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Veronica Ngo (Ngô Thanh Vân) will play Paige Tico
resistance fighter pilot sis to Kelly Marie Tran's character, Rose Tico
we might barely see her but SISTERS IN STAR WARS

also she was a cool action actress in what I've seen of her before

(related: the Star Wars park and the Wrinkle in Time trailer. darn Disney owns too much)


was getting back into the Mars Volta after hearing the latest At The Drive-In album (it's ok but not quite my sound) 
but while fruitlessly searching for the latest Algiers CD (The Underside of Power), I FINALLY picked up a copy of Frances the Mute and it is an awesome rebirth stage of my music dive recovery phase rn

so in moments I'm all SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THE FLESH OF MIDNIGHT/NIGHT FOREVER MORE and I feel powerful again


I burned out of Doctor Who some time during Clara's time there (I liked her and Capaldi, and what I've heard/seen of Bill looks promising, but Moffatt...)

but I've really liked Whittaker for a while and THIS IS A MAJOR CAREER TURN I'M HAPPY FOR HER

now...who's the new showrunner

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I have been burned by so many things lately that now I'm ranking the shows I watch by their ability to disappoint. This isn't so much best  quality as "I know what to expect of your capabilities and flaws and strengths and are you going to sink below that?"

From top to bottom, least likely to most likely to disappoint amongst the currently-airing shows I watch:

Orphan Black - Paul and the names of the villainous organizations are the weakest points. Sometimes the sci-fi requires some hand-waving but the emotional bonds still drive the drama.
Adventure Time - It's episodic by nature, so any mytharc is a bonus.
Elementary - the second season was bumpy, but I liked most of the stretch of episodes in between Mycroft's latest appearances. Even the weaker episodes have a scene or idea in their favor.
Brooklyn 99
Broad City
I kveld med Ylvis
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones - the source material isn't perfect, but I still expect to shake my head or clench in dread/anger at least once an episode due to misjudged adaptation choices.
Hannibal - it's not just the Beverly fiasco (and I understand the overall reasoning for Alana/Hannibal), but since that event, it seems like it's more plot than character that's motivating events. Things are getting too heavy-handed with themes and soundtrack - the florid metaphors only suit Will's character. It's below GoT because GoT showed its problem cards right from the pilot on.
Doctor Who - I have hopes for the Capaldi era, but every good idea Moffat and Co. have is undercut by one poor decision or another.

I'd have to wait until after a few episodes to place the upcoming seasons of In the Flesh, Utopia, Flowers of Evil (Aku no hana) and Les Revenants on this list; as well as next year's seasons of True Detective and Inside No. 9.
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I'm sick with something like a cold/cough/fever and I can't focus on watching or reading something for more than 30 minutes.

It took me an actual week to realize that we had Thanksgiving dinner buffet at an American Indian-owned casino.

List of anime I want to try out:
The Butt-Biting Bug seasons 1 and 2
Samurai Flamenco
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Gregory Horror Show
Sakamichi no Apollon

I've volunteered more hours at the International House. Yes it's unpaid but it's nice to feel more competent at something professional.

One time when I ejected the flash drive my mind turned the message into “safe to reject memory.”

The name "Marinara Massacre" has been taken.

TOP's "Doom Dada" is still my favorite video of the year and it's also cool reversed.

If my hair is messy like many a Doctor's hair then can I be a Time Lady?
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An Adventure in Space in Time was lovely overall.

Probably won't be able to watch the 50th live because of a school ceremony event for my brother. At least there's reruns and OnDemand.

I happened to be awake late last night and decided to watch the live stream of the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs). There was under an hour to go, so I finally started reading the Filipino comik Trese.

When the sun sets in the city of Manila, don’t you dare make a wrong turn and end up in that dimly-lit side of the metro, where aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings, where kapre are the kingpins of crime, and engkantos slip through the cracks and steal your most precious possessions.
When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese.</i>

It's 99% in English, was recced by Neil Gaiman several years ago, and you can read the issues here. Managed to finish the first volume and they're nifty episodic supernatural mysteries.

While it's good to see the response (and debate over resources) to Typhoon Yolanda, I'm wary of how The Philippines and Tacloban are used as shorthand for natural disaster. The Philippines is so rarely mentioned in outside news that the Filipino media clings to every single related thing, from '1/4 Filipinos getting small parts in Hollywood to another celebrity mentioning Filipino food. If I talk to people about Filipino things, will they think about news headlines and footage when I mention the word "Philippines?" If I talk about capiz shells or the legends of Leyte aswangs, I'd have to mention the devastation of the area as well.  Even though I grew up in relative privilege in the States, it's still my mother's country that I'm close to, and I'm reluctant to reblog pictures of actual suffering people in The Philippines and elsewhere- that others will only associate the words with images of suffering and for countries considered part of the "Third World" there's a constant question of how to represent a balanced picture of people - show the problems, yes, and state accurate ways people can give aid, but don't make it like constant helpless tragedy in "underdeveloped nations" (a Western standard, with positive progress often undermined by situations that Western colonialism/industrialization created or aided) when people in all situations have positive aspects of their lives and make active efforts to help themselves.

