means of re-visualizing alternative media and multi-ethnic Asian America, so on. So if you are interested in anything I mentioned above, feel free to mosey around; there are graphics and some videos to keep you entertained. *Laughs* Oh think I spent the last month plus on this.

I'm so happy that Gene Tierney went all the way through on [ profile] ffaforever's winter 2010 Beauty Battle!
It's a contest in which each member of the comm can nominate two people they find pretty. The comm would vote off people in each round.
Due to a tie, the Current ~Tsar and Tsarina~ (as declared by some users) were Mila Kunis and Misha Collins, and Gene Tierney and Gregory Peck became the Classic winner duo.
I'm glad that I was also able to get Maggie Cheung to the semifinal round.

Last night, I watched the unaired pilot of Sherlock. liveblog and more coherent thoughts )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] beesknees7, [ profile] logovo1, and [ profile] tigera4j!

Went to the corn maze in Dixon yesterday. Spent 3 hours finding our way in the dark (with the help of a maze map we picked up earlier) and it was awesome. The closest thing to an adventure I've had in a long time.

NaNoWriMo count: 5079 words. Not great, but not horrible. Yet.

Sherlock episode 3 reaction )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cyanthis and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] calidreamin08!

I've finally updated my film blog here.

This time, the double-feature recommendation is Insomnia (1997, which was remade in 2002 by Christopher Nolan) and Cure (1997, directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa).
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Happy Happy Birthday to my two NorCal Bexes who like that footballkick sport: [ profile] deadxdreamer and [ profile] claennis!

Here, this is for you:

I know that some of you are just World Cup watchers and want to know or clarify what you know about the sport or the teams or players. Feel free to ask me questions anytime! This can be as a reply to any comment or post. '
I'm no expert, and I've only followed the sport seriously for the past four years, but I'll do my best to provide you with answers and interesting tidbits. Also, those of you more knowledgeable than me are free to correct me at any time. I was too busy to follow club soccer past my teams for much of the the past season or two, so I might have missed some transfers and such.
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So now I have a Tim Howard icon. Got it from [ profile] streetlightsss. The keyword is "howardmyhero."

I also now have Psylocke (my favorite blonde superhero turned suddenly Asian purple-haired ninja) as my default, and Miroslav Klose doing some weird arm thing in another icon. I uh kind of choked up when he was subbed off...just something about the image of him walking off the pitch really got to me

I've been v v busy lately. But at least we get to watch World Cup games at Work 1 while we work. yesss
Also, my video skills might help me get more paid hours there than I might have recieved. I'm waiting on word about the project, but yayyy my other skills being handy
I listen to the other games on the radio while driving to Work 2, and then I put the live updates on the computer while I'm working, because I don't want to mess up their connection with video.
I'm still looking for secure full-time positions, though.

Happy Birthday to [ profile] teaglass (I haven't seen you around, but maybe G can tell you I said hi?) and dear cookie [ profile] hellopinkie!

And welcome to all my new LJ friends! I'm the weirdo with a Peter Lorre tag who likes busting open double doors and walking off into the sunset.

uhh....random music.

"Tell 'Em" - Sleigh Bells - I have no idea why I like this song. It's some weird breathy peppy pop song but with loud guitar and cool burst what percussion and street dance background. Free and legal mp3 from Rcrdlbl.

"Il Cielo In Una Stanza" and "Ore D'Amore" as sung by Mike Patton. Classic Italian pop songs, recorded today. I heard lots of praise for this album, and after listening to it, the thing weirds me out. It sounds all retro but then the sound is slick and there are little things thrown in here and there. I don't even know much Italian pop what is this

"Sadie Hawkins" - Doomtree. Hot and cool.


10 April 2010 02:28
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I'm so so tired after babysitting (my mom wants someone over 18 present in case their parents go in the house and want to see a supervisor) my brother's classmates and friends...the last ones left at 1 AM

I had to go to Berkeley twice this week for grad stuff, and on Thursday, after months of text/phone tag, I finally got some time to hang out with [ profile] fancyxthat. WE FOUND VINCENT'S CAR. THE DOG LIVES

aww dude Nivi I forgot to discuss tea with you.

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This is very late, but Happy Birthday to [ profile] gossy16, [ profile] santiago, and [ profile] hazel_belle!
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Happy Birthday, Selina!

and now:

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] lessthan3stars!

oh, and new post at my double feature blog!
This time, it's Sisters of the Gion (Gion no shimai) and Harakiri (Seppuku).
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My brother totally spotted my double in Newpark Mall's Target today. Similar clothes and height, similar purse, freakishly similar posture and gestures. And glasses. Her hair looked more tame-able, though, and her skin looked much better than mine.


Spying on her (okay, watching her at customer service while I was waiting at the cash register) felt like being in a sci-fi movie.

oh, and I met [ profile] lumien_curiae today. Yay!

