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Wow, I didn't post anything last week.

Nothing major going on my fandom life right now. I've started catching up on Supernatural (up to "Changing Channels" woo), and while it's a bit disappointing that the Star Wars live-action show won't be made, it's probably for the best. Hey, maybe the idea will become feasible again in the future (and I can play some wandering ex-Jedi Knight bounty hunter ooh).
seriously, they couldn't just film most of it in Vancouver and and tell the writers to focus on smaller stories? We don't have to have swarms of military vehicles...they could just focus on a small group of people per episode. Battlestar Galactica managed to stay in production four seasons with space battles...okay sorry selfish nerd hereI WAITED 5 YEARS

We're about to start the packing phase of our move to Davis. We don't have to take everything at once, since we can drive there at least once or twice a week. Garage sale to happen soon.

One question - for those who have lived or are still living in the Davis-Sacramento area:

- was there a franchise or some other establishment you wish was near the Davis campus? My mom's thinking of applying for money provided for starting small businesses. A chain restaurant, a good pearl tea place, etc.

- are there any Asian grocery stores in the area around Davis? Or in Sacramento?
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via [ profile] fannish5

List the five scariest scenes ever.

no way I'm keeping it to five

book/short story:
- The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson
When everything goes dark in Theo and Eleanor's room.
I can post a ton of Shirley Jackson moments, but this one sticks with me the most.
- "War Games" by Philip K. Dick
The implications of the ending are frightening.
- "Pickman's Model" - H.P. Lovecraft
The ending.
- there's a Thomas Ligotti story with a weird carnival in a darkness-filled dimension and everything is askew and I can't remember if there's a clown or a fortune-teller machine inside the ticket booth and ack
- King Rat, by China Miéville
The rat battle scene at the rave. It's better than that description sounds.

- "Hush," Buffy the Vampire Slayer
when the Gentlemen pull out their tiny knives.
- the opening credits of The Outer Limits
- Doctor Who: either "Blink" -the angels have the phone box- or various parts of "Midnight"
- "It's a Good Life" - The Twilight Zone
the jack-in-the-box shadow.
- "The Midnight Sun" - The Twilight Zone
when everything is melting.
lol I haven't even included Talky Tina and other Twilight Zone creations in this
I still haven't caught up with Supernatural yet, but, remember when it used to be scary? Really horror scary? I was so glad that we had a horror television show that wasn't serialized stories (Buffy took horror elements but was rarely horror) but the whole apocalypse drama takes away from horror-ness. And it's not like demons and angels never inspired horror scares in other things, so it's not entirely the fault of the angels and apocalypse turn. /rant
I haven't watched The X-Files and I was very young when my parents had Twin Peaks on the TV so I'm obviously lacking those.

haha so many I have to divide these

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Wait Until Dark

- Eyes Without a Face (Les yeux sans visage
the face transplant scene
- Hara-Kiri (Seppuku)
the titular scene
- The Hitcher
dog in the police station, or the car draw-and-quarter
- A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa hongreyon)
the hanged ghost
- Martyrs. Just Martyrs.

- M, the opening and any scenes where the killer could be anywhere
- The Trap (Wana) (the third film in the Maiku Hama trilogy)
so many scenes; seriously one of the most underrated psycho killers ever on screen
- Suicide Club (Jisatsu sakuru)
the school mass suicide. There are moments when I'm hanging around high school kids and when I hear them talking, this scene becomes much more realistic than it might seem upon viewing. That's what freaks me out.
- Carnival of Souls
I know it's a B-movie, but that carousel dance scene...
- Intacto
the forest scene, and the whole system of stealing luck


The end of the "Thriller" music video, and the final sequence in Fantasia.
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Supernatural 5.5 - "Fallen Idols"

not a perfect episode, even for the ones on the comedy side, but awesome parts were awesome.

like... )
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Supernatural finale:

and yet another show ends with a fade to white and a complete FML reveal for a character. (sorry, Lost is still on the brain)

and whoa shoot that room that started out with Rococo paintings was kind of cool
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I need one more to form a trend, but:

first Lost has that Hurley - Miles conversation, and then Supernatural has the giant meta episode? Any other meta week shenanigans going on?
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Watched the Worlds for women's figure skating (they didn't televise the others here; I'll catch them later). Yu-Na Kim was the most consistent to me, and she deserved to win. And hey Canada gets another medal after 21 years.
Also, I know Mao Asada is growing and getting pretty tall, but she looked scarily thin to me.

I wished they had televised the men's competition. They've been more exciting overall these past few years.

