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I was going to continue with my practice of setting 101 goals for the new year, but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

I did write about my media highlights and favorite music of 2015.

Goals actually accomplished in 2015:

  • I was able to show [ profile] whomp around San Francisco, and I also reconnected with many relatives on both sides of my family! I'm a really social person, and it was great to see and talk with them.

  • With the family, I returned to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. New places we visited included Yosemite and Mammoth, other towns in Gold Country, Also did more local tourism, including the Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruta. All the hyperlinks in this paragraph link to pictures!

  • I did get to speak Spanish more, especially in Puerto Rico, and I used Japanese a little at work (although, when one customer asked me a question in Japanese, I answered in Spanish. I corrected myself and she was fine with it, but yeah). I even had a simple conversation in Norwegian! Although I can't say more because we can't post about specific customers on the internet. Even a few phrases of Tagalog helped once. I am now on over 80 days of practicing Gaeilge and Norsk on Duolingo.

  • Finally visited New People when we went to a festival in Japantown. My mom bought me this Omocat sweater...partly because I forgot to wear warm enough clothing for that windy day...

  • I did start lifting 20-pound free weights, and while I didn't get to 25-pound, I did move from 10 reps to 15 reps over the course of the year.

  • I bought some nice and often useful clothes (many via work discount), as well as 2 CDs, nice yearly agendas (classic art for 2015, and a slim Star Wars one with Rey and BB-8 on the cover for 2016 through 2017), and the Universal classic Horror DVD set. Also received a new photo camera and mini-tripod prior to our Las Vegas trip.

  • I did read at least one book from every continent except Antarctica, but I think that's less of a feat because diverse selection is pretty much my general taste when I go to the libraries here. Also read five non-fiction books, as well as five books published in 2015. Now I want to read more from before 1900.

I think I'll just dump my list of TV watched from October through December here. So much I still have to catch up on...
the episodes )
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Today was a very windy day.

So of course I decided to walk instead of taking the bus to volunteer at International House.

Went to Grocery Outlet so I could get a drink (and use my EDD debit card to get $10 back because ATMs only give $20s). Then I figured out the general direction to walk in an unfamiliar block so I could cut across to downtown and pick up Pretty Deadly issue #3 at the comic book store because I was short 50 cents yesterday. I couldn't run as fast with the wind and my heavy jacket, so was two minutes late to my volunteer job. But it was ok.

Volunteering went fine. (In spare time, if I have the laptop, I check this Gaeilge vocabulary page because it won't take much attention in case visitors walk in.) After my shift finished, my dad happened to have enough time to drop me at Safeway before he took another taxi ride. I used the rest of the $10 to get new flowers for the vase near my grandma's ashes, as well as pearl tea for myself.

I feel a little accomplished and want to do some actual productive things right now but there are arguments going on behind me and I'm too semi-secondhand-agitated to focus on watching or reading. Just music or Tumblr, pretty much. I have some reviews and year-end posts to write for YAM-Mag and I'm also joining this film journal project. Also need to update my resume to try and get something that pays. At least the volunteering job helps me practice my front desk assistant skills.
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On Thursday, the lady I talk with about job searching took me to the university's International House to look for volunteer opportunities. Turned out they needed someone to cover the front desk later that afternoon, so after the person in charge checked my qualifications on their application and on LinkedIn, I filled in. I just stepped in and did a job with no prior notice! My phone answering and message-taking could have been smoother, but I just kept on asking questions and didn't mess up much. I'll volunteer there more in the future. They're nice and they also help with networking and career-building matters.

Trying to catch up on movies of 2012 for a YAM poll and I just watched Dans la maison, which is pretty good although the director later said some icky things about women. white French art-world males just living up to stereotypes on how they think about women ugh

anyway, I was led to the movie because the lead young actor (Ernst Umhauer) was so smirktastic in a trailer.

and by today I ended up translating a Japanese article here because it sounds like it was written by a big fan of the movie trying keep things professional.

I had the help of the Perapera plug-in for Firefox but still that is another achievement

also saw Antiviral and there was also Caleb Landry Jones for another strange but oddly fascinating face for a young male lead in 2012

memorable film faces are great to study- attractive or not, classic or contemporary- because they're such a part of characters and they can't be generically pretty or ugly or ___ but stand out in motion because of a quirk or flaw or how they can capture the screen's attention at a startling moment and...

then I'm reminded of the general old Hollywood rule for filming leads: "light men for character, light women for beauty" and how that more or less stands today unless an odder-looking character actress scrapes some way to top billing. I want to make a movie that lights women for character.
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Overheard while my mom was watching The Expendables 2:

Mom: They should get that Japanese-looking woman from that movie, you know, the Transformers-like movie.
Brother: You mean Pacific Rim?
Mom: Yeah, she's good and pretty.


