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I was going to continue with my practice of setting 101 goals for the new year, but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

I did write about my media highlights and favorite music of 2015.

Goals actually accomplished in 2015:

  • I was able to show [ profile] whomp around San Francisco, and I also reconnected with many relatives on both sides of my family! I'm a really social person, and it was great to see and talk with them.

  • With the family, I returned to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. New places we visited included Yosemite and Mammoth, other towns in Gold Country, Also did more local tourism, including the Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruta. All the hyperlinks in this paragraph link to pictures!

  • I did get to speak Spanish more, especially in Puerto Rico, and I used Japanese a little at work (although, when one customer asked me a question in Japanese, I answered in Spanish. I corrected myself and she was fine with it, but yeah). I even had a simple conversation in Norwegian! Although I can't say more because we can't post about specific customers on the internet. Even a few phrases of Tagalog helped once. I am now on over 80 days of practicing Gaeilge and Norsk on Duolingo.

  • Finally visited New People when we went to a festival in Japantown. My mom bought me this Omocat sweater...partly because I forgot to wear warm enough clothing for that windy day...

  • I did start lifting 20-pound free weights, and while I didn't get to 25-pound, I did move from 10 reps to 15 reps over the course of the year.

  • I bought some nice and often useful clothes (many via work discount), as well as 2 CDs, nice yearly agendas (classic art for 2015, and a slim Star Wars one with Rey and BB-8 on the cover for 2016 through 2017), and the Universal classic Horror DVD set. Also received a new photo camera and mini-tripod prior to our Las Vegas trip.

  • I did read at least one book from every continent except Antarctica, but I think that's less of a feat because diverse selection is pretty much my general taste when I go to the libraries here. Also read five non-fiction books, as well as five books published in 2015. Now I want to read more from before 1900.

I think I'll just dump my list of TV watched from October through December here. So much I still have to catch up on...
the episodes )
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We were at the Milpitas Library. I was between two tall shelves, looking for some cool comic book trade paperbacks. Then the earth shook.

Pendulum-like, the movement. Fast pendulum, though. I walked out of the shelf area, heading straight for the study tables. Some books in hand, I ducked right under one table, kneeling and covering my head in the same position I've used since age 5.

The quake lasted 20 seconds. I waited a bit for possible aftershocks, and then I went to find my family. They were too shaken (worried! emotionally! sorry for pun) to wait for us to borrow anything. So we just left. Pity, I had found some pretty good comics...but we had to get food and check on my grandma at home and stuff.

It was 5.6, from the Calaveras fault, and not strong enough for serious damage. I wonder what the non-Californians on [ profile] ucberkeley will say...

Then again, I felt it stronger because it started around the Alviso area, and we were pretty close, in Milpitas...

For a real horror story, read this: Myanmar is filling the ranks of its depleted armed forces with children as young as 10 and may try to capture even more boys after the recent crackdown on pro-democracy protests, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.
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‘Tis Labor Day weekend here in the States. My mom has to work on Labor Day. But I do look forward to hanging out with [ profile] claraious and (possibly?) [ profile] point_earedpain that day. I feel like I’ll be craving meat that day. Yup.

Summer is near its end, here in Northern California. This past week, summer remembered that it’s supposed to be hot.

It’s been an interesting week. Please read on, there’s something for everyone. And it makes chipmunks happy. )

So, that was the week. Weekend’s going pretty well, probably blog about it later. Lots of happy and hyper and sunshine and ack sticky hot and figuring out Japanese and me singing and dancing to salsa and Muse and M.I.A. And the links are awaiting their posting day! Wahoo chocolate yum.
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I am a sunbaby!

Yesterday was so beautiful outside. Even at 8:30 AM on BART it was so sunny . Between classes I wandered about the campus, eating lunch on a bench by Sproul, soaking in the sun while shielding the chocolate in my purse with shade. It was right next to Strawberry Creek, so if I wanted a break from the heat I could just turn my head and get a cool breeze off the water. Ah.
I spotted Liliana, talked to her for a bit. Then I walked into one of the many small forests and just sat on a bench, looking at nature while eating chocolate. Really good chocolate too- a Verona 85% bar that I bought on Valentine’s Day. It’s both bitter and smooth. It’s sitting right next to me here. I think I’ll take another piece.