Went to Santana Row today with my friend Loki. Ate at Sino - (hey my mom suggested it first. We ate there before for my parents' anniversary; the hypertrendiness and popularity is evident but not like suffocating or anything), then browsed various stores before ending up at a cafe.

I went a bit photo-crazy.

hypercool restaurants and sunsets await )
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argh, I should have done more work this Spring Break. But then again, I don't feel that I've relaxed enough.

via [ profile] prthecrazyone:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends!
ah whatever, here you go, no tagging )

I've been in the mood for horror these past few weeks.

I finished reading Ted the Caver. It was alright, but I could recognize some of the tricks used in other stories.
thoughts on the story and its rumored veracity;
the original, complete story (pg 14 is where the online version stopped).
Sometimes it's better to leave things unexplained.
also finished Dionea House and its related sites. Also pretty good but I can see the gimmick. I guess, with stories like this, I want something as developed as House of Leaves.
Still, this is creepy: Those who know, we consume.
one of the commenters created a nice name for this genre: docu-horror
ETA: okay, I'm reading more of the connected blog comments and now I'm afraid of doors. what. I should be afraid of one-story houses

via IMDB:
Survive the Outbreak, an interactive zombie movie. Anyone want to try it?
the use of sound in horror film
Some of the best analysis I've seen on the "torture porn" genre, and very concise but informative on the topic of cinematic sound as well.
Zodiac utilizes an interesting technique when the voice of the Zodiac killer is heard over 911 lines. David Fincher and his sound team assembled a vocal track using two different actors’ voices, alternating each word, in order to create an altogether strange, but not unreal, moment.
aww cool.

finally, [ profile] ladyalcalmy found this link to last night's episode of Supernatural: The Changing Light at Sandover
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I wasn't even watching Smallville (just hearing it on the TV) and that mean teen witch version of Zatanna was bothering me. Argh, I know she was older in the comics, but I bet that even at a young age, comics!Zatanna wasn't this annoying. I peeked at the TV a bit, and her face looks like a snake hybrid of Megan Fox or something. argh Smallville, when I used to watch you I liked these callouts to the comics...

Supernatural was fun, though. I think I'm going to name the bear in my previous post Sammy Fipperhopper the Bear.

Did you just call me Sammy? )
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last night I had a dream
bunch of people from Lost
meeting in some warehouse
I particularly remember Sun
but no Dan :(

also, I was in a cafe with someone and George from Being Human
The cafe was nice
George told me "you're crazy" in a very insulting manner
but it was okay in a way because it was George and I am kind of crazy
- - -

If x = me
and C = Dan Faraday
x + C = :)

- - -
right now my brother and I are up late doing work
we don't want to do it
so we had some short music-blasting wars
argh I just need two more paragraphs on this thing
but I just can't typethink

don't worry we had many errands to run and Supernatural to watch and then I wrote a little and then figuratively passed out so it really hasn't been too late

oh, and I applied for the internship. Because of that, only had fifteen minutes to gobble lunch before class. oh well.

why can't I think
or use capitals

just one more day till Spring Break
but some important family/house stuff to do Saturday

I just want to watch Ravenous and the other DVDs I have from the library

ETA: done. at 4:52 AM. at least my anthro logic was working, even if my spelling logic was being bluuuurrrreeedd
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] gossy16!

also, for those who watch Make Me a Supermodel, check out pre-show Colin pics. aww yay '40's style! I also watched episode 2 and I like people who make a genuine effort to work on their faults.

oh, and Supernatural had quite a few awesome moments.
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ah, capslock comms.

[ profile] capslock_lost

[ profile] capsalwayssunny

I like how wrong my icon is.

Supernatural was good. Like Sammy, I did have a magician semi-phase...I knew like two card tricks and I had a little magic set from Target.
My brother wonders whether Criss Angel will take any legal action about the title.

One of my classes has two professors. This is alright because their conversational style of lecturing brings different points up. What's weird is that when one is talking, the other looks around. I was somewhat sleepy today, and I like to take notes with my notebook on my lap, so I was sort of freaked out, wondering if she was glaring at me or just looking in my general direction...ack I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late looking at Lost comments

T'was a Lost hangover. yeah.

ETA: "Blair, the Hairband" would so be the name of a pretentious indie rock group.
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The answers to the character question meme!

