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crossposting from tumblr...

chrry’s media year in review

music will come later

this was a busy year so I didn’t do as much as I wanted

films watched in 2016

books read in 2016

(interesting that the first and last books are Irish)

Top books read:

To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf

The Talented Mr. Ripley, by Patricia Highsmith

You Will Know Me, by Megan Abbott

Faithful Place/Broken Harbor, by Tana French

Still Life Las Vegas, James Sie

The Flight of Icarus, by Raymond Queneau

A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, by Eimear McBride

The Mark and the Void, by Paul Murray

Man Tiger, Eka Kurniawan

2/5ths of this list is Irish…

short stories:

Eleven Prague Corpses (Kirill Kobrin) and Let Me Tell You (Shirley Jackson)


Amorgos, by Nikos Gatsos, trans. Sally Purcell

dunno if I’ve got strong movie recs besides the Everest documentary Sherpa

performers seen on a screen the most this year:

(includes individual movies, tv series, and music videos)

six times: Meiko Kaji

five times: Aneurin Barnard and much of the Stray Cat Rock crew

three times: Pina Menichelli, Wunmi Mosaku, Riz Ahmed

favorite TV episodes this year:

Brooklyn 99 – 3.18- – “Cheddar” followed by Terry Kitties and Paranoia arc

Elementary - 4.17  -“You’ve Got Me, Who’s Got You?” Paul Cornell + superheroes. also, “Miss Taken”

Orphan Black – 4.2 – “Transgressive Border Crossing”

Penny Dreadful – 3.2 – “Predators Far and Near” Twist! Too bad it went all bad

Mr. Robot – 2.7 – “Handshake”

The Night Of – 1.8 – “The Call of the Wild

Maybe Narcos 2.4-5

Halt and Catch Fire –3.5 – Yerba Buena 3.6 – “And She Was” 3.7 “Threshold”

Brooklyn 99 – 4.3 – “Coral Palms, Part 3”

Westworld – 1.4 – “Dissonance Theory” thanks Ed Brubaker

Black Mirror – 3.1, 3.4

General monster design in Channel Zero

favorite tv discovery:

New Scandinavian Cooking

and now,

tv episodes watched from October thru December 2016 )
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I've started a really weird sci-fi linked verse poetry project on Twitter: The Ship and The Station. idk

In TV talk, I'm liking In the Flesh's second season overall. The pilot of Halt and Catch Fire is promising. While people might blog the most about Lee Pace's character or the female programmer, I think the character with the most underlying potential is the wife of Scoot McNairy's engineer character. To my surprise, Penny Dreadful was better than expected. There are still some iffy parts -- Billie Piper's accent, Dorian Grey's hair, a few scary moments that turn out unintentionally hilarious -- but I'm into the ride overall. What really captivated me was the Frankenstein story in episodes 1-3, and the inclusion of the Grand Guignol stage in episodes 3-4.
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ok now I have a Goodreads

I've been trying to find more of the titles I read from elementary school through college, but I need to check the papers and books and storage to find more. I seriously want to know all the titles of the books I've read.

I also made a "serials" shelf to house series with 4+ installments that I don't want to clog my "books books" shelf.

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Sometime ago, I found this page of tanka poems by Jorge Luis Borges. You can look at the site for the original, but I'm going to try and translate it here. Because I'm a budding Japanese poetry geek.

translation attempts )
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prompt inspired by [ profile] book_memes:

Review a book - but in poetry!

I'm really exhausted right now, but maybe one of you might think up of something? I think it's a really brilliant prompt.
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I just got a call back from a job! I won't talk specifics in an unlocked post, but I need to send some more materials and maybe I'll get an interview. :D

I am working on the "make your own show" suggestions given by [ profile] greenet (I decided to go with a dark take on Winnie the Pooh with humans; what am I thinking) and [ profile] supersyncspaz7. But I like working on these casting games in groups, and this was finished first.

I finished reading The Aeneid a few weeks ago, and being the geek I am, I really liked it.
I also thought it would be great fodder for a casting game.
oh hey The AV Club thought that too:
Why not The Aeneid? It has a tragic love story, seafaring action, and a protagonist as flawed as he is heroic.

