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South Korea says it has returned fire after North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells at one of its border islands, killing two marines.

The South’s military was placed on its highest non-wartime alert after the shells landed on Yeonpyeong island.

Pyongyang accused the South of firing first. The Southern military said it had conducted exercises but shelling was directed away from the North.

This is one of the worst clashes since the Korean War ended, analysts say.

There have been occasional cross-border incidents since the conflict ended without a peace treaty in 1953, but the latest comes at a time of rising regional tension.

North Korea’s reclusive leader Kim Jong-il is thought to be ill and trying to ensure the succession of his youngest son.

On Saturday, it emerged that North Korea had also shown off what it claimed was a new uranium enrichment facility to an American scientist.

The move prompted the US to rule out the resumption of six-party talks on nuclear disarmament that Pyongyang abandoned two years ago.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs called on North Korea to “halt its belligerent action”, adding that the US was “firmly committed” to South Korea’s defence.

An emergency session of the United Nations Security Council could be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, a French diplomatic source said…

wait - "non-wartime alert?"- haven't they been technically at war for around 60 years now? Maybe "non-active-wartime alert"

second: "North Korea had also shown off what it claimed was a new uranium enrichment facility to an American scientist."
why did you do this North Korea
showing off

via the BBC
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] 1300_hours and [ profile] glorfindelghost!

In less happy news: 8.8 earthquake hits Chile

Now, the main purpose of this post.

The McDonald's on Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont is about to undergo renovation. Since I think the late '50's, it has featured a carousel/fairground theme in the seating area. All of the decoration pieces were sold in a blind auction in December. I went there two days ago to take pictures of the place before it changed; you can see the little auction stickers on all the pieces.

the pictures )

I also updated my double feature film blog with the one-two film essay punch of F is for Fake and Sans soleil.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] alegorico and [ profile] heyt!

on a more serious note: typhoon in the Philippines.


8 June 2009 15:30
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South Korea's Supreme Court overturns 2004 decision, awards money to Shinhan construction company for suing late actress Choi Jin Sil - who "failed to maintain appropriate dignity" BECAUSE SHE GOT BEAT UP BY HER HUSBAND

and she killed herself to end the trouble, but I guess the legal battle went on after her death

all of that money should have stayed with her kids

sheesh, and what's with all the actress suicides I hear about from there too...
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via [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 dead characters you'd like to see resurrected.

really? now? hahahahaha.

Tweetmeme lets fake BBC "zombie swine flu" story go unchecked

phew, folks.
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Something lighter in the news than viruses and shootings:

Bull runs loose in Irish supermarket
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Gun, Germs and Steel author Jared Diamond sued by two Papua New Guinea Men.

read the source article at Stinky Journalism

Read the comments on both sites to get a fuller perspective on this issue.

Overall opinion: while Diamond is a good biologist (we read some of his work in Human Biogeography of the Pacific) and has done much to break down ideas of European cultural superiority amongst the pop nonfiction reading masses, his statements and reasoning are not completely sound and can lead towards an unfortunate conception of geographic determinism. Argh, I had an argument against one of his arguments about agriculture development posted somewhere, but I can't find it.
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Let's get the sad news out first: Rescuers still hope for quake survivors in Italy

On to some happy news: Happy Birthday, [ profile] ladyalcamy!

And wasn't Chuck great last night?

argh, I cannot get this poem done, and I need some new music. Therefore, you are all subjected to:


Links to previous posts:
artists/bands starting with:
C - De
De - Dy

and now:
artists/bands starting with H

Evaluations based on sample songs given unless otherwise noted.

Kylie Harris
Soulful country-blues sound from this Auckland, NZ singer. Her voice is smoky goodness.

The Happy Hollows
Pixie vocals with a hard-rock/noise/indie blend sound. From LA.

Hamell On Trial
lol funny (though not exactly SFW) confessional song about youth and drugs. From Ossining, NY.
Tom Hickox
"operatic baritone psychodramas," according to the Daily Telegraph. Sounds about right. From London.

countryish folkish Americana whatever
Ha Ha Tonka
cool honky-tonk rock sound. From Springfield, MO.
The Hudsons
a folk song with momentum. From Austin.

Fun radio pop flavored by orchestral and cowboy-guitar touches. From Venice, CA.
Human Highway
crazy catchy melody indie pop. A guy from Islands is in this. Toronto represent.

