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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. just ask me for a letter if you want one
2. List (and upload) 5-10 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] mc_valya gave me the letter E.

1) "Ekimae (In front of the station)" - Tokyo Jihen

2) "Earth Angel"

3) "El Andén (Con Mala Rodriguez)" - Bajofondo

4) "El Justiciero" - Os Mutantes

5) "Eriatarka" - The Mars Volta

6) "Exo-Politics" - Muse
I've exercised to this song so many times

7) "Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone vs. Nas)" - DJ Erb

8) "The End of You" - Sleater-Kinney

9) "The End of You Too" - Metronomy

10) "“Echigo Tsutsuishi Oyashirazu” - J.A. Seazer, from Kokkyou Jyunreika, 1973

yay for Misfits coming back soon

Also, this Sunday is the US public television premiere of Sherlock, so I'll see what you all have been spamming about.


Stole this from tumblr, where I also got the idea to name the file, "MENACING HAIRCUT."
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DJ Earworm's got his latest mashup of Billboard's top 25 hits here. Another brilliant work.

My top 20 songs of 2009!

Not necessarily the best, since my taste is weird and sometimes it takes me a year or two to hear songs. Some songs need to sneak up on me. Oh well. There's something for everybody here.

1) "The Fire and the Thud" - Arctic Monkeys feat. Alison Mosshart
If it's true you're going to run away/Tell me where/I'll meet you there
Airy melancholy melody and romanticism flares into dark rock guitars. Fell for this song when I heard it acoustic on a radio show, and I was excited to find out it would be on the band's upcoming album. Humbug wasn't a perfect album, but it grew on me and had awesome tracks like this. Alison gives it a great raw touch.

2) "Purexed" - P.O.S
But when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks/Stand like a man made of concrete and sediment
Rap isn't dead. The most inspirational song of the year. Never Better was definitely worth buying, and not just for the fun interchangeable CD covers (that are really brilliantly done, btw).

3)“I Walk Alone” - Music Go Music
I live life in the twilight/I walk alone through waking dreams
Modern indie disco with both an edge and a gift for melody? yes.
Posted lots of links (with free music) of them here. Bought the album Expressions and it's great.

4) "Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits
THE drum line that stuck in my head all year.

5) “Hurt Feelings (Reprise)” - Flight of the Conchords
one of my favorite moments in the run of their televised musical comedy. Song's funny and a bit poignant too.

6) "Hold the Line" - Major Lazer (vid slightly NSFW)
This song had me suddenly stepping in tune in stores because the song was playing over and over in my head.

7) “Angus” - Pintandwefall
Punky little anthem about a little piranha. Cool bass line too.

8) "Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song snuck up on me. Another tune to dance to.

9) "Heavy Cross" - The Gossip
Addictive pop/rock song with a bit of disco to taste.

10) "United States of Eurasia" - Muse
While The Resistance diappointed me, this song is Muse at their bombastic best.

11) “Come Wander With Me” - British Sea Power
a beautiful melody (taken from a Twilight Zone original song, I hear) performed for the band's soundtrack for Man of Aran.

12) Baptized by Fire -Spinnerette
I still say this melody reminds me of sea shanties...

13) "Fog" - Nosaj Thing

14) "Bonsai Hada (Ordinary Skin)" - Shiina Ringo
Dramatic, with great use of accordion and cryptic but pretty lyrics.

15) Gaman (Frustration) - Tokyo Jihen
B-side that goes crazy with funk shuffling back and forth into rock and then suddenly going samba? Crazy and awesome.

16) "Rocking Horse" - The Dead Weather
The soundtrack of a shadow-soaked cowboy vampire shootout, dissolving into screams at the end.

17) “Undelivered Letter” - Quantic and His Combo Barbaro
Silky-smooth and funky jazz track with something new at every turn.

18) Too Fake -Hockey
I was crusing random streaming CDs and found Mind Chaos. Without knowing a thing about Hockey, I enjoyed listening to it while doing work and partying on [ profile] to_boldly_rock. Fun dance rock.

19) “Mannequin (Overthrill Remix)” - Noah
Someone needs to make an awesome dance crew video to this RIGHT NOW.

20) “People” - Chester French
pleasedontjudgeme ithascatchymelody funcheekylyrics ican'thelpit

bonus: The oddest dance track about a cannibalistic rave nightmare. You can't help but dance to it.
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Vote in the People's Choice Awards!

please try and make them less fail
I think it voting's limited to the USA, though

lol if Christoph Waltz or Melanie Laurent or Sharlto Copley or IB or D9 win that would be FANTASTIC
ooh Star Trek people too
lol Muse at the People's Choice Awards would be great, even if this latest album isn't my favorite of theirs...get the Twilight fans on that voting

Nov 10 for second voting
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via sleevelessness on tumblr:

Classic 80s hits interpreted for ragtime piano!

