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I'm sorry for the Argentina fans on my flist. I was sincerely sad when I saw some of the players crying

but ohmygosh Germany
Arne! first for him!

I am especially emotional over Miro
my post title is truly what happened to me

just two more to become all-time World Cup goal scorer

Paul the Prediction Octopus was right
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Serbia played anti-football the first thirty minutes, I tell you

but argh at Basti and others taking it out on others and earning yellows

nice tries, Marko and Poldi

I was texting back-and-forth with [ profile] claennis throughout the match (although I got radio only for a bit while I cleaned up and went to work) and we were so frustrated

I hope the USA salvages my World Cup day

just thirty minutes

back to work now
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So now I have a Tim Howard icon. Got it from [ profile] streetlightsss. The keyword is "howardmyhero."

I also now have Psylocke (my favorite blonde superhero turned suddenly Asian purple-haired ninja) as my default, and Miroslav Klose doing some weird arm thing in another icon. I uh kind of choked up when he was subbed off...just something about the image of him walking off the pitch really got to me

I've been v v busy lately. But at least we get to watch World Cup games at Work 1 while we work. yesss
Also, my video skills might help me get more paid hours there than I might have recieved. I'm waiting on word about the project, but yayyy my other skills being handy
I listen to the other games on the radio while driving to Work 2, and then I put the live updates on the computer while I'm working, because I don't want to mess up their connection with video.
I'm still looking for secure full-time positions, though.

Happy Birthday to [ profile] teaglass (I haven't seen you around, but maybe G can tell you I said hi?) and dear cookie [ profile] hellopinkie!

And welcome to all my new LJ friends! I'm the weirdo with a Peter Lorre tag who likes busting open double doors and walking off into the sunset.

uhh....random music.

"Tell 'Em" - Sleigh Bells - I have no idea why I like this song. It's some weird breathy peppy pop song but with loud guitar and cool burst what percussion and street dance background. Free and legal mp3 from Rcrdlbl.

"Il Cielo In Una Stanza" and "Ore D'Amore" as sung by Mike Patton. Classic Italian pop songs, recorded today. I heard lots of praise for this album, and after listening to it, the thing weirds me out. It sounds all retro but then the sound is slick and there are little things thrown in here and there. I don't even know much Italian pop what is this

"Sadie Hawkins" - Doomtree. Hot and cool.
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argh I checked three different sites and there are no links for the Bremen - Gladbach game, so I just follow up on live updates

I'm watching the Berlin - Bayern game instead

whoa that last goal by Miroslav Klose was insane

DeMichelis's hair scares me

ETA: Pizarro gets goal for Bremen!
Sorry, Gladbach

ETA 2: Michael Bradley why'd you have to equalize aww shoot
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okay, so I just finished watching the latest episode of Being Human.

Tell me I wasn't the only one who cried aww shoot

Also (I don't think it's too spoilery to say this much outside of cut?): Gilbert is my favorite new character of the year so far. Even if I'm not much into 80's music and Nietzsche. I especially like how he used the leaf while dancing XD

- - -
meme questions from [ profile] acidpenguin46:

1) What is one food that you can never get enough of?
Just one food?
Chocolate, salmon, Ligo sardines, good cannoli with real ricotta, good gnocchi, flan, raspberries, fresh peaches, pluots, sinigang with good tamarind…
I really like food.

2) Your life suddenly turns into a musical, where every word you hear is spoken in song and even your friends page reads like a lyric website. How do you react?
This is most of my life already, save for the friends page business. I'm only partly kidding. I THINK IN MUSICAL NUMBERS
How would I react? I would sing and dance along, chuckling a bit here and there.

3) You're trapped in a tiny room with one person or object of your choice. Who or what is it, and what purpose will they serve for the period of time you're spent confined in that room?
I really want to grow an orchid for some reason. I remember seeing orchids since I was little and thinking “what is that crazy flower?” So I guess the room has a small hole with dirt and I have to learn how to tame the orchid fungus or something. I want a really cool one with some black in it. I remember first hearing about the black orchid in some cheap syndicated jungle action-adventure show. I’ve been fascinated ever since.
Or I could at least have my zebrina plant Ophelia back.