To be really faithful to the story, I decided to break up the epic poem into smaller, shorter bits, following specific storylines rather than just the divisions that are there. One of the things I really liked about the story is how it shuffles between biographies, stories, flashbacks, scenes with the gods, scenes with everyday people, scenes with the heroes, scenes with the antagonists, and even one or two flashes to the future. Even with judicious editing, putting them all together in one lump would make the whole product feel uneven. So it would be:


That wouldn't be the actual title, but I can't think of anything better at the moment. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME

Each scene would be five to ten minutes, and would preferably air on cable, maybe shown at a specific time every weekday for two to three weeks. Each scene would then be posted on the network's site the day after airing, so people can go back and forth or marathon as they wish. Obviously, this idea needs more thinking through. But I think that intelligently-promoted "event television" is one way to bring viewers to watch TV live. As shorts, the scenes can also be internet/mobile device/promotion friendly in length.

and now...

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sorry for spamming you all recently, but just a reminder


post ain't up yet but can be found at this tag

I won't be able to join - argh you digital transition - but those people are fun to watch with

other random things:

just started Season 1 of Psych and it is fun

I have finished reading all of the translated Axis Powers Hetalia!
And now I know that a place called Sealand exists.

I am currently reading The Aeneid and it is awesome
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So, late Thanksgiving night, I was looking up Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" (also known as "Tale of Unending Pain") for my Tale of Genji paper.
Two translations here; the second one's just selections from the poem.
[ profile] silverence posted another translation in the comments here a while ago, but I think a forum posting would look less acceptable in the bibliography than actual sites devoted to the poem, though I can't find much on those site authors.

So while I was starting my paper, I felt like just having softer music playing. So I started off my media player with "Mon Coeur S'ouvre à Ta Voix" from a recording of the opera "Samson and Dalila." Sometime in the middle of my writing/research session, there was my favorite Astor Piazzolla piece, "Luna."

Since I was at the same time looking up info on the poem, which is based on the history/story of an Emperor searching for the soul of his love after being forced to have her strangled...all this music seemed so sad!

After Cibelle's cover of "Inútil paisagem (Useless Path)," played, I turned off the media player and was inspired to write this poem.

cut to save flisters from my feeble attempts at poetry )

alright, now I better flist and tumblr and do happy things now
oh, and eat flan. yes.
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I am slowly progressing through the complete collection of Issa's haiku

two that might interest you:

a mirage running
and hiding...
withered fields

nigemizu no nige-kakurete mo kareno kana

poem and translation source

I think "a mirage running/and hiding" is so pretty

- - -

laugh at my piss
and shudder...

shôben no miburui warae kirigirisu


yes, humorous haiku totally existed back then
I think LAUGH AT MY PISS should be on a gif or something

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meme via [ profile] oddmonster

Go to and browse the random quotes until you find five that you think reflect who you are or what you believe.

quotes! )
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from this post at [ profile] book_memes:

You are a professor of literature at a prestigious university. You have a class of first-year students, all highly intelligent, but not great readers of literature, in fact they are majors in a completely different discipline. Your job, as professor, is to instill in these students a love of literature so that after this course, even if they never take another literature class, that they might enjoy reading throughout their lives. The class is made up of both males and females. You are to assign approximately 15-20 books over the one year course. What books do you assign? They can be from any time period and any genre.

I think some of you guys should comment with suggestions.

My list is a bit weird, long, and aimed at American students. It is seriously lacking in pre-1900 literature, for while I do like older books, I had to keep the average college freshman in mind.

oh hey [ profile] croakvegas if you have time you probably have some great pre-1950 suggestions that students will like. no pressure though

My list, sans explanations
1) The essential haiku : versions of Bashō, Buson, and Issa edited and with an introduction by Robert Hass.
2) Jim Henson's The Storyteller by Anthony Minghella
3) The Devil and the White City by Erik Larson
4) I, Claudius, by Robert Graves
5) A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin
6) The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I was all conflicted choosing between this, H.G. Wells' Invisible Man, and Frankenstein.
7) The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
I forgot to add in my comment that focus on characters may help ground the story for those less sci-fi inclined. Also, alt-history is probably more mainstream-acceptable than spaceships and lasers
8) Ragtime, by E.L. Doctorow
9) The Bird's Nest, by Shirley Jackson
10) Epitaph for a Peach, by David Mas Masumoto
11) Soccer in the Land of Sun and Shadow, by Eduardo Galeano
12) Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Patrick Suskind
13) Suspects, by David Thomson
14) True Grit, by Charles Portis
15) Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari), by Novala Takemoto
16) World War Z, by Max Brooks

