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I'll mention what appeals to my odd tastes, but the links are there so you can check what appeals to you!

Emphasis on world premieres.
io9's 75 sci-fi/fantasy films in 2016
Fandor's most anticipated compilation.
Ioncinema for 2016 and 2017.and more
Den of Geek's 27 most anticipated UK films list
A poll I created for upcoming 2016 cinema. Hundreds of titles.
Movies that premiered at Sundance 2016
Women in mainstream cinema.
10 upcoming releases by and/or about POC (ONTD)
East Asian films to watch in 2016
10 Australian films to watch in 2016
IMDB USA release calendar
Rotterdam film festival

Captain America: Civil War
Creepy and The Woman in the Silver Plate - Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the latter a French production with Tahar Rahim, Olivier Gourmet, Mathieu Amalric, Malik Zidi and Constance Rousseau.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Taika Waititi
Keanu - Key and Peele make a movie about a cat.
A Monster Calls - The book is one of my favorites, and J.A. Bayona could capture its power.
Raman Raghav 2.0 - Anurag Kashyap just finished shooting this film with Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the titular serial killer.
Rangoon - Vishal Bhardwaj
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
A Storm in the Stars - Haifaa al-Mansour (Wadjda) takes on the story of Mary Shelley.
Three/Three on the Road -
Johnnie To crime film.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Free Fire - Ben Wheatley directs a 1978 Boston mob deal gone wrong. With Cillian Murphy, Michael Smiley, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer and Sharlto Copley.
Kimi no na wa (Your Name) - New anime from well-reputed director Makoto Shinkai. [trailer]
Pyromanen (Pyromaniac) -Erik Skjoldbjærg directs a cast that includes Trond Nilssen returning to feature film.
Under the Shadow - Babak Anvari. Iranian horror picked up by Netflix.
War on Everyone - John Michael McDonagh comedy about two corrupt cops (Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña) in New Mexico. With Tessa Thompson, Theo James, Stephanie Sigman, and Caleb Landry Jones.
Zama - Lucrecia Martel adapting Antonio di Benedetto. The book is good, although it's not my favorite by the author.

Arrowhead - "A low budget Star Wars-inspired sci-fi movie featuring Shaun Micallef as the voice of a droid that looks like a desktop computer from the early 90s? Well, OK." [trailer]
certain comic book and other franchise movies that don't need further promotion
Sherpa - Jennifer Peedom. A documentary that changed subject when tragedy struck.
XX - horror anthology with only female directors and leads. [IMDB]

Ali and Nino - Documentarian Asif Kapadia tries drama with this legendary Azerbaijani love story. Stars María Valverde and Adam Bakri. First reviews weren't glowing, though.
The Bad Batch- Director Ana Lily Amirpour turns to remote Texas and a community of cannibals. With Jim Carrey, Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves, Diego Luna, and Giovanni Ribisi. No word if Masuka the cat will make a cameo.
The Bride of Rip Van Winkle - Shunji Iwai
A Cure for Wellness - Gore Verbinski horror with Dane DeHaan.
Eight & a Half -Hong Kong anthology directed by Ann Hui, Sammo Hung, Ringo Lam, Patrick Tam, Johnnie To, Tsui Hark, John Woo, and Yuen Woo-Ping.
Éternité - Tran Anh Hung (The Vertical Ray of the Sun, The Scent of Green Papaya, Cyclo) directing Mélanie Laurent, Beatrice Bejo and Audrey Tautou in period drama.
The Handmaid - Park Chan-wook
In a Valley of Violence -
Ti West directs a Western. With Ethan Hawke, Karen Gillan, John Travolta, Taissa Farmiga, Burn Gorman, James Ransone, and Toby Huss (who is so good on Halt and Catch Fire).
High Life - Claire Denis directs a galaxy-explorer story written for the screen by Zadie Smith and Nick Laird.
Laissez Bronzer Les Cadavres -
Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani do film noir. "The only other certainty is their continued collaboration with one of the most talented cinematographers working today, Manu Dacosse.
Love and Friendship -
Whit Stillman's approach could be suitable for adapting Jane Austen.
Madly - anthology by Gael García Bernal, Anurag Kashyap, Natasha Khan, Sebastián Silva, Sion Sono, and Mia Wasikowska.
Midnight Special - Jeff Nichols. Michael Shannon plays a father protecting his superpowered young son. With Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and Sam Shepard.
Mindörökké (For Ever) - György Pálfi makes unique films.
Neon Demon - Nicolas Winding Refn does horror. Stars Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks.
The Queen of Katwe - Mira Nair directs Lupita Nyong'o as the Ugandan chess player Phiona Mutesi. With David Oyelowo.
A Quiet Passion - Terence Davies directs Cynthia Nixon and Jennifer Ehle in a biopic about Emily Dickinson.
The Salesman - Asghar Farhadi directs a movie about actors performingThe Death of a Salesman.
The Sense of an Ending, Ritesh Batra (The Lunchbox) directs a prestige UK production.
Story of Your Life - Denis Villeneuve adapts Ted Chiang's alien contact story
A United Kingdom -. Amma Assante. "David Oyelowo plays Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana, who causes an international stir on marrying a white woman from London (Rosamund Pike)."
The Unknown Girl - Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. "Adèle Haenel plays Jenny, “a doctor who becomes obsessed with the identity of an unknown woman who died after being refused surgery.”

Birkebeinerne (The Last King) - Norway in 1206 is in civil war. With Kristofer Hivju, Jakob Oftebro, and Benjamin Helstad.
Don't Think Twice - An improv group of friends face conflict when one member lands a TV show while the rest have to deal with the lease. With Gillian Jacobs and Keegan Michael-Key.
Ghoomketu - Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a writer who goes to Mumbai to "prove his worth" in 30 days. This comedy has has supporting roles/cameos? by Amitabh Bachan and Huma Qureshi. Anurag Kashyap plays an Inspector.
Loving - Another Jeff Nichols film has Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton as the couple in a landmark mixed-race marriage case.
Our Kind of Traitor - Ewan McGregor, Naomie Harris, Damien Lewis, Stellan Skarsgård, Grigory Dobrygin, and Pawel Szajda in a John le Carré adaptation.
Over the Fence - Nobuhiro Yamashita directs Joe Odagirl and Yû Aoi.