Also, I happened to miss taking off some of the packaging material on my new backpack yesterday. There were two black plastic rings, reallllly hard plastic. Like, I was taking out something in my first class, and then I noticed that my arm had a long, freshly-scabbed, razor-thin scar. So that's what I felt that morning when leaving the house...

I don't mind it much. Some of you know that I find scars cool. It looks like I got in a knife-fight. Excellent.
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so, I happen to have these chocolates right now:

The peanut butter one was a gift from [ profile] gossy16. Even though I'm a dark chocolate girl, I do like milk chocolate with peanut butter. :)

Got the other two yesterday when I had lunch with my friend "Loki" at Stanford Shopping Center. I had to show her where the Amedei, so I bought one for her and one for myself.
Later on, my family needed something from the grocery there. We were low on cash, so I needed to get over the credit limit. I got the Cowgirl lavender chocolate, and my brother made me buy him some bacon chocolate.

Oh, and Loki and I had epic balsamic vinegar tasting in that grocery. One of those flavors knocked me backwards, physically. trufax.

Full write-up to come, sometime.

Oh, and I took this picture for [ profile] croakvegas:
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] drowningduckie!

this was so awesome I had to share it here:

Vermont bookstore thriving on experiment with self-publishing



The Northshire Bookstore, in quaint Manchester Center, Vt., has all the classic trappings: exposed beams, wood tables stacked with hardcover bestsellers, comfortable leather chairs nestled into alcoves.

And then there’s “Lurch,’’ a hulking jumble of machinery that is often groaning and shuddering in a corner behind the sales counter.

Officially known as the Espresso Book Machine, Lurch, as the employees call it, is a “print on demand’’ setup the size of a meat freezer that creates books for customers while they wait.

Seen at

It won't replace the experience of browsing through shelves, but yay not having to place an order for out-of-print or rarer books
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Happy Happy Birthday to [ profile] claennis and [ profile] deadxdreamer!

[ profile] tommytonebender, I will get to your song requests and questions, I just need time for proper thinking and converting things from .wma.

Solstice Special #5 should be up on Sunday. This is when I post reviews of all the movies and books I've consumed over the past 6-month period.

Here are the titles, in case you want to check my review for something. The full and untranslated titles will be in the review, but I'm too lazy to look up the ones I forgot and didn't write down.

feature-length movies:
The Gleaners and I * The Last Laugh * Let the Right One In * Brand Upon the Brain! * Brothers * The Man Who Knew Too Much (original) * The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance * Pickup on South Street * Freaks * Le Doulos * Psycho * What to Do in Case of Fire * Blast of Silence * A Tale of Two Sisters * Diary of the Dead * Son of Rambow * Umberto D * The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (long cut) * Audition * Ravenous * Sans Soleil * Un Flic * Ugetsu * Star Trek (XI) * Gaslight (1940) * Le Deuxieme Souffle * Sisters of the Gion * The Slanted Screen * I Walked With a Zombie * Terminator: Salvation * Creature from the Black Lagoon * Hellboy 2 * Gaslight (1944) * The Taste of Tea * Open City * Ace in the Hole * Two-Lane Blacktop * Duck, You Sucker * 13 Tzameti * In Bruges * There Will Be Blood

Books, comic books, and manga:
Fables: The Good Prince * The Tale of Genji * Mu Shi Shi Vol 1 * Fables: War and Pieces * Mu Shi Shi Vol 2 * Wormwood Vol 1 * Zombies Calling * The Haiku Seasons * The Nightmare Factory (graphic novel) * Astonishing X-men: Unstoppable * The Turn of the Screw and other stories * The Arrival * My Work is Not Yet Done * Suspects * The Antigua Stamp * Soccer in Sun and Shadow * Tales of Ise * The Story of Edgar Sawtelle * Pride and Prejudice and Zombies * True Grit * Death Note Vol 1 * Dororo Vol 1

there may be one or two movies or books added to the list by Sunday; whatever I feel like watching or reading.
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my unicorn is awesome. It farts rainbows.

so we went to the First Communion of the daughter of some family friends in Alameda. During the reception, I watched over the little 6-year-old daughter of some other family friends, while her older brother watched over her twin. Lol that little guy. So random.
- "I came from this." -points to the table umbrella-
- One of my friends: "Look, there's girls." The little kid turns his head right away.
- "I wouldn't mind if any of you died."
- "So I ate one of my nose hairs..."

seriously, there was so much crazy. We were all laughing so hard. The older brother tried to catch some of it on video, but the prime lolz happened when the camera was off. I told the other guys I was with that I remember when they were his age. They weren't as random.

Since their family was going to Japan for vacation, I taught the little girl a few phrases. She already knew "Konnichiwa," and was eager to learn. She also wanted to play with the Communion girl and her friends, but I guess they were already too into their own games. They kept on running back and forth to the bathroom to play, and of course the little girl followed. But she wanted me with her, so okay. She wanted to play hide and seek too, but there aren't many places to hide in a restaurant patio.

