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25 episodes I enjoyed the most in 2010

Only episodes I watched from beginning to end. So, for example, since I missed the first 20 minutes of the Lost finale, it could not be even considered for this list.
This also counts all the episodes I watched this year, not just ones aired in 2010.

It started to be in order at the beginning of the year, but then I got tired. I was also going to write an explanation for my choices…but I’m doing this during Arsenal’s halftime, because after the game ends, I really need to finish a report and do other things.

Conan Tonight Show farewell
Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor
Being Human episode 2.6
Misfits - Episode 1.4
Lost - 6.9 - “Ab Aeterno” - YEAH I LIKED IT OKAY
Community -1.10 - Environmental Science
Lost 6.1 - 6.2 - “LAX”
Community - 1.15 - “Romantic Expressionism”
Boardwalk Empire - 1.5 - “Nights in Ballygran”
Sherlock - 1.3 - “The Greatest Game”
Chuck - 3.10 - “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”
Sherlock - 1.1 - “A Study in Pink”
Lost - 6.7 - “Dr. Linus” - not best written but events
Community - 1.19 - “Beginning Pottery”
The Pacific- Part 9 - “Okinawa” (Buildup - Sledge is best character)
The Pacific - Part 3 - “Melbourne”
I, Claudius - episode 10 “Who, me?” - Caligula’s reign of terror
Community - 2.6 - “Epidemiology”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “Mac’s Mom Burned the House Down”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “The Gang Gets a Boat”
Boardwalk Empire 1.9 - “Belle Femme”
Community - “Mixology Certification”
Misfits - 2.4
Doctor Who Christmas special
The LXD - “Elliott’s Shoes”

My favorite show this year: Sherlock.
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Currently watching the Arsenal - Man City and Werder Bremen - Koln games

If any [ profile] gunnergirls are reading this right now, please join the Arsespam if you can! (I know some of you are watching on TV and can't liveblog)

aww Aaron Hunt being all chatty with Podolski as they leave the pitch

ETA: aha this Greek stream just had a pretty good promo for The Pacific

and then an ad advertising the "Lost in LA...using surf guitars on the soundtrack yeahhh

and now this weird ad where guys are flying (like, with their hands) in a Top Gun parody
it's for Axe
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Here is an interesting post and collection of comments on [ profile] linguaphiles about internet language phenomena such as "teal deer."

Here is a new comm started for Jacob/Richard/MIB (or, for [ profile] skybard and me, CHOCOLATE LEMON TART).

Here is a Trololo Cat.

Have a nice day.


10 April 2010 02:28
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I'm so so tired after babysitting (my mom wants someone over 18 present in case their parents go in the house and want to see a supervisor) my brother's classmates and friends...the last ones left at 1 AM

I had to go to Berkeley twice this week for grad stuff, and on Thursday, after months of text/phone tag, I finally got some time to hang out with [ profile] fancyxthat. WE FOUND VINCENT'S CAR. THE DOG LIVES

aww dude Nivi I forgot to discuss tea with you.

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So I just made a Misfits/Lost crossover quote blog.

Save me, Barry.

I need other people to do the "subtitle" effect, because then it works better. SUBMIT STUFF


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I was commenting on a Lost post by [ profile] zorabioz while watching the World Figure Skating Championships (btw, yay Daisuke and Mirai!). It was the men's short program, the very very early rounds, and an Israeli skater was skating a very boring routine to some awesome music from Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

[ profile] zorabioz and I sail the good crack ship Suntipedeyeliner (Sun/Frank/Richard, sometimes Buntipedeyeliner if we want to throw Ben in). The music made me think this ship would be awesome in a modern Western shootout situation.


So it's about assassins, lawmen and Others in a United States split in the West by conflict. Air and sea are battlefields, so the only way to transport an important witness to the parts of California still under US control? Cross the Lost Territories on foot.

The characters are based on Lost characters, but under different names and sometimes drastically different personalities. I start out with a few and I'll put more Losties in if I come up with an idea. Maybe it's an original fic inspired by Lost? I don't know.