IMDB: 2016 in upcoming TV series
When does [insert show name here] come back in the United States?
io9's guide to sci-fi/fantasy TV
Kotaku's guide to Winter 2016 anime

Falling Water (USA): Three people (David Aja, Will Yun Lee, and Lizzie Brocheré) caught in a collective dream that might help them save the world. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed the pilot, which I hope will have the same creepy vibe as his early feature Intacto. Among the other credits is Ramón Fernández as "Mysterious Latin Man."
Frontier (Netflix): the North Atlantic fur trade in the late 18th century. Stars Jason Momoa.
Luke Cage (Netflix) and other Marvel shows
Midnight Sun - Leïla Bekhti plays a French detective sent to Arctic Sweden to investigate what will be the first of several murders.
SS-GB (BBC One): Sam Riley plays a detective drawn into a complicated case in Nazi-occupied London. Also stars Kate Bosmorth, Jason Flemyng, and Aneurin Barnard.
Underground (WGN America): Runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. Stars Aldis Hodge. Premieres March 9.
Westworld (HBO) I like the cast, but I'm worried we'll be forced to sit through a lot of gratuitous...everything. Ed Brubaker's on the writing staff, though.

I'll see if the Powerpuff Girls' reboot is ok...I think I'm one of the few who was ok with the newer special. There will also be Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection. The Living and the Dead (with Colin Morgan) looks like a slower approach supernatural show. New horror includes Slasher (with Katie McGrath) and a modern-day Tales from the Darkside (is it a TV movie or failed pilot?) along with a Tales from the Crypt reboot that's more like one tale per season [more].. Secret City has Anna Torv, Jacki Weaver, and intrigue, although Aussies tell me that few Australian dramas turn out well. TNT is trying to adapt Animal Kingdom to Southern California, while Sony is adapting Roadside Picnic as a TV show, La Reina del Sur will be Queen of the South, and The Phantom of the Opera is becoming the TV show Coney Island. Richard Armitage is a spy again in Berlin Station. Archie Panjabi will lead the ABC anthology The Jury but I'm not sure if that will air in fall.
This is the best series synopsis I've found:
Blood Drive: The cars run on blood. Do you need a plot?

(not including shows in midseason or on my to-try list. I just started Manhattan and I'm already sad that it wasn't renewed for a third season.)
Agent Carter - season 2 recently started, seems alright so far
Black Mirror - returning on Netflix, with Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis in the first episode
Fortitude - filming season 2 right now
Halt and Catch Fire
Orphan Black - April
I forgot what other shows I watch...

io9's sci-fi/fantasy book preview and comics preview
promising: The Winged Histories, I Am Providence, The Last Days of New Paris, Certain Dark Things, The Winds of Winter (???)
The Millons' Great 2016 Book preview
I have This Census-Taker in my library stack but I've heard negative reviews. Maybe The Queen of the Night will live up to hype.The Book of Memory sounds promising. I'd want to read Álvaro Enrigue's Sudden Death untranslated. I like Oyeyemi's works although the ending of Boy, Snow, Bird was a big misstep. Shelter, by Jung Yun, Margaret the First, by Danielle Dutton, and Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi, could be good. Aravind Adiga's The Selections will be out in June.
Bomb Magazine spring books preview
A Floating Chinaman, by Hua Hsu, sounds interesting.
25 new books by African writers
I'll look out for The Maestro, the Magistrate and the Mathematician and Tales of the Metric System. Wow, that combination sounds nerdy.
ETA: Upcoming books by Black authors

2016 in music
Stereogum’s 101 most anticipated albums

The Last Shadow Puppets
M.I.A. – Matahdatah
maybe RJD2
Islands will have two albums?
Lemaitre's latest single is danceable.
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I like making lists, and as I was making my way through flist, I was ~inspired~.
This is where I like to show off my weird taste.


1) "The Night Last Night (feat. Rose Elinor Dougall and Alex Greenwald)" - Mark Ronson and the Business International
Beautiful use of melody and counterpoint.
2) "Seamstress" - Dessa
Sharp lyrics and haunting sound.
3) Gasoline - The Dead Weather
Raw and ripped.
4) “Tightrope”- Janelle Monae
Can't help but dance to this. Takes a retro R&B sound and makes it fresh.
5) "Tighten Up" -The Black Keys
One Youtube commenter said that he or she sang this song to a scoop of ice cream because it made him or her happy.
6) "Ikiru (To Live)" - Tokyo Jihen
First, it makes crazy use of autotune to create a robotic barbershop chorus feel. Then it breaks into bouncy '20's-ish pop jazz. The melody stays strong throughout, even though its range is probably too ambitious for Ringo-chan's voice (or my voice when I try to sing to it). The lyrics are quite depressing for its bright sound.
7) "Stylo" - Gorillaz
cool on the down low
8) The Tron:Legacy Soundtrack
9) "Runaway" (feat. Pusha T) - Kanye West
I still need to see the short film. However, I realized I really liked this song when it was playing in a store and I became lost in my mind.
10) "The Island - Part 2 - Dusk" - Pendulum
I like fast-paced electronic songs that have lots of variety.

Cover songs that I also enjoyed:
"Stand By Me" - Prince Royce (cover)
be quiet it's cute and fun to sway to
Mike Patton - "Il Cielo In Una Stanza" and "Ore D'Amore"
Songs to burst out in the car or on a table or on a stage.

Best mainstream pop chorus - "Billionaire." There's just something sad and hopeful about it.

Two more lists:

There is a * by stuff I really enjoyed, for one reason or another. Not an exact indication of quality.