- - -
three non-SXSW tracks you may enjoy:

Ak Momo - “Women to Control”
Bubbly-voiced melancholy. There’s something special about the melody that overcomes the (to me) too girly-girlishness of the voice. download it for free here - hey, it was up on the Spinner blog for a while, so it counts…
Noah - “Mannequin (Overthrill remix)”
Oh so dancey wheeeeeeee
What Made Milwaukee Famous - three tracks from I particularly like "Idecide," a cool rock-electro number.

doesn't this dance track sounds like it's blaring the sample of the horns from the last part of the Cowboy Bebop theme "Tank!"
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via [ profile] cleolinda: Pictures of the Victoria fires.
related lighter note: Koala thankful for rescue from fires; Sam the koala now a global star
"She is lovely - very docile - and she has already got an admirer. A male koala keeps putting his arms around her," Ms Shaw said. "She will need regular attention and it will be a long road to recovery, but she should be able to be released back into the wild in about five months."

Ice possible factor in New York plane crash

via [ profile] soleta_nf: in social issues: The "not-rape" problem
check the "linked-by" comments under the essay for more perspectives on the situation

Egypt gets a new mummy

Werner Herzog and David Lynch to make a movie together

Directors Michel Gondry, Joon-Ho Bong (The Host), and Leos Corax (French director, don't know what he's done) to team up for Tokyo!
the trailer is cool, though somewhat indie-cutesy.

Emily Blunt's casting in Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) may affect her appearance as Black Widow in Iron Man 2
argh Black Widow is so much cooler than some "reimagining" of Gulliver's Travels
Is it bad that I confuse Emily Blunt with Emily Mortimer?

If you haven't seen it yet, Inglourious Basterds trailer.
haha, pair this with Dead Snow and that would make an interesting double feature

Christopher Nolan to direct sci-fi/action film Inception next.


Brian Michael Bendis confirms live-action TV version of comic book Powers for FX
I need to read Powers shoot

via [ profile] hobbitofkobol: Law and Order UK promo pics
aka that new show with Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman

Kings attacks Brooklyn Museum with promotional tank
this in-depth review of the Kings pilot (with slight spoilers, but one can glance over them) says it's slightly silly and pretentious, but has strong spirit and grand atmosphere.
I'll give it a try.

Lost continues decline in ratings against expanded American Idol, but was the most-viewed (legally) show online for the month of December, when it wasn't even airing. hmm.


Teen charged with billing school for $37,000 worth of candy
Engaged: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

finally, continuing the 30 Rock - Amedei chocolate connection from last post:
weather's been crazy lately - hail then sun then rain all in the same day - and BART had some weird schedule at the Fremont station, so my dad drove me to school today. (I buy him stuff around the area when he does that, good tradeoff ha) My dad was hungry, so we stopped at a cafe where they had really good hot chocolate and confections and chocolate bars and stuff. I saw the smaller I cru (single-origin) bars from Amedei and decided to get the one with beans from Trinidad. It was $5.25, which is okay compared to the usual-size bars from the brand, which are around $12. I'm not saying that higher price always = higher quality, because I've been burned before by some brands and pleasantly surprised by cheaper ones. But this is good stuff.
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Thanks to everyone who has already submitted questions to the character question meme. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? I NEED EVEN MORE CRACK

Hero pilot in New York plane crash is UC Berkeley visiting scholar

[ profile] cleolinda:
Jaw-dropping line of dialogue in NSFW comic
oh my gosh. haha. whoa.

Cowboy Bebop with Keanu Reeves is set to go

also, that trailer in the article cannot get across the cool of this show. The title sequence does a much better job.

Empire's list of 23 buzz films at Sundance
[ profile] nekare, it has Rudo y Cursi
[ profile] orangecrackers, it has 500 Days of Summer
[ profile] greenet, it has Dead Snow
[ profile] claennis, it has that movie.
Also includes a movie directed by John Krasinski, and another movie based on a Nick Hornby novel and starring Peter Sarsgaard and Emma Thompson.

The 1000 Greatest Movies
based on 1,825 critics/reviewers' and filmmakers' top-10 lists, culled from many sources. Additionally, we have also factored in over 900 magazine polls, film institute polls, and many other polls of interest. The net effect of all our fine-tuning over the last twelve months is that a total of 96 films have debuted or re-entered our list and, of course, 96 films have dropped out.
Criticism of the list

Some movies I tried and didn’t bother finishing (maybe one day, Robert Bresson) or didn't have time to finish.
There are two movies on these lists I will never watch: Salo and Irreversible. I just don't think I can stomach them. This is coming from someone who's watched Cannibal Holocaust. I think the moralistic/exploitation/B-movie tone helped me get through that.

My progress on the list. 7 %!

They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? also compiled this list of the 21st century’s most acclaimed films
I've watched 16 %!
the criteria

There's also 250 quintessential noir films, of which I've watched 4%.