[ profile] buongiornodaisy: lol RickRoll fail

so this link for the saddest animal deaths of all time was billed on the CompaqAolWhatever homepage as "11 movies kids shouldn’t see."
sorry, angry.

whoa shoot: The Wire alum Michael Kenneth Williams (aka Omar Little) joins Dabney Coleman and Paz de la Huerta as recent sign-ons to the cast of HBO’s Martin Scorsese directed drama pilot, Boardwalk Empire. Already attached to the project: Michael Shannon, Steve Buscemi, and Michael Pitt.

this is not an Onion article: Company bans internal email, people start talking to each other

oh hey want some music? 3 of the songs I'm into right now
all links let you try before taking. enjoy!
1) Circulatory System - "Overjoyed"
dancey fun fuzzy indie rock that suddenly breaks near the end into noise
2) Novos Baianos - "América Tropical"
nifty little Brazilian instrumental rock jam from 1970
3) Zion I vs. Muse - Fight for the Right RMX
I thought no one could properly get "Knights of Cydonia" into any remix. I THOUGHT WRONG.
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aww Colin (from Make Me a Supermodel)
My Tummy Hurts
Being covered in warm liquid chocolate is really soothing. I recommend it to everyone.
I like how he's grateful to everyone helping him. He probably won't win (but hey, who knows), but it's nice to see him take baby steps

lol he actually types "Neato"
Ooh, I just got a new pen and it’s so much smoother to write with. But I digress.

from the latest blog
Hearing the photographer name him as a winner was the second best thing to hearing my own name.
how many times will say "aww" with this guy?
Maybe I’ll be able to actually hang out with some of the girls I talked to backstage (like Michelle … whoever and wherever you are).
many times.

haha him talking with that girl in Montreal

in other TV news, via ONTD:
new TV drama to be based on country music story songs
Dudes, we need a TV show based on The Mars Volta and Muse songs. That would be amazing. It could be partly set in the "Knights of Cydonia" universe. It could do everything a music video can't, somehow.
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some icon stuff made of a certain young character in Lost episode 5.3, "Jughead." Not great, but the best I can do with limited time on the better iconing computer.

more here )

List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] croakvegas gave me "U." I'm using non-Youtube links until that UK business gets sorted out. Even if you don't like the songs, the sites provided might help with further musical adventures.

1) "Untitled" - White Rabbits
first song to hear/download if you scroll down here
you lived across the street when we were kids
as we grew older our mothers hoped we'd stay friends

ahaha I cheat. I think this song might have a name now, I forget. But I'm a sucker for the clinky piano-rock of White Rabbits.

2) "Unintended" - Muse
You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended

be quiet be quiet. I usually don't like songs like this, but the melody gets me.

3) United State of Pop - DJ Earworm
Mashup of US Billboard top 25 songs of 2007. Strangely works as a song. The 2008 version (Viva La Pop) is fine but not as fun and danceable as the 2007 version. But the 2008 version does have a cool video.

4) Una Música Brutal - Gotan Project
trance-tango you might have heard in a few ads and TV shows/movies. The last 20 seconds is my favorite part. cool and slinky. yup.

5) Usti, Usti Baba [Altiplano Mix] - Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar; Señor Coconut
An official mix! Balkan cumbia what? hahahaha. I have no idea what the screaming man and dog at the end is about. I think it's a weird CD break; it fits the next song on the album better.

I should go sleep now.
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aww cool they used Muse's "Showbiz" in the end of Being Human episode 2
I could tell just from the start of the bassline

and yes, us non-UKers can still see it here. yay for changing entertainment models
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I gave up on the last song of Guitar Hero World Tour, so I decided to go back to Guitar Hero III again.



please comment with more questions for the character question meme! I want epic space westerns and mafia or something.
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What's not fun:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when a terrible cold had made me photophobic. I was fleeing Christmas lights and everything. Couldn't go on the computer for longer than 5 minutes. Had to wear sunglasses most of the time at the Christmas party I went to.

still, I got some good stuff. Got a new CD/radio/casette player, along with a Dark Knight calendar to replace my ferret one and a bunch of nice chocolates. Along with a pencil from Tokyo Tower and some other things. We got my mom the Lips karaoke game for Xbox 360. I remember trying out an early version of the game in some exhibition at the Tech Museum. You can add your own song too, and they provide some random animated music videos. So big lumpy dough monsters were wreaking havoc on a city while I tried to match the frequencies on "Knights of Cydonia." yes.

I won't be able to flist, so if you posted anything cool recently, please leave a link here.
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In my dream, I saw one of my high school classmates at what I assumed was Ohlone College, although I've never been there, so it was a mix of different places...

Anyways, a squirrel took my hand. It had death grip, really pinching with both of its...hands? paws?
some people came to make the squirrel let go of me. Earlier, another squirrel had puffed itself up in my friend's face. aack

Also in my dream, my boss posted a bunch more of the videos I shot online. It was just raw footage clips, though. I was puzzled.
I also had to help teach computers? debating? to one of my friends and some of his friends. One person forgot that he needed to learn "how to edit" (the exact words, although I don't know what they meant) before I could do anything. So I went to the bathroom while they got that done.
In the bathroom, there was this cool distorted wave layered mirror hung low, near the floor of the bathroom. While I was on the toilet, I could see my face. I had fun making weird/scary faces in the cool mirror.