Books read in 2010 )

Movies watched in 2010 )

ETA: oh shoot I forgot that I really liked "Born Free" by M.I.A
I didn't listen to much of the new album, but I reallllllllllllly liked that song
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so the digital transition has messed some things up, and we have to get a more powerful antenna to get some of our old channels

but with digital comes new channels

60.2, one of the public tv stations, is showing Setanta now.

lol my dad was like "what is this sport they're kicking the ball and carrying it" IT'S RUGBY DAD

also, a week ago, I found that 11.3 was showing some swimming competition. I watched Ryan Lochte win a race. And then I switched it, because Conan was starting.

the secret analog broadcast of MTV 3 is still going on, though.

meme time!

via [ profile] pressao

I just did the LJ stats thing and picked the top 8 commenters

1) [ profile] claennis
2) [ profile] never_evil
3) [ profile] realproof
4) [ profile] croakvegas
5) [ profile] sharkina
6) [ profile] subtle__sarcasm
7 [ profile] blumenfeuer
8) [ profile] rebelstrike21

the questions! )

and, reposting this for fun

free counters
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Outside Lands 09 festival announced

who I'd sooooooo want to see if I could afford the time and money for a ticket, because seriously those tickets are expensive:

M.I.A. (I hope she pops by the Berkeley Amoeba again for a free show...argh why did I not check the website so often in summer whyyyyy)
The Mars Volta (I know their concerts are tiring, but in this format I don't have to stay the whole show)
Os Mutantes
Portugal, The Man

and probably check out TV on the Radio, KINKY, Dengue Fever, and Raphael Saadiq as well. Maybe even Atmosphere, Mastodon (lol) and Calexico.

everyone else is just whatever or okay that's nice for me. Although Tom Jones odd choice.
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argh, I should have done more work this Spring Break. But then again, I don't feel that I've relaxed enough.

via [ profile] prthecrazyone:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends!
ah whatever, here you go, no tagging )

I've been in the mood for horror these past few weeks.

I finished reading Ted the Caver. It was alright, but I could recognize some of the tricks used in other stories.
thoughts on the story and its rumored veracity;
the original, complete story (pg 14 is where the online version stopped).
Sometimes it's better to leave things unexplained.
also finished Dionea House and its related sites. Also pretty good but I can see the gimmick. I guess, with stories like this, I want something as developed as House of Leaves.
Still, this is creepy: Those who know, we consume.
one of the commenters created a nice name for this genre: docu-horror
ETA: okay, I'm reading more of the connected blog comments and now I'm afraid of doors. what. I should be afraid of one-story houses

via IMDB:
Survive the Outbreak, an interactive zombie movie. Anyone want to try it?
the use of sound in horror film
Some of the best analysis I've seen on the "torture porn" genre, and very concise but informative on the topic of cinematic sound as well.
Zodiac utilizes an interesting technique when the voice of the Zodiac killer is heard over 911 lines. David Fincher and his sound team assembled a vocal track using two different actors’ voices, alternating each word, in order to create an altogether strange, but not unreal, moment.
aww cool.

finally, [ profile] ladyalcalmy found this link to last night's episode of Supernatural: The Changing Light at Sandover
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news links saved in my Yahoo!Notepad:

6 die in bomb outside Danish Embassy in Pakistan
Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil
Whenever they say "lost to civilization" or something like that, it irks me. My modern Anthro training makes me go grr at all the cultural arrogance implied in the headlines...
from a while back: Nepal abolishes monarchy

- - -
and now, a music meme I couldn't resist, via [ profile] realproof:

here )

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Is it bad that when I read “Possible Tornado rips through Atlanta,” I thought “Possible Tomato?” And pictured it too. bad bad me.

[ profile] logovo1 posted these links:
LJ Ad butler
how you can remove ads from LJ accounts

some of the best recent webcomics that weren't about the late Gary Gygax:
Horton hears Cthulhu
You’ve been Ringrolled.

Video time!
[ profile] padfootie posted this video of Adrian Pasdar flying. In a plane, of course. Excellent choice of music.

Want something super bizarre: Watch World War II as reenacted by food
It kind of cracks me up that the assistant animator is named Adam Levine.

[ profile] hannahstarr posted a cute vid of a dancing walrus.

[ profile] cleolinda linked to two new "epilepsy-inducing" Speed Racer trailers.
ack they've been taken down. But I found this on Youtube, check it before that's gone too...

And two music videos.
One of them’s a pretty, mostly black-white animation vid for Shiina Ringo's "Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh ver.)," one of the songs from the movie Sakuran. The song itself is a pretty, punchy little tango pop song.
The black cat is Shiina Ringo’s alter ego symbol thing.

I have been playing this next video over and over for the past three? four? days.
Buraka Som Sistema (feat. M.I.A., Puto Prata, DJ Znobia, Saborosa) - “Sound of Kuduro”
The sound is fast and furious, and should appeal to those who like their dance music grimy and baile funk-ish.

What is Kuduro?
Kuduro isn’t world music. Well, not the kind of world music that finds its way onto Later with Jools Holland or a Damon Albarn album. This is the raw, uncompromising sound of the streets of Luanda, Angola. Meaning ‘hard ass’ or ‘stiff bottom’, it combines traditional Angolan Kilapanga, Semba and Zouk with Western house and techno.
related links here )

the past Sunday, we were eating at Chevy's. They usually play a bunch of current Spanish language pop, but I was suprised to hear ABBA singing "Mamma Mia!" in Spanish. I heard another one of their Spanish songs on the radio a while ago, and it's kinda weird yo.
And then what played next at Chevy's? A 60’s folk pop-style version of “Float On.” In English, mind you. Interesting.
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whee, my grades are out!
Andean Archaeology: A-
Intro to Native American Studies: A
History and Theory of Ethnographic Film: A-
International Perspectives in Education: P (it was a pass/fail two credit class, but it filled a breadth req)

Wrecked my sleep schedule even further, though.

oh, in my Solstice Special #2, I forgot Sword of Doom(Dai-bosatsu tôge) (1966)
During most of the film, I thought it was an admirable, watchable critique of the last days of the samurai. Samurai became ronin, women were dishonored, and a sword-obsessed fighter like Ryonosuke Tsukue (Tatsuya Nakadai) is drawn to the path of darkness. Director Kihachi Okamoto maintains excellent tone with traditional austerity and more modern quick close-ups. These techniques hold the film together during sequences that intially seem like random, peaceful digressions.
Everything coalesces in the thrilling finale. The moral ugliness and violence of all that has come before comes to a shocking conclusion, and Ryonosuke Tsukue earns his place as one of the scariest screen villains of all time. 8.2

from [ profile] red_sunflower via [ profile] dontburnhot:
Torchwood S2 trailer!!!! Captain Jack's back! James Marsters with awesome jacket! Ianto! SpaceCrack!
and, via flist: BBC2 mixed Heroes with Torchwood. oh dear. Genius. They do share a Claude connection...
and hey, Doctor Who/Heroes macro slash!

in other great advertising concepts, something for the philosophy-inclined: The Kant attack ad. (via [ profile] ucberkeley)

Yes, Chow Yun-Fat will play Master Roshi in the Dragonball movie.