Basically, I'm just throwing in a bunch of things that I think look cool. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS. I EVEN KEEP MYSELF FROM READING 99% OF FIC WHY AM I WRITING IT

oh well HERE WE GO )
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argh Picnik messed up the collage so here it is in pieces

[ profile] zorabioz what have I done


now I will let myself sleep.

Anyone who can make a better version of this, preferably with a "Western" background, is certainly welcome to do it.
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first: A Song of Ice and Fire corner
Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica) and series creator George R.R. Martin will write one episode each of the 10-part Game of Thrones HBO series.
I'm on the third book right now, which is much more consistent than the second book (that one had a brilliant and thrilling climax though).
also, via [ profile] misachan: Inspired by a character showdown contest, George R.R. Martin has written Jaime Lannister vs. Cthulhu.
Slight spoilers for the third book, but otherwise fantastic.

two links via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm:
101 Lost t-shirts.
I want the Black Rock, word cloud, any Numbers, and "I survived..."
Misha Collins makes truffles for fans. "Dear Sir or Madman," :)

via [ profile] gossy16: Vote and help playgrounds get built!
Anyhow, to my point. I hate to spam you guys, but our kids at the St. Louis Language Immersion School (a.k.a. SLLIS) really, severely need a new playground. And there's these guys here who want to give us $5,000 for that if we wind up snagging a top 3 spot in their poll, how cool is that?
Currently we're in 4th place. However, my learnings on the internets have led me to conclude, if there's one thing livejournalfolk can do, it's vote to win. So it only seems logical that I turn to you lot for help: you can vote once a day every day (please make a note?) and pass it on.

After watching Community (AHA BOATS AND PARKING LOTS AND TONY HALE AND BANNING MOVIE REENACTMENTS AND STEALING CLOTHES AT THE YMCA AND INNER NARRATION AND LEE MAJORS WHAT), I was helping my brother with a project. At one point, I started humming random things, like a cat food commercial song. I then did the theme to Rocky and Bullwinkle, and continued on to say, "Hey there, Rocky!"
The only thing:
I said it in Rocky's voice.
I continued on, knowing that my brother and mother (in the same room, no not the same person) are used to my weirdness and probably tune me out.
So I continued on, this time saying, "Hi Bullwinkle!" "Hey there, Rocky!" in the correct voices.

And then my brother called me out on it.
He said something like, "Ha ha you got the voices wrong."
I was so surprised that he caught my mistake (and also amused at my mistake) that I started laughing so hard I cried.

Oh, and I also made biscuits.

That came sometime afterward. My biscuits are not made of tears.
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serious: CNN's list of charities providing aid for those suffering from the Haiti earthquake

other news: Conan O'Brien's excellent letter to the people of the world

now, on to the last parts of that 2010 movie preview I promised.

Part Ten. What looks most interesting:
The Town: I liked Gone Baby Gone, and while I'm not sure about Ben Affleck both appearing in the movie and directing, it's also got Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner.
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: nice over-turning of the "evil hillbilly" trope. Plus Alan Tudyk!

Part Eleven:
The Way Back: Peter Weir directing a movie about prisoners escaping a Siberian labor camp. whoa.
Womb: Eva Green (thankfully without too much eye makeup - seriously, I can rant over and over about how this woman in particular doesn't need gobs of eyeshadow) and MATT "ELEVEN" SMITH in a sci-fi romance drama

Additional list
Abel: Diego Luna directorial debut little kids imagination!
Confucius: dude, it's a big-budge Confucius movie. Starring Chow-Yun Fat.

a little thing I found on tumblr for you Misfits fans: Iwan Rheon (who plays Simon) speaking in Welsh.

some free local art events for those in the Bay Area:
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1/16/10 - 1/18/10
Closest BART Station: Powell St. OR Montgomery St.
more info here

Addison Street Windows Gallery: RE-FORMED! FOUND OBJECT ART sidewalk opening
Closest BART Station: Downtown Berkeley
more info here

Finally, via [ profile] ontd_lost: Ben Linus in Hats.

oh wait! if you're into horror and creepy stuff, go join [ profile] ontdcreepy!