Some months earlier, I posted a link about how Ricky Gervais was going to write and direct a movie about a world in which no lies are told...until now.
This Side of the Truth is in post-production now, and the cast list is crazy:
Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Patrick Stewart, Rob Lowe, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor, Fionnula Flanagan, Stephen Merchant (!!!yay!!1), and even Jimmi Simpson (Liam McPoyle on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lyle the Intern on David Letterman, and a small but important role in Zodiac, among other things)
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I am finally done with my Human Biogeography of the Pacific take-home final.

Now just a report (for Arch 110 AC) and another take-home exam, both due Monday, a music practical (sight-singing) exam on Monday, and the written Music exam on Thursday.

oh, and I need to finish editing the mini-movie for the llama caravan project. Screaming llamas sound scary.

hey hey [ profile] claennis, we need to finalize times for meeting on Tuesday. As you see above, I need a break.

after my parents' anniversary dinner tonight, I'm going to watch Pushing Daisies and NMTBuzzcocks. and then start working again. -faints-

links I saved on this "post entry" page:

Greek officials defend handling of riots
Five days of rioting that saw bands of youths marauding through the streets has shocked a generally tolerant Greek public and led many to question how the situation was allowed to degenerate.

Pin-up icon Bettie Page died in Los Angeles on Thursday after falling ill with pneumonia following a heart attack earlier this month. She was 85.

something to cheer you up:
via IMDB:
40 inspirational movie speeches in 2 minutes.

Hamlet, performed in Klingon
From the article: Now if only they could get David Tennant to do the Klingon version, I can die happy.)

Sonya Walger (Lost, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) joins ABC's Flash Forward


John Glover (Lionel Luthor on Smallville) to appear on Heroes in very special awesome role

Golden Globes nominations
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2 accused in alleged torture of teen who escaped.
That's just scary.

in somewhat lighter news, via [ profile] cleolinda: little kid establishes contact with Somali pirates
"Hello. Please can I talk to the pirates," said my daughter in her obviously childish voice.

I could hear someone replying and a bizarre conversation ensued which eventually ended when my daughter collapsed in giggles.

This was a breakthrough. Dialogue had been established.

odd: Man wielding candy cane lawn ornament subdues attacker

Pic of Gambit from the Wolverine movie

via [Bad username or site: soleta nf @]: The Write or Die Wizard.
I'd do it if I wasn't pooped from a near all-nighter on Monday and another late-night working night on Tuesday.
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Wal-mart worker trampled to death in Black Friday crowds

also: Toys 'R Us fatal shooting not due to shopping stresses

okay, back to lighter, fannish things.

more hints in new Lost Season 5 promo

The new BSG promo's also out, but I'm so spoiler-wary for that one that I'm not watching the video...

I was giggling through [ profile] cleolinda's Thanksgiving/rickroll comments and then someone commented with this:
Two preview scenes from Little Ashes, in which Robert Pattinson plays Salvador Dali.

I saw a pic from the second clip and then I started crylaughing so hard
The first clip was surprisingly intense. The second one makes me want to hear what his accent will sound like.

another golden rpattz quote via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm:
I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year. She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks — all day, every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back. People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.

haha he kills them with boredom

for those not bored yet, there's a Facebook group: I liked Robert Pattinson before Twilight.

for more crazy, see rpattz and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) on Tyra Banks' talk show
She asks Robert to bite her. And panties are thrown about. Pie contest in part 2.
If the video isn't working, type in "&fmt=30" at the end of the video url, and it should work.

Co-star Kristen Stewart's even less comfortable with the media. I usually don't want to post paparazzi pics, but she is smoking weed on the front steps.

for all your holiday icon needs, check [ profile] ack_attack's icon post.
There's just about everything, from Hannukah to Festivus to Aaron Piersol to Amy Poehler on 30 Rock to Bret and Jemaine and even Diego de la Torre and a dead fish from Rahm Emanuel. And Saskatchewan.

more links via [ profile] cleolinda:
First look at Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in period mob drama Public Enemies
looks cool.
Is there an Australia-esque epic for America?
I totally agree with number 1.

Patrick Swayze reportedly says goodbye after cancer resurgence.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] decadentdream!

and Happy Thanksgiving to all American flisters.

some news:

119 killed in Mumbai shootings, Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel
The latter article is more current. Just one tiny nitpick not intended to undermine the seriousness of the story: "Indian commandoes killed the last three gunman at a landmark hotel late Thursday."

I found this article a few minutes after seeing Robert Pattinson spelled as "Robert Pattison" on the ABC Thanksgiving program. aaaaargggghh

Protesters halt takeoffs at Thai airport.

