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Sorry guys if I'm a bit slow with flisting and commenting...

Lost broke my brain, and I'm so glad I'm done with classes because I need a few days to mentally and emotionally recover

here's the teaser promo for THE FINAL SEASON 2010



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So, in my dream, there was something about one of my professors showing some maybe sundial-ish things to a bunch of people and me. It was in a house or museum or both.
I checked the time. 9:05 PM! Lost had started already! I wondered whether I should just wait to see the whole thing later, or just start now. I decided to turn on the TV. Sun was sitting in a Korean office, and the camera was zooming in on her. Suddenly, Jin's voice started coming out of her mouth. Twist! the next sequence was about Jin (in Sun's body) kicking out a bunch of guys from the women's bathroom. Then it was commercial, and then I only saw flashes of Ben before the reception went weird. What! I can't even get good reception in my dreams?

anyways, Lost season finale tonight!
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was awesome.

what other show has got all these temple-time-bomb-underwater-beating up craziness going on! haha

I even dressed like Richard today
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two little Lost things:

Lost fan hacks Wiki article for "The Empire Strikes Back"

Not very spoilerY (more teaserish) TV Guide articles can be seen starting here
however, this page just might have the most awesome teaser detail ever.
thoughts )

I'm going to bring this over to [ profile] capslock_lost
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Yesterday was a good day. It stopped raining - few sprinkles; nothing a hood couldn't handle. I started matching up the audio interviews to the llama documentary first cut today. woohooo, this thing will take a lot of work, but it's looking better than I thought.

During lunch, I gave one of those student-run charity org booths a donation in exchange for a fresh grilled cheese sandwich. Ate it while walking to Half-Price Books. Couldn't find Movies in Fifteen Minutes there - the cashier recognized the name but said all the stock was in the shelves, which means they're gone now. :(
But there was a $3.95 book called The History of Farting, so I bought that. Little book of fart facts.

In the afternoon, I realized that a discussion section was cancelled this week, and the following class was also cancelled, although the instructors would in the classroom to answer questions about the project. So I went to a computer lab, and eventually got the urge to check for some books for personal reading. Wrote down call numbers, went to the appropriate library, and found the first title on my list, Suspects. Unfortunately, a quick rifle of the book showed that it did not look like the crazy read I wanted. So I went through more of my list. While I was looking for one title, (some two or three shelf aisles away from my first search), I saw another book titled Suspects. I had searched for the wrong author! This was the book I was looking for! I picked that volume up and dropped my search there. Got the last title at the East Asian Library (Tales of Ise- I'm a geek) after checking in with the ES instructors about my group's project.

Ran to catch the BART. In Fremont, I went straight to Borders to see if any copies of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were available. It was released April 8th. Sold out. And it turns out only two Barnes and Noble stores in the entire South/lower East Bay thought of ordering the title. The Fremont location was not one of those stores. FAIL

But after finishing a school text, I started reading Suspects, by David Thomson. It is so good that I'm going to take a reading break from the internet after this post. It's the ultimate book for film buffs, especially those like me that are more into crime stuff.
Some characters:
Jake Gittes
Ilsa Lund
Norma Desmond
Norman Bates
Harry Lime
Kay Corleone
Travis Bickle
Laura from Laura
and so much more. And each chapter begins with each character's name, along with the actor/actress, name of film, year, and director. Basically, each chapter is a description of each character's life, going beyond the film they appeared in. Want to know what could have happened to those kids in Rebel Without a Cause? It's here. You don't even need to know all the films referenced - the stories and writing are compelling enough. What unifies the book is the wealth of connections, either through echoed themes or author-created meetings between the character and other well-known characters.

There was an Ilsa Lund connection to the painter Edward Hopper that got me searching for the painting "High Noon." Well, the first painting on this site reminded me of a certain Bates Motel seen here in this picture I have from the Universal Studios backlot.

Guess I have a weakness for crazy books that steal other characters and then put them in cracky circumstances. See - the need for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, my fangirling over Sacco and Vanzetti are Dead! (That book is so awesome if you know stuff about really old slapstick comedy. Because, instead of being anarchists, Sacco and Vanzetti are comedians. It really works.)

alright, I've talked too much.

Also, feel free to leave a comment if you've watched Lost and want to ride horses for Anubis
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I need one more to form a trend, but:

first Lost has that Hurley - Miles conversation, and then Supernatural has the giant meta episode? Any other meta week shenanigans going on?
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Lost looks so amazing in HD. All the eyes were sparkling. It was crazy. And the greens are so green!

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Lost - 5.10 - He's Our You )

ETA: whoa shoot my dad just called me to watch this short animated Spanish-language parody of Lost, "LOS Tengo perdidos." Only the title was a parody, though - the rest of it was about egg people ("Videos con huevos," yup) on a plane, and the egg!pilots getting drunk and talking about "huevos pequenos." The voice actors really got the slurred speech down, haha
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some icon stuff made of a certain young character in Lost episode 5.3, "Jughead." Not great, but the best I can do with limited time on the better iconing computer.