4) Do you have a favourite number, and if you do is there a story behind it, or is it just a random number?
16. Ever since I was four years old. Something about the numbers just seemed right for each other. Now I know about the certain references the two numbers possess, but to me it’s something about the red numbers being on a white background.

5) You find a dumpster baby. What do you do with it?
Find a responsible parent through organizations

another meme, via [ profile] yaiyah. 7 songs you like. I received the letter "R."

Reach Out - Music Go Music
I've posted this song twice already, but if you haven't heard it, please give it a try. It is ABBA meets Black Mountain, people! I dare you not to sing along and pump your fist to this!
there is a fire in me
I burn w empathy
dear let compassion reign
call out my name
and face the flame!

Ready For the Floor (live on Jimmy Kimmel) - Hot Chip
pleasant electronic pop

Rich - the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
raw and dirty yay

Riders in the Sky(A Cowboy Legend) - Peggy Lee
One time, a local radio station played at least half a day of covers of this song. Each one was awesome.

Run, Pig, Run - Queens of the Stone Age
I like the high tension atmosphere in this.

Rosier - High and Mighty Color
Luna Sea cover. I like how it's both peppy J-pop and grr metal at once. Cute melody too.

Radio mix - Olga Tañon
Mix of most of the big hits of the merengue singer. Gets all the best parts while dispensing with most (though, sadly, not all) of the twinkly production parts.

- - -

finally, congrats to Miro for getting two goals! I saw the highlights and he did a backflip yay!
now, if only my actual teams would do better...
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if someone can upload this game I'll hug you forever

Klose is injured? Ribéry too?

and Arsenal had a late game and I still didn't wake up for that

and they won 3-1 and are now top of the league

I cannot blame the internet problems and the ANGRY TETRIS (so called because of my constant anger and smashing of computer when I make silly move when dropping blocks)

at least Toluca is on at 7:30 PM tonight

I have to see at least one game this weekend

I hope I can see the Sampdoria game tomorrow at 6 AM

It will get me up early, because I need to meet with one of the masters at the Shaolin Temple at 11 AM

I am not kidding about that last part

Please self do not make a fool of yourself

This will be a long-term project for Architecture class, I don't want to have to find another site

I've got the first part of that Architecture project due Monday (oh, and I need to have the first of 2 required meetings with the GSI I must not forget that), a music exam on Monday.

oh and Heroes starts on Monday. That is like, a family event

let's see...
Tuesday I start my permanent semester schedule for editing the Peruvian archaeology video

Thursday is my mom's birthday. We will eat in Berkeley, because of the Sigma Alpha Lambda (Honor Society thing) social later that night

Did you know that Castiel is the angel of Thursday?

and lol

TV Guide network fail
icon from [ profile] _collidingstars

Friday...Friday I will be poop.

This be my school calendar.

hey hey [ profile] rondaview and [ profile] claennis I am so up to hanging out this semester

now...I should go study. At least I started during Friday instead of lightly grazing it till Sunday, yay

I will break up study with DVD time


ETA: just letting y'all know that, even with this crazy workload, this might be the best semester yet. As long as I don't mess it up. I'm doing lots of cool things. Let's see if I survive it all


ETA 2: Markus Rosenberg scored two of the Bremen goals. I'm making a tag for him.
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I didn't get to watch internationals today, but...


German NT tied 3 - 3 with Finland. Oh well. At least it wasn't a loss. AND KLOSE FINALLY SCORED AGAIN


France won their game. phew. But with England getting better, I'm becoming scared that the thing I said about "France being the new England" might be coming true

- - -
via [ profile] lost_tv:
Lost S4 bloopers!
I think these are just promo ones, because it promotes the DVD and Blu-ray sets at the end.

and fans of Team Awesome (Desmond and Sayid), there's one clip you should not miss
Lol Captain Gault is funny

speaking of that captain:
Ex-Lost thesp Grant Bowler -- he played the swarthy freighter captain who was shot and killed in last May's finale -- is dropping anchor at Ugly Betty.

are y'all okay with casting spoilers? I won't say what the characters do, just who's playing them. Nothing plot-wise has come out about them yet, so as long as you just scan and not click on the link, you should be fine.

