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Veronica Ngo (Ngô Thanh Vân) will play Paige Tico
resistance fighter pilot sis to Kelly Marie Tran's character, Rose Tico
we might barely see her but SISTERS IN STAR WARS

also she was a cool action actress in what I've seen of her before

(related: the Star Wars park and the Wrinkle in Time trailer. darn Disney owns too much)


was getting back into the Mars Volta after hearing the latest At The Drive-In album (it's ok but not quite my sound) 
but while fruitlessly searching for the latest Algiers CD (The Underside of Power), I FINALLY picked up a copy of Frances the Mute and it is an awesome rebirth stage of my music dive recovery phase rn

so in moments I'm all SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THE FLESH OF MIDNIGHT/NIGHT FOREVER MORE and I feel powerful again


I burned out of Doctor Who some time during Clara's time there (I liked her and Capaldi, and what I've heard/seen of Bill looks promising, but Moffatt...)

but I've really liked Whittaker for a while and THIS IS A MAJOR CAREER TURN I'M HAPPY FOR HER

now...who's the new showrunner

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I've been trying to write a proper post for a while, but my feelings shift with the tides.

So here are handy year-end links instead!

My year in new music!
Other highlights of the year in movies, TV, and books

Favorite new shows: Elementary and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
New favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

Feature-length movies I watched during the year:
Films of the 2010's, ranked:
Rankings don't necessarily correspond to ratings.
Books of all sorts read during the year:

aw man I need to update my cooking posts, because I did get to improve on this pasta sauce by simmering Roma tomatoes for a long time. I'll try heirloom tomatoes next when they're on sale.
Lots of stuff went down offline this year but I think I'll dump all that negativity in 2012 and only focus on catching up on food/restaurant/cooking posts in 2013. My next assignment: making acceptable masala chai tea (or even latte) with Assam tea base and pre-packaged garam masala spice.

ETA: whoops I forgot to finish up my "TV episodes watched" list!
episodes watched from October 1 to December 31 )
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. just ask me for a letter if you want one
2. List (and upload) 5-10 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] mc_valya gave me the letter E.

1) "Ekimae (In front of the station)" - Tokyo Jihen

2) "Earth Angel"

3) "El Andén (Con Mala Rodriguez)" - Bajofondo

4) "El Justiciero" - Os Mutantes

5) "Eriatarka" - The Mars Volta

6) "Exo-Politics" - Muse
I've exercised to this song so many times

7) "Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone vs. Nas)" - DJ Erb

8) "The End of You" - Sleater-Kinney

9) "The End of You Too" - Metronomy

10) "“Echigo Tsutsuishi Oyashirazu” - J.A. Seazer, from Kokkyou Jyunreika, 1973

yay for Misfits coming back soon

Also, this Sunday is the US public television premiere of Sherlock, so I'll see what you all have been spamming about.


Stole this from tumblr, where I also got the idea to name the file, "MENACING HAIRCUT."
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Outside Lands 09 festival announced

who I'd sooooooo want to see if I could afford the time and money for a ticket, because seriously those tickets are expensive:

M.I.A. (I hope she pops by the Berkeley Amoeba again for a free show...argh why did I not check the website so often in summer whyyyyy)
The Mars Volta (I know their concerts are tiring, but in this format I don't have to stay the whole show)
Os Mutantes
Portugal, The Man

and probably check out TV on the Radio, KINKY, Dengue Fever, and Raphael Saadiq as well. Maybe even Atmosphere, Mastodon (lol) and Calexico.

everyone else is just whatever or okay that's nice for me. Although Tom Jones odd choice.
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aww Colin (from Make Me a Supermodel)
My Tummy Hurts
Being covered in warm liquid chocolate is really soothing. I recommend it to everyone.
I like how he's grateful to everyone helping him. He probably won't win (but hey, who knows), but it's nice to see him take baby steps

lol he actually types "Neato"
Ooh, I just got a new pen and it’s so much smoother to write with. But I digress.

from the latest blog
Hearing the photographer name him as a winner was the second best thing to hearing my own name.
how many times will say "aww" with this guy?
Maybe I’ll be able to actually hang out with some of the girls I talked to backstage (like Michelle … whoever and wherever you are).
many times.

haha him talking with that girl in Montreal

in other TV news, via ONTD:
new TV drama to be based on country music story songs
Dudes, we need a TV show based on The Mars Volta and Muse songs. That would be amazing. It could be partly set in the "Knights of Cydonia" universe. It could do everything a music video can't, somehow.
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songs I liked this year. Must have been released in 2008. (Correct me if I'm wrong with something.) Only one song per artist/group/whatever

"Viva La Vida" - Coldplay
I'm not even a big Coldplay fan. But this song was everywhere, and I didn't mind hearing it.