And the characters are... (with intro pic/video previews specially chosen for your enjoyment, so even if you don't know the person, please enjoy)

1) Abe the Alien (alien loves predator)
2) Castiel (Supernatural)
3) Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
4) Daniel Faraday (Lost)
5) Eric van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)
6) Anna (Chuck)
7) Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) bonus video
8) Liam McPoyle (not Ryan) (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
9) Benjamin Linus (Lost)
10) Liz Lemon (30 Rock)
11) Darren Lamb (Extras)
12) Lily Charles (Pushing Daisies)
13) Bret (Flight of the Conchords)
14) Susan Death (Discworld)
15) Kirby (video games)
16) Voldo (Soul Calibur)
17) Yoda (Star Wars)
18) Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
19) Momoko (Kamikaze Girls)
20) The Middleman (The Middleman)

and now, the questions and answers )
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I give up I give up…I couldn’t do it…I can’t watch any more TV episodes…internet or otherwise. I give up!


My rules were pretty strict, though. I had to have seen the episode from the very beginning, with permission made for bathroom breaks and stuff during the episode. So that’s why there’s so few Brothers and Sisters episodes and other shows - I watch them in bits, but I rarely catch the whole thing. Also, news/late night shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien were not counted.

You see later on that I started to include sports events I watched on TV. This was inspired by [ profile] padfootie’s monthly recap posts. I wanted to keep a record of them somehow. I didn't write down the Olympics, though, because that would be too much.

Sometimes I would comment on an episode. No comment doesn’t mean no reaction.

via [ profile] canadian_turtle: the 500 television episode
Episodes in 2008

My list )

So, for next year...shows to finish/start/try out, in no order
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Mad Men
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
Extras and Office (UK) series finale
Arrested Development
Green Wing
Mighty Boosh
Band of Brothers

and some others
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] decadentdream!

and Happy Thanksgiving to all American flisters.

some news:

119 killed in Mumbai shootings, Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel
The latter article is more current. Just one tiny nitpick not intended to undermine the seriousness of the story: "Indian commandoes killed the last three gunman at a landmark hotel late Thursday."

I found this article a few minutes after seeing Robert Pattinson spelled as "Robert Pattison" on the ABC Thanksgiving program. aaaaargggghh

Protesters halt takeoffs at Thai airport.

To less serious matters:

Transporters 3’ Star Jason Statham on Fighting a Dozen Guys While Stripping
IT'S "TRANSPORTER 3" Vulture - you should know better!
I was working on the street selling perfume and jewelry, and to fantasize about working in action movies in Hollywood didn't make sense to me. I'm more of a realist. But I was lucky enough to get that leg up. Then I knuckled down and took it seriously.

Finally, the epic Harry Potter vs. Twilight article commentspam.

I collected some of the best quotes that I haven't seen posted elsewhere.
Warning: negative attitudes towards Twilight contained within. However, I tried get the more creative quotes. Just mentioning an awesome character doesn't count.

Edward, you know there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously sparkly.

Posted by: Zoolander

I wonder what would happen if I touched one...
Posted by: Ned the Pie Maker

I really wonder what would happen if Ned touched a vampire...

It was the best of stories, it was the worst of stories, it was the age of Harry Potter, it was the age of Twilight, it was the epoch of excellent adventures, it was the epoch of gross child-births, it was the season of Noble Wizards, it was the season of Wussy Vampires, it was the spring of victory over darkness, it was the winter of emo moping, we had marvelous magical spells before us, we had a whole lot of boring beige before us, we were all going direct to the fun-vee, we were all going direct to the humdrum-vee - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Posted by: Charles Dickens

so many obscure fan references! FOR IT IS TOGETHER THAT WE SPARKLE! )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] logovo and [ profile] tigera4j!

Last night's Supernatural was okay, but had some weird pacing that threw some pretty inspired bits off.

But then that moment.
with the stuffing.
I couldn't stop laughing for 3...5 minutes? My brother tried to restrain me, seriously. I was laughing and laughing and laughing, and then trying to stop and explain to my brother and then bursting into more laughter...just what I've needed these past few weeks.
also, I was wondering why they kept promoting guest star Ted Raimi, until the TWOP forums informed me that

you guys remember Joxer, right? From Xena?

don't make me feel old I'm only 20

The Teddy Bear moment, found on Youtube: THAT SCENE starts at 3:49
We already know that Dean has a thing against fabric softener teddy bears.

In more serious matters:
I got into the Verse Poetry class yay!
we had to submit an application with five pages of poems and I didn't think I would make it because my poems are weird and I'm not an English major nor a creative writing minor so I wouldn't get that edge but yay!

more discussion of new classes to come someday. When I'm not swamped with work or just recovering from work with little videos or TV shows

speaking of TV shows

I obtained all 5 parts of the zombies invade Big Brother set miniseries, Dead Set. Really really good, prime zombie fare.