And, the two new people joining the cast of Lost are...
Zuleikha Robinson
(Rome, The Lone Gunmen, New Amsterdam)
she was also the awesome princess in Hidalgo who got to ride off into the desert sun yay

the second person, along with some Freighter Four stuff, and help with name pronunciation
Saïd Taghmaoui! That's an odd pic of him in that EW link.

he was Saïd in La Haine! (THE WORLD IS OURS!)
he was also The Iraqi torturer in Three Kings. The one who asked why America messed up Michael Jackson.
he was also in Vantage Point with Matthew Fox. My mom just saw the ad in a DVD and I pointed him out.
It'd be cool if he kept his French accent for this role.
More and more movies with two Lost people in them. Like, I knew Michael Emerson was in Saw, but I forgot that Ken Leung played the detective there

lol both of the new people were in Hidalgo.
I was really iffy about these characters when their descriptions came out, but the casting looks awesome, so now I'm kind of excited whee

La Haine -related sidenote: the director went on to a disappointing career, making Gothika and currently complaining about what Fox did to his newest, Babylon A.D. He's not the only director complaining about Fox.

seriously, if I could, I would give him my imaginary dream pet project Battle Royale miniseries to direct. La Haine impressed me that much, with how he handled teenage/twenty-something characters and created a very kinetic movie.

Back to Lost:
via [ profile] gossy16: Ana-Lucia to return for one episode
as long as it's a useful appearance, I'm okay.

Dan Faraday fans might want to check out this filming report

ooh look at this casting call:
There's Solanga, a Filipino male in his 50s, who's the village doctor in a small rural community. He has some vices, but also has some medical skills. And he speaks "relatively good English with an accent."
yay a Filipino character! They didn't do too well with the half-Puerto Rican (well actresses. Ana and Nikki. Not sure about the characters' ethnicities, though Ana-Lucia was probably either Mexican or Salvadoran.)
Come on, one of my ethnic halves has got to have some good rep on this show

- - -

very interesting thoughts about film noir.
Starts back in the Renaissance, with chiaroscuro, and traces influences through German Expressionism and pulp fiction.

And Peter Lorre is in two of the pictures used yay
those "French guys" the article mentioned coined the term "film noir" in the 1960s, just in case you're confused.

I found out that the site Movie Zeal recently finished its film noir month. I really like their choices.

from the article for Rififi, directed by Jules Dassin (my fave film from him is Night and the City though)
"In any language, Dassin seemed to have a knack for directing actors playing bad people so that you could sympathize with them."
-Without compromising their badness.

found this via linkage: Jean-Luc Godard said, "At the time, Rififi fooled some people. Today, it can’t hold a candle to [Jacques Becker’s 1954] Touchez pas au Grisbi, which paved the way for it, let alone [Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1956] Bob le Flambeur, which it paved the way for.”
psh I was so bored with Touchez pas au Grisbi I stopped watching after 20 minutes. I haven't gotten to Bob le Flambeur yet, though, and I do like Melville, and I know that it's because of Rififi that he had to delay making Le Cercle Rouge until 1970.

okay I'll stop rambling.

finally, via [ profile] cleolinda: Guillermo del Toro to probably direct every other horror movie in the next ten years.
I can't wait to see what he does with At the Mountains of Madness. We need a good, big Lovecraft movie.
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I am watching the France World Cup qualifier on a stream direct from TF1. Hee I like this coverage. And Arsene's commentating!

I am also watching the Germany game on another Spanish language stream.


my brain is gonna hurt

at least I have the audio to alert me to exciting stuff in both games. And I can understand Spanish and figure out bits of French

ETA: Germany 1 -0 Liechtenstein! Podolski goal!
aww Miro was first to hug him

my France stream froze! I'm searching for another

ETA 2: aww Miro missed

but I found another France stream!

ETA 3 - Austria 2 - 0 France. -headdesk-

ETA 4: Klose scared me first when he left the field. But now he's back. I didn't notice he's captain!

ETA 5: Podolski scores again!

meanwhile, it seems that all the streams have given up on the France game.

ETA 6: Keeping up on goals in the France game via live updates

but hey, Germany got number 3 via Rolfes!