M.I.A. is angry with how companies messed up "Paper Planes.
I like her, and it's a great song. The gunshot sounds are essential! Don't mess with them.
Stereogum and Team 9 present their year-end collection of mashups. The tracks:
1 - "It's A Sweet Ghost Party" (Band Of Horses vs. Guns N' Roses vs. 2 Live Crew)
2 - "M.I.A.-Team" (M.I.A. vs. The A-Team Theme)
Promising concept, HORRIBLE exectution.
3 - "Smalltown Apology" (One Republic vs. Bronski Beat)
4 - "Roc Knife" (Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear) (MP3)
5 - "A Forest Prayer" (Bloc Party vs. The Cure) (MP3)
Very nice.
6 - "Loose Dancing" (Bangers & Cash vs. The Bee Gees)
7 - "My Man My Bomb" (Feist vs. New Young Pony Club)
Interesting, but I don't like the NYPC vocals much.
8 - "Smokey Fire" (Arcade Fire vs. Smokey Robinson vs. The Gunsmoke Theme)
soft and sweet.
9 - "Countdown To Girls" (Europe vs. Sean Kingston vs. Calvin Harris)
10 - "Ratatat Under Ether" (Ratatat vs. PJ Harvey)

Highly recommended: this 5-minute mashup of Billboard's Top 25 songs of 2007. Even if the individual tracks aren't to your liking, the mashup itself is a work of masterful control and skill.

Stereogum's also got a list of albums coming out in 2008.

La Blogotheque has Caribou's first acoustic show, a little something from Jens Lekman in Portland, and the Romanian band Taraf de Haidouks. Also, their Department of Eagles one was just magical.

Paolo Nutini wants Jimmy Page to produce his next album. whaaa?

and hey, 30 Rock fans: It's a Jordan Christmas!
and Conan rocked the guitar last night.

If you've ever suffered through Powerpoint presentations and/or economics, watch these videos.

Finally, let's dance with Bret, Jemaine, and Lobot!
Or you can just party with the Russian cannibals of "Petrov, Yelyena, and Me."
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Heroes thoughts
2.5: Fight or Flight )

Also, a random conversation…
[ profile] never_evil: Whee Nathan is getting his lawyer!mojo on. Awesomecakes.

[ profile] chrryblssmninja: Welcome to the Petrelli Bakery! We have Awesomecakes, Strudels of Suspicion, Conspiracy Cookies, and Dysfunction Danishes!
we ran out of Slash Scones

Oooh...what if Heroes was like a street of shops! Sylar would have a watch shop of course, Mohinder would have a research facility/karaoke bar, the Bennets would have a "Pets n' Paper," and...
okay me crazy

[ profile] never_evil: ...Micah an electronic repair shop, Matt a psychic gypsy place amd Kensei would just say "But where's the rum????" to people on the streets a lot..

[ profile] chrryblssmninja: hee, Kensei would make an excellent barkeeper. He would give no-nonense advice to his customers, along with funny nicknames. He could break up fights and not get hurt. That is, if he were sober enough to know there was a fight going on...
- - -
Main Street Heroes. Pay the shopkeeper, save the world.
- - -

Masi Oka promotes Heroes on Japanese morning program
Via [ profile] canadian_turtle:
Zachary Quinto photoshoot vid. Youtube version
M.I.A likes Heroes!
I found that interview a while ago…strange that they played one of her songs today…
Sendhil Ramamurthy interview
Asteroid belt named for George Takei

The subject of my ethnographic film project is “Community and Ownership Among the Heroes Fandom.” What could be in the film:
con footage
interviews with fans - or just casual watchers- around Berkeley or Fremont
Youtube or voice post testimonials from any of you outside of Northern California
LJ posts, either in English or Spanish or other languages (if you provide a translation for me)
Two people from my area to read out loud posts or fic and to explain terms such as “crack”
Footage of Heroes get-togethers (at dorms and such)
Maybe an interview with a local TV critic on the effect of Heroes
Footage of fanvids and other fan activities (icons, manips, fics, etc.)

I plan to ask fans on [ profile] heroes_alerts sometime to put a dot on a map indicating where they’re from. There will be three maps: 1) location of fans (no names, just dot of location), 2) how episode is procured (either on TV/ or download), and 3) if you download, do you rewatch it when it’s aired in your home country? Go to conventions featuring Heroes? Buy DVDs or Heroes merchandise?

Also, can anyone point me to organized Heroes fandom communities outside of Livejournal?

This project will, I hope, demonstrate how media is consumed today, and how technology -television, internet, etc.- facilitates the creation of communities between people, RL and/or internet.

Since many fan activities are illegal, I am willing to block out your name or just use your voice or hide urls in the documentary. THE LAST THING I WANT IS FOR ANY OF YOU TO GET IN TROUBLE.

My professor said that for a project like this, I am free to shoot footage of anything, legal or not.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I need some feedback to work with in typing up the film proposal.
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First off, via flist...
If you see a "Career Cruising" meme going around, please don't participate or pass it on. It's not a free quiz--it's on a pay site, and by using whoever's login/password it is, you're going to get them into a huge amount of trouble. It's a site for professional career counselors and their clients, and my suspicion is that one of those clients leaked the password, probably to their friends, and it went wild from there. So, you know, for the sake of this poor counselor, please tell people to delete or lock their meme entries or not participate at all. I don't know if the counselor can change his/her password, either.


So that is my loose, loose story of most of the main music and music fannishness that's been going in my head recently. If I can get at least a few of my flist trying out the awesomely raw rock of Sleater-Kinney or the creative (yes! really!) reggaeton of Calle 13, then...that would make my day.
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They arrested the guy who stabbed someone at Kennedy (my old high school, where my brother currently goes) yesterday. He’s a former Kennedy student. Agh, last time (September, last year) it was two students stabbing someone on their first day of school at Kennedy. Come on, we have a bad enough reputation in Fremont as it is, a lot of it unearned and due to tons of prejudices (money, class esp, with a hint of race/immigration). aggh. If you have to stab someone, don’t stab ‘em at Kennedy! bad bad me

Had lunch with the very cool [ profile] deadxdreamer today! We so need to watch games sometime.

So, over the past week or so… Shinzo Abe resigned from office in Japan, and then got hospitalized, another earthquake soon followed the one that hit Indonesia, Man U manager Alex Ferguson was attacked at a London train station, US rallied for a 2-2 tie Tuesday in its opener at the Women's World Cup, [ profile] cibeles informed about 28 dead in an attack in Algeria that didn’t get much press, Ethiopia celebrated the coming of the third millenium, China cracked down on talent shows, and Madeleine L’Engle passed away.