Anyways, I had planned to watch the MAMA Ylvis + Crayon Pop collaboration as a clip the next day, but then I heard that TOP was going to perform the only live version of "Doom Dada," which is my favorite music video right now. So while I was greatly entertained by how much fun Ylvis and Crayon Pop had on stage (this was the best performance even with "dog goes meow" and idk if it's Ylvis' contract that's making them do more appearances because in other things THEY ARE TIRED. SHOWS OUTSIDE OF NORWAY PLS ASK THEM TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT AT LEAST COME ON THEY CAN PLAY TONS OF INSTRUMENTS INCLUDING ACCORDIONS AND SAXOPHONES OR DO NON-MUSICAL THINGS ok I'll stop now), I stayed up wayyyy later for TOP.

Earlier that day, I had volunteered three hours as Desk Docent for the International House, doing front desk as well as trying to figure out the best way to sweep the leaves so as to keep the entrances as clear as possible during a windy autumn day. Also had to test a bunch of keys in the doors and help with Thanksgiving decorations. Had to wake up early, but I like being productive for others, although it's unpaid.

One of my backup EDD filings was returned because something was supposedly incomplete but my parents and I triple-checked it and it was no different than the others I've filed. Maybe this one time a person or the computer system couldn't recognize that

means "word" and "word repeated," although that hasn't been a problem before. I've simply written things twice on the refiling and I hope they accept it. At least it was a backup payment and not the regular one.

Otherwise I've got my 15-minute/day part-time telecommute, Noirvember and other media, and random stabs at being creative. How will motivation and means meet?
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TV episodes watched from January through March, with some comments )


Fringe, Being Human UK, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended.
Shows I started and continued to watch: Utopia, Les revenants, In the Flesh.
I also plan on watching all the rest of Peter Gunn on Hulu in the future.

The only movie I saw from 2013 was Something Necessary, a pretty good Kenyan movie that MUBI streamed for free on the day of the Kenyan elections..
Movies I gave the highest ratings to on this year's movies-watched list:
The Saragossa Manuscript (now I want to watch more stories within stories movies), Chungking Express (finally watched it!), Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca), and the entire trilogy experience of The Human Condition (Ningen no joken)
Favorite viewing surprises: Paranorman, La main du diable, A Matter of Taste (Une affaire de goût), Miss Minoes
ok not really a surprise since I'm a fan of Johnnie To's work already yet the choreography of lighting and movement in Throw Down deserves a mention
Faces added to my to-watch list:
Hideko Takamine, Rachel Mwanza, Pierce Gagnon
Funniest moments:
the dinner scene in Vulgaria
the proposed graveyard scene from Seven Psychopaths
when the titular character gets a gun in The Gingerdead Man

Favorite books read so far this year:
Historia universal de la infamia, Jorge Luis Borges
A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness
Works that I can imagine as a good (or better) film or TV adaptation:
Esi Edugyan's Half-Blood Blues. Jazz musicians of African descent stuck in Berlin and occupied Paris in WWII. At least it wouldn't shift more focus towards the white characters like what I saw of Dancing on the Edge.
Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!), in a way that would get the epic sci-fi look and themes right, treat the problematic aspects as problematic, and not gloss over the character flaws and twisted relationships.
Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key, in a modern (though not modern day-set) adaptation that would include the book's meditative aspects, without being slow for the sake of self-importance.
John Ajvide Lindqvist's Little Star. Probably best as a miniseries.
Favorite short stories read:
"Four Rajeshes" and "Bibhutibhushan Mallik's Final Storyboard", by Rajesh Parameswaran
"Nights Can Turn Cool in Viborra", by Charles Portis

The only new music I've played on repeat so far: various selections from Cristobal Tapia de Veer's soundtrack for Utopia.
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First, a chocolate report:

$5+ but the taste is great and it was my payday so I spent $10 on food/drink for me. The finish isn't as fine as with some other chocolate but that's a minor quibble and probably because it's "raw."

I also got coupons for 3 free bottles of Honest Tea because I emailed them about an odd-tasting batch (marked by a plastic ring around the caps of the glass bottles).