"Mother Mary" - Foxboro Hot Tubs

"She Loves Everybody" - Chester French

"I've Seen Enough" - Cold War Kids

SXSW finds:
"Thrash Orchestra" - Dev/Null
breakcore FTW!
"Flex" - Doomtree
cinematic hip-hop
"These Are All Illusions" - Wolfkin
pretty psychedelic pop rock

Pirates Of The Sea - Wolves of the sea. yes, Latvia's Eurovision entry. Hey, I was randomly humming it the other day

Sound of Kuduro - Buraka Som Sistema feat. DJ Znobia, Puto Prata, Saborosa, and M.I.A.

Going On - Gnarls Barkley

British Sea Power - "Waving Flags"

Flobots - “Handlebars”
dudes, even my dad had to watch the band when they would perform live on TV

My Mistakes Were Made For You - The Last Shadow Puppets

"Ready for the Floor" - Hot Chip

"Dancing Choose" - TV on the Radio

"Wax Simulacra" - The Mars Volta

"Barcode" - Mongrel
the supergroup put together by Reverend John Mclure that features Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, ex Monkeys Bassist Andy Nicholson, Baby Shambles bassist Drew McConnell and London rapper Low Key.
they also challenged NME to "put Black and Asian MCs on the cover"

"Bad Horse" - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

"Puppy Toy" - Tricky

"Reach Out" - Music Go Music
epic. ABBA-esque. yup.

"Mirando" - Ratatat

I'm sure there are more songs, but I'm tired.

albums from this year that I bought:
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement
Pendulum - In Silico
The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath
Department of Eagles - In Ear Park
and finally,
Janelle Monae - Metropolis: The Chase
highlight song: "Sincerely, Jane" (even more than the hyper "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!")

hey...Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab for Cutie) and Zooey Deschanel are engaged!
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and so, Comic Book week continues on this blog. I didn't intend for this to happen...

via [ profile] foresthouse:

Your result for The Supervillain Archetype Test...

The Professional

Cool, Levelheaded, Lethal

The Professional is the most dangerous of all villains. You do what you do better than anyone, because, as a Professional, you have standards.

The Professional is like the Crook in that they both desire money. But the Professional wants more than that. The Professional wants job satisfaction. It isn't sadism really, he just wants to be sure that the job is done, and done well. No hard feelings, it's just business. Professionals prefer to work alone, but will work in groups if given incentive.

The greatest weakness of a Professional is risk. A Professional is business-like, but can't resist a challenge. They often use the word "worthy opponent". People like that are easily baited. And if a Professional is eventually cornered (not easy to do), they might lose it.

Sample Professionals: Deathstroke, Bullseye, Revanche

Take The Supervillain Archetype Test at HelloQuizzy

The top 5 meme finally continues! ruginthesky, your prompts are answered! )
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random: Prince Charles has an Aston Martin that runs on wine power.. Much classier than french-fry oil.

Jack White joins Last Shadow Puppets onstage at Glastonbury
my comments while watching the two vids on that site:
1st vid-
Hey that’s Matt Helders! Had to click on it to make sure...
Alex’s a bit flat
Miles’ voice gets a bit weird towards the end of “Age of the Understatement,” but video sound is bad too…
Is Alex drunk?
hee Alex says sorry they were a bit sketchy
This song sounds awesome!
It’s Jack White!
The song’s “Wondrous Place.” (originally Billy Fury, the site says) Will it be released any time soon? Studio version please!
Lol how they all just wander on and off stage. Even Jack White.
2nd vid-
The second vid sounds so much better. The singing sounds so much better. But it has no Matt. :(
Great song selection for a Jack White collaboration, though. Nice and bluesy.
The Last Shadow Puppets add American dates to their upcoming tour. Just LA and NY though. Why not SF?! waah
ha like I can even pay for tickets
Finally: Alex Turner to team up with The Kills' Alison Mosshart for a song
ooh, that sounds promising.

Ran into the comm [ profile] linguaphiles via [ profile] blumenfeuer and found this interesting post on multilingual songs.
Glad to see Rie Fu, "Desert Rose," and even The Mars Volta get a mention in the comments. But I had to add Shiina Ringo's Portuguese/English version of "Manhã de Carnaval." The English part is a lot closer to the original than the more popular English version ("A Day in the Life of a Fool," great song performed by Frank Sinatra and countless others, but sort of different than the song it was adapted from).
Found the following performances here.
"Manhã de Carnaval."