To less serious matters:

Transporters 3’ Star Jason Statham on Fighting a Dozen Guys While Stripping
IT'S "TRANSPORTER 3" Vulture - you should know better!
I was working on the street selling perfume and jewelry, and to fantasize about working in action movies in Hollywood didn't make sense to me. I'm more of a realist. But I was lucky enough to get that leg up. Then I knuckled down and took it seriously.

Finally, the epic Harry Potter vs. Twilight article commentspam.

I collected some of the best quotes that I haven't seen posted elsewhere.
Warning: negative attitudes towards Twilight contained within. However, I tried get the more creative quotes. Just mentioning an awesome character doesn't count.

Edward, you know there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously sparkly.

Posted by: Zoolander

I wonder what would happen if I touched one...
Posted by: Ned the Pie Maker

I really wonder what would happen if Ned touched a vampire...

It was the best of stories, it was the worst of stories, it was the age of Harry Potter, it was the age of Twilight, it was the epoch of excellent adventures, it was the epoch of gross child-births, it was the season of Noble Wizards, it was the season of Wussy Vampires, it was the spring of victory over darkness, it was the winter of emo moping, we had marvelous magical spells before us, we had a whole lot of boring beige before us, we were all going direct to the fun-vee, we were all going direct to the humdrum-vee - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Posted by: Charles Dickens

so many obscure fan references! FOR IT IS TOGETHER THAT WE SPARKLE! )
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Via Popwatch:

The Jim Henson Co. has launched development of the feature "Happytime Murders," a puppet comedy in the film noir detective genre.

ETA: Totally unrelated to what's above.

Camorra mafia wants author dead

Roberto Saviano, the Italian author of Gomorrah, a hit book exposing the behind-the-scenes machinations of the Camorra (the mob), has been under 24-hour police watch for the past two years. But with the movie version of Gomorrah now also a hit, Saviano is facing more heat than ever — Naples' anti-Mafia squad is investigating a claim that the Camorra plan to have the author and his bodyguards killed by Christmas. It's pretty much as ridiculously cinematic as it sounds: The information came from an informant close to Francesco Schiavone, the imprisoned Camorra godfather known as Sandokan; apparently, the Casalesi sub-clan has moved its assassination plans into the "operative" phase.

I remember watching an interview with Saviano once. Smart guy, really cares for his city.

interesting side note:
If all of this weren't crazy enough, the actor Bernardino Terracciano, who has a part in the Gomorrah movie, was among seven suspected Mafia affiliates arrested over the weekend. Terracciano, who allegedly has ties to the Casalesi clan, plays mob boss Zi Bernardino in the film; he was turned in by fellow gangster Oreste Spagnuolo. Yikes!

by the way, can anyone tell me what happened with the garbage workers' strike in Naples? I know I can look it up, but...I should really get back to homework, though.
(ETA 4: Found a forum on the subject on TripAdvisor. The latest article I found was from May of this year...the strikes start and stop and start again)

ETA 2: more unrelated business.
lol casting crack:
Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (sic) began principal photography last week on location in Germany. The ensemble cast of Inglourious Basterds includes Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Daniel Brühl, Eli Roth, Samm Levine, B.J. Novak, Til Schweiger, Gedeon Burkhard, Paul Rust, Michael Bacall, Omar Doom, Sylvester Groth, Julie Dreyfus, Jacky Ido, August Diehl, Martin Wuttke, Richard Sammel, Christian Berkel, Sönke Möhring, Michael Fassbender, Mike Myers, Rod Taylor, Denis Menochet and Cloris Leachman.
lol Ryan from The Office and Cloris Leachman
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There was a forest fire on Angel Island.



video and pictures

Rains expected to heal Angel Island

the last time I went was at the end of August. I took more than 100 pictures with my cell phone camera, only to find out that one either sends each picture individually to email or gets the pics through a data cord that I haven't found in stores yet. But if I have time, I'll try and put some pictures here.

as for the test...I don't know. I studied since Thursday, barely flisting or doing anything else besides studying and doing other homework this whole weekend, and it's just so hard for me to memorize so many specific dates and numbers and stuff...
and I know for a fact that I was the only one in class who actually read the readings when assigned, so I didn't have to catch up as much as everyone else on the readings, but of course they're going to get better than me anyway because I'm dumb like that and even two readings and summary-taking and reviewing can't get all the number and stat info in my head
on the paragraph answers and essays I just dumped all I knew on the topics, because I know that gets points in scientific exams...I did watch TV on Monday, but that was probably for the better, because on Tuesday I just studied every single moment possible and I got note fatigue...

and, of course, being the secret emo I am, I wrote a poem after the test, while riding home on BART. )
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the news post:

Deadly bomb in Pakistan

Thabo Mbeki to step down
[ profile] pablo___, I hope you don't mind me quoting you here:
"Home where your deputy president gets fired, and then reinstated as President of the ruling party and then gets investigated, found not guilty and then fires forces the president to resign.