I'm slowly starting to type up my novel draft. I'm changing tenses from past to present for the dreams. I've also got a fractal story idea that's partly written that I might submit to a contest by September 15.

Summer is ending. nooooo

I'm slowly getting back into the job search because my calling job only lasts until the end of this month.

TV-wise, the five-episode cinematic J-drama Shokuzai was pretty good and kept me thinking about it long after the five episodes had finished. Sometimes it was unbearably slow but I also felt that any faster pace would betray the characters. There was also director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's thing of sudden extreme plot twists. The acting was amazing, though. Great to see interesting parts for five female main characters. Some pictures here.

Doctor Who was alright. I've joined the legion of Oswin fans! Also made this graphic. I really like working with transparencies. As for the Ponds...I know that's a realistic problem but on top of everything else they've experienced, it seemed like Moffatt was out of ideas for relationship roadblocks.

Here are reviews I've written recently for YAM-Mag:
the dorama My Little Chef, the sci-fi novel Death Sentences, the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, the Olympics and its US TV coverage, and My Life in Movies.
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via [ profile] greenet:

Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is now your catchphrase.

I am...The Underemployed! Or The Associate. "Part-time Marketing-Sales Associate" is too much to say. I am in my first regeneration, or is that just generation? Iteration? I am easily identified by my pink polkadotted hair ribbon. My brother is my companion. (NOOOOOOOOOOO)
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week of September 25 - October 1

loose ranking.

Downton Abbey 2.2
Showed various aspects and changes for all the characters and storylines. Also, Mary got her sharp tongue back!
An Idiot Abroad 2.2
“There’s no rules here. It’s Russia.”
Lost a little momentum by the end, but provided plenty of big laughs.
Fringe 4.2
Dialogue too plain, but story itself was great.

The Fades 1.2
Promising blend of supernatural apocalypse with high school dramedy. Doesn't quite gel in all parts but I like the actors and characters. A few lines are great, but more often they strafe close to brilliance but don't hit the target. The main ship is cute and Daniel Kaluuya's character is my favorite - although his geek references are sometimes drawn from too shallow a pool.
Where is Natalie Dormer's character?
Boardwalk Empire 2.1
“Pardon me, dear, I need to wash up. Public spaces.”
Nice character sketches and starts right on the action, but much of the new main plot is based on a ridiculous event involving the Ku Klux Klan wielding machine guns. Things like Al Capone vs. the Third Person and random wrestling were just weird.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 7.3
Stronger and more consistently hilarious episode, though the energy fizzled by the end. It's always fun when the gang wants to put on a show.

Doctor Who 6.13
This sixth series was odd. I like that it had some great details, and brought many new fans to the show, but it felt too muddled to me and lacked the cohesion and energy of Series 5. other thoughts on the episode )

Community 3.2
Only funny things were slips and side-gags: straw in soda, Earth-2, Switzerland and Georgia. I'm losing interest in the characters, and yet again Britta is punished (although at least this time it was more about her pride than last episode, where she was just trying to help Abed). It could be interesting to see more Britta-Chang vibes - though not an actual ship, no.


list of all episodes watched between July 1 - October 1 )
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Sorry, I have to catch up on over a week of flist. Actual life update to come later.

With the fall TV season under way, I've decided to try a show ranking list for the week.

So, for the week of September 18-24 (Sunday to Saturday),

TV shows ranked in order of enjoyment:

1) Downton Abbey 2.1
Solid start.

2) An Idiot Abroad 2.1
It's great to see Karl's reactions to everything, especially now that he's starting to get wise to Ricky and Steven's plans to get him into uncomfortable situations.

3) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2.2
The season opener was mind-blowing and fantastic, with wonderful surreal touches, a great villain, and a great shift in character dynamics. This episode was a little rushed, but it was still enjoyable for little details (drinking the glass! exploding chocolate milk! flying pie saucers! buffalo ballerinas! the Star Wars homage!) and exploiting the power of friendship!

4) Fringe 4.1
Just okay, but I could tell that it was intended to be an easier entry point for new and casual viewers. I also liked the little hints about what has changed and what has stayed the same.
Walter didn't specify Red Vines when he asked Lincoln Lee for candy!

5) Doctor Who 6.12
Serviceable one-off comedic entry. Stormageddon! Interesting inclusion of the main arc, though.

6) Community 3.1
The best things were the parodies of British TV and "You are the opposite of Batman. However, despite excellent guest casting of Michael K. Williams and John Goodman, everything was just too out there with pop culture references and wackiness. There was little grounding in the characters beyond their surface traits, although it was sweet of Britta to try to find a new favorite show for Abed.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] misachan!