When I came out of the bathroom, the guys weren't at the table. I looked through the random house we were in, but it seemed like they left me to take care of their younger siblings and cousins, who were running around all over the place, in all the rooms, playing and watching TV.

random stuff from my subconscious.

I'll go more into Comic-Con reports later, but for now, a Twitter report from Pop Candy, about the Twilight movie:
The crowd continues to scream ... Director Catherine Hardwicke said Muse and co-star Robert Pattinson will be on the soundtrack
wow, Stephenie Meyer is really getting everything she wants.

some somewhat old news:
Battlestar Galactica to finish its fourth season in January.
See the preview for Caprica
looks okay, but I'm still more excited about Dollhouse. Which is why I'm sad to hear that the pilot is being retooled. Well, actually, Joss is shooting a prequel to the original pilot and using that as the pilot. Concerns about accessibility and all that. hmm.

via [ profile] cleolinda: Fox gives green light to live action Cowboy Bebop.
Oh dear. Well, as long as the keep the style and the cool characters and the awesome jazz soundtrack, it might be okay. agh I'm nervous. "Tank!" is the best theme song ever.
ooh, I've never heard the full version. Even more awesome.

I now leave you with awful cakes.
Really, they're amazing, in a way.
Hey, even Cristiano Ronaldo makes an appearance.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] deadxdreamer and [ profile] claennis!

you know what's weird? I know you both in non-online life, you two have the same first name, and your last names are both four letters AND start with the same two letters. And you're both in the footie fandom, though you support different teams in the EPL.


oh, I saw Iron Man last night. Fun stuff.

dudes, I knew that I knew the voice of Jarvis (the computer) from somewhere...or at least that he sounded younger than the usual British voices they get for the job. And it was Paul Bettany! haha [ profile] subtle__sarcasm there he is again

Hey hey I just started Season 2 of Spaced and hee John Simm appearance
this is from a while ago: Simon Pegg refuses to support US remake of "Spaced"
Pegg recently expressed his anger at the proposed remake. The actor felt that the people behind the US pilot showed a "lack of respect" by failing to mention Hynes's contribution to the show in any of the press releases.
seriously, if they actually WATCHED the thing, how could they ignore Jessica Hynes? sheesh, just because she isn't in the movies they know

fun videos:

"Standing Next to Me" - The Last Shadow Puppets - new music video. Cool '60's style. I am in awe of the direction in this vid. and lol Alex with his tambourine or whatever that is and the two of them with their suits and sunglasses
Alex Turner looking cool and kooky with lol instruments haaaaaa so great I can't get over it

via [ profile] ontd_muse:
Muse played with cups and spoons
The guy does "Stockholm Syndrome" too
That weird French dude also plays piano and also does weird lipsynching lol dork
Video response - "Hysteria." very cool

finally: French kids dancing to kuduro XD they're line dancing! fantastic.

Thank you, Youtube.
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news links saved in my Yahoo!Notepad:

6 die in bomb outside Danish Embassy in Pakistan
Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil
Whenever they say "lost to civilization" or something like that, it irks me. My modern Anthro training makes me go grr at all the cultural arrogance implied in the headlines...
from a while back: Nepal abolishes monarchy

- - -
and now, a music meme I couldn't resist, via [ profile] realproof:

here )

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Hey, y'all. I posted a Heroes fan poll here. I know some of you have already answered, but to those who haven't: please do! It's just really general questions. No spoilers!

oh, and I'd really appreciate it if you linked to it in a Heroes review post tonight/tomorrow or something like that. But you don't have to. Happy Heroes Day! Aack, the last episode...

on a totally different note, I heard the Mars Volta's newest single, "Wax Simulacra," on the radio last night and I can't get it out of my head. Seems like they're returning to more of a rock sound. I liked the atmospheric experimental sound on Amputechture, but yeah, for the band to keep on going they needed to return to their rock roots. Something I found out via Wikipedia:
The single debuted November 18, 2007 on San Francisco's Live 105 FM. It has previously been played live by the band under the name "Idle Tooth."

That sounds about right. Ack, was I listening to Soundcheck then? Anyways, yay SF!
Hey, it's the same station that helped determine that Muse's "Knights of Cydonia" would be the first single off Black Holes and Revelations to be released in the US.
Live 105 ain't perfect, but it's done a lot of good work for bands I like.
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Haven’t had time to do this lately, but…


Bay Area
Hair and mushroom mats help clean up oil spill
Toyota apologizes to Great City of Fresno, bow before its name
Cal’s band subject game to its geekery.
The above performance, from the recent UC Berkeley versus Washington State football contest features tunes and bitmap band formations from Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat and more.
We rule.
Oh, and Wikipedia to moves to San Francisco!