Super-huge-ginormous music post (featuring Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson, Sleater-Kinney, Calle 13, and more) to come soon. I’ll just point you to the streaming performances for Austin City Limits this weekend. All times central. AGGH WHY I MISS M.I.A. STAGE NOO
Acts I want to catch:
Saturday: Andrew Bird, Paolo Nutini, Arctic Monkeys
Sunday: DeVotchKa, Regina Spektor

super music post
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I start commenting, then I go to my journal to look up something, and then I end up tag-rearranging for an hour. Yup. Chek owt mah funkeh tagz. Still a work in progress.

Oh: I saw an animated icon of Miro flipping in Bayern gear and my eyes got teary. Fortunately, this was when my eyes were dry and in need of moisture. How nice of my angst to do that.
But seriously. After some comment chat with some of my flist (especially [ profile] rebelstrike21 -hugs Iris tight-) I have gotten over most of my MiroDrama. It still hurts, but it was his decision and I really felt bad when I heard he was too injured to play in that game against England, and I think he just might still be my favorite player. Might. That’s still a bit muddy.
A late equalizer from hosts Hamburg denied Bayern a fourth straight win… Miroslav Klose's opener gave the Bavarian giants the lead after 70 minutes but three minutes from time Mohamed Zidan leveled things up at 1-1. The Egyptian thus became the first man to score against Ottmar Hitzfeld's side this season…
Hey, at least two former Bremen players scored!

Aack…I want to talk about Labor Day Weekend (and Tuesday), but so much happened that…I just start with Saturday. Because blogs foster egocentrism or something.

Saturday was awesome.
First, I got up early to watch Bremen vs. Frankfurt. My early wake-up time also allowed me to get up Mom for work. Really, waking up for streams is kind of improving my life.
thoughts during the match )
Some links:
Diego twist-hits the ball! His Nike T-90 interview aack I keep on watching the yellow circle forming on the side
All goals from Bremen-Frankfurt, complete with the Gol TV commentary and THE DANCE!

While I was watching, the Emo!kitty was staring at me from the cushion in the patio.

Afterward, I watched Spike Jonze Spends Saturday with M.I.A. Seriously, I’ve been playing Kala over and over on my CD player and in my head.
From that site: Kala is a direct result of globalization, a direct result of mainstream pop, rap and rock, and without those influences it would have never been made; a scary thought indeed - that there might be an up-side to the down-sides of globalization.
Hee Spike Jonze’s voice. My favorite part…talks about preconceptions of Third World, and dances with teddy bear. Poor Shemko, though. It’s interesting when she also comments about party music just being about shaking your privates, and her loss of connection to “her people” after the first album came out.

After that, I divided my time between: surfing for more M.I.A., playing with Kerri the Cat through the screen door, and eating pancakes. More surfing, then I started exercising, playing Kala in the background. However, when it got to “Boyz,” I just had to stop and dance…

Then went to Marina to get some stuff my grandma asked for. Also checked out Daiso, the new Japanese discount store they’ve been raving about on [ profile] aroundfremont. It’s fantastic! For [ profile] claraious -since she’s off to Georgia on Friday- I got a crazy pencil pouch that’s decorated like a cracktastic bag of tortilla chips (Cheese-flavored! Goes great with chips and beer!), as well as a wrist rest. I also bought a small comb, tiny post-its for a friend, and “Children Pinch,” these tiny clothespins decorated as “brother,” “sister,” “dog,” “me.” I won’t take them out of the bag. They’re priceless the way they are right now. Got some tea at Tap Ex and went home.

Watched some more Aqua Teen S3 while cruising for more M.I.A stuff on the web. Did some homework too. Also saw some exciting bits of Cal vs. Tennessee (yay!) and read Sports J, the Japanese-language weekly periodical I picked up at Daiso. Good reading practice, yes. When I went into my room and turned on the radio, they were playing “Supermassive Black Hole!” So I sang along to that. And because of a Labor Day special on Live 105, it was followed by “Knights of Cydonia.” I sang and tapped and air-strummed to that one. With my radio, I can hear a bit of 105.7 if I touch a certain point of the stereo. So following my Muse sing-alongs, I danced merengue to Elvis Crespo’s “Sonrisa.” Me was happy.

Oh, and later on, on the dorama Furin Kazan, I ended up calling out to my dad: “Hey! It’s our alien cousin! Gackt!” My friend Mimi said he would be there sometime, playing Rurouni Kenshin or something. Well, I guess it’s the first time he’s shown up…he plays Nagao Kagetora, the son of some lord who sent him to the monastery because Kagetora-san was too vicious. But Kagetora’s brother brought him back to the family because brother was sickly. 4 years later (seriously, 5 years are covered in one episode), brother is dead, Kagetora takes power, and his sister begs him to make her marry their enemy cousin so there will be peace and Kagetora’s like NO. The character’s pretty cool; Gackt’s not the greatest actor, but he’s capable, and has an otherworldly presence that suits Kagetora. Oh, and eye patch-guy (the main character I saw in earlier eps) is still running around, causing trouble with gun shipments and stuff. And there’s more alliance-breaking. No wonder they put character names on screen- so many factions, so little time…
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Linkety dumpety time!

morally grey cheerleader brains with swords that paint the future
From [ profile] canadian_turtle: America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Zachary Quinto, Jack Coleman, Sara Ramirez and many others ham it up to benefit Local AIDS Charities for
The summary does not mention Sendhil and James!
Q&A with Kristen Bell. According to [ profile] yahtzee63, she plays someone with general ties to the Company and (this is interesting) to "Peter's supposed death."
Hayden article.
Asked Panettiere about a rumor that Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennet (aka HRG), would be back to his old tricks in the second season, she said, "I think we all have proven that in this show, we all have our dirty little secrets. I wish I could turn bad. I would turn bad in a second. I'd be the villain."
The Bennet supervillains! Mr. Muggles, sitting, stroking a cat. Yes.
[ profile] canadian_turtle is taking questions for the Heroes cast
Uhura joins Sulu on Heroes! TV Guide says she’ll play a New Orleans survivor who will take care of Micah (she’s his great aunt). She is somehow related to the Dana Davis character.
Yes! Someone finally made a Heroes vid to Knights of Cydonia!