- - -

I just helped my brother with his Media Lit homework by directing him to a gifset on my tumblr.

- - -
Just watched Kaizers Orchestra's Siste dans concert and aw man is this really the end?
I did chuckle a bit at the people crying in the crowd, but they were chuckles of understanding.
- - -
Speaking of Norway, Ylvis brothers' shows subbed in English.
With these guys as well as Norwegian movies and my attempts to sing Kaizers songs, who knows what linguistic mishmash of Norwegian regions I'll pick up...
- - -

TV episode roundup July-September:

I really didn't watch much these three months. )
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I was able to watch Arsenal, Werder Bremen, and the San Jose Earthquakes win today!

We've been carless for a week and doing alright so far. Davis is a fine town for walking, so even if we miss a bus and have to walk twenty minutes somewhere, it isn't bad.

I've also got my online life more or less together. Now I'm able to check flist and Blogger every day, and after unfollowing three people (not from LJ), I can now get through my dash twice in a night instead of taking a week to slog through it all. I don't even have to go on Tumblr during the day, which happens often when I'm both job-searching and leaving home early to walk/take the bus for errands.

Now to just get a stable job and finish some video/writing projects.

- - -

Something of linguistic interest from the Hetalia comm: a discussion on Prussian language/accent.

I also filled out the application to be a blogger/correspondent for MYX-Rated, an entertainment show on the Asian-American-oriented MYX cable channel.

Fall 2011 US TV show grid
an alphabetical list for all US returning and new shows
Doctor Who continues until October 1
September 13 - Ringer - alert for my mom, who's a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar
September 15 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
September 18 - Downton Abbey
September 22 - Community
September 23 - Fringe, An Idiot Abroad
September 25 - Boardwalk Empire
November 11 - Misfits
not sure if I should give American Horror Story a try. October 5 on FX.
I don't feel like trying any other shows at the moment, although I am wondering if there are any good superhero cartoons I should try out.
I'm catching up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Avatar: The Last Airbender then Adventure Time is on my to-watch list.
The Mercury Men is a fun retro sci-fi webseries from Syfy with cool black-and-white cinematography.

returning in 2012:
Being Human, Southland (January 17), Game of Thrones, The Hour, Suits (which I need to catch up on btw), Sherlock
interesting new shows to premiere 2012: Alcatraz, Awake, The River

- - -

Finally: the most tasteful image I've seen for the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.


7 June 2011 02:44
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Here is the report I did for work. Quotes are left untranslated because my boss can read Spanish, although I did include English translations of a few acronyms. If I had more notice, I would have extended my research to more newspapers.

The economic crisis in Spain )
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I am in the Middle Ages section of my music instruction book, and some of the troubadour songs made me interested in Occitan.
-adds languages to the list of things chrry intends to learn but never gets around to doing-

The book also got me interested in motets and isorhythms.

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lol I talk about my accent here from time to time but TV TROPES HAS PROVED IT:

Not as exaggerated as like the Valley Girl accent, but includes like, like, and like hella and like swearing and stuff. It's like pretty much only in like Northern California which is like hellllllla sick, dude. Sentences of like particular importance typically start with like "Dude" and yeah. Like the Valley Girl accent, it has like a sing-song rhythm and like in-fuh-lections and like randomly emphasized vowels. Sentences often end with "...and yeah..." Associated with like high school and middle school students. Most people in the San Francisco Bay Area talk like this without like realizing it.

Stereotype: Dude, like shallow and like in high school.

I don't swear, but yeah.
I use dude a lot in casual situations, and brother's like, "You're not Hurley!"

I've said the following thousands of times before, but for new friends:

I throw in random "err" sounds picked up from everyone listening to Southern rappers, more random stuff from all the immigrants from around the world here, and British/Aussie/NZ and sometimes even Japanese (moreso when I'm speaking Spanish when I start slipping l/r's) from media.
When I'm with immediate family, I switch between a really strong mix of British accents and a blend of American Southern/Texan accents. I have no idea why this happens. It sometimes shows up outside of home or family proximity either when I'm really comfortable or really tired.

I can also unconsciously fall into accents I've just heard for the next thirty minutes or three days. Sometimes, when I'm on the phone with someone, I have to take a second to stop myself from falling into a weak approximation of his or her accent. It's really hard for me to call up an accent to perform, though. I can do one word of something and that's it.

My accent in Spanish is superweird because I'm slow and not fluent. It's somewhat Educated Gringo/Spanish-nonspeaking Latino-American muddled with: the mostly Mexican accents I hear around me, Puerto Rican/Cuban from my dad and jokes and media, Argentinian from some sportscasters and music and jokes, Castillian/Spain accents from media, and some echo of BBC English when I'm trying to be clear but can't quite remember a word.
My accent makes Spanish-speaking people laugh, and sometimes it is so embarrassing that I just stop speaking and want to hide. But I can still help people on the phone in Spanish.