The United States and its captive commonwealth
Brilliant comparison of presidential candidates to hip-hop stars.
Noooo pet massacres in Puerto Rico
MySpace faked by enemy's parents drives 13-year-old to suicide.
There are no words.

world news
Winds halt cleanup of Russian oil spill. With this and the spill polluting My Bay -sniff- (okay it wasn’t pristine before the spill, but still!) environmentalists call for ban on bunker fuel
Spain v. Venezuela: The Dance Remix
Quake in Chile kills 2, 7.7 on the Richter scale.
Don’t want to trivialize the tragedy, but I just have to point out: Of course the San Francisco Chronicle article is the one that puts the Richter scale measure in the headline.
6 dead after Hamas fires on Arafat rally
Monkeys on rampage in New Delhi
an explanation (and slight condemnation) of the Foreign Language Oscar rules

go Gunners go!
Arsenal Ladies nominated Team of the Year
Via [Bad username or site: gunner girls @], from before the Reading game: When Reading host Arsenal tonight at the Madejski Stadium, Ibrahima Sonko will come face-to-face with long-lost cousin Bacary Sagna for the first time.
We had to go lunch with mom that day, so I was only able to watch the game right up to Flamini’s goal. Aw noo I missed Rosa’s little kick celebration thing with Mathieu. This is why we have Youtube.
Hee Arsene. Aww Rosa. DON’T GO TO INTER
And yay Ade scored Arsenal’s 1000th goal! And #1001 for Hleb!
Cesc interview: "I like to sit around the house and watch my favourite TV programmes - Lost, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives but I really like playing football on my X-Box…I'm happy to play wearing just my boxer shorts and it's good to log and play against other people who don't know who I am and see how good they are or how good I am."

other soccer stuff
Toronto FC’s fans are fantastic! Seriously, you guys are an inspiration.
Opinion: The Champions League, sorry the Tri-Nations, just isn't working
Becks cooks for Gary Neville.
Link and translation via [ profile] misssamjones: Jose Mourinho vs. little kid
“Apparently, José pulled a 12 year old's hair and ears, because the little insulted José's daughter quite badly. Daughter and boy are classmates. But José apologized and wrote letters to the school and to the boy's parents.”
But let’s get serious: Another footballer dies from heart attack.

actors and actresses
James Marsters learns how to leave Spike behind
Russia! Magazine Presents Actor Viggo Mortensen With 'Best Russian Accent' Award
Katee Sackhoff interview
Kristen Schaal, who plays the cute/crazy fan on Flight of the Conchords. Check her out in this Funny or Die video. Also, FotC on NPR.
Fabio v. George Clooney: FIGHT!
Ellen Page says: "I think people who grow up surrounded by that self-important, self-indulgent, surreal lifestyle forget that the majority of the world could give a rat's ass."
Natalie Portman, director.

music is where the insane go to play
“Dance” with Rick James, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, & Rod Stewart.
KISS’s Gene Simmons says: “They’ve got freckles. That’s a crook.”
David Bowie to play King of Atlantis on Spongebob
Mathematical breakdowns of hip-hop lyrics. GEEKS PWN THE WORLD, YO.
Christmas with Queens of the Stone Age!
The furor over “musical miscegenation.”
From the comments: “Strange days when Playboy publishes more insightful articles than the New Yorker.”
Heavy Metal coloring book!
Sufjan Stevens says “Rock is dead.” He then writes orchestral suite about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Here’s a preview. Here’s Sufjan as a pumpkin. Here he is, giving a tour of the BQE. Some BQE MP3s. A review of the BQE performance. And a Christmas song exchange contest!
Here’s how it works: write an original Christmas song, record it, and email the song to Asthmatic Kitty. They’ll pick a winner who will then trade all legal rights to their song for all legal rights to Sufjan’s song. All entries are due by midnight on December 1 and the winner should be announced around December 15.

the realm of the less insane music items
Help choose who gets on a label.
Muse celebrates Halloween in Vegas
Caetano Veloso explains his musical influences
Former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein has a new blog on NPR’s site
I would rather discuss and examine what it is that people actually consume than to tell you what you should be listening to. There are already plenty of great blogs and online resources that tell us what the best new music is or that unearth rarities and lost classics. Though I might occasionally review a piece of music, I would rather explore the contexts and the ways in which we enjoy or maybe even despise it.
She’s doing a fine job so far. Check her comic skills in Thunderant’s Feminist Bookstore.
And, because I know my flist: Sondre Lerche performs on Late Night. Also, watch his live appearance at Amoeba Music in SF.

that new Star Trek movie
Cast news, some from a while ago:
Via [ profile] canadian_turtle: Eric Bana to play villain, Chris Pine to play Kirk. Simon Pegg is Scotty, John Cho is Sulu, Winona Ryder to play Spock’s mom. Chris Hemsworth to play Kirk Sr., House’s Jennifer Morrison to have a role. Bruce Greenwood to play Capt. Pike. Shatner not in movie.
And, via [ profile] logovo1: Edward Gorey meets Star Trek!