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List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] croakvegas gave me "U." I'm using non-Youtube links until that UK business gets sorted out. Even if you don't like the songs, the sites provided might help with further musical adventures.

1) "Untitled" - White Rabbits
first song to hear/download if you scroll down here
you lived across the street when we were kids
as we grew older our mothers hoped we'd stay friends

ahaha I cheat. I think this song might have a name now, I forget. But I'm a sucker for the clinky piano-rock of White Rabbits.

2) "Unintended" - Muse
You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended

be quiet be quiet. I usually don't like songs like this, but the melody gets me.

3) United State of Pop - DJ Earworm
Mashup of US Billboard top 25 songs of 2007. Strangely works as a song. The 2008 version (Viva La Pop) is fine but not as fun and danceable as the 2007 version. But the 2008 version does have a cool video.

4) Una Música Brutal - Gotan Project
trance-tango you might have heard in a few ads and TV shows/movies. The last 20 seconds is my favorite part. cool and slinky. yup.

5) Usti, Usti Baba [Altiplano Mix] - Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar; Señor Coconut
An official mix! Balkan cumbia what? hahahaha. I have no idea what the screaming man and dog at the end is about. I think it's a weird CD break; it fits the next song on the album better.

I should go sleep now.
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why are people calling the two new people on Lost "Hispanic" or "The Mexicans?"

Said Taghamoui seems to be using his real French accent (although you can correct me on that), and Zuleikha Robinson has played people of various ethnicities from all over the world

they've only been in the show like 5 minutes and nothing in regards to their nationality/ethnicity has come up yet

and the names "Caesar" and "Ilana" can be given to anyone

argh people

also: too bad that the two fellow half-Puerto Rican actresses on the show played characters that were not liked - Ana Lucia and Nikki

although Nikki was unnecessary and unwelcome anyway

but hey the Filipino guy did help deliver v. important baby

so my racial makeup is somewhat positively represented woooo
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things related to Lost

Lost cake: birth of Cake meme?

I totally got major spoilered for Dan for this, but this upcoming episode title is killer:
Episode 5x13 - Some Like it Hoth

random: Francois Chau(Dr.Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund and Dr. Edgar Halliwax) was Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II:The Secret of the Ooze!!

also, that new guy in this episode?
most widely known for this scene (minus the facemorphing at the end), where, while torturing Mark Wahlberg, he asks a very important question:

Capt. Said: What is the problem with Michael Jackson?

it's from Three Kings.

the same scene, starting at 1 minute mark and minus face-morphing, dubbed in Spanish. BEWARE: Leads to very painful torture scene
the German dub cuts off before the torture.

the actor was also in one of my favorite movies, La Haine. He's the short dude.
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via [ profile] cleolinda: Pictures of the Victoria fires.
related lighter note: Koala thankful for rescue from fires; Sam the koala now a global star
"She is lovely - very docile - and she has already got an admirer. A male koala keeps putting his arms around her," Ms Shaw said. "She will need regular attention and it will be a long road to recovery, but she should be able to be released back into the wild in about five months."

Ice possible factor in New York plane crash

via [ profile] soleta_nf: in social issues: The "not-rape" problem
check the "linked-by" comments under the essay for more perspectives on the situation

Egypt gets a new mummy

Werner Herzog and David Lynch to make a movie together

Directors Michel Gondry, Joon-Ho Bong (The Host), and Leos Corax (French director, don't know what he's done) to team up for Tokyo!
the trailer is cool, though somewhat indie-cutesy.

Emily Blunt's casting in Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) may affect her appearance as Black Widow in Iron Man 2
argh Black Widow is so much cooler than some "reimagining" of Gulliver's Travels
Is it bad that I confuse Emily Blunt with Emily Mortimer?

If you haven't seen it yet, Inglourious Basterds trailer.
haha, pair this with Dead Snow and that would make an interesting double feature

Christopher Nolan to direct sci-fi/action film Inception next.


Brian Michael Bendis confirms live-action TV version of comic book Powers for FX
I need to read Powers shoot

via [ profile] hobbitofkobol: Law and Order UK promo pics
aka that new show with Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman

Kings attacks Brooklyn Museum with promotional tank
this in-depth review of the Kings pilot (with slight spoilers, but one can glance over them) says it's slightly silly and pretentious, but has strong spirit and grand atmosphere.
I'll give it a try.

Lost continues decline in ratings against expanded American Idol, but was the most-viewed (legally) show online for the month of December, when it wasn't even airing. hmm.