Casting news for Lost!
Paul Reubens to be on Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies article
Cartoon Network is limiting its characters' appearance on children's food and drinks to healthy choices, the third company to do so in the past week.
Top 10 supporting characters on TV. Includes Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Murray from FOtC, Stanley and Toby from The Office!

stranger than fiction
Via [ profile] cleolinda: Northern Irishman bites girlfriend’s snake in half
Cool Carpet of Colorful Sea Creatures Discovered 2 Miles Deep
Overdosed Opera: Stressed stage singers turn to drugs
Art world wonders: Two young New York artists commit suicide. Sad story.
Scandal and Suicide in China: A Dark Side of Toys. Is it bad of me to think that this would make a fantastic novel?
Panda twin dies
Space hotel sees 2012 opening

movies and the people who make them
Rainn Wilson wants to be an alcoholic ninja
Hey, no drinking on duty.
Over the next couple of months, we'll see the return of the Western, violent video-game adaptations and some vigilante justice.
A bit old, but some of you might still enjoy: Actor friends Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal playing soccer
Michael Cera has a band?
Snagged from [Bad username or site: forest house @]: Frank Miller to direct adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic “The Spirit.”. Starring Gabriel Macht, Scarlett Johannson, and Eva Mendes.
100 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood
War. Jet Li. Jason Statham. That’s all you need to know.

bats for The Dark Knight
Vermont senator Patrick Leahy to be in Dark Knight
Dark Knight in Chicago
A fan asked if Batman would be more of a detective in this movie…
"The short answer is 'yes,'" Nolan said.
As the crowd filed out, there was one last surprise. All of the free T-shirts have, in neon writing only visible by blacklight, "Ha ha" written on them. Ha!
New Batman theme song? noo noo noo noo

music sweet music I wish I could caress
MIA vs. Ramones: Sri Lanka High School
MIA teaches kids to dance on Pancake Mountain
Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard was a punk rocker in high school.
Astralwerks to have new Babyshambles
From [ profile] hermitua: The Beatles' last live performance, on top of the Abbey Road studio, eventually broken up by the police: Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3
Guitar Hero III preview Slash is the spokesman?
I squeed when I saw Knights of Cydonia in the trailer!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaay

footie footie yay
A capacity crowd came to see David Beckham play soccer and a fight broke out.
Beckham played the entire 90 minutes for the third time in six days, and was limping slightly near the end of the game in which he served as captain for the third consecutive match.
"He looked hobbled," Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said. "I used him tonight and I shouldn't have done that." …
A shoving match ensued between the teams, which Beckham quickly backed out of and circled around. Defender Alex Zotinca of Chivas USA head-butted Galaxy midfielder Kevin Harmse in the scrum, and Harmse threw a punch at Zotinca. Both received red cards.

Sheesh. Here’s the video.
Hey Liverpool/Chelsea flisters! Rob Styles admits he was wrong!
Jose says Chelsea is “pure and naïve”
To which Rafa Benitez said: 'If Chelsea are naive and pure then I'm Little Red Riding Hood.'
Benitez also blasts Premiership
French goalkeeper Jeremie Janot dresses as Spiderman during match. More Janot.
Gift Grub sends managers back to school.
Rafa, did you eat Roy’s lunch?
Wenger is trying to look at my homework!

Lampard has his own TV Channel? Just for mobile phones, though.
MLS’ unfriendly schedule
US soccer organization has teamed up with Adidas to curate a spread of theme songs for each of the league's teams, getting hometown bands to whip up some fight music. Includes Akwid, Barenaked Ladies, Damone, Kinky, OK Go, The Polyphonic Spree (free mp3 in the link), The Rapture, and RJD2.
Via [ profile] sharkina: Funny footballers
Sunderland manager Roy Keane has blasted "weak" Premier League players who are allowing their wives and girlfriends (WAGs) to dictate their careers.

footie footie yay II: Revenge of the Arsenal
Via [ profile] greeniebach: Lehmann out for two weeks. YOU CAN STOP YOUR POLLING NOW
Kaká : “I’d only ever join Arsenal in England. I love the way Arsenal play football.
Da Silva scored for Croatia
Gilberto Silva: If the chance comes, it would be extremely honourable to finish my career as a Gunner.
Wenger chats with Becks and Sol Campbell
Captain Kolo!
Theo Walcott’s girlfriend Melanie Slade took time out from celebrating her A-Level results last week, to respond to Roy Keane’s claims (see link in first footie section)
Aww, she sounds really cool. Great taste, Theo!

footie footie yay: The TV Series: Episode 1: England vs. Germany )

the New Zealand robotic invasion
Via [ profile] never_evil: Flight of the Conchords icons! More icons!
An interview with Bret and Jemaine
Second season!

pan fandom
Star Wars Rocks interview with comic book and TV scribe Brian K. Vaughan
“Well, just to name-drop, Joss Whedon was trying to convince me that A New Hope is a better film than The Empire Strikes Back, but I choose to believe he was drunk at the time," Vaughan laughs.
From [ profile] yaiyah: Fandom Conversion Meme

my loco local Bay Area
SF school district gets salad bars whaat!
Mountain lion found dead in Fremont elementary school
Berkeley students get free sneak peak of The Kingdom. Stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven. A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Naia said they didn’t know about the tickets…
The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I’ve visited it, and driven past it many times. It’d be so fun if they did a mention on Supernatural.

meme attack
[ profile] jetaimerai:
1. Go to
2. Seach in Harry Potter fanfiction for summaries with your name in them.
3. Post. Try not to snicker.

haaaaa )
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me is dead from school supplies/clothes shopping.
Monday to Thursday aaagh
I really need to work on that URAP app

Thank goodness for excess scholarship money.

On Tueday, I bought four music CDs. See, my brother wanted to buy the video game Bioshock (aah such a pretty Art Deco design, aack the scary Little Sisters). We went to Circuit City first, but the store ran out. In the time it took for him to find that out, I was able to find a two-pack of Muse CDs (Showbiz and Absolution) for $16.99. I didn't even know you could even get Showbiz in the US without paying crazy import prices. But the pack box said Warner Music Australia...I wonder how it ended up in Circuit City, especially since I found their general CD selection lacking...