if they mess up these films I will hurt someone
Remaking High Noon?
Live action Akira to happen after all?
The Descent director to follow up with Doomsday
So far we know that Doomsday will be a gritty futuristic action thriller that stars Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins and the awesome Sean Pertwee. So far so good. The story deals with a Britain that's been walled up and infected for three full decades -- until someone has to re-enter the danger zone for a very important reason.
Wolfgang Petersen’s Ender’s Game?
Pegg and Frost to take on America in new movie
Danny Boyle prepares for Slumdog Millionaire

other movies
Ricky Gervais' movie sounds interesting.
First look at James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie in Wanted. From the director of Night Watch. Seems different than the Wanted comic.
Cloverfield’s title to be…Cloverfield?
aack poster
Hey, y’all: The Eye is a remake of a Korean film, not a Japanese one.
Batman director says: pollution was not the enemy!
Tom Cruise: Eye-patch-wearer, enemy of Hitler.. Bryan Singer what have you done,! And oh, hi, Kenneth Branaugh.
Paul Giamatti to be in Philip K. Dick biopic.
Michel Gondry and son to work on animated film. Wouldn’t it be cool if Gondry directed the Philip K. Dick movie?
Cate Blanchett ready to reteam with Edgar Wright, voice Mrs. Fox
Cillian Murphy and Al Pacino in Dali and I: The Surreal Story. Surreal indeed.

First pics of Maria Bello from The Mummy 3. Here’s her character’s IMDB page.
Rec from [ profile] never_evil: Penelope. It looks like a tolerable!cute romantic comedy. Stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, and Reese Witherspoon. I checked the IMDB page, and hey Nick Frost is in it too! Comes out in Feb in US.
Of course: Hamlet 2.

projects gone before their time
No more Polanski’s Pompeii
No more Halo movie. I agree with the article’s view: It really is a shame, and I hope people from Universal and Fox read this, because this dude Neill Blomkamp would've made an amazing Halo film, unlike any video game adaptation out there. Just check out some of the things he says about his vision: "I wanted it to feel like the most brutal, real version of science fiction in a war environment that you've seen in a while. And Universal was on board with that. I don't really remember what Fox thought about it, but Universal seemed down with it. It would have been cool, it would have been a unique take on things, science fiction in a dirty, organic way."
Really, watch Blomkamp’s short films on Youtube. He does fantastic work with realistic sci-fi.

WGA and other strike-related news
handy chart about episodes of all shows. Via [ profile] logovo1: another.
Via [ profile] cleolinda: How the strike will affect other workers
writer defends Ellen's character
Damon Lindelof: “Mourning TV”
British writers warned not to break strike
Dogs can strike too!
'Scrubs' Creator Refuses To Bow to Strike Pressure
Some soap writers cross picket line
Joss on strike
More on the Broadway stagehands strike
Should comic writers unionize?

Phew, that took a little less than forever. Had to save the advertising and Heroes sections for a later date. Hope you all enjoyed that.

Many links via [ profile] cleolinda.
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I have discovered another special power.

A few months ago, I had posted the link to the song “You Are Never Alone,” by Socalled. Last week, without reason, the song popped up in my head again. And then, that day, by accident, I stumble upon the music video.
So I was humming the Pipettes' "Judy" a few days ago, and then later that night, I found that [ profile] subtle_sarcasm had made a promo post about the band. In the comments, I linked to the song "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!". That was…two days ago? Today, the song was stuck in my head all throughout school. Today, I also get [ profile] subtle_sarcasm’s reply to the songlink comment.
At home, also at home, I was studying, sitting next to my brother. Muse’s “Muscle Museum” was playing in my head. After moving to my desk and turning on the computer, guess what my brother walks over to ask me:
“Do you know a song called Muscle Museum?”

Events similar to this have happened before.

So, the powers I have to date:
1) ninja invisibility
2) super smell
3) super hearing
4) the ability to predict things…as long as I don’t think or care much about them much after the prediction flash
5) the ability to have other people or media somehow refer to the song currently stuck in my head

And, of course, the ability to have a power work until the point I think too much about it.



And oh oh there was this blog post a while ago about how Kanye can’t katakana. I had pointed out the mistake before the incorrectly subtitled video came out!
My comment: the katakana in that screenshot says su-to-so-ga. I'm guessing they intended the "so" to be "n," but then the second slash shouldn't be so high; those characters can easily get confused.
And shouldn't it be su-to-ra-n-ga anyway?

But that’s not a power. That’s just effective use of blogs and information.

Via [ profile] sorgenmond: Yes, Virginia, there is an acapella metal band.