Her accent and voice in the first vid aren't perfect, but I like her attitude and translation anyway.
Well, I may be a bit biased. I mean, just look at who's in my new header and default icon. Fandoms come and ago, but Shiina Ringo will always be crazycreativecool.
Also posted on that site: a very nice Japanese version of a song from Argentina.

- - -

finally, two top 5 prompts, from Hann )

ETA: Check out my revamped profile! (beware slight Doctor Who casting spoiler in the banner I made. no, not casting spoiler for THAT. Very minor, but I'm just saying. Got the pic from the BBC site anyway.)
Okay, not that many changes. Still way too many banners, but I can't help it. And Dan Faraday's reaction to the Ben pic is my favorite thing.
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news links saved in my Yahoo!Notepad:

6 die in bomb outside Danish Embassy in Pakistan
Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil
Whenever they say "lost to civilization" or something like that, it irks me. My modern Anthro training makes me go grr at all the cultural arrogance implied in the headlines...
from a while back: Nepal abolishes monarchy

- - -
and now, a music meme I couldn't resist, via [ profile] realproof:

here )

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Hey, y'all. I posted a Heroes fan poll here. I know some of you have already answered, but to those who haven't: please do! It's just really general questions. No spoilers!

oh, and I'd really appreciate it if you linked to it in a Heroes review post tonight/tomorrow or something like that. But you don't have to. Happy Heroes Day! Aack, the last episode...

on a totally different note, I heard the Mars Volta's newest single, "Wax Simulacra," on the radio last night and I can't get it out of my head. Seems like they're returning to more of a rock sound. I liked the atmospheric experimental sound on Amputechture, but yeah, for the band to keep on going they needed to return to their rock roots. Something I found out via Wikipedia:
The single debuted November 18, 2007 on San Francisco's Live 105 FM. It has previously been played live by the band under the name "Idle Tooth."

That sounds about right. Ack, was I listening to Soundcheck then? Anyways, yay SF!
Hey, it's the same station that helped determine that Muse's "Knights of Cydonia" would be the first single off Black Holes and Revelations to be released in the US.
Live 105 ain't perfect, but it's done a lot of good work for bands I like.
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Phew, Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1. Please Liverpool flisters don't hurt me! It is sad that Xabi is hurt! -hides-

More sports:
The NFL game at Wembley: slippery ground, enthusastic fans, and NY Giants beat the Dolphins.
Breeder's Cup ends in tragedy again.
aww no. I'm thinking of you, [ profile] kerlin.

So I also watched Skate America today.
Men's Final Results
1- Daisuke Takahashi (Japan) - The most dynamic performer on the ice this day.
2- Evan Lysacek (USA)- Alright, but I think he's overhyped and trying to find an image now (partly the fault of the American figure skating organization, who want him to be their golden boy) instead of just being himself.
3- Patrick Chan (Canada) - Not perfect, but he has tons of potential and is young enough -16!- to emerge as a true force.

Where's Johnny? I hope he's not injured gasp shopping injury hee I'm mean
Oh well. The season's just starting. I don't think everyone's out competing yet. After all, Joubert's not here...

Ladies' Final Results
1-Kimmie Meissner (USA) - uneven but okay, but I really liked her surprised "I won?" look. So cute.
2-Miki Ando (JPN) - needs a bit more of the confidence she was displaying before the long program.
3-Caroline Zhang (USA) - She is graceful and amazing and only 14 and she gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Official results here.

As I was watching, I was wondering if someone had written an article on "How cultures perceive and are perceived in figure skating routines." Has Anthro class gotten to me or what? But seriously, there's always the fierce red and black for the Spanish songs, and the "exotic" costume for whatever's Middle Eastern, and since it is different countries participating in these events it would make for some interesting cross-cultural analysis... [/anthrogeek]

Looking for music for your Halloween dance party?
Culture Bully recently posted two Halloween-themed mashup compilations.
I only took a handful of the songs, but check them out! There are some real inspired tracks on there; you might like something.