So we went to Best Buy, carrying the Circuit City flyer that shall bring price-match savings. I so wanted to go to Best Buy this week because M.I.A's Kala and Mark Ronson's Version were on sale, $7.99 each (and Best Buy has an exclusive remix of "Bird Flu" that's pretty cool). So my brother got his game, and I got my music. Aack spending spree. But hey look, I actually buy some of my music! I don't think I'll be buying another CD for a while, though...heh...unless they put White Rabbits on sale...or I stumble upon another 99-cent single...
But what's with me buying all these British artists whose names start with "M?"

Yesterday I found these awesome crossword-design Converses. But all the sizes were too big. Today I found a similar design in Vans. Only the black-white-pink ones fit me; the simply black-white ones were, yet again, too big.
My gosh. HAS MY SIZE BEEN ZAPPED FROM EVERY STORE IN THE UNIVERSE! Seriously, I can find most things one size bigger (some shirts, most pants, skirts I actually like, almost all shoes, and even today the underwear) and sometimes a size smaller (the other pants, the other shoes) but my size in American female terms - 4 for pants/skirts, S or M for shirts, 4-5 1/2 for shoes - is either rare -just one left! aaggh it's ripped- or not there. It's not just one store. It's a conspiracy.

I think I'll go organize my linkspam and do that URAP app and keep reading The Devil in the White City did you know that Meg White like that book yes she does speak sometimes she's just shy it's not Jack White being mean. Have a nice life, everyone.
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Hi people. It‘s Linkspam Weekend!!!
As always, not LJ-cutting in case anything catches your interest.

Messthrough ‘07
The revised letter to LJ/Six Apart that you can sign with a comment.
Via [ profile] logovo1: What! Links aren’t safe either? You’re going back on your word, LJ.
Also from [ profile] logovo: A different view on the matter.

Season 2 preview! Guaranteed to elicit reactions of “wow” and “what?”
Hints on new villains
Hey, it’s Sark n’ Sylar! Hey, David Anders, smile better! You’ve just been promoted to series regular!
On a different tangent, Spock meets Spock!
Masi Oka: ''When Zach and I would hang out, he'd have a rubber band over his fingers, practicing his muscle. We've come up with ways to practice — wiggle the fingers, doing yoga for the hand.... He's been practicing for about a month. I'm betting on him. He'll get it down.''
Quinto will go MIA during a chunk of the upcoming season to film Star Trek (the logistics were hammered out between Lindelof and Heroes creator Tim Kring, who are old friends)

Meanwhile Milo’s in “A Mall World”, doing his best Conor Oberst impression to date.

Snatched from [ profile] miladygrey: Doctor Who macros sing Buffy’s “I Have a Theory.”
For more macro fun,
here’s one from [ profile] colonials, the best macro site in the 13 colonies.
Lego Torchwood?
John Barrowman’s Scottish accent

Leftover TV Dinner
Vote in Kristen’s Tater Top awards!
Interview with Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth (!) on 30 Rock.
Buffy’s Jonathan is now a screenwriter!
John Krasinski as a kid
Spy on Chuck

Becks makes respectable debut, but Galaxy still lose
Is it weird that when I see the headline “Beckham makes MLS debut as Galaxy fall to United,” I think Man United first?
Oh, and Becks vs. Zidane in Sydney game?
Volzy stuck in the toilet?
Footballers when they were young (hee Iker) and more fun footballer pics.
And via [ profile] der_schnix: Great Bundesliga article
Best player
Diego: 13 goals, 100 assists (roughly), a bit of magic and spades of imagination.
Best form of dissent
Willy Sagnol to referee Markus Merk: "Ref, we'll substitute."
Merk: "I don't see your sub."
Sagnol: "No, we're substituting you."
Great job, Surly Sagnol!
The Ashley Cole Award for super secretive contract negotiations: Miroslav Klose
Waaaah…I shall get over this. See my icon? That is my coping icon. I AM COPING!
Unfortunately, his young and inexperienced agent couldn't get the phone to ring so in the end the only option was to look south. Interesting…
From [ profile] nolwe: Arsenal posing with white kit, interviews with Tomas and Theo.

Amy Winehouse rushed to hospital and now sent to rehab, while Lily Allen is detained at airport and and needs chicken soup. Oh, and Keith Richards really did snort his dad’s ashes.
Via Buzzgrinder: “Jamgate is live; a web-based app for musicians to manage, sell and distro their music without the commission that is usually charged on other sites.”
Free Flight of the Conchords MP3: Business Time. Through that link you can also listen to their new EP, The Distant Future.
La Blogotheque made Sufjan Stevens perform on a roof.
The Arctic Monkeys perform dressed as clowns.
Make sure your stomach’s strong before you watch this super weird vid for Klaxon’s “Magick.” Seriously, green stuff spurts from their eyes.
Treasure Island gets its own music festival! Ooh, look at Saturday…Gotan Project, DJ Shadow, MIA, Dengue Fever, Honeycut…On Sunday they’ve got Modest Mouse and Spoon. I’d want to go Saturday, but tix are expensive. But their green measures seem sound…
In October, there’s Vegoose in Vegas. Set to play are: Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, the Shins, UNKLE, Gogol Bordello, Battles, Iggy & The Stooges to offer up a track-by-track retelling of Fun House, and more
Speaking of Battles, check out the cool vid for Atlas. They just might make Math Rock accessible to the masses! Or at least the indie masses. Download “Leyendecker” here.
You must watch these Cold War Kids performances. In the second one just watch where they end up. Wow. I hope those people weren’t in a rush to go anywhere. Also, the video for "Hospital Beds". Editing is fast but not dizzy, some cheesy shots but overall alright. Wow, Nathan Willett is buff.
The Section Quartet: A violin quartet that plays versions of The Strokes, “London Calling,” Radiohead, and more. Download their cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Phenomena” here.
Daytrotter has new sessions by Sondre Lerche and White Rabbits. White Rabbits White Rabbits yay yay oh my gosh my fave White Rabbits song just started to play on my media player how awesome how freaky but song’s still awesome
Also great: [ profile] bittersweet_bun has uploaded both Sakuran, the film that Shiina Ringo scored, and Heisei Fuuzoku, a new album “inspired by” the film. Check them out here. Heisei Fuuzoku consists mainly of orchestral/jazz covers of older Shiina songs, but in “Karisome Otome” she incorporates tango in way reminiscent of one song from Moulin Rouge (same message, too). But it is so much better and less gimmicky and -faints- Just when I thought I couldn’t appreciate Shiina more, she makes a tango song. -stands up, sighs, faints again-
More apple goodness via [ profile] shiinaringo_: Tokyo Jihen- Killer Tune Now that’s what happy chipmunk-voiced J-pop should sound like!
And if you’re looking for a nice, soft summer song, listen to Melody Day by Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba).