Who did Miro give the armband to?

ETA 7: ohmygosh Govou scored?

and, of course, this is when the Germany stream gets all messed

ETA 8: [ profile] rebelstrike21 tells me there were 2 goals in one minute.




ETA 9: and so, of course, Austria scores again.

I hope France hasn't become the new England.


meanwhile, I find that Gourcuff has subbed in for Sagna in the France game.
I think I'll never get a chance to see what all the Gourcuff (the player, not the face) is about. the few Milan CL games I've seen him in, he was near invisible.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] fab4eva and [ profile] miladygrey!

:) :) :)

- - -

During the Germany - Spain game, I wrote a ton of reactions that I planned to post here. But I don't feel like typing them anymore. I haven't even gone flisting yet, felt I couldn't deal with other reactions until I did this post. I planned to type this post an hour earlier but I didn't feel ready until now.

I wore my Germany shirt to bed the night before, ready to wake up and watch the game. All I wanted was that the best team would win. And that's what happened. Congrats to Spain.

Not that my German boys were horrible. No, this particular squad (or at least most of them) played relatively well compared to most of their other performances at this tournament. Not as great as the game against Portugal or as overpowering as the game against Poland. There were defense problems (Nando's goal was greatly aided by a HUGE mistake from Jens you should have stayed more back!), attacking problems, lots of chances shot down by a lucky defender or the magnificent Casillas punch. And Silva's little almost headbutt to Poldi? I went grr, but would any booking action have made a difference?

Germany wasn't one the breakout fave underdogs of this tournament- that honor goes to Turkey, and then Russia. But at least they didn't they bomb as spectacularly as France, or shine and then shockingly go supernova like the Netherlands. It wasn't Germany's best tournament, but they did the right things at the right time and had some moments of brilliance even in the final - although those last moments were simply opportunities, forgotten for not being successes.

I understood previous goalscorer Kevin Kuranyi going on for Hitzlperger, and Miro's seeming weariness and constant being shut down or unable to convert great opportunities somewhat justified him being taken off for Gomez, of all people. Who knew, maybe Gomez would take this opportunity and finally gain the confidence he sorely needed in this tournament.
But then Kevin keep on fouling, and I wanted to headdesk. And then Gomez missed a very, very close ball near the post, missing in a situation I had seen Miro score in many times. It was probably wishful thinking, but I said out loud, "Klose could have got that in. He would have got that in."
And then I cried.

It was a good match to watch. I would have enjoyed it if my heart didn't feel like it stopped before and during the entire game. Congrats to Spain again, for winning after 44 years. Seeing Ramos' post-game shirt, the happy young Cesc and all the other Spaniards, happy happy Captain Íker, even Poldi managing to crack his big-kid smile when receiving the medal - these made it all just a bit better.

Congrats to Germany to taking us fans this far. Now shape up. We know you can do better. :)
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So far: Turkey 1 - 0 Germany

SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. ugh uguuuuuuuuuuuu

I guess this will be the Turkey v. Germany spam post.



ETA 2: ouch bloody head collision

ETA 3: Apparently lightning has interrupted the game. It's back now.

ETA 4: out again. argh satellite feed

ETA 5: Thanks to [ profile] rebelstrike21 to remind me about live updates



ETA 7: Thank you feed


ETA 8: Mr. Feed, you're a lot like Destiny. And you know what Benjamin Linus calls Destiny?


- - - - - - - - - - -
Also, I've started replying to the Top 5 prompts. My last post featured my top 5 footballers. with pics.

in non-soccer related news:

Free museum admission on weekends for Bank of America cardholders.
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Germany 3, Portugal 2 !!!!!!!


I didn't see those first two goals, but replays served me well.

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Feel free to comment here about the game during/after the match!


ETA2: Amazing run by Fritz. Too bad Gomez couldn't connect with Klose.

ETA 3: What happened to Lukas? That looked bad.

ETA 4: ouch Klose that's the part of the head they told us not to hit the ball with. and argh his little scrunched expression afterward making things more complicated for me

ETA 5: Podolski scores again!

and wow Klose's little thing with him afterward

phew. almost an own goal there. DEFENSE PPL

That linesman smiles too much. You know the one.