Some Arctic Monkeys stuff:
nice new interview.
“The Bakery.”
Alex Turner recording surprise album

And finally…this is the actual headline: Pete Doherty Puts Down the Pipe, Picks Up the Donut
Seriously, one can make a pretty active blog chronicling the news surrounding just that guy.

aww my cute hungry ferret icon
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I start commenting, then I go to my journal to look up something, and then I end up tag-rearranging for an hour. Yup. Chek owt mah funkeh tagz. Still a work in progress.

Oh: I saw an animated icon of Miro flipping in Bayern gear and my eyes got teary. Fortunately, this was when my eyes were dry and in need of moisture. How nice of my angst to do that.
But seriously. After some comment chat with some of my flist (especially [ profile] rebelstrike21 -hugs Iris tight-) I have gotten over most of my MiroDrama. It still hurts, but it was his decision and I really felt bad when I heard he was too injured to play in that game against England, and I think he just might still be my favorite player. Might. That’s still a bit muddy.
A late equalizer from hosts Hamburg denied Bayern a fourth straight win… Miroslav Klose's opener gave the Bavarian giants the lead after 70 minutes but three minutes from time Mohamed Zidan leveled things up at 1-1. The Egyptian thus became the first man to score against Ottmar Hitzfeld's side this season…
Hey, at least two former Bremen players scored!

Aack…I want to talk about Labor Day Weekend (and Tuesday), but so much happened that…I just start with Saturday. Because blogs foster egocentrism or something.

Saturday was awesome.
First, I got up early to watch Bremen vs. Frankfurt. My early wake-up time also allowed me to get up Mom for work. Really, waking up for streams is kind of improving my life.
thoughts during the match )
Some links:
Diego twist-hits the ball! His Nike T-90 interview aack I keep on watching the yellow circle forming on the side
All goals from Bremen-Frankfurt, complete with the Gol TV commentary and THE DANCE!

While I was watching, the Emo!kitty was staring at me from the cushion in the patio.

Afterward, I watched Spike Jonze Spends Saturday with M.I.A. Seriously, I’ve been playing Kala over and over on my CD player and in my head.
From that site: Kala is a direct result of globalization, a direct result of mainstream pop, rap and rock, and without those influences it would have never been made; a scary thought indeed - that there might be an up-side to the down-sides of globalization.
Hee Spike Jonze’s voice. My favorite part…talks about preconceptions of Third World, and dances with teddy bear. Poor Shemko, though. It’s interesting when she also comments about party music just being about shaking your privates, and her loss of connection to “her people” after the first album came out.

After that, I divided my time between: surfing for more M.I.A., playing with Kerri the Cat through the screen door, and eating pancakes. More surfing, then I started exercising, playing Kala in the background. However, when it got to “Boyz,” I just had to stop and dance…

Then went to Marina to get some stuff my grandma asked for. Also checked out Daiso, the new Japanese discount store they’ve been raving about on [ profile] aroundfremont. It’s fantastic! For [ profile] claraious -since she’s off to Georgia on Friday- I got a crazy pencil pouch that’s decorated like a cracktastic bag of tortilla chips (Cheese-flavored! Goes great with chips and beer!), as well as a wrist rest. I also bought a small comb, tiny post-its for a friend, and “Children Pinch,” these tiny clothespins decorated as “brother,” “sister,” “dog,” “me.” I won’t take them out of the bag. They’re priceless the way they are right now. Got some tea at Tap Ex and went home.

Watched some more Aqua Teen S3 while cruising for more M.I.A stuff on the web. Did some homework too. Also saw some exciting bits of Cal vs. Tennessee (yay!) and read Sports J, the Japanese-language weekly periodical I picked up at Daiso. Good reading practice, yes. When I went into my room and turned on the radio, they were playing “Supermassive Black Hole!” So I sang along to that. And because of a Labor Day special on Live 105, it was followed by “Knights of Cydonia.” I sang and tapped and air-strummed to that one. With my radio, I can hear a bit of 105.7 if I touch a certain point of the stereo. So following my Muse sing-alongs, I danced merengue to Elvis Crespo’s “Sonrisa.” Me was happy.

Oh, and later on, on the dorama Furin Kazan, I ended up calling out to my dad: “Hey! It’s our alien cousin! Gackt!” My friend Mimi said he would be there sometime, playing Rurouni Kenshin or something. Well, I guess it’s the first time he’s shown up…he plays Nagao Kagetora, the son of some lord who sent him to the monastery because Kagetora-san was too vicious. But Kagetora’s brother brought him back to the family because brother was sickly. 4 years later (seriously, 5 years are covered in one episode), brother is dead, Kagetora takes power, and his sister begs him to make her marry their enemy cousin so there will be peace and Kagetora’s like NO. The character’s pretty cool; Gackt’s not the greatest actor, but he’s capable, and has an otherworldly presence that suits Kagetora. Oh, and eye patch-guy (the main character I saw in earlier eps) is still running around, causing trouble with gun shipments and stuff. And there’s more alliance-breaking. No wonder they put character names on screen- so many factions, so little time…
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Linkety dumpety time!