Mashing Pumpkins
Notes from this compilation:
“Silence of the Cannibals” has some really scary movie samples, and the rest of the music is eerily catchy…”I eat cannibals…”
“Snap Your Specials” is the best version of “Snap Your Fingers” I’ve ever heard. It’s just brilliant.
Also in that comp…”Van Halen vs. Satan” (which is actually kind of boring) and “Werewolves of Love” (which is actually kind of fun).
“Thriller Shake” is funny stuff, incorporating Pitbull and all. Even Sufjan Stevens makes an appearance in “1-800-Living-Dead.”

Son of Monster Mashup>Son of Monster Mashup
With songs such as “Belalugrange Is Dead” and “Halloween with Morrissey.” My favorite is “JuxtaPoeCreature,” which sets a Poe poem to the music from Halloween, with some additional touches.

Halloween is awesome.

oh, and somewhat related to the horror music theme...
Watch The Mars Volta - “Wax Simulacra” from The Bedlam in Goliath”. Short, but it'll do.

oh, and one of the neighbors' cats left a headless mouse on our front porch. It's sweet, in a sick way.
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First off, via flist...
If you see a "Career Cruising" meme going around, please don't participate or pass it on. It's not a free quiz--it's on a pay site, and by using whoever's login/password it is, you're going to get them into a huge amount of trouble. It's a site for professional career counselors and their clients, and my suspicion is that one of those clients leaked the password, probably to their friends, and it went wild from there. So, you know, for the sake of this poor counselor, please tell people to delete or lock their meme entries or not participate at all. I don't know if the counselor can change his/her password, either.


So that is my loose, loose story of most of the main music and music fannishness that's been going in my head recently. If I can get at least a few of my flist trying out the awesomely raw rock of Sleater-Kinney or the creative (yes! really!) reggaeton of Calle 13, then...that would make my day.
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just a quick note: the HP6 casting news I posted last time are not true. Sorry, guys. Link via [ profile] subtle_sarcasm.

The following meme sucked out so much of my time last night...Google Images can be addictive...I went up to 30 instead of just 20...

stolen from [ profile] blackmoonruby:
Here's how it works:
1. Open your Winamp/iTunes.
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your friends guess who the artists are.

I also skipped over random DJs unknown outside the blogosphere and mashups and stuff. It's still pretty messed and somewhat obscure; I think I had more fun finding the pictures than you'll have in guessing them. Still, at least give it a try! If a picture looks interesting, feel free to ask about it, even if you have no idea who it is.

whee music pics whee! )

Just getting rid of this now while I try to form posts out of one-and-a-half week's worth of linkspam.
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First: US 1- Paraguay 3
I watched this one. There’s a possibility that we can still advance. Despite the two losses, I think we played better than expected. How I feel about this “b” team:

The Unexpected

Slippery and strange, the way this team plays;
Yet sprightly, full of spunk- those words must follow.
Their lungs, at least, are strongest; so many times, so many shouts!
If all their tries
Their passing plays
They’d have won.
Most do not care
Find the phrase too worn
But the truth stands tall:
They did try their best.
Skill wasn’t enough,
but the potential

Wow, that was weird. And aww, I’m watching the sports highlights and I wish I could have seen the Argentina-Columbia game. So much action, in just the first half? And 4-2, final! And Basile’s voice is so deep it makes me laugh.

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter.
Rebelstrike21 gave me “D.” Aack, must extend to 14. If you really want a letter, just ask for it.
the songs )

Music link time!
New songs from Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton as well as Muse. The Muse song, “Man of Mystery,” is an NME mag exclusive (they‘ve got Muse on the cover and have a bonus CD of songs picked by the band), and you can download it off the site there. It’s just a two-minute instrumental track, but it’s got the surf guitar/spy feel that I’m always a sucker for.
For more Muse goodness, watch this video of the intro to a recent performance at Wembley Stadium. Oh my gosh they start with that cool Dance of the Knights (?) song from the Romeo and Juliet ballet and then they go into Knights of Cydonia and wheeeeee

Check out this Culture Bully post about the latest album of the Montreal DJ Socalled. The video and first song up for download is a witty little rap about a time “where man woman and child can all log onto the internet and text message each other from across the house.” The video shows the DJ sporting six arms and playing the accordion while on the computer. But the second song, “You Are Never Alone,” is the song I’ve been playing over and over again. At first I was like whaaa? And by the end I was totally into it. It’s a great blend of pop, R&B, and a dash of rap. I think the vocal beats are samples of The Comedian Harmonists, a fun acapella group. There are whistles and pretty lyrics and a tuba? and soul singing and it’s just nice. PLEASE give this song a try.

