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I might have a job selling subscriptions for the Mondavi Center. I think we get this first week (starting Monday) and I'll see if I'm asked to continue until October. Now I have to research some of the artists and events.

Today I went around the UC Davis campus and downtown for Picnic Day 2012. I tried fry bread for the first time, with powdered sugar and honey, from a food booth run by one of the uni’s American Indian associations. I also tried horchata for the first time, but that was in downtown. There was also an olive oil tasting near the buses, but there were too many people in line.

It was really hot, around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Emergency services had to attend to one guy who suffered from heat stroke. There were also police everywhere. A car had to be towed near my street because some of its tires were gone.

Recently posted my review of the classic TV program What Makes Sammy Run?

I've watched 55 films this year so far. The total might have been higher had Comcast/Xfinity not made this decision. oh well.

Finally, I found out about the 100 Things challenge via [ profile] zombie_boogie and I think I might do one about movies. I'll see how my work schedule goes, though.
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still getting used to this new LJ commenting format.

I managed to write three posts for other blogs in the past two days!

I updated my film blog with Hidden Wars: a comparison of Horror of Dracula and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The other two posts were reviews of the nonfiction books An Army of Phantoms: American Movies and the Making of the Cold War and The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds: A Tale of Espionage, the Silk Road, and the Rise of Modern China.
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LJ messed up my journal style, so I had to fix it.

New header. The pic's a bit fuzzy on the bottom and unedited besides resizing and cropping, and it doesn't quite match the style. However, it's a picture I took myself, so I'll stick with it for now..
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New profile

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I'm on skip=520 of my flist now, so this might be late, but:

via [ profile] maribarbola:

Purging inactive accounts will take place...probably in late August. A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months.A community is defined as inactive if has not been updated for 24 consecutive months.

ETA: via [ profile] canadian_turtle:

It should be added that if said journal/community has more than one post it's fine ;) This is only for journals/communities who basically have been created and then never been updated


3 July 2010 07:56
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taken from [ profile] kiratollan

this doesn't erase the ugliness of the current home page design though

Originally posted by [ profile] fayanora at Wow!
LJ now has a repost button!

Repost button: You can add a repost button that allows other users to share all or part of your entries on LiveJournal. Please note that you must disable auto-formatting to insert a repost button. This button is only intended for public entries (i.e., if your entry is marked friends-only and you add the repost button, the entry can be reposted publicly by others, although the original post will remain friends-only). In order to illustrate how this works, we've added spaces before and after brackets ("<", ">") below to avoid auto-formatting:
To add a simple repost tag, insert the following tag at the end of your post: < lj-repost button="Post this to your journal!" / >

To modify the text of the share button, use the following tag: "< lj-repost button="Modify your button text" >< /lj-repost >"

To enable reposting of an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: "< lj-repost >Here is an excerpt from my entry< /lj-repost >"

To modify the text of the repost button and enable users to repost an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: "< lj-repost button="Modify your button text" >Here is an excerpt from my entry< /lj-repost >"

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serious: CNN's list of charities providing aid for those suffering from the Haiti earthquake

other news: Conan O'Brien's excellent letter to the people of the world

now, on to the last parts of that 2010 movie preview I promised.

Part Ten. What looks most interesting:
The Town: I liked Gone Baby Gone, and while I'm not sure about Ben Affleck both appearing in the movie and directing, it's also got Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner.
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: nice over-turning of the "evil hillbilly" trope. Plus Alan Tudyk!

Part Eleven:
The Way Back: Peter Weir directing a movie about prisoners escaping a Siberian labor camp. whoa.
Womb: Eva Green (thankfully without too much eye makeup - seriously, I can rant over and over about how this woman in particular doesn't need gobs of eyeshadow) and MATT "ELEVEN" SMITH in a sci-fi romance drama

Additional list
Abel: Diego Luna directorial debut little kids imagination!
Confucius: dude, it's a big-budge Confucius movie. Starring Chow-Yun Fat.

a little thing I found on tumblr for you Misfits fans: Iwan Rheon (who plays Simon) speaking in Welsh.

some free local art events for those in the Bay Area:
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1/16/10 - 1/18/10
Closest BART Station: Powell St. OR Montgomery St.
more info here

Addison Street Windows Gallery: RE-FORMED! FOUND OBJECT ART sidewalk opening
Closest BART Station: Downtown Berkeley
more info here

Finally, via [ profile] ontd_lost: Ben Linus in Hats.

oh wait! if you're into horror and creepy stuff, go join [ profile] ontdcreepy!

ETA: Danny Pudi (Abed on Community) speaks fluent Polish?
Community's Joel McHale and Danny Pudi had a bet over who would leave the party last. Pudi was on his way out when he and Caprica's Magda Apanowicz realized they both spoke fluent Polish and had a loud, squeal-filled Polish freak-out moment.
That needs to show up in a dream sequence or something
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haha Sampdoria beat Inter Milan
I like Sampdoria because of the crazy yet entertaining factor

also watched/watching the Fulham - Arsenal game
yay Robin
poor Dempsey though

also posted two movie posts on [ profile] ontd_startrek's Anarchy Day

I'll get work done sometime
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okay, just went through major flist catching-up. Skimmed pretty fast, though, so I'm sorry if I missed anything.
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Taking a Livejournal break due to Campus Movie Fest project and our antennavision not getting Supernatural because of the rearrangement of new digital signals. Drop anything interesting in the comments or a PM - I will reply to that right away. I should be back by Wednesday. NO SPOILERS
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I am copypasting this from [ profile] skybard because I have no better way of saying it:

[ profile] lit_library is the Mothership community for the LITERATURE book challenges. Sign up, be assigned to one of the four literary groups (the Romantics, the Victorians, the Moderns, or the Contemporaries) and compete in various challenges (all literature-centric, doesn't that just make you want to :DDDDD) to score points for your team. Every few months a "chapter" of said competition will close, and whichever team has the highest points will win! It's also a great opportunity to meet fellow lit-lovers who aren't just obsessed with the latest book fad.


[ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library

...srsly stop reading and go sign up.
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[ profile] to_boldly_rock is now open for business!

Go check out the comm! we have fic, a new cover for the YEOMAN RAND REMIXES, new songs for the Tribbles and Chekov, and much more!

also, for your RP needs, go to [ profile] epic_trek!
the capslock queen [ profile] geekfreak03 await you there.


7 July 2009 03:06
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I don’t think LJ’s letting us add any more comments to the epic ontd_startrek party post.

so, that’s…80+ hours

146 pages

innumerable gifs and pics right-click/saved

bragging rights for the rest of our online lives

someone correct me if this is wrong
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I was in from 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM, and then 9:30 AM to now (with breaks for food and brother using comp and other things)


lol everyone getting high on my pens
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so I've been lurking on [ profile] ontd_startrek for several days now

but there was a DS9 post

and I was like "I grew up on TNG and DS9 and a few random TOS episodes and even if I don't remember plots I still need to comment on things like O'Brien-Bashir epic friendship!"

so I joined.

Immediately afterward, I joined like 3 or 4 Star Wars comms

just to prove my ultimate loyalty

found this pic

by this guy
interview posted on [ profile] darth_artsy

I totally have giant scans of some old Ralph McQuarrie prelim paintings for the original trilogy
yes of course I know who Ralph McQuarrie is

even if I join a Trek comm
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Wherever Rpattz is, lulz are sure to follow.


this thread really made me crack up
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Wild turkeys are weird.

thanks to [ profile] geekfreak03, I spent all Saturday morning looking at Creepypasta and other freaky websites.

my favorite pasta so far.

Also found the short short "true" story site Gideon's Key.
This one about the alphabet really freaks me out for some reason. I'VE READ TOO MUCH LOVECRAFT
I'm way too scared to watch number 14 on Gideon's, although I know what will happen

Also, I'm wayyyy too scared to go past the intro page on Ted the Caver. I want someone next to me.

So of course I come up with a story that, when two people see something scary on the computer, one of them will turn into a monster.
Also came up with a story about the carwash.

I am sooo angry with myself for missing the Arsenal game.

Here, have kittens on a treadmill.

[ profile] rorschachsdiary is still FTW. check the comments for added Veidt and The Comedian.

Lastly, via The Vault of Horror:

Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum/
"Fools!" said West, his clenched fist striking the lectern before him. "We must prepare today's youth for a world whose terrors are etched upon ancient clay tablets recounting the fever-dreams of the other gods—not fill their heads with such trivia as math and English. Our graduates need to know about those who lie beneath the earth, waiting until the stars align so they can return to their rightful place as our masters and wage war against the Elder Things and the shoggoths!"
Beware the power of non-Euclidean geometry.
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so many fandoms to vote in. gooooooo

oh my gosh Mac is winning for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He's my favorite, but I thought I was alone in that...I do like Charlie so very much, but everyone else seemed to favorite him...


- - -
okay, so we went to the birthday dinner for my mom's friend. My mom's friend owns a gallery. Artworks from that gallery are licensed to appear in the next 3 Twilight movies.

Even my brother was shocked to find that out.

One piece also appeared in Juno, but that film didn't credit the gallery, while the Twifilms supposedly will.

haha that is today's random connection to rpattz.

- - -

if you haven't seen that Faraday pic recently, go check out the Lost behind the scenes ONTD post, or the (via [ profile] hobbitofkobol) MSN article.

[ profile] foresthouse has compiled a great post of links and thoughts on the end of scans_daily.
Rorschach has something to add as well.

- - -

the best video right now.

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances.

actually 99 locations. That one place was used twice.

The fun's in hearing something new while this guy does another dance. You don't even need to know the songs to appreciate the mix of sounds.

The cat shirt he wears on 15 is brilliant
37 has innovative use of projector
cute dog in 61

but no, Videogum, this is not a better video than Where the Hell is Matt? Because Matt's video made me feel happy and joyful for the world. This video's just fun.
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ah, capslock comms.

[ profile] capslock_lost

[ profile] capsalwayssunny

I like how wrong my icon is.

Supernatural was good. Like Sammy, I did have a magician semi-phase...I knew like two card tricks and I had a little magic set from Target.
My brother wonders whether Criss Angel will take any legal action about the title.

One of my classes has two professors. This is alright because their conversational style of lecturing brings different points up. What's weird is that when one is talking, the other looks around. I was somewhat sleepy today, and I like to take notes with my notebook on my lap, so I was sort of freaked out, wondering if she was glaring at me or just looking in my general direction...ack I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late looking at Lost comments

T'was a Lost hangover. yeah.

ETA: "Blair, the Hairband" would so be the name of a pretentious indie rock group.

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