Sometimes I like looking into Northern English or Kansai accents because I'm a bit of language geek, though technical linguistics scares me.
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Here is an interesting post and collection of comments on [ profile] linguaphiles about internet language phenomena such as "teal deer."

Here is a new comm started for Jacob/Richard/MIB (or, for [ profile] skybard and me, CHOCOLATE LEMON TART).

Here is a Trololo Cat.

Have a nice day.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] zorabioz and [ profile] azuresquirrel!

I'm finding out with these food posts that there need to be more terms in English for types of sweetness. Are there any terms you know of, in English or other languages, that differentiate types of sweetness? I have vague knowledge about various Japanese terms, but stuff like umami doesn't cover sweetness.

Oh, and adding two masala chai tea bags to flavor my oatmeal definitely has an effect on the look but not a major effect on the taste. I think the flavors emerge best in baking.
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serious: CNN's list of charities providing aid for those suffering from the Haiti earthquake

other news: Conan O'Brien's excellent letter to the people of the world

now, on to the last parts of that 2010 movie preview I promised.

Part Ten. What looks most interesting:
The Town: I liked Gone Baby Gone, and while I'm not sure about Ben Affleck both appearing in the movie and directing, it's also got Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner.
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: nice over-turning of the "evil hillbilly" trope. Plus Alan Tudyk!

Part Eleven:
The Way Back: Peter Weir directing a movie about prisoners escaping a Siberian labor camp. whoa.
Womb: Eva Green (thankfully without too much eye makeup - seriously, I can rant over and over about how this woman in particular doesn't need gobs of eyeshadow) and MATT "ELEVEN" SMITH in a sci-fi romance drama

Additional list
Abel: Diego Luna directorial debut little kids imagination!
Confucius: dude, it's a big-budge Confucius movie. Starring Chow-Yun Fat.

a little thing I found on tumblr for you Misfits fans: Iwan Rheon (who plays Simon) speaking in Welsh.

some free local art events for those in the Bay Area:
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1/16/10 - 1/18/10
Closest BART Station: Powell St. OR Montgomery St.
more info here

Addison Street Windows Gallery: RE-FORMED! FOUND OBJECT ART sidewalk opening
Closest BART Station: Downtown Berkeley
more info here

Finally, via [ profile] ontd_lost: Ben Linus in Hats.

oh wait! if you're into horror and creepy stuff, go join [ profile] ontdcreepy!

ETA: Danny Pudi (Abed on Community) speaks fluent Polish?
Community's Joel McHale and Danny Pudi had a bet over who would leave the party last. Pudi was on his way out when he and Caprica's Magda Apanowicz realized they both spoke fluent Polish and had a loud, squeal-filled Polish freak-out moment.
That needs to show up in a dream sequence or something
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Just started White Collar and it's pretty fun. I think I'm going to be applauding nearly all the tricks Neal pulls. It was also nice to see that Diahann Carroll (who plays the woman who owns the nice house) still has that voice and elegance.
I'm also up to episode 6 of Community. My brother also watches some scenes over my shoulder, hee. Seriously, colleges will put your face in the most random places - in my experience, I'm on one of the websites, and my friend ended up with an embarassingly-angled (no not that way) picture on a public banner. -facepalm-

- - -
This is is the best compilation of upcoming features in 2010. It's so big that parts 10 and 11 aren't up yet. (Part 9 is linked in a sidebar under "recent.") They give some industry thought to both quality and box office, and try to include things outside Hollywood mainstream and Oscar bait.

It starts here.

The films on that list I'm looking forward to, with reasons:

I've blogged about this two or three times here, probably because it's a remake of 13 Tzameti, a film that even some posters spoil so if you're into existential minimalist thriller/suspense things WATCH IT WITHOUT LOOKING AT POSTERS OR THE SYNOPSIS THEY MIGHT GIVE IT AWAY ARGH.

This is all I feel I can show:

They'd have to take a different approach for the remake though, since it's a Hollywood release and the internet spoils everything.

Found out today that Sam Riley and not 50 Cent (who does have a small role) plays the main character.