BBC shows Glastonbury performances! I can’t see the videos, for some reason…
New site for all music fans: Soundpedia. They have a ton of albums that you can listen to.
Animated music vids FTW!
The ending made me gasp really loud, even if I guessed it a split second before.
Another creepy music video. Even the muppet ghosts creep me out.

Watch the White Stripes, Lily Allen, and Wayne from the Flaming Lips get interviewed by a goat puppet
Why did nobody tell me about Pancake Mountain before? Pancake Mountain is a cute kid’s show that consists of interviews and performances with indie bands. Check here and here for videos.
Really, you have not lived until you’ve seen Conor Oberst interviewed by Rufus the Goat. Some of the videos aren’t there anymore, but I did get to see 2 members of Wolfmother dancing and rapping with Rufus, so that was fun.

Finally, from an interview with Paul McCartney:
I was interested to hear the theory of vinyl vs. CDs. One of my engineers said we record something and the frequencies will go [makes high-pitched frequency sound] and beyond that we can't hear, but they are on the vinyl. Similarly, the other way [makes low-pitch sound]… those frequencies that are in the bass. You can't hear them, but they're there in the vinyl. You can measure them on VU meters, but our ears can't pick them up. So he said, that's why vinyl's better. That's why people think of it as warmer and fuller, because it actually is. Whereas a CD, if you go [makes high-pitched sound again] the CD doesn't need any information above that, so it goes to whatever it is -- 5,000 KH -- and cuts off. Similarly in the bass. That's why engineers, some of my engineers anyway, don't think this is good.
That is so true. Let the word be heard!
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It’s been a bad week, and yesterday I really messed things up with school stuff. I might not post next week, though I will continue to comment because that makes me happy. The chocolate I am eating now makes me happy (the bar cost $6.25 , but it is Amano and so hard to find and so worth it). Supernatural made me happy- “Maybe they have superhearing!” New Heroes will also make me happy. Anyways…here’s the massive link dump.

MUSE (well, 2 out of 3 of them) stopped by the Live 105 studios when they were in town two weeks ago. Here’s video from their interview.
Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. They like Korean barbeque!
Descriptive track listing of the White Stripes’ latest album, “Icky Thump.” The list sounds like NME on full-on promo mode, but I like hearing that there’ll be some psychedelic twists on the CD. Awful album name, but it I think the songs will sound awesome.
Which emo are you? According to it, I’m most like the Indie emo, since I like the Mars Volta (they are influenced by Can) and MUSE.
Want to know what song was in that movie preview?
France’s Eurovision entry has been getting quite a bit of blog buzz. One of the you tube comments is classic: “barthez is a singer?”
“New Rave” Klaxons seek to ban glowsticks
Dude, these guys sound so much like early MUSE. Free, legal MP3 to download on that page. I don’t like the singer’s voice as much as Matt Bellamy’s, but you be the judge.
Stanford has a hip hop archive?

Via [ profile] cleolinda:
William Fitchner to be in The Dark Knight? wow.
Matthew Fox to be in Speed Racer?
Laurence Fishburne to voice the Silver Surfer?
Edward Norton is the next Incredible Hulk?
Evangeline Lilly to star in movie?
Giovanni Ribisi to play Einstein?
Ender movie to go on?
And, something less insane: Pizza as a weapon.

The World
Fat is the feminine ideal in Mauritania. Fat or thin, forcing body image can hurt people.
Oh, and [ profile] cleolinda said something great that I wanted to post here:
“(Here's my thought on that in a nutshell: Violent movies and videogames do not make people violent. Violent people are attracted to violent media. Of course, so are many of the rest of us, just for different reasons. I ended up watching The Matrix about 46,000 times--at one point on a three-day loop--for the book, and I shot nobody. If you want to talk about warning signs, don't look at the kid's taste in movies or his literary output--look at those two things in the context of his real-life behavior, which was already disturbing his teachers and classmates. Stephen King? A folksy, personable guy in real life. Quentin Tarantino? Full of energy and enthusiasm. Consequently, no one expects them to go on shooting rampages. The bitter, stalkative kid who won't even speak when spoken to, who also writes about bloody murder sprees? For God's sake, keep an eye on him.)”

Even if you don’t like Will Ferrell, you MUST see this video. Soooooo cute. There are no words. Oh my gosh. Please watch this.
Another great video, via [ profile] greeniebach: Johnny Weir, Gregory, and Petukov perform together on ice. Yup, that’s right, three people on ice. I so wanted to see this. Not perfect, but still creative, refreshing, and well executed.
Mohinder teaches Sylar FUN!
And, finally, my brother found this great video of Dean Winchester quotes.