morally grey cheerleader brains with swords that paint the future
From [ profile] canadian_turtle: America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Zachary Quinto, Jack Coleman, Sara Ramirez and many others ham it up to benefit Local AIDS Charities for
The summary does not mention Sendhil and James!
Q&A with Kristen Bell. According to [ profile] yahtzee63, she plays someone with general ties to the Company and (this is interesting) to "Peter's supposed death."
Hayden article.
Asked Panettiere about a rumor that Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennet (aka HRG), would be back to his old tricks in the second season, she said, "I think we all have proven that in this show, we all have our dirty little secrets. I wish I could turn bad. I would turn bad in a second. I'd be the villain."
The Bennet supervillains! Mr. Muggles, sitting, stroking a cat. Yes.
[ profile] canadian_turtle is taking questions for the Heroes cast
Uhura joins Sulu on Heroes! TV Guide says she’ll play a New Orleans survivor who will take care of Micah (she’s his great aunt). She is somehow related to the Dana Davis character.
Yes! Someone finally made a Heroes vid to Knights of Cydonia!

Casting news for Lost!
Paul Reubens to be on Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies article
Cartoon Network is limiting its characters' appearance on children's food and drinks to healthy choices, the third company to do so in the past week.
Top 10 supporting characters on TV. Includes Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Murray from FOtC, Stanley and Toby from The Office!

stranger than fiction
Via [ profile] cleolinda: Northern Irishman bites girlfriend’s snake in half
Cool Carpet of Colorful Sea Creatures Discovered 2 Miles Deep
Overdosed Opera: Stressed stage singers turn to drugs
Art world wonders: Two young New York artists commit suicide. Sad story.
Scandal and Suicide in China: A Dark Side of Toys. Is it bad of me to think that this would make a fantastic novel?
Panda twin dies
Space hotel sees 2012 opening

movies and the people who make them
Rainn Wilson wants to be an alcoholic ninja
Hey, no drinking on duty.
Over the next couple of months, we'll see the return of the Western, violent video-game adaptations and some vigilante justice.
A bit old, but some of you might still enjoy: Actor friends Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal playing soccer
Michael Cera has a band?
Snagged from [Bad username or site: forest house @]: Frank Miller to direct adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic “The Spirit.”. Starring Gabriel Macht, Scarlett Johannson, and Eva Mendes.
100 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood
War. Jet Li. Jason Statham. That’s all you need to know.

bats for The Dark Knight
Vermont senator Patrick Leahy to be in Dark Knight
Dark Knight in Chicago
A fan asked if Batman would be more of a detective in this movie…
"The short answer is 'yes,'" Nolan said.
As the crowd filed out, there was one last surprise. All of the free T-shirts have, in neon writing only visible by blacklight, "Ha ha" written on them. Ha!
New Batman theme song? noo noo noo noo

music sweet music I wish I could caress
MIA vs. Ramones: Sri Lanka High School
MIA teaches kids to dance on Pancake Mountain
Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard was a punk rocker in high school.
Astralwerks to have new Babyshambles
From [ profile] hermitua: The Beatles' last live performance, on top of the Abbey Road studio, eventually broken up by the police: Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3
Guitar Hero III preview Slash is the spokesman?
I squeed when I saw Knights of Cydonia in the trailer!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaay

footie footie yay
A capacity crowd came to see David Beckham play soccer and a fight broke out.
Beckham played the entire 90 minutes for the third time in six days, and was limping slightly near the end of the game in which he served as captain for the third consecutive match.
"He looked hobbled," Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said. "I used him tonight and I shouldn't have done that." …
A shoving match ensued between the teams, which Beckham quickly backed out of and circled around. Defender Alex Zotinca of Chivas USA head-butted Galaxy midfielder Kevin Harmse in the scrum, and Harmse threw a punch at Zotinca. Both received red cards.

Sheesh. Here’s the video.
Hey Liverpool/Chelsea flisters! Rob Styles admits he was wrong!
Jose says Chelsea is “pure and naïve”
To which Rafa Benitez said: 'If Chelsea are naive and pure then I'm Little Red Riding Hood.'
Benitez also blasts Premiership
French goalkeeper Jeremie Janot dresses as Spiderman during match. More Janot.
Gift Grub sends managers back to school.
Rafa, did you eat Roy’s lunch?
Wenger is trying to look at my homework!