ETA 8: Granddaughter's Revenge
And so it's over. 2-0.

and aww Lukasz Fabianski talking to Lehmann
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First, Happy Birthday, [ profile] merry_holdwine!

wait a second...Dude, Conan, Colbert, and Jon Stewart are beating each other up to the tune of "Brianstorm." TV history here. Bonus points for great choice of Arctic Monkeys song.
And now they're dancing! And slo-mo punching!
And it ends with "Eye of the Tiger."

Mannschaft lolz via Mercedes ad:

Photos from [ profile] novafairy.


Things I want:
videos of the comedy fight and the Mercedes ad
macros of the pics


ETA: Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel to star opposite Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost movie. While it's nice to see her in a bigger movie project, this line excited me most:
Friel, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Pushing Daisies, will next appear in the third and final installment of the Goal! movie franchise.
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I watched Arsenal. 2-0. Tears of joy.

agh I have no tissues in my bed

I just use blanket

ROSA! -hugs-

I've accepted Gallas as our captain now. Great work, even if I was scared he'd get a red after brawling and shouting. please channel anger into play please

-carefully hugs Theo-

hee, the ones with the most interesting hair (Gallas with the golf-lawn mohawk, Tomas with his perfect hair that can withstand ANYTHING) scored today.

and seeing the fans stand up and Aleks Cesc Mathieu watching there and Robin in the tunnel...THIS IS MY CLUB!

and I followed the live scores for Bremen and 2-0 yay with Diego and Mosquera!

Klose and Franck! scored for Bayern. argh for Bayern's lead, yay for the players.

whee Celtic won 2-0 too! It's a Two Too day!

and Man U lost to Bolton. ;)

and, for the non-soccer fans on my flist, I have some music items:
Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, and Pete Doherty...writing musicals?
Carl Barât’s claiming he and Pete Doherty might collaborate on a musical comedy for the stage. Maybe Doherty is looking for someone to help him finish up the musical he was allegedly writing with Kate Moss.

Go Eight: A Crazy Worldwide Hannukah Party
Ooh LA’s got Balkan Beat Box and Dengue Fever
SF’s got Honeycut


ETA: Match pics!
aww no Theo
But Rosa scores, and the moment is happy.
Bremen's two scorers today!
Ribery hands with van Bommel
Franck defies gravity
and a Kuyt-Gerrard hug from Liverpool's win.
Beckham mobbed by cute little Chinese ballerinas
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just saw this on [ profile] novafairy:
Miro’s the new milk boy

Site’s in German, so I barely understand anything. But hee pics
Comes with photoshoot film. Miro speaks in German, the director speaks in English.
He’s always in the crackiest ad campaigns.
I want some milk now. Too bad we ran out…
I'll get some water instead. Yes.
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Ah. After staying up until 4 doing homework, I was just knocked out on my bed. Then I had a fantastIic dream. Well, I wasn't all that excited during the dream, but I woke up happy.

It was something about me in a college class, and our classes were in a mall. One class was in a giant movie theater, and I think we were divided by area of interest...humanities and social science people like me in the middle, math/tech/engineer people in the front, and the rest in the back. Well, while moving around the theater for activities, I saw that among the engineer group was none other than Miroslav Klose. Hee, I was trying to check all casual from different angles, and it was him! I think he was in a gray coat, maybe with a scarf. Anyways, I was nervous about asking him for his autograph, because I still have some bits of angst and grr remaining about the Bayern issue, even though I am officially okay with it.

So the class ended, and I left the theater with some friends. We were in this really bright department store, and a bunch of students were eating lunch in a hall. The hall was next to this wide area where a large circular opening in the ceiling revealed a second floor of pretty clothes. On that floor, Shiina Ringo was basically taking the Beyonce role in the first scene of that annoying American Express ad that aired twice last night. Except Ringo-chan was looking all cool and wearing something like this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

but her hair covered by a gorgeous white hat with black netting and ribbon. And then scene change! and she was in a nice winter coat, riding with a happy golden labrador in this tan sled-car one-seater thing in the forest. And then the shot was repeated with different people, like an expensive commercial.