We have no president?
I am confused.

A far-right group was forced to abandon a press conference launching a campaign against plans for a new mosque and Muslim immigration in the German city of Cologne yesterday, when protesters targeted them with stones and paint.

"Mosques are shooting out of the ground like mushrooms" and "headscarves are flooding our streets", were among the inflammatory statements the Pro-Cologne group used to drum up support for its three-day "Anti-Islamisation Conference".

4 dead in plane crash, DJ AM and ex-Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker seriously injured

umm, something nice:
Organic farm blossoms in Kenya's largest slum
Former criminals nurture a healthy harvest amid wasteland shacks
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First, Happy Birthdays to [ profile] jaune and [ profile] kiwimangoodness!

World disaster news:
Gustav destroys homes, sparks flooding in Cuba
Army helps as desperation mounts in flood-hit India
China quake kills 32, destroys 258,000 homes

It's been a busy weekend. I already mentioned that yesterday we went to Angel Island, followed by a gathering with family friends, where we watched Cal beat Michigan State yay. I wore my Arsenal shirt, and I later found out that they won, so yay!

We were late for the Oakland ferry our friends were taking, so we had to drive all the way into Tiburon to get the ferry there. It's a really nice seaside town. Really expensive to live there, but the place is nice. Actually, all of Marin County is very pretty. It's like Cape Cod or some other East Coast place, but with a less glitzy, more foggy, laid-back California vibe. The people who live right next to the ocean are pretty cool. But the stereotype of Marin County people being super rich, self-absorbed, annoying preppy people who try to sweep everything ultra-liberal more because it's the thing to do rather than what they truly believe? who take political correctness to extreme, 4th-place-medal levels of insanity? Yes, stereotypes aren't completely true, but those people with the mansions and expensive condos in the hills...maybe it's the fog. gets to them. Sci-fi novelist Philip K. Dick actually captured this group of people well in the 1956 (I think) non-sci-fi novel Confessions of a Crap Artist.
lol I don't have that much experience with Marin people. Just reporting the mindset, that's all.

anyways, Angel Island was fun. I took a bunch of pics with my phone camera. Now we need to find the proper cord for the thing...

While waiting in one area, I climbed this little side pass, or, more like crawl-climbed. Took a picture of a reddish giant rockface. But, when I tried to get down...
whoa, that path looks too slippery. I grabbed a tree branch quick. I had to come back the way I came, which was friendlier to tiny tiny feet of little kids rather than to just tiny feet of 20-yr-olds. Fortunately, I found a handy stick to help me get my balance when things were about to get rough.
I can't help it. I like exploring random things.

While on the tram tour of the island, we saw some deer. And then I got a call. It was for a CalTV assignment.

So, the next day, I was at the Slow Food Festival in San Francisco. I was at the only free, open event, the farmers' market in front of City Hall. I was there to tape a segment for a CalTV reporter. It smelled so good there...too bad stuff with filming and family got too busy. I wanted to try food. grr. Or at least get the really good dried fruit. I still have a fruit craving argh.
It was really packed. And hot. They need to open the aisles next time. Some random dude saw that I was using a fancy videocamera. He then asked me how to operate his friend's picture camera. Very odd.

What is Slow Food?
Disciples of the Slow Food movement rail against fast food, industrial farming and global distribution and embrace the idea of supporting local producers who use sustainable methods and pay fair wages to their workers. To spread the word, they invited some of the country's best chefs, most innovative artisan foodmakers and environmentally friendly farmers here to prove that eating the Slow Food way is a sensual pleasure that's good for the body as well as the soul.

Nectarines are in season now, I think. I want nectarines and peaches.

oh, and while I was reserving a book today at Borders, I saw the FIFA magazine with Diego on the cover. I bought it.

while we were shopping for new school clothes for my brother, I saw some of the Marc Ecko shirts the designer did for Star Wars. After seeing the Boba Fett shirt, my mind latched onto it and couldn't let go. So yes, I did have to ask someone to take the shirt off the half-mannequin, because that was the only Boba Fett shirt that wasn't extra large. My brother got the Darth Vader and stormtrooper ones, although he requested that I let him wear my shirt if he wants. shoot, I remember looking at the first Marc Ecko Star Wars designs like one or two years ago in the newsletter, and thinking, "aww, if only they weren't online..."
yaaaaaay for street geek wear

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