So after some people, including the family with the twins, left, we went to walk around the nice little part of Alameda we were in. I should have brought my camera, little stores and all. There was a co-op supermarket across the street. Alameda Natural Grocery. Inside, there were two people manning a table with samples of chocolate. Turns out one of them helped run the business and make the chocolates with her sister. They started when she was sixteen, and she's 24 now.

This is the business: Sôcôla Chocolates.
Named for the Vietnamese word for chocolate.
They make handmade chocolate truffles, with peach to guava to even Guinness, although that wasn't available for sampling.
To get the cute little promotional matchboxes, I had to say the words on the side of the matchbox: "Come on baby light my fire."
Their mascot is Harriet the Flying Alpaca.
After talking with them and trying some samples, I went to the nearby chocolate counter and bought two of their truffles: tamarind (with black sesame seed), which surprisingly worked well, and lychee, which was a nice cool-down. $2 for a small truffle, but hey they're good and handmade.

-checks site- whoa shoot they have bacon truffles as well. And durian!

They're based in Oakland, although that Alameda store and the Pasta Shop in Berkeley sells their stuff too. You can also order online.

Afterward, we walked around the Park St. Fair. I wore my bright colorful dress that I talked about a few weeks ago. I got two compliments from women at the reception, and when we were leaving the fair, some lady in a sleeveless colorful dress kept on looking at me, like I was competition or something. uh.

Nice day. Eventually, I'll return to paper-writing.
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So I left late for Free Comic Book Day because of family and grandma stuff. I haven't read the comics yet, but among the titles I actually bought was issue 1 of Marvel's version of Pride and Prejudice. Novelty buy.

I also had the following conversation with the cashier guy at the first store:
"Is [Neil] Gaiman's Batman any good?"
The cashier says yeah, and explains that you can jump right in without reading some issues beforehand, that it's more an elegy for Batman.

"Oh, so it's after the Batman death thing"

"Yeah. Although he's not really dead," just being kept somewhere or something.

"Ha. He can't be dead, He's Batman!"

The guy says something about them never really killing anyone.

"Unless it's Captain America," I said.

"Yeah, but he's coming back too."

"Oh right, yeah. They always come back," I replied. "Even Jason Todd."

The cashier smiled at that. "Haha, that's right."

I was so happy after that convo. It's been so long since I had a proper geeky conversation in non-online life! The last time was probably... around December 19th. I wish I was able to meet more with my geeky/fannish friends. ha, I haven't been able to meet outside of class/clubs with friends the whole semester, just random run-ins on the street. I have some conversations with classmates, but they're normal. Or normalish. Well, except for [ profile] poet77 (hi hi hi!), but we sadly don't get to talk much outside of class.

I wonder if anyone will be available for my 21st birthday next month. Usually scheduling is difficult, and last year I ended up just going around Santana Row with my family.
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Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday to [ profile] damagedlilacs!

Here's an interesting little fake movie poster for you all:

by Mike Petrik at Hombre Films. Found at Final Girl.

and here is a cool Being Human moodtheme.

Have a nice day.

ETA: awesome interview with Lena Headey
SP: So if life was like The Broken, what would you do if you were out on the street and you saw someone drive by and it was, like, kind of…you? What would you do?

LH: I would just punch her in the face.

SP: “There’s only room for one Headey in this town!”

LH: “Stop trying to be so pretty!” Actually, I’d probably just ask her where she got her hair done. But if she had a better car than me I’d fucking steal that. If it was a Volvo PS 1800 I would kill the person that looked like me and I’d take it.

SP: I don’t even know what that is.

LH: It’s the coolest car ever made. Just that.

SP: I’m sorry, I thought The Love Bug was the coolest car ever made.

LH: No, not Bernie. What’s his name?

SP: Herbie.

LH: Ernie. Barbara!

SP: It should’ve been Barbara!

LH: Yes! “Love Bug 2: Barbara’s Revenge”. She kills Herbie. She makes Herbie go bananas, is what she does.
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Watched the Worlds for women's figure skating (they didn't televise the others here; I'll catch them later). Yu-Na Kim was the most consistent to me, and she deserved to win. And hey Canada gets another medal after 21 years.
Also, I know Mao Asada is growing and getting pretty tall, but she looked scarily thin to me.

I wished they had televised the men's competition. They've been more exciting overall these past few years.

Went to Santana Row today with my friend Loki. Ate at Sino - (hey my mom suggested it first. We ate there before for my parents' anniversary; the hypertrendiness and popularity is evident but not like suffocating or anything), then browsed various stores before ending up at a cafe.

I went a bit photo-crazy.

hypercool restaurants and sunsets await )

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