So back in the hall, everyone was chatting and eating lunch, and my friends (at least, I felt they were my friends, I don't remember a specific face) were telling me that I should try and get Miro's autograph next time. Some girls nearby overheard, and I could tell that they thought I had a crush on him. I was first going to explain, "No, it isn't like that, he was my soccer hero and-" but then I thought, why should I care what they think? So I just continued eating lunch. There were a bunch of random arguments going on around us.

People I like rarely make an appearance in my least the ones I remember when I wake up. It's usually just random people I encounter. And in this dream, two of my favorite people, Miroslav Klose and Shiina Ringo, made an appearance! I just woke up really refreshed and happy.

Oh, and some CalTV footage I shot on Monday is in the latest episode of Cal TV. It's the segment towards the end, with Stephanie talking about the NBC 11 visit. There's a story behind that...
Stephanie assumed that I would bring the key for the camera; I assumed that Stephanie would bring the camera. After some frantic calling and searching, we were happy that Rosa (the host) just happened to stop by with a camera. It was hard setting the lighting for that shoot...the lowest level was too dark, so I just stuck with the middle, even though you can see it's too bright. I also moved the camera too much, but the battery was dying and we just had one take. Hope I'm better next time!
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Every time I try and post a link about the Burma situation, something new happens. Usually, that something's not good. -shakes head-

something brighter in the news:
My Andean Archaeology class told us about Bolivian President Evo Morales' visit to The Daily Show. She also alerted us to his enviromental message to the UN.
Also from the region: Meteorite crash in Peru breeds mass hysteria. My professor was saying about how, for the people there, something from the sky ripping into Mother Earth is very serious. Then again, Lolthulu helps find the geeky humor in the event.

Guy tries to sell Belgium on Ebay. Bunny got on the case.

Star Wars Galaxies players help build real homes for Habitat for Humanity :D

I wasn't able to watch the World Cup games -beats up time zones-, but...we US women won 4-1!!! First the German men's team, now the US WMNT...I hope third place isn't a trend for the teams I like best in a tournament!
The German women beat Brazil to win first place. While I like Germany, a win for Brazil could have improved the sentiment towards femmes in footie there. Still, congrats to all for making it this far!
Are manager egos too big?
It has not been a good week for US goalkeepers.

A bit old, but...
Pete Doherty wants to manage a football team? He’s been on the pitch before.
Drogba did sing at Royal Albert Music Hall
but hey,
Íker sings too!
hee did you see the quick little wedgie fix there?
His Spanish accent is so cool, even if it takes me a while to figure out.
Translated from the vid:
Interviewer: Is this team better than the Korea Cup one?
Casilla: Different.
Hee his tongue action bad habit. My gosh, with the tongue and wedgie fix, he's reminding me of my bad habits...freaky...

digressing towards other favorite footballers of mine:
thanks so much to [ profile] novafairy for posting about this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Miro is on the cover of Germany's version of FIFA '08 and is in THIS MUST-SEE COMMERCIAL with YAY YAY Franck Ribéry!!! (less sharp Youtube version here

ohmygoshthatvideo Miro is so my football hero again and I am so glad that I am so over my MiroDrama so I could enjoy this and WHY AM I GETTING TEARY THIS IS RIDICULOUS and yay for Franck!
Here's all the FIFA '08 covers and soundtrack. Yay Guillermo Ochoa on the US one!

so, we're coming back to soccer-music crossovers:
Morrissey seen wearing Chivas USA shirt
In other Smiths news, check/download some tracks from the upcoming release Soundcheck Rarities. Includes a solid cover of Jimi Hendrix.

Finally, the story behind "Mack the Knife"
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I start commenting, then I go to my journal to look up something, and then I end up tag-rearranging for an hour. Yup. Chek owt mah funkeh tagz. Still a work in progress.

Oh: I saw an animated icon of Miro flipping in Bayern gear and my eyes got teary. Fortunately, this was when my eyes were dry and in need of moisture. How nice of my angst to do that.
But seriously. After some comment chat with some of my flist (especially [ profile] rebelstrike21 -hugs Iris tight-) I have gotten over most of my MiroDrama. It still hurts, but it was his decision and I really felt bad when I heard he was too injured to play in that game against England, and I think he just might still be my favorite player. Might. That’s still a bit muddy.
A late equalizer from hosts Hamburg denied Bayern a fourth straight win… Miroslav Klose's opener gave the Bavarian giants the lead after 70 minutes but three minutes from time Mohamed Zidan leveled things up at 1-1. The Egyptian thus became the first man to score against Ottmar Hitzfeld's side this season…
Hey, at least two former Bremen players scored!