I was also considering Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but decided never mind
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Requiem (for the victims of June Fourth)
by Chen Maiping
translated by Bonnie S. McDougall

Not the living but the dead
under the doomsday-purple sky
go in groups
Suffering guides forward suffering
at the end of hatred is hatred
the spring has run dry, the conflagration stretches unbroken
the road back is even further away

Not gods but the children
amid the clashing of helmets
say their prayers
mothers breed light
darkness breeds mothers
the stone rolls, the clock runs backward
the eclipse of the sun has already taken place

Not your bodies but your souls
shall share a common birthday every year
you are all the same age
love has founded for the dead
an everlasting alliance
you embrace each other closely
in the massive register of deaths
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oh my gosh

ENV SCI 84 - A

P = Pass for Pass/fail classes, you can't really fail an undergraduate research internship unless you really mess up

I was so worried about those first two classes - History of Anthropological Thought and Cross-Cultural Verbal Art. The essay for the former, on forming affinities with crews on America's Best Dance Crew, was a rush job and only 7 pages when they asked for 10-12 pages. The essay for the latter I took more time with, but I was afraid that my analysis for the poem wasn't complete, that my connections to magic were weird, and at 12 pages it was under the 15-20 pages asked for undergraduates. In addition, that class only based its grades on a presentation, this report, with some consideration given to participation in class. and the professors there are like super-scholars who know like 12 languages and can bring in all these theories into discussion but still be super-approachable and nice but would I disappoint them like I've done so many times before?

whoa shoot
I worried so much

I guess I'll post the essays here if you're bored. )
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hey y'all, sorry to bother you, but I just felt like posting this poem I wrote for class

Killer Pun

Palmate the grasp of leaves. A bright hummed melody.
(A mind inapt for now’s empire?)
We know to fear the night, and so let day run free.

First victim bled a scream sweetly silenced by the sea.
(What a festered youth inspires?)
There was only a single warning: a bright hummed melody.

The murdered’s marrow seen, smeared on bone with artistry.
(What does such an eye require?)
All they saw were smiles, and so day then ran free.

News anchors would change octaves by the time they uttered, “spree.”
(Now we speak of the undesired?)
Blood sprayed round all the walls, like notes of melody.

Of course the fiend was caught. For then, where would you be?
(Or was it choice to retire?)
There will be another time when day will escape free.

You have nothing to fear but you yourself. So, why do you worry?
What future rage can you ever acquire?
(It will start with the grasping leaves, and bright hummed melody.)

The title: villain, villanelle, ha ha ha. We were supposed to write a poetic form. That afternoon/night, I came up with a sestina that I thought was awesome... until I started typing out what I wrote. The thing was awful! Of course, I realize this at 2:30 in the morning. So I was surfing that time, and I was still reading Final Girl. I've always wanted to do some kind of horror poem. It just turned into a villanelle, and I stole the parentheses idea from Sylvia Plath.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] soleta_nf!

tried to find a poem you might like...this one might be cute.

by Martha Collins

Draw a line. Write a line. There.
Stay in line, hold the line, a glance
between the lines is fine but don't
turn corners, cross, cut in, go over
or out, between two points of no
return's line of flight, between
two points of view's a line of vision.
But a line of thought is rarely
straight, an open line's no party
line, however fine your line,
consider the shortest distance from x
to y, let x be me, let y be you.
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inspired by a post by [ profile] justbolognese:

two poems each by two Chinese poets I like. The first three poems have been posted here before. Not lj-cutting in case something catches interest.

Light Fur and Fat Horses
By Bai Juyi (722 A.D. - 846 A.D.)

Arrogance fills the road
and shining saddles light up the dust.
If you ask who these men are
you’ll be told, “Officials close to the emperor.”
Those in red are ministers.
Those in purple are generals.
They are off to attend the army banquet
on horses like racing clouds.
Famous wine brims over the jugs.
They have countless delicacies from water and land.
Their fingers break open Tungting tangerines
and they eat fine fish filets from the Celestial Lake.
They feel so content when full
and their arrogance swells with the wine.
This year on the South bank of the Yangtze River there is drought.
In the State of Chu, people are eating people.