He looks a lot like the original lead (the director's kid brother), doesn't he?

and look at the rest of the cast: Jason Statham, Alexander Skarsgård, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone
I wonder if they'll play versions of the original characters...oh shoot major drama potential

the other films I'm interested in, with less blabbering about:

44 Inch Chest: one-room gangster drama. John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Tom Wilkinson.
The A-Team: for Sharlto
The American: interesting story, potentially different tone
The Beaver: for crazy and Yelchin
Brighton Rock: good cast, interesting story. YAY MORE QUALITY GANGSTER MOVIES
Cemetery Junction: Gervais + Merchant writing together again! and the promo pic looks like this, plus Matthew Goode and Ralph Fiennes.
The Conspirator: "Mary Surratt is the lone female charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln. As the whole nation turns against her, she is forced to rely on her reluctant lawyer to uncover the truth and save her life." dude, I'm sold. Also lol James McAvoy in period beard.
Happy Tears: different story, and Parker Posey!
Hereafter: Clint Eastwood doing transcontinental paranormal. Might be good. Only found out about it (and this article!) through looking for the meme for Mylène Jampanoï, who has one of the prettiest names ever.
Slightly interested in Inception and Iron Man 2. Probably see the latter in theaters because my family enjoyed the first.
It's a Wonderful Afterlife: British South Asian marriage comedy with a murderer twist. ooh
Never Let Me Go: KAZUO ISHIGUROOOOO ON SCREEN. argh I keep on borrowing The Remains of the Day to watch but never get around to it.
PAUL: Pegg + Frost.
Perrier's Bounty: Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent, and Brendan Gleeson in an Irish dark gangster comedy.
Red Riding Trilogy three different directors TV movies recurring characters multi-layered corruption serial killer. cool.
Salt: haha like it or not my mother is dragging us to this for Angelina Jolie
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the comics are fun. While I'm not sold on Cera as Scott, EDGAR WRIGHT IS DIRECTING.
Shanghai: story seems whatever but JOHN CUSACK + GONG LI and surprise Jeffrey Dean Morgan what
Splice sounds cool.
...editors coming in and cutting back on a lot of the harder-edged elements for the American theatrical release...
lol we Americans can't handle a Canadian hard edge

I'll link in a new post when parts 10 and 11 are done.

- - -
I bring you: The Man Who Talks in Anagrams.

finally, epic Jason Statham fake death post with Suri Cruise, David Copperfield controlling a robot shark, and much more.
I was up until 5 AM laughing at that thing. Yes, I am horrible. But it brought a Disco Poo gif into my life, so it's all good.
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Today, I explained to a classmate the basic construction and mechanice of a lightsaber. At least all I could recall at the moment.

I am such a geek.


Something from McSweeney's for all my French and French-speaking flisters, as well as anyone who has taken a French or any other language class...


Jean-Paul: Je l'aime le Tour Eiffel! C'est magnifique!
Why can we see the Eiffel Tower from, like, every window?

Jean-Paul: J'espère qu'il m'achète un nouveau ballon de football!
Hey! The only things in this bag are wine and a baguette! I'm hungry!

M. Troucher: Je pense faire laver ma voiture demain.
I plan to wash the car. Apparently, I'll need all three of these verbs.

my favorite part is about the dog.
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first, via [ profile] linguaphiles:
Saving the English language, one word at a time.

I was thinking about adopting "ipsographic"

second, need a laugh?
watch this.


now, a meme I've seen around flist:
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.

finally: District 9 fans, here is your projectile pig gif.
I think it's by [ profile] jaffacakes?
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Actress Noah Cyrus arrives for the 2009 Totally Texty Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party on August 5, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

Diddy wants to be part of the Arctic Monkeys
XD oh dear. Poor Matt. That scene where Diddy keeps on talking and cooking the grits is so awkward
and random James Ford

finally, try this huge collection of tongue twisters in 109 languages

isn't "Welsh tongue-twister" redundant? mwhahahahaha
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via [ profile] secret_weapon:

around the Olympic Complex in Beijing:

engrish funny tender fragrant
see more Engrish
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the wonderful things you learn on tumblr:

how to pronounce 50 designer names

I think this provides an interesting look at the limitations of the average American tongue.
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(via the comments here)
also, Carmen Sandiego is definitely a lost Time Lord.

II and III. (via this post)
learning useful English phrases, through exercise!

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so last night I spent 11:30 PM to 3:30 AMish on quizzes
which was probably why there were so many lists in my dream last night

Countries of the World
120 on first try
argh Kyrgyzstan is so hard to spell
132 on second try
143 on third try
147 on fourth

some of the following provide clues, like author names

Time's top 100 novels
they picked Ubik for Philip K. Dick? really? haven't read it yet, but that's part of the weird divine invasions trilogy whatever that I have no interest in

American authors
13 out of 18
British authors
19 out of 20 woooot

colors in Spanish
all with 2:36 remaining yay
more language games

AFI's top 100 American films
Disney animated films
26 out of 48
2nd try: 38
Movie Directors I
17 out of 20
Movie Directors II
16 out of 20

Star Wars Planets
10 out of 12

country/city by name origin
this one's especially interesting
40 out of 50

California Cities
9 out of 20

world capitals
60 out of 195

I'm going to try some again after I hit "post."

146 on the countries one, then 162, then 173, then 176, then 182, then 180

86 on world capitals now
okay I'm giving up on 103

ETA 2:
44 out of 50 US states
I fail at my country

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