Dispatches from Cloverfield
more news
From [ profile] cleolinda: New Cloverfield trailer?
Video and photos from the set

Carla Gugino in Watchmen
Trailer for We Own the Night, which features Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg as brothers on opposite sides of the law.
Becoming Jane’s historical merit
Ridley Scott talks Monopoly movie
Lego Indiana Jones?
Via [ profile] foresthouse: Light Fantastic and Color of Magic to be movies? I only found about the Hogfather movie when I was walking and talking around Palo Alto with [ profile] point_earedpain. Pratchett talks about the projects.
And yes, there really is a movie called The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? Yup, you read that punctuation right.
Clip from the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There leaked: Watch Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan meeting Allen Ginsberg.
Trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest: Darjeeling Limited, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzbaum, and Adrien Brody as brothers.

Science and its fictional counterpart
Quadruple sunsets are possible!
How to sell Sci-Fi, according to Buffy writer Jane Espenson.
While, via [ profile] officialgaiman, an article on SF in China: part 1, pt 2 (In the early eighties, the Party considered Sci-fi an evil, which could lead the public astray. All sci-fi writing across China ceased), pt 3.
"Sci-Fi writing is now supported by Chinese government as it is considered to be a genre that can inspire the whole nation's ability to think imaginatively and popularizes science nationwide, "
Does time exist?
Via [ profile] anthropologist: The truth about The Donner Party

Are Canadians just smarter than us?
Universal’s Back to the Future ride is closed
At least the LJ main page is still recommending great comms. Really, [ profile] awesome_places post some really awesome places.
Beijing’s eco-experiment
Christopher Walken cooks.
"It is not proper to sell soft drinks or snacks right at the toilets"
Those two last links have nothing to do with each other.
Secret of levitation revealed?
Bad Thai cops to wear Hello Kitty armbands
Xkcd strikes gold again: Aeris Dies.
Edgar Simic new US poet laureate

And finally, from [ profile] logovo1 (again): Slaughter Your World, the best Little Mermaid parody ever. From the gamer webcomic Looking for Group. The clip premiered in this post. I really want to read the comic from the beginning now.

So… 3 Buffy mentions, 3 British musicians in trouble, 2 Lego mentions, 2 articles on China, 3 macro links (two for Doctor Who), 2 trailers for movies centered on brothers, 2 articles about food, and 1 article on legendary cannibals.
Have a great weekend. Sorry if I hurt your flist-scanning eyes.
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I had to tell my mother today who Jimi Hendrix was. Oh dear.

Upfronts! Today’s network: ABC.
Story + lineup
"Big Shots," which stars Michael Vartan,
Hey, nice to see he’s found work again. His guest spot as a snooty French chef on Kitchen Confidential was fun. It seems like ABC is treating its actors better this past one or two years; a lot of the good actors from canceled shows (some of “The Nine,” for example) have found new jobs at the same network.

At midseason, ABC will bring back "Lost" -- most likely on Wednesdays -- for an uninterrupted run.
Please make it Wednesday. Seeing Lost on some other day will mess with my mind.

What are “Cashmere Mafia” and “Women’s Murder Club?”

Lost cast pics from upfronts!

Some other upfront buzz: Seems like CBS picks vampires over zombies. Aww, that show sounded cool. And Amber Tamblyn is in it! Hope it still makes the schedule.

Since this is the ABC post, how about some Lost links?
Ooh cool Lost clock
Josh Holloway in talks to play Gambit. Awesome.
You can see Jacob in the slowed down video here.
Take the Lost course at Tufts University!
Wait a second…the actress who played Ben’s mother is Michael Emerson’s wife? That’s…odd.
Some interesting Lost thoughts. An excerpt: "In Jewish history, the tribe of Benjamin's women and children were all killed, and the remaining members of the tribe could not longer PROLIFERATE. The historical solution they came up with was to KILL THE MEN from another SUB-TRIBE and TAKE their WOMEN AND CHILDREN."
About Mascara Man: “He is not advancing in time. Ben said to him "you remember "birthdays', don't you Richard" sarcastically.”
Just some more Lost thoughts )

Okay, now I have to get this ton of music links out of the way:
Lily Allen had a mini-meltdown about her image, which is kind of sad, because she‘s cool with her fun lyrics and bright dresses, and she sounds pretty sincere about her insecurities. But she’s feeling better now,
If you’re wondering about what Cheryl Tweedy comment really affected her, or who Tweedy is, well…she’s part of a pop girl group, doesn’t wear much, and is married to Ashley Cole. Grr, Ashley Cole. As an Arsenal fan, I kind of want to blame the whole thing on Cashley.
Check out the Beastie Boys’s new instrumental direction. It sounds alright, but it’s like leading up to something, or serving as a soundtrack, more than an actual song.
Myspacers trash Annie Lennox’s mansion
Spinner’s 3X3 feature is pretty cool. If you can make it through the 15 second ads, you can watch live performances by Mew, Paolo Nutini, Rodrigo y Gabriela, TV on the Radio, Amy Winehouse, and more…
Also, live performances from Amoeba.
Members of the crew of Muse and My Chemical Romance, as well as some MCR members, get food poisoning in Virginia; fans respond with death threats
The Austin City Limits lineup looks pretty varied and pretty cool. Muse? Bjork? Arctic Monkeys? Bob Dylan? The White Stripes? Reverend Horton Heat? Queens of the Stone Age? Gotan Project? Paolo Nutini? Regina Spektor? DeVotchKa? M.I.A.? Andrew Bird? Yo La Tengo? I'm running out of question marks here. Hope that some of these acts get shown on PBS's show.
Check this out- type in the name of song, and it finds the music video for you.
And, coming back to TV: John Krasinski (Jim on “The Office”) plays guitar in Ben Gibbard show

And now, I end with a little chant I made up in Japanese for my favorite Scottish soccer club, Celtic.
Ichi, ni, san, shi
Celtic ni kachite imasu!
Go, roku, shichi, hachi
Shunsuke wa ganbarimasu!

Basically, it’s “1, 2, 3,4, Celtic is winning! 5, 6, 7, 8, Shunsuke (Nakamura) will succeed!” hee.

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