Buying Flowers
By Bai Juyi

Spring’s dusk comes to the imperial city.
Rattle, clatter, carriages and horses pass.
Everyone is saying, “It’s peony season,”
and I follow them to buy flowers.
Expensive or cheap, there is no fixed cost,
prices shift with the number of blossoms.
Though a hundred red ones are like flames, flames,
even a small bouquet is worth five rolls of silk.
Canopies are used to cover the flowers
and bamboo frames protect them.
They are sprinkled and sealed with mud
so that, transplanted, their color doesn’t change.
Every household follows this craze,
and no one wakes up from the addiction
Now an old farmer
chances by the flower market,
lowers his head and sighs alone.
No one understands his sigh.
One cluster of deep-colored flowers
would pay the taxes of ten households.

by Wen Yiduo

Perhaps you have wept and wept, and can weep no more.
Perhaps. Perhaps you ought to sleep a bit;
then don't let the nighthawk cough, the frogs
croak, or the bats fly

Don't let the sunlight open the curtains onto your eyes.
Don't let a cool breeze brush your eyebrows.
Ah, no one will be able to startle you awake.
I will open an umbrella of dark pines to shelter your sleep.

Perhaps you hear earthworms digging in the mud,
or listen to the root hairs of small grasses sucking up water.
Perhaps this music you are listening to is far lovelier
than the swearing and cursing noises of men.

Then I will close your eyelids and shut them tight.
I will let you sleep; I will let you sleep.
I will cover you lightly, lightly with yellow earth.
I will slowly, slowly let the ashes of paper money fly.

Wen Yiduo's name is sometimes translated as Wen I-to. He lived from 1899 until 1946, when he was assassinated.

Dead Water, by Wen I-to

Here is a ditch of hopelessly dead water.
A cool breeze wouldn't raise the slightest ripple on it.
You might throw in some scraps of copper and rusty tins,
or dump in as well the remains of your meal.

Perhaps the green on copper will turn into emeralds,
or the rust on tin will sprout a few peach blossoms.
Let grease weave a layer of fine silk-gause, and
mold steam out of a few red-glowing clouds.

Let the dead water ferment into a ditch of green wine,
floating with pearls of white foam;
but the laughter of small pearls turning into large pearls
is broken by spotted mosquitoes stealing the wine.

Thus a ditch of hopelessly dead water
can yet claim a bit of something bright.
And if the frogs can't endure the utter solitude
let the dead water burst into song.

Here is a ditch of hopelessly dead water.
Here beauty can never reside.
You might as well let ugliness come and cultivate it,
and see what kind of world comes out.
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I know this is supposed to be done on Fridays, but I couldn't think of anything

from [ profile] fannish5:
List your 5 favorite unrequited love stories.
I can only think of three right now.

The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Johnny Truant/"Thumper" the stripper in House of Leaves. I'm serious. It really forms into this really sweet thing.

Ichigo/Mr. Slick in Shimotsuma monogatari (Kamikaze Girls). Ichigo crying on the hill.

I think I could only think of book examples because, in TV shows, unrequited relationships have to be addressed sometime to satisfy viewers. In most movies, the lonely one with unrequited affection is usually the pathetic loser or comic relief sidekick whatever that most viewers don't remember (or at least isn't expected to remember as much as the main characters). But my memory is really, really fuzzy on this topic in fiction, so PLEASE list any or all of your favorite unrequited love stories in the comments, because I seriously think I've missed some really great ones.

I think I'll end this with an appropriate poem I found during my Clusty searches for the topic above.

I am a baby prematurely born
I am a genius dying before I'm thirty...
I am a mouth venting suffering but gagged by a wall-
Like hand
I am a severed nose still wanting to smell roses
I am an unrequited lover expressing love with a
torn-out tongue
I am a pair of hands with amputated fingers holding
my beloved....
It ends fatalistically:
I'm nothing, really
I'm just what I am.

- Liu Hongbin
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There was a forest fire on Angel Island.



video and pictures

Rains expected to heal Angel Island

the last time I went was at the end of August. I took more than 100 pictures with my cell phone camera, only to find out that one either sends each picture individually to email or gets the pics through a data cord that I haven't found in stores yet. But if I have time, I'll try and put some pictures here.

as for the test...I don't know. I studied since Thursday, barely flisting or doing anything else besides studying and doing other homework this whole weekend, and it's just so hard for me to memorize so many specific dates and numbers and stuff...
and I know for a fact that I was the only one in class who actually read the readings when assigned, so I didn't have to catch up as much as everyone else on the readings, but of course they're going to get better than me anyway because I'm dumb like that and even two readings and summary-taking and reviewing can't get all the number and stat info in my head
on the paragraph answers and essays I just dumped all I knew on the topics, because I know that gets points in scientific exams...I did watch TV on Monday, but that was probably for the better, because on Tuesday I just studied every single moment possible and I got note fatigue...

and, of course, being the secret emo I am, I wrote a poem after the test, while riding home on BART. )
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I am reposting these poems I found.

both found in the CD Astor Piazolla: El Tango conducted by Gidon Kremer

The song’s in Italian, the poem is in Spanish. I’ll just put down the English translations provided.