Lampard has his own TV Channel? Just for mobile phones, though.
MLS’ unfriendly schedule
US soccer organization has teamed up with Adidas to curate a spread of theme songs for each of the league's teams, getting hometown bands to whip up some fight music. Includes Akwid, Barenaked Ladies, Damone, Kinky, OK Go, The Polyphonic Spree (free mp3 in the link), The Rapture, and RJD2.
Via [ profile] sharkina: Funny footballers
Sunderland manager Roy Keane has blasted "weak" Premier League players who are allowing their wives and girlfriends (WAGs) to dictate their careers.

footie footie yay II: Revenge of the Arsenal
Via [ profile] greeniebach: Lehmann out for two weeks. YOU CAN STOP YOUR POLLING NOW
Kaká : “I’d only ever join Arsenal in England. I love the way Arsenal play football.
Da Silva scored for Croatia
Gilberto Silva: If the chance comes, it would be extremely honourable to finish my career as a Gunner.
Wenger chats with Becks and Sol Campbell
Captain Kolo!
Theo Walcott’s girlfriend Melanie Slade took time out from celebrating her A-Level results last week, to respond to Roy Keane’s claims (see link in first footie section)
Aww, she sounds really cool. Great taste, Theo!

footie footie yay: The TV Series: Episode 1: England vs. Germany )

the New Zealand robotic invasion
Via [ profile] never_evil: Flight of the Conchords icons! More icons!
An interview with Bret and Jemaine
Second season!

pan fandom
Star Wars Rocks interview with comic book and TV scribe Brian K. Vaughan
“Well, just to name-drop, Joss Whedon was trying to convince me that A New Hope is a better film than The Empire Strikes Back, but I choose to believe he was drunk at the time," Vaughan laughs.
From [ profile] yaiyah: Fandom Conversion Meme

my loco local Bay Area
SF school district gets salad bars whaat!
Mountain lion found dead in Fremont elementary school
Berkeley students get free sneak peak of The Kingdom. Stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven. A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Naia said they didn’t know about the tickets…
The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I’ve visited it, and driven past it many times. It’d be so fun if they did a mention on Supernatural.

meme attack
[ profile] jetaimerai:
1. Go to
2. Seach in Harry Potter fanfiction for summaries with your name in them.
3. Post. Try not to snicker.

haaaaa )
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me is dead from school supplies/clothes shopping.
Monday to Thursday aaagh
I really need to work on that URAP app

Thank goodness for excess scholarship money.

On Tueday, I bought four music CDs. See, my brother wanted to buy the video game Bioshock (aah such a pretty Art Deco design, aack the scary Little Sisters). We went to Circuit City first, but the store ran out. In the time it took for him to find that out, I was able to find a two-pack of Muse CDs (Showbiz and Absolution) for $16.99. I didn't even know you could even get Showbiz in the US without paying crazy import prices. But the pack box said Warner Music Australia...I wonder how it ended up in Circuit City, especially since I found their general CD selection lacking...

So we went to Best Buy, carrying the Circuit City flyer that shall bring price-match savings. I so wanted to go to Best Buy this week because M.I.A's Kala and Mark Ronson's Version were on sale, $7.99 each (and Best Buy has an exclusive remix of "Bird Flu" that's pretty cool). So my brother got his game, and I got my music. Aack spending spree. But hey look, I actually buy some of my music! I don't think I'll be buying another CD for a while, though...heh...unless they put White Rabbits on sale...or I stumble upon another 99-cent single...
But what's with me buying all these British artists whose names start with "M?"

Yesterday I found these awesome crossword-design Converses. But all the sizes were too big. Today I found a similar design in Vans. Only the black-white-pink ones fit me; the simply black-white ones were, yet again, too big.
My gosh. HAS MY SIZE BEEN ZAPPED FROM EVERY STORE IN THE UNIVERSE! Seriously, I can find most things one size bigger (some shirts, most pants, skirts I actually like, almost all shoes, and even today the underwear) and sometimes a size smaller (the other pants, the other shoes) but my size in American female terms - 4 for pants/skirts, S or M for shirts, 4-5 1/2 for shoes - is either rare -just one left! aaggh it's ripped- or not there. It's not just one store. It's a conspiracy.

I think I'll go organize my linkspam and do that URAP app and keep reading The Devil in the White City did you know that Meg White like that book yes she does speak sometimes she's just shy it's not Jack White being mean. Have a nice life, everyone.
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And now...the answers to the character crack questions meme!

dramatis personae

I have provided links to very informative videos. Really, go check them out.
1) Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) he’s the young-looking one with the facial hair
2) Mr. Muggles (Heroes)
3) Irina Derevko (Alias)
4) Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
5) Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who, Torchwood)
6) Mihail Bakuinin, aka “Patchy” (Lost)
7) Gackt (J-music man)
8) Menchi (Excel Saga)
9) Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
10) Yoda (Star Wars)
11) Graham Poll (soccer referee)
12) Man with No Name from Muse’s Knights of Cydonia video
13) Voldo (Soul Calibur games)
14) HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
15) Galadriel (LOTR)
16) Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
Thanks to [ profile] mossymermaid for the clip.
17) Sylar (Heroes)
18) Conan O’Brien (talk show host)
19) Anya (Buffy)
20) Dwight Schrute (The Office)

and now, the questions. And answers. )

I should really do this more often.

Oh, and Happy (belated) birthdays to [ profile] viralmemory and [ profile] rxni!

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