I want to post my Exploratorium pics someday. Waah.
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I will never post my thoughts on yesterday’s Heroes or today’s Arsenal game or the movies I watched on President’s Day. Because MIDTERMS MUST NOT POST AAGH MIDTERMS. I probably won’t be able to comment like I used to on your posts either, although I will be still reading them and I might drop a thought or two. So, for now, enjoy a link and a music meme.
Karaoke night for Liverpool ends with a golf club brawl

Stolen from [ profile] starlitexwish:
Pick 10 bands/artists you like, no particular order:
1. Muse
2. Astor Piazzolla
3. Gnarls Barkley
4. Shiina Ringo
5. Os Mutantes
6. The Mars Volta
7. Yoko Kanno
8. Antonio Carlos Jobim
9. Stray Cats
10. Camille Saint-Saens

short bunch of questions under here )
Now, off to study.
Oh, and here’s a tongue-twister: Roll the r’s in “Raúl y Ruud por Réal.” Try it. It’s fun.
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here are the icons (continued)!

soccer icons
7 Arsenal players (Cesc, Thierry, Jens, others)
6 Liverpool
9 Chelsea players
3 Man U
2 random premiership
9 Werder Bremen (including some late Bremen Santas)
7 Bayern Munich
4 Real Madrid
4 David Villa
1 Ronaldinho
2 AC Milan (Gila, Ricky)
2 Palermo
1 Franck Ribery
1 with Totti (dude, that guy kept on pushing Totti and pulling his shirt in the pics from that game)
2 random

5 Dragonball Z
1 Heroes (Petrelli bros)
3 music (Muse, Mars Volta, Os Mutantes)
5 random (blood, Galadriel, Psylocke, Vetinari, San Francisco)

icon crazy )
Pictures taken from Yahoo Sports, pic memes, [ profile] theblended, [ profile] greeniebach, [ profile] rebelstrike21, other lj friends I can’t remember right now, and late-night Google searches when I forgot to write down sources.
Comment/credit, blank icons can be bases but please credit me for the bases. Thanks!

Now back to life, post-holiday activities, and working on [ profile] supersyncspaz7’s (late) holiday gift and a new, less text-heavy look for my profile by New Year’s.
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Hope all you people in the U.S.A. had a good Veteran’s Day.
Today I read the hardcover compilation of the 2005 DC comic book event Infinite Crisis. Here's what I thought. )

5 sneaky tricks malls use to keep you buying. Hope it works- sometimes AOL articles don’t show up on other browsers.

Possible African written history in newly discovered manuscripts

[ profile] pablo___- another reason to like Arsenal and Cesc )
That’s a great term, "anti-football." That Cesc’s a smart boy.
In other soccer (football) related news, check out this use of footballs in war.

Via [ profile] cleolinda: The awesome Cate Blanchett is made artistic director of the Sydney Theater Company. I just hope this turns out better than Kevin Spacey’s current stint with the Red Vic in London.
Will Ferrell as the Phantom of the Opera

Via [ profile] readywreadywit: You saw him on Firefly! You saw him on Lost! Now, see Nathan Fillion on his very own Myspace!

What book should you read next? This site can help find the answer. I haven’t tried it yet, but people say it’s good.

Gwen Stefani’s new album cover
Oh, Gwen. Your first solo album was full of frothy, slickly-produced fun. "Hollaback Girl" and "Rich Girl" were likeably danceable, and "What you waitin’ for" was AWESOME. The other singles were just okay at best, but I ignored the hidden cultural symbolism of a white girl keeping an entourage of silent Asian girls because it was it was all cool! and colorful! and Harajuku! and yeah. But really, that new cover’s just odd. I haven’t heard the new single yet, but even L.A.M.B. fans seem to trash it. I can tolerate your particular (and yes, sometimes cringe-worthy) nasal voice if it’s well-matched with a good beat and melody. You’re usually a consistent, energetic performer as well. But even fun indulgence must be curbed. And it’s starting to look like you’re catering to the growing, RICH r&b pop tween market. Get some fresh edge in or rejoin No Doubt before you end up a joke like the ‘80’s you adore.

In other music stuff: Who doesn’t like the song (and genius video for “White and Nerdy?” Hear it, along with some other songs and videos, on Weird Al’s Myspace. I also like "You’re Pitful," partly because of my distaste for the bleating, wimpy heap of bland known as