The best trailer I found.
The whole show's 3 hours put together. Go check it out. It starts out just okay, then really gets good. Sorry I'm not feeling more descriptive at the moment. But I did get some scares, and I wanted to cry at the end.

Simon Pegg liked it, but had one big problem: Zombies don't run!

whoa shoot I read "soporific" as "sporkorific"

Personally, I don't mind either kind. Yeah yeah it messes up the metaphor. But I like more animalistic monsters. Like the vampires in Supernatural.

a commenter on io9 pointed to this Slate article on the same issue.

But crossing reality TV with zombies? VHI first announced their own little thing in June..

For more brainy zombie fare :P
Word Zombies: The latest in French-Canadian propaganda?

McDonald went on to describe the infected as extremely chatty deranged people. The movie is based on the Tony Burgess' novel Pontypool Changes Everything and will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival.
I'm wondering how they're going to play this premise straight.

and, of course, no local library has that book. And it's out of stock in local bookstores. nooooo
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I dreamed that Sam, Dean, and Castiel were on a case. Sam was talking to Castiel about Dean, and there were close-ups of Castiel and he looked all innocent, almost childlike in figuring out the ways of crazy humans. And then he got all serious and cool. argh I wish I remember specifics of the conversation. They were in a bar more sleek-looking than the ones the Winchester boys usually turn up in. I'm guessing Castiel was undercover as one of the workers, because several people were wearing the same plaid flannel shirt he was.

One of these flannel people gave Castiel a glass of clear-looking alcoholic drink. Castiel took it, and looked all nervous and not sure of what to do. Dean and Sam were watching, trying to stop their jaws from dropping.

Castiel poured the drink on himself. The woman who gave him the drink first looked all weird, and then said, "Maybe I should try that." The drink had a nice smell.

that dream was separate from the one I was in, with secret missions and new classmates and some contest involving H&M memberships.

ETA: oh, now I remember another thing - some other people were with my brother and me in Target. It was after store hours. Two mummies had rise from their sarcophagus already. We were trying to stay away from their grasp. And then another mummy came from the direction of the Gardening section. My brother screamed. While running, I said something like "you should have know there were three mummies." All of us ran out the front doors into the parking lot. I didn't feel as scared as the others, and part of me was thinking, "ha I can't wait to tell Emmanuel that he screamed all scared in my dream."
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hey hey [ profile] croakvegas you can skip last week's Heroes and just go into this week's. Not a perfect episode, but the unevenness is more like the unevenness in the early first season. Some cheesy moments and some great moments. Or you could just skip to the ending...

okay, I think I'm finally on the Misha Collins (Castiel on Supernatural) train.

you know why?

via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm: I'm going to get a little personal here for the fans, again. What does Misha Collins like to do on his day off? What are his interests?

Misha Collins: Well, I like to write poetry. I'm a published poet. I've been published in several literary magazines this year. I also built the house that I live in. I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I've built the house I live in and most of the furniture that's in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still. And I also like the outdoors a lot. I spend a lot of time camping, and in the winter I do a lot of back-country camping and snowboarding up in the High Sierras. As long as you don't hit trees you're fine.

from here.

lol I don't go for snowboarders at all, what

yeah, he's a published poet and built his own house and even worked in the White House and all.

but, strangely, the most important thing to me: HE SNOWBOARDS.
I am so weird...

finally, since this seems to be the "stuff related to what [ profile] croakvegas likes" post...

I need this movie! It's Jean-Pierre Melville's last film! That Alain Delon's in it is only a bonus (yeah, directors > actors in my movie taste) but why they not have at even university film archive waaaah

- - -
oh, and any American TV know that car ad with the really breathless editing? Lots of different things happening, but all the flashes are less indie-film-jarring and more organically pulling out at the last "breath" and I think it's for the Toyota Camry...
I'm hopeless searching for it on Youtube. BUT THE EDITING MAKES ME SWOON. EVERY TIME.
I was all gushing about it to my brother and he's all shaking his head, "you video people"
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Pushing Daisies returned!

"You want a drink? Lily, hand me your purse!"

Supernatural was whoa shoot family mythology yay

Lol, you should have seen me during the car scene.
me: "ooh, it's going to be the car...wait WHAT ARE YOU DOING"

from the TWOP boards:
Feel bad that Sam was sidelined this episode, but as many other posters have pointed out, he was contractually obligated to go do reshoots on Friday the 13th. The story was written to accommodate that reality, not to alienate lovers of Sam or lovers of the Bro's together.
sorry about the apostrophe abuse at the end of that quote.