Okay, back from my chocolate break. (Actually, I’m typing with one hand, holding the chocolate up to my mouth with the other. Oh well.) So I walked around a little more, sat by the sundial next to the Campanile. Wrote two poems. Smiled at the little kids running around. Went into the library, and found some little blue insect skittering on my neck. My good mood made me only flick the insect away, instead of squishing it like usual. Online, I surfed along to Myspace songs by The Cassettes, Honeycut, and The Fratellis. Good mood continued through my next class.

When going home, I was finally able to spot Angel Island and even Alcatraz from the train. And SF was really clear. The lakes before Fremont station just rippled with sunlight. At home, I just crawled onto on my bed, wanting to nap in the afternoon light.

Gaah, I’m a romantic.

There are only two things I am consistently excellent at. Those things are:
1) wandering aimlessly
2) making pretty AND effective Powerpoint presentations.

Now, on to other things.
Scientists find lakes under Antarctica

On the DW-TV Journal yesterday, I saw a short clip of Diego speaking German. I’ve never heard German spoken with a Brazilian accent before. Yay Diego. Oh, and my dad said that the German deli here is run by a person from Bremen. He told her that I like the team, but got a few details confused. I hope I can meet her now, clear a few things up, ask about the place or chat or something.
Footie-related tangent: Arsenal meets the Queen. Hee, Cesc doesn’t know how to hold a teacup.
And Arsenal’s playing PSV on Tuesday. I will so be in the Bear’s Lair that day. Aww, I like some of the PSV players. But I’m still rooting for Arsenal. Waah, we tied today.

some more Lost and Heroes thoughts )

TV pattern of the week: Forced yet still funny comedy. Everybody Hates Chris was trying a bit too hard on Monday, yet I still got a few laughs, and Orlando Jones was a surprising good guest star. Knights of Prosperity (must…resist…typing… “Cydonia”…) went a bit overboard with the whole Columbian accent and drug lord thing, yet it still stuck to its sweetfunny core, so it wasn’t too disappointing. The best parts were Rico’s bodyguards (the receipt thing was hilarious) and Gary playing with the light-up menorah. And, then, there was Supernatural.

Tall Tales )

Oh, and Smallville was more or less okay too. ) If Heroes has my brain, then Lost has my heart. And Supernatural…Supernatural has my fannish feet. For jumping. When things get scary. Or funny. Or just plain cool.

I saw Slither. Fun and twisted, though nothing can touch the blood-soaked lawn gnome zombie mastery of Peter Jackson’s Evil Dead.

Let’s end with a TV meme from [ profile] readywreadywrit:
I changed the rules a bit, and added a few shows to the list:
Underline = seen one or two episodes, or bits of various ones
Italic = more or less follow, or catching up, on TV or DVD, caught but dropped, etc.
Bold = watched since the first episode, finished, or a show you’re just totally obsessed with now

the list of shows )
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Surprise at the end of this post, under the lj-cut.

Went to Berkeley on Tuesday to get my class pass and buy textbooks. On BART, there was this guy who looked like a paranoid Kaká. He was looking out of the corner of his eye in my general direction, like I was going to kill him or something. It was weird.
It was surprisingly warm that day, though it got cold when the sun went down. We also went to Hot Topic to get the Halo sweatshirt my brother was bugging about. I bought for myself a shirt that says "My parents told me I could be whatever I want when I grow up. So I decided to become a NINJA." It's red, with a giant ninja head. It is awesome.

Link time!
via the posters on the TWOP forums:
One of the funniest fights I’ve seen, brought to you by Sevilla and Zaragoza.
The Guardian called them “comedy windmills.” I call them baby airplanes flinging at each other. You decide.
Via [ profile] cleolinda:
Prisoner “probably” ate parts of cellmate

New Golden Compass stills!

Space news

Saturn has lakes!
Methane lakes, that is. Ooh, the stink.

Did NASA kill life on Mars?