ETA: Danny Pudi (Abed on Community) speaks fluent Polish?
Community's Joel McHale and Danny Pudi had a bet over who would leave the party last. Pudi was on his way out when he and Caprica's Magda Apanowicz realized they both spoke fluent Polish and had a loud, squeal-filled Polish freak-out moment.
That needs to show up in a dream sequence or something
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fun fun meme stolen from [ profile] falseeyelashes:

so in this prompt, you guys are "I" and I am "you", I guess.
1. Ask and I'll assign you the basis of some show idea.
2. Create the characters you need, including the actors who'd play them. Photos optional but recommended.
3. Come up with a general synopsis of the premise.


feel free to be as cracky as you want. I've probably done worse.
Like this:
IKEA: "Who are you?"
Best Buy: "umm...I'm Best Buy, I sell electronics and things, and...I'm your son."


For your time:

Reactions to episodes of Lost.

It's hilarious because it's true.

and oh hey so I started watching Community, and ended up watching four whole episodes. I think I like everyone! But Abed's my favorite, because he's a more extreme version of me. Or maybe just a version of me. haha
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Some on my flist might find this list encouraging: 11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30
hey, never give up, folks.

I just finished The Hunger Games, and I did think from time to time that, if done right, it could be a great movie. And sure enough, the movie rights have been picked up. One person's not so sure that a film adaption would work- although I think a good script, cast and director could get that "deception" angle right without narration.

Here is an interesting visual comparison between Lost and Star Trek XI

via [ profile] starwars_eu:
Lego minifigurines! Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn.

finally, some Engrish Funny.

engrish funny prunes longing
see more Engrish

engrish funny am panty
see more Engrish
what's even more hilarious? That's a a karaoke song list.
I can figure out that "I Want You (feat. Fat Joe)" is also on the list.
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Saw Star Trek. My mind wasn't blown, but it was still lots of fun. There needs to be an accent-off between Chekov and Scotty and that subtle Southern-ish thing Karl Urban did for McCoy.
oh, and someone needs to make a manip with Lost's Jack and Sawyer and Dan's notebook, with the text,"Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!"

yes, Lost is still on the brain, and I keep on spamming [ profile] ontd_lost with more fake Lost songs.
more of the Lost dance musical can be found here and this tribute song for dead characters was inspired by the 30 Rock finale.
An example: In the comments for the first link, [ profile] amarettosours and I were talking about West Side Story and how Mr. (Tom) Friendly could probaby only find love off-island. It resulted in this:
Guys are the best in Ame-ri-ca
Short or long-tressed in Ame-ri-ca
Rustle and rest in Ame-ri-ca
I only love in America

These Other males are all just straight
Great guys yet at times it does grate

that I'm the only one like me
in island soci-e-ty!



Went to Borders while doing errands some time afterwards, and when I saw a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I totally grabbed it and ran like new!movie!Chekov to bring it to my mom, who was already in line for the cashier. En route, I knocked over some books and had to stop to pick them up. yeah.

So now I own Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I need to finish The Antigua Stamp (by Robert Graves, so good) and these other library books first, though. As well as those free audiobook files of Pride and Prejudice. I'm sort of half-listening to them, and I hope that experience gives me this dreamy confused nostalgia thing when I read the text altered in the zombie mashup novel.
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So there's this high school Lost dance musical post going on at [ profile] ontd_lost

I just wrote songs for Jack and Sawyer

you guys go add to the fun
while I go to my poetry reading final

yeah, what an easy final
but I still have to go to it

so I can't continue the spontaneous crack until I come back

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I'm keeping away from flisting until I finish this evaluation thing, but I just had to check [ profile] ontd_lost.

What actors would you like to see on Lost?


I think that they shouldn't be too well-known in the US, because that would be too jarring for the main audience. But lesser-exposed TV celebs and international stars should be okay. Or big names carefully chosen for specific roles. Look at Lena Olin and Isabella Rosellini on Alias.

I think my best choice was Chris Lilley, playing half the characters in the Sydney airport.

just go! JUST GO
oh shoot [ profile] kiratollan I forgot to mention James Frain. Maybe as an associate of Richard or something. Oh well, until other people respond.
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So I started watching the Toluca - Atlas game in the 60th minute (final: 0-0_, and I sat through the commercials to get to the league standings.