- - -

I spent a ton of time trying to catch up with flist yesterday (I didn't even know who was playing Champions League! that's how behind I was. I did quickly check in the school bar on Wednesday, but Arsenal wasn't playing and they weren't showing the Bremen game and I was craving foods and yeah), but things have been crazy and I haven't been able to read anything dated from Thursday night on. So I'll probably start flisting anew tomorrow night. sorry, y'all. If there's something I should see before then, please leave a link -or a pic!- here.

now, I've been tossing around this idea for a while, maybe just for an essay, or maybe even a senior honors thesis - that's optional at my school, though, and I'd really have to force myself to do it, but...

I've been thinking about Livejournal. Specifically, how
an LJ is simultaneously an identity, a place, and a product

Identity in how people identify an LJ as representative of a person. It may be the only way one person knows another. For example, "LJperson told me today..."

Place as in: a place to find and contact an LJ user, a place to find thoughts and links and pics and such...I'm not sure whether I should include communities or if they'll just overcomplicate things...

Product as in: even though we like to say and think that our journals are there for us to say whatever we want, I think that many of us tailor our posts to certain audiences. Maybe not to all the flist at once, but we do shape and craft posts like a product to be consumed.

there might also be something about responsibility in there too, how we feel obligated to post about certain things, or at least remind the flist we're alive. I've been gathering possible sources and phrases for academic research. Maybe I'll keep this summer free. Or start something this winter. or something.

Any thoughts on this?

finally, for fun:
They Fight Crime! Get your crimefighters here.
He's an otherworldly devious gentleman spy haunted by an iconic dead American confidante She's a mistrustful belly-dancing college professor with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!

He's a Nobel prize-winning sweet-toothed werewolf from the 'hood. She's a psychotic impetuous socialite who can talk to animals. They fight crime!
lol I wonder if there's a connection between the lycanthropy and the animal-talking

He's a deeply religious vegetarian shaman on the hunt for the last specimen of a great and near-mythical creature. She's a chain-smoking French-Canadian queen of the dead on the trail of a serial killer. They fight crime!

He's a fiendish pirate barbarian looking for a cure to the poison coursing through his veins. She's a strong-willed foul-mouthed mermaid from out of town. They fight crime!
There needs to be a good modern mermaid story. Or mer-man. Besides Prince "Sub-Mariner" Namor, who has been underrated awesome for like fifty years now.

Oh! and this:
Possible new TV show: "Americatown"
Welcome to "Americatown," a Chinatown-like enclave of U.S. immigrants in cities around the world.

HBO is developing the futuristic drama series project, which hails from writer Bradford Winters and producers Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy.

Set 25-40 years into the future when the precipitous decline of the U.S. leads to a mass exodus of its citizens, "Americatown" takes place in a cluster of newly arrived American immigrants in a big foreign city.

Sounds like a really really good idea. Fantastic potential for great storytelling. I hope they make it good.
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if someone can upload this game I'll hug you forever

Klose is injured? Ribéry too?

and Arsenal had a late game and I still didn't wake up for that

and they won 3-1 and are now top of the league

I cannot blame the internet problems and the ANGRY TETRIS (so called because of my constant anger and smashing of computer when I make silly move when dropping blocks)

at least Toluca is on at 7:30 PM tonight

I have to see at least one game this weekend

I hope I can see the Sampdoria game tomorrow at 6 AM

It will get me up early, because I need to meet with one of the masters at the Shaolin Temple at 11 AM

I am not kidding about that last part

Please self do not make a fool of yourself

This will be a long-term project for Architecture class, I don't want to have to find another site

I've got the first part of that Architecture project due Monday (oh, and I need to have the first of 2 required meetings with the GSI I must not forget that), a music exam on Monday.

oh and Heroes starts on Monday. That is like, a family event

let's see...
Tuesday I start my permanent semester schedule for editing the Peruvian archaeology video

Thursday is my mom's birthday. We will eat in Berkeley, because of the Sigma Alpha Lambda (Honor Society thing) social later that night

Did you know that Castiel is the angel of Thursday?

and lol

TV Guide network fail
icon from [ profile] _collidingstars

Friday...Friday I will be poop.

This be my school calendar.

hey hey [ profile] rondaview and [ profile] claennis I am so up to hanging out this semester

now...I should go study. At least I started during Friday instead of lightly grazing it till Sunday, yay

I will break up study with DVD time


ETA: just letting y'all know that, even with this crazy workload, this might be the best semester yet. As long as I don't mess it up. I'm doing lots of cool things. Let's see if I survive it all


ETA 2: Markus Rosenberg scored two of the Bremen goals. I'm making a tag for him.

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