Child of immigrants regains prize after Toys ‘r Us debacle
Article on Asians at US colleges, with focus on Cal

Check out these lists of the top band performances in films.
Daytrotter is an interesting site with exclusive studio performances by various indie groups. So, the songs are legal to download. Along with the songs are wordy, embarrassingly enthusiastic profiles of the bands and songs, as well as exclusive interviews and pictures. The artists range from the soul-infused rockers Cold War Kids to the fangeeky Harry and the Potters, whom I happened to run into one day…

Joss Whedon will direct an episode of The Office! First Harold Ramis, then J.J Abrams, and now Joss? Wahoo!
Celebrity Patents! Michael Jackson invented the “Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion?”

Master Shake, Meatwad, and my fave Frylock are getting their own movie!

It was so cute to see Heroes win a People’s Choice Award. Yay Masi Oka giving the acceptance speech, and all the cast was there on stage and happy…
Speaking of Oka, his hints on upcoming Heroes episodes
Has anyone seen the previews for Epic Movie? It looks like a lame parody of Narnia/X-men/Superman/Borat/etc. But that girl with the reddish hair? And big eyes? That’s Jayma Mays, who was awesome as Charlie in Heroes and the nervous receptionist in Red Eye. From her imdb page: “Enjoys doing long division and multiplying fractions in her spare time.” How cute is that!

Random and unrelated: I was watching Akeelah and the Bee (which was pretty good) when I noticed that one of the characters was Darnell! The Crab Man! Hee.

totally fun name memes )
Next time, on chrryblssmninja: two friend-participation memes, and thoughts on David Beckham moving to Los Angeles.
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Yay, [ profile] rebelstrike21 is back!
Hahaha, via [ profile] cleolinda: Banned Words of 2006
And, these (caution, not all work safe) death by indulgence pics that you just have to see. Morbid humor of the highest order.

I just saw three men, dressed as classical composers, skate on ice with shiny numbers affixed to their backs. Joining them was a woman dressed in a light, tan toga-style dress and holding a lyre. A man at a piano was watching them, smiling. Wow.
And then I watched (thanks to [ profile] censorthiis via [ profile] 5upamofo) Robin Van Persie spank Thierry Henry on the bottom, and Henry dancing with Ade. Go Gunners! Way to start the year!

In 2007, chrryblssmninja resolves to...
Learn to play the life.
Find a new food.
Find a better fun.
Get back in contact with some old comic books.
Go to muse every Sunday.
Eat more movies.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Eat more movies. Yup. And go to Muse every Sunday? Woo!
Via [ profile] viralmemory

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
To get a carnivorous fish.

Get your resolution here.


New Year’s Eve-In the afternoon, I watched parts of the NHK Red and White Singing Festival (Kohaku) broadcast from Japan. It’s just the spectacle of it all that appeals to me. I’m not big on most enka, and the pop fluff is pop fluff (gaah Ayu and Aiko). But they have dancing and pretty or weird costumes and mascots and game show-like interludes! It was nice to see Ken Watanabe as one of the guests of honor. One question: does the current incarnation of Morning Musume have less energy or what?
Later that night: Listened to some of the mashups (I still like that “Grease” vs. Snoop Dogg one) and party music on Live 105. I bounced around, surfing the TV channels and then skimming the newspapers and then eating lechon from a baby pig and then drawing flowers and more channel surfing, literally running from each activity to the next. Then-Happy New Year! My family has a tradition that we turn on all the lights in the house, and at the stroke of midnight we start jumping around. It’s supposed to make us taller in the new year, although there’s no hope for me anymore…and then we hug and stuff and my brother and I keep on jumping because it is fun.
Then we have to eat noodles of some kind. My dad made fettucine alfredo, and it made me so full that I couldn’t eat the pancit. But I did have an incredible craving for milk.

Napped a bit and then went online. Went crazy on LJ and did interest searches and I friended new people (hi!) and joined the [ profile] almost_unknown and [ profile] shiinaringo_ communities.

New Year’s Day- finally started to deal with the stuff from school. To put away last semester’s textbooks, I had to stuff them onto my already crowded little bookshelf. So they’re double-parking on each shelf, basically. Started Season 2 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and started working on the banners for my profile so it isn’t so talky. Oh, and we went to Christmas in the Park. Yay animatronic bears! Yay tree dressed like Santa! Yay carnival rides! Yay fat fluffy churros! There was also this little black bunny fluffing itself in front of a street trumpeter. Later caught about two thirds of the Heroes marathon, and the previews for 1/22 look exciting!