Aack…I want to talk about Labor Day Weekend (and Tuesday), but so much happened that…I just start with Saturday. Because blogs foster egocentrism or something.

Saturday was awesome.
First, I got up early to watch Bremen vs. Frankfurt. My early wake-up time also allowed me to get up Mom for work. Really, waking up for streams is kind of improving my life.
thoughts during the match )
Some links:
Diego twist-hits the ball! His Nike T-90 interview aack I keep on watching the yellow circle forming on the side
All goals from Bremen-Frankfurt, complete with the Gol TV commentary and THE DANCE!

While I was watching, the Emo!kitty was staring at me from the cushion in the patio.

Afterward, I watched Spike Jonze Spends Saturday with M.I.A. Seriously, I’ve been playing Kala over and over on my CD player and in my head.
From that site: Kala is a direct result of globalization, a direct result of mainstream pop, rap and rock, and without those influences it would have never been made; a scary thought indeed - that there might be an up-side to the down-sides of globalization.
Hee Spike Jonze’s voice. My favorite part…talks about preconceptions of Third World, and dances with teddy bear. Poor Shemko, though. It’s interesting when she also comments about party music just being about shaking your privates, and her loss of connection to “her people” after the first album came out.

After that, I divided my time between: surfing for more M.I.A., playing with Kerri the Cat through the screen door, and eating pancakes. More surfing, then I started exercising, playing Kala in the background. However, when it got to “Boyz,” I just had to stop and dance…

Then went to Marina to get some stuff my grandma asked for. Also checked out Daiso, the new Japanese discount store they’ve been raving about on [ profile] aroundfremont. It’s fantastic! For [ profile] claraious -since she’s off to Georgia on Friday- I got a crazy pencil pouch that’s decorated like a cracktastic bag of tortilla chips (Cheese-flavored! Goes great with chips and beer!), as well as a wrist rest. I also bought a small comb, tiny post-its for a friend, and “Children Pinch,” these tiny clothespins decorated as “brother,” “sister,” “dog,” “me.” I won’t take them out of the bag. They’re priceless the way they are right now. Got some tea at Tap Ex and went home.

Watched some more Aqua Teen S3 while cruising for more M.I.A stuff on the web. Did some homework too. Also saw some exciting bits of Cal vs. Tennessee (yay!) and read Sports J, the Japanese-language weekly periodical I picked up at Daiso. Good reading practice, yes. When I went into my room and turned on the radio, they were playing “Supermassive Black Hole!” So I sang along to that. And because of a Labor Day special on Live 105, it was followed by “Knights of Cydonia.” I sang and tapped and air-strummed to that one. With my radio, I can hear a bit of 105.7 if I touch a certain point of the stereo. So following my Muse sing-alongs, I danced merengue to Elvis Crespo’s “Sonrisa.” Me was happy.

Oh, and later on, on the dorama Furin Kazan, I ended up calling out to my dad: “Hey! It’s our alien cousin! Gackt!” My friend Mimi said he would be there sometime, playing Rurouni Kenshin or something. Well, I guess it’s the first time he’s shown up…he plays Nagao Kagetora, the son of some lord who sent him to the monastery because Kagetora-san was too vicious. But Kagetora’s brother brought him back to the family because brother was sickly. 4 years later (seriously, 5 years are covered in one episode), brother is dead, Kagetora takes power, and his sister begs him to make her marry their enemy cousin so there will be peace and Kagetora’s like NO. The character’s pretty cool; Gackt’s not the greatest actor, but he’s capable, and has an otherworldly presence that suits Kagetora. Oh, and eye patch-guy (the main character I saw in earlier eps) is still running around, causing trouble with gun shipments and stuff. And there’s more alliance-breaking. No wonder they put character names on screen- so many factions, so little time…

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