I was too occupied to do this on the 1st:

TV episodes watched from April through June. )

I also posted a short new book review for Yet Another Magazine: The 50 Greatest Cartoons
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haha I watched the Telefutura broadcast of the USA - Panama game and they decided to nickname Goodson "Buenhijo"

also, Wondalowski: plays well for the Earthquakes and then chokes at the important times for the USA. Then again, I think he's just started.

Oh, and I caught up with Doctor Who. My brother kept on expressing his brain-broken reaction for 30 minutes afterward.
I'm not enjoying this season as much as last season, but it isn't horrible. I like all the characters, at least.
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In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Your Result: You belong in HOUSE TARGARYEN - Fire and Blood

resultA broken house, the blood of the Dragon were once the conquerors of all Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. House Targaryen ruled as the Kings of Westeros for nearly 300 years until the reign of Aerys II, the Mad King. Their seats were the capital city of King's Landing and the island castle of Dragonstone. Their sigil is a three-headed dragon breathing flames, red on black.

You belong in HOUSE STARK - Winter is Coming
You belong in HOUSE ARRYN - As High as Honor
You belong in HOUSE BARATHEON - Ours is the Fury
You belong in HOUSE LANNISTER - Hear Me Roar
In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

I'm also thinking that Game of Thrones' seemingly stubborn refusal to show flashbacks makes it more like theater than a novel. This is similar to what Boardwalk Empire did - maybe it's an HBO thing, or a current style?

Doctor Who was very exciting, although there a few holes that I hope will be addressed later.

My mom and I are now up to season 1, episode 5 of Fringe and enjoying it so far.

I bought the latest album from The Kills. It's pretty solid, with only one truly weak song.

io9's update on upcoming sci-fi shows
The ones that look most interesting to me are Alcatraz (more for the San Francisco factor than even the J.J Abrams factor) and Person of Interest.

Poe? I'll wait to see reports on it.
The River has Bruce Greenwood and horror hype but could get problematic.

I hope we at least get to see the Awakening pilot, just for Titus Welliver vs. zombies.
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Doctor Who was oddly paced, though beautifully shot.

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I wore my Arsenal shirt outside today.

Game of Thrones was good.

My family got TFC (The Filipino Channel) last week and I'm tired of the same promos playing repeatedly.

Here is a horse I saw on Saturday.

I have some cool ideas for short stories about assassins. However, as you might tell from this post, I can only write a little at a time.

Finally, via [ profile] buongiornodaisy:

ETA: Mike Relm made a Doctor Who remix!
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25 episodes I enjoyed the most in 2010

Only episodes I watched from beginning to end. So, for example, since I missed the first 20 minutes of the Lost finale, it could not be even considered for this list.
This also counts all the episodes I watched this year, not just ones aired in 2010.

It started to be in order at the beginning of the year, but then I got tired. I was also going to write an explanation for my choices…but I’m doing this during Arsenal’s halftime, because after the game ends, I really need to finish a report and do other things.

Conan Tonight Show farewell
Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor
Being Human episode 2.6
Misfits - Episode 1.4
Lost - 6.9 - “Ab Aeterno” - YEAH I LIKED IT OKAY
Community -1.10 - Environmental Science
Lost 6.1 - 6.2 - “LAX”
Community - 1.15 - “Romantic Expressionism”
Boardwalk Empire - 1.5 - “Nights in Ballygran”
Sherlock - 1.3 - “The Greatest Game”
Chuck - 3.10 - “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”
Sherlock - 1.1 - “A Study in Pink”
Lost - 6.7 - “Dr. Linus” - not best written but events
Community - 1.19 - “Beginning Pottery”
The Pacific- Part 9 - “Okinawa” (Buildup - Sledge is best character)
The Pacific - Part 3 - “Melbourne”
I, Claudius - episode 10 “Who, me?” - Caligula’s reign of terror
Community - 2.6 - “Epidemiology”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “Mac’s Mom Burned the House Down”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “The Gang Gets a Boat”
Boardwalk Empire 1.9 - “Belle Femme”
Community - “Mixology Certification”
Misfits - 2.4
Doctor Who Christmas special
The LXD - “Elliott’s Shoes”

My favorite show this year: Sherlock.
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straight to the point

for Christmas, I got

- a 4-DVD package of the first four Batman movies
uh...I liked the first one? and I like Catwoman in the second one

- Virgin mobile $10 card for my phone

- 1600 Microsoft points. So I went on my brother's Xbox Live account and got:


and The Undergarden

I've played The Undergarden so far. It's interesting and kind of trippy. I got the "drop a bomb on a musician" acheivement on the second level.

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