BUT OUR PHONE WAS DEAD. So, no ‘net that night. Sorry if I missed some posts. Was able to read most of them, but didn’t have time to comment on everyone.
It’s fixed now, though.


And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my chrryblssmninja.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:


Oh, and [ profile] supersyncspaz7, did you get the little gift I put in the comments to your New Year’s post?
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I revamped my profile! It’s really more listy and talky than I’d like, but it gets the job done. Sometime later, I want to squeeze those lists onto image banners that'll look all nice and pretty.

If you like chocolate, you must read this: Expensive! Dude, food fraud is so not cool.
I like how they put a link to Scharffen Berger when referring to companies that actually make their own chocolate. And the actual Dallas Food article is extremely informative. And they had a link to Chloe’s website! She’s this big time chocolate connoisseur that I’ve read about before, and now I know her website…
In other food news: Nooooo!!!

And now for the long talky post, just the events of yesterday and today:
dreams, a party, free food and Peter Lorre )

The next batch of (mostly soccer) icons will come soon. But if you didn’t catch it before, I posted 40 Lost icons here on Christmas Eve. I tried some cool effects with these icons, hope you like them.
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My fellow Americans, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. And if you're not in or from the U.S.A, hope you had a good day anyway. Wow, that rhymed.

What I did today:

-watched a bit of the Macy's Parade, dog show, and Bundesliga Kickoff (I was finally home to see it this week yay)

-had a Thanksgiving brunch. We had salmon from Costco (we're not big turkey fans), rice, salad, bread, potstickers, and steamed veggies.

-watched six episodes of the Battlestar Galactica (new version) season 1 DVDs that my mom borrowed from the library. I have now caught up to my mom and my brother, so we can watch the rest together. Good stuff. I want a Roslin icon.

-played DDR and excercised

-went to the theater and watched "Happy Feet." It's so pretty and full of life that I won't mention any flaws. It goes in unexpected ways, and has cute fluffy dancing baby penguins. I liked it.

-played Invasion at the theater arcade, and then spent like three dollars at the pinball machine. Because I like to call myself the Pinball Queen. Even if I only reached the high scores once- and that was on a recently installed game (less time for scores to build up). I did improve with every game, though.

-realized that I have been an arcade game girl since a young age. Having an arcade game mom, plus a big arcade/entertainment center in the neighborhood mall (alas, poor TILT, I knew you well) probably did that to me.

Okay. Me go sleepy now.
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Yay LJ is back!

Why sleep is my friend )

The Week, starting with the free advance screening of The Fountain )

Everything else was okay, more or less. I didn’t:
get to check out the 2nd annual Beach Soccer Cup or whatever, and I missed all but five minutes of Sufjan Stevens on Austin City Limits. Also, Bremen tied 1-1. But I did my homework, read the pretty good book Echo by Francesca Lia Block, went to Santana Row and had reading/pearl tea/and more! fun there, and had aglio oglio for dinner. And I listened to, and later watched, Cal beat UCLA. I also got 92% on my midterm for World Regions, Peoples, and States!

Life’s alright.
One question: does anyone want to read about my crazydiverse music collection? I’ve got CDs and tape cassettes (!) to accompany the tracks assembled on my computer. There are even two zombie songs. It is awesome.

Finally, a fun image meme ninja-swiped from [ profile] rebelstrike21:
Google Image Meme!

1. Google image search the answers to these questions.
2. Post the first image (or the first interesting one). Bonus points if you hotlink.
3. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
teh results )
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Hey y'all. After this post, I'm going to do those personal posts I promised to whoever commented on the previous entry meme I stole from Tracey.
That prompt? Here's how it works:
1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!.

So, sorry if I clutter up your friends page a bit.