A Heineken commercial came on, and then I shouted, "Hey! It's Richard!"

My parents walked over to the TV to see what was the fuss. I had to tell them it was Richard (Nestor Carbonell) from Lost. My mom didn't think Carbonell is Hispanic until I told her that he is Cuban. My dad was like lol those dangerous Cubans - my dad's Puerto Rican; the two places tease each other like cousins or siblings.

Lost is following me!

and now from a possible never-aging pirate (or sun god. Or both!) to a real pirate queen:

toys 008

toys 009

Emeraldas is awesome. Retro anime heroines -or anti-heroines?- FTW.
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from [ profile] fannish5:

Name five imaginary places you would like to go on vacation.

2) Ryloth (home of the Twi'leks in the Star Wars universe)
It's got these two zones: a night one that looks like you're underwater with all these neon plants, and then a supersunny sandy place to help you appreciate the other side better.

3) the Island. You know which one.

4) Discworld

5) Coeur d'Coeurs

I'm sure there are others but I did not count fictionalized real-life places
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posted by frohike on the TWOP forums:

Michael J. Fox gave a cute shout-out to Lost in an interview in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago:

EW: Should we be optimistic that you'll do more TV guest shots?
MJF: There are shows I like, but I don't know if I'd like them with me in them.

EW: For example?
MJF: Like Lost. We were cracking up when they got into a lot of stuff with [time-traveling physicist Daniel] Faraday. I expected Chris Lloyd to come out and go, ''Faraday! Great Scott! I came here in a time machine that you invented!'' It would've been a funny in-joke to pass each other in the space-time continuum.
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I am way too brain dead to think of an April Fool's Day joke right now, so I'll just show you something that scared me for a second: Lost Season 6 Cancellation?


I'm on the second page of my script, and it's only 1 AM! yay. I think this will be a bit easier for me than the novel project (lol at my one and a half novels that will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY). Only a bit easier, though.

Tentative Character Names. They are not all friends in one big group.

Rosaline Chang - main character

Colin (be quiet. I'm open to other suggestions) - Rosaline's somewhat shy boyfriend, kills himself in the first scene. yeah.

Jessica - hypersocial, hypercompetitive, student body president or V.P.

Priyanka - a sort of rival to Jessica

Becca - recently moved in from Oklahoma. Friendly. Still afraid of the little earthquakes that happen now and then.

Trevor - comes from an farming family that has been in this town for generations. Somewhat of a "bad boy" image, but is pressured by his family to uphold the family reptuation and do well in sports and school. Unexpectedly falls for the character I might assign as Hae-Soo.

Aishwarya and Aoi - co-presidents of the Anime club. Aishwarya likes to shorten her name to "Ai."

Xochitl (Nahuatl for "flower") - Mexican-Filipina girl who tries to maintain a slacker/bohemian image. Makes lots of jokes.

other names I'm sort of matching with the nameless characters in my head.


Navid (oh shoot isn't that someone on the new 90210 as well? oh shoot no this is why I need another Indian guy's name)




Gilbert Cho

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last night I had a dream
bunch of people from Lost
meeting in some warehouse
I particularly remember Sun
but no Dan :(

also, I was in a cafe with someone and George from Being Human
The cafe was nice
George told me "you're crazy" in a very insulting manner
but it was okay in a way because it was George and I am kind of crazy
- - -

If x = me
and C = Dan Faraday
x + C = :)

- - -
right now my brother and I are up late doing work
we don't want to do it
so we had some short music-blasting wars
argh I just need two more paragraphs on this thing
but I just can't typethink

don't worry we had many errands to run and Supernatural to watch and then I wrote a little and then figuratively passed out so it really hasn't been too late

oh, and I applied for the internship. Because of that, only had fifteen minutes to gobble lunch before class. oh well.

why can't I think
or use capitals

just one more day till Spring Break
but some important family/house stuff to do Saturday

I just want to watch Ravenous and the other DVDs I have from the library

ETA: done. at 4:52 AM. at least my anthro logic was working, even if my spelling logic was being bluuuurrrreeedd
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What I had to do for [ profile] geekfreak03:


the result.

sneak peek:

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