Teen charged with billing school for $37,000 worth of candy
Engaged: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

finally, continuing the 30 Rock - Amedei chocolate connection from last post:
weather's been crazy lately - hail then sun then rain all in the same day - and BART had some weird schedule at the Fremont station, so my dad drove me to school today. (I buy him stuff around the area when he does that, good tradeoff ha) My dad was hungry, so we stopped at a cafe where they had really good hot chocolate and confections and chocolate bars and stuff. I saw the smaller I cru (single-origin) bars from Amedei and decided to get the one with beans from Trinidad. It was $5.25, which is okay compared to the usual-size bars from the brand, which are around $12. I'm not saying that higher price always = higher quality, because I've been burned before by some brands and pleasantly surprised by cheaper ones. But this is good stuff.
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First Faye Dunaway vs. Hilary Duff, now Etta James vs. Beyonce Knowles. Video comparisons.

Fox gets its grindhouse on with retro combo ad for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse.
It would be awesome if ABC did a similar thing for Lost...

- - -
speaking of Lost, Entertainment Weekly's "Digging Inside Season 5"
spoilerish, but more of the hinty variety, which I'm okay with.
Particularly of note are comments about the show from the cast - especially: Jorge Garcia talking about the Hurley-centric “The Lie,” Matthew Fox giving some very interesting thoughts about the triangle business, and Jeremy Davies talking about how the Faraday role has helped him deal with recent tragedy.

Also, for those who think the show's new Latin detail is out of nowhere, take a look at the Blast Door Map from season 2. Got the tip from a TWOP poster, I think.

Lost party costumes!
aww the little kid dressed as The Island

Nestor Carbonell talks about Richard and eyelashes.
- - -

via [ profile] cleolinda:
Christian Bale: "I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable. And I hope that that is absolutely clear,"
other quotes:
"I also appreciate you making fun of it," he says. "You know, I had it coming. Feel free to make fun of me."
also: “Please, Michael Phelps, swim in the next Olympics,” Bale said.
via [ profile] lilychick: The inevitable Newsies mashup.

last item in this article: Anna Friel gets three pilot offers
Interview with Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck)

more Dollhouse: an article about the beautiful set, and
promo shots of Matt Keeslar (The Middleman!) from the second episode. Mark Sheppard will also be in a recurring role on the show.
Interview with Joss Whedon.

I was looking for more info on the Fables TV pilot, and I found this article from a while back.
Comments of interest:
It would be sweet if they put the Fables borders around the screen. changing them depending what was happening.
I like when they do the fake HD splitscreen thing for music videos, but other people don't like it, so whatever.

But the big problem is I REALLY want to see Snow White empty a gun into Shere Khan while screaming "Die you sick mother fucker!" I just don't see that happening in this version.
yes, that did happen in the comic. Why aren't you reading Fables yet?

Finally, Zombie Hello Kitty cake.
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it's past midnight in your timezone already so...
Happy Birthday, [ profile] hobbitofkobol!


this week on Faraday Explains it All, Sometimes:



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lost. discussion. hi.
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oh my I'm mentioned in Ack-Attack's greatest hits post!
A UNICORN FROM THE SEAAA - chrryblssmninja


you know what we need? We need a clip of Miles (Ken Leung) singing.
He appears 1 minute in.

what everyone wants to know: What was in Hurley's dad's sandwich?
from the comments: I can't believe that no-one has yet pointed out the obvious connection to the Mayo Clinic. Dr William Mayo came from Salford, England. Salford served as the basis for some of the writings of Karl Marx, who of course inspired Lenin, whose name is very close to Lennon, as in John Lennon, who was an inspiration for Charlie on Lost.
Also, the Mayo Clinic was located in Rochester (Minn). Rochester was the name of the valet-chauffeur on the Jack Benny program. Note that Benny is a nickname for Benjamin. Jack Benny was famous as a penny-pincher. And just who is Benjamin Linus after? That's right. Penny.
So, clearly, the mayo on that sandwich proves that Hurley's father is working for Ben and Charlie.
Damn, those Lost writers are clever.

It all works out!

Lost's return is death knell for traditional TV season

whoa shoot - Frogurt was the "Aaron Burr!" guy in that Got Milk? ad!
They used to play that ad so much...whoa nostalgia trip.

Hot pocket attack gif

non-Lost matters:

via [ profile] hobbitofkobol:
premiere of ballet set to music from Battlestar Galactica

Peter Berg interview about Wonderland, Friday Night Lights, Virtuality and another Dune remake
I wonder if he's still working on that remake of The Mission (Cheung Fo). The Johnny To movie about gangsters, not the movie about missionaries set to an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.
The IMDB page is still pro-only.
also: Johnny To's Tsim Sha Tsui universe is cool.

lol rpattz will be in San Jose for movie premiere at Cinequest
the California Theater is v. v. pretty.


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