I'm a sucker for those Ipod ads. First, it was the black on bright color. Then, they had moving backgrounds. Psychedelic colors, to a tune by Wolfmother! Cool dark and light blues to Wynton Marsalis jazz. And, now, it glows. Some people find them meh, but I like the ads. They get across clear and strong with a simple scheme. Or maybe I'm just biased towards Apple (even though I have none of their products). My elementary school -which is now a junior high- was right next to Apple's world headquarters in Cupertino. You could easily walk from the school's parking lot, over a small tree-shaded walkway, to Apple's parking lot. One time, while driving past that walkway, I saw a cougar. It was looking at me. True story.

This week I've had some good food and good times. )

First, Pluto was demoted. Now, it's just a number. And Pluto's next in line, Xena, has been renamed Eris. Well, it's stil a cool name, but Xena had that extra factor. I used to watch that show….
But at least they’ve found a puffy planet!

I learn interesting things in class. Like how poop revolutionized food production. No, it's not just fertilizer. Comment if you want to know how.

Hey “Lost” people: The Apollo Bar Giveaway is happening on September 20th, from 5 to 9 PM at the Technocharged Acura RDX Tour at the Americano Restaurant in the Hotel Vitale. They’re also in Memphis, Missouri, and Santa Monica- check the site for details.

Have a nice week.
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First day of senior year would have been just fine if the dust from construction didn't irritate my eyes and give me a headache. These are my classes.

1st semester:
1-English 12 AP
2- Honors Gov/Econ
3- Calculus AB
4- Video Magazine/TV Journalism

2nd semester:
1- Creative Writing
2- Office TA (they wanted me back, I guess- I didn't want this)
3- Calculus BC
4- Video Mag/TV Journalism

The counselor said I didn't need Senior Project. WAHOOO!

So, major things I accomplished over the summer:
1) started a novel (4242 words out of 50,0000 so far)
2) went to Comic-Con
3) studied a little
4) wrote and drew some stuff
5) read some cool books
6) Went to Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in Berkeley
7) Went to Dave and Buster's and got a blender
8) got some rest
9) fixed my desk and organized all my stuff
10) finished watching all seasons of Buffy and Angel

Aah, another summer is gone. Oh well. I leave you with a song from the Kill Bill Vol 2. soundtrack I borrowed a few days ago. I've been humming this song all day.

Goodnight Moon )
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As I write this (6: 45 PM, offline) Stir TV just finished its interview segment with Psycho le Cému. (They showed the video to the latest single last week.) The clip of the CM with the blob things bobbing their heads cracked me up good. The one who always wears a pink wig has the whole androgynous bishonen thing going on.

The review for the movie "Crash" looks good.

Earth Day needs better promotion. I had forgotten about it until I heard about it on NPR around 3:30 PM yesterday.

Gee, I don't go on the internet for two days, and I miss a lot on my friends page.
Went to San Francisco yesterday... )

Cool shirts:
Quench your thirst.

I so want this shirt.

And this one too.

Harry Potter movie news )

Gaah, the music stuff will have to come later. I'm so busy now.
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I went to the Bay Meadows racetrack today because my mom had sales training there. This was my train of thought as I neared the racetrack:
Hmm, hay, stables, ack so much smok-HORSIES! PrettyhorsiesprettyhorsiesBIGhorsiesHORSIESHORSIESHORSIES!!!...
Yep. Those horses are REALLY big.
The horse my parents bet on lost, but that's okay. It was only two dollars. And we really close to the starting-block-place, and it was really cool to watch the race start. Some of the horse names were funny- my favorite was "Rob and Plunder."

Anyways, a bunch of stuff stolen from other people:
Stolen from [ profile] devilintraining
If all of the desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose? Pick your dessert, then look to see what Psychiatrists think about you! If you decide to pass this on, put your choice on the subject lines

Angel Food Cake
Lemon Meringue
Vanilla cake with Chocolate Icing
Strawberry Short Cake
Chocolate Icing on Chocolate Cake
Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

I choose Vanilla cake AND brownies )

Strangely true.

Taken from [ profile] foresthouse
What's the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale?

A northern fairytale begins "Once upon a time...
A southern fairy tale begins "Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit...

Why livejournal needs more icon spaces for free users )

Stolen from [ profile] _panpan_
Survey. By the way, Lupe, it mentions Degrassi and Bright Eyes... )

And, finally, two poems )

Comments on the poems would be most appreciated.

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