Preludio para el año 3001 (Rinascero)
By Angela Denia Tarenzi after original Spanish text by Horacio Ferrer
Translated by Robert Cowart
You should really hear the song- so forceful and strong and stirring and wow.

I shall be reborn a fine evening,
With this desire to love and to live stronger still
I’ll be reborn (it is destiny) in the year 3001,
My lovely city will be a festival of color.

The stray dogs will bark at my shadow…
With my modest baggage I’ll arrive from the Great Beyond
And kneeling at the edge of the transparent sea
I shall shape for myself a new heart from salt and mud.

A vagabond, a clown, and a magician will come;
My immortal comrades, shouting “Courage…arise.
“That’s the way! Take heart, be born! Courage, brother,
‘For the work of death and rebirth is beautiful but hard.”

I shall be reborn! Reborn! Reborn!
And an unearthly voice will give to me
The great and pure faith that will serve me…
I shall return…again I shall believe…and struggle!
I’ll wear a red flower in my button-hold
And I shall be reborn whether anyone else ever has!
My country- 30th century- you will see:
I shall be reborn! Reborn! Reborn!

I shall be revorn from the things I have loved so deeply…
When the shadows of the house say softly “He is here!”
I shall kiss the memory of your quiet eyes,
To complete the poem I left half-done.

I shall be reborn from the fruit of a village market
And the grimy ambience of a romantic café,
From the ruined village that crumbled in an earthquake
And from the rage of the Southern people, I shall be born.

You see, I’ll be born in the year 3001
And with the people who never were, but will be then;
We will bless the earth, our earth…and I swear to you
That this country shall come into being once again

I shall be reborn! Reborn! Reborn!
And an unearthly voice shall give to me
My country…30th century…you will see…
I shall be reborn! Reborn! Reborn!

- - -

El Tango, by Jorge Luis Borges
Translation by Anthony Kerrigan

“Where are they now?” elegies ask
About those who are no longer, as if there were
A region where Yesterday could be
Today, the Still and Not Yet.

Where (I echo) can that malevolence be,
The malignity founded in dusty dirt
Lanes or in lost towns,
By the sect of defiance and the knife?

Where are they now, those who passed on,
Leaving an episode to Epic
A fable to Time, men who knifed each other
Without hate or lucre or passion in love?

I look for them in legend, in the final
Ember that like a vague rose
Holds something of that brave crew,
Of men named Corrales or Balvanera.

What obscure alleyways or wasteland
Of heaven is darkened by the hard
Shad of the men who was shadow,
Muraña, that Knife of Palermo?

Where the deadly Ibarra (may the saints
Forgive him!) who killed his brother
On a railroad overpass, because the other’s
Dead were more, and thus he evened the score?

A mythology of knife thrusts
Slowly dying in oblivion
A chanson de geste lost
In sordid police reports

There is another ember, another burning rose
In the ash that keeps them whole:
And these the haughty knifers live on
And the silent dagger’s bulk.

Though the facitious dagger or that other dagger,
Time, sink them into the mire,
Today, beyond time and misshapen
Death, these dead men live on in the tango.

They are in the music, in the strings
Of an obstinate and elaborate guitar,
Which weaves a fiesta and the innocence
Of courage into a fortuitous milonga.

The yellow carousel of horse and lion
Whirls in the hollow while I hear the echo
Of those tangos of Arolas and Greco
I watched danced on the pavement

Or an instant that today stands out alone,
Without before or after, against oblivion,
And has the taste of everything lost,
Everything lost and recovered.

There is nostalgia in every chord:
The other patio and the half-seen vine,
(The South, behind suspicious walls,
Keeps a knife and a guitar.)

This burst of sound, the tango, this
Wantoness defies the routine years:
Made of time and dust, man lasts
Less long than the libidinous melody,

Which is only time. The tango spawns a turbid
Unread past in certain measure true:
An impossible recollection of having died
Fighting, on some corner of a suburb.

Here's audio of Caetano Veloso reading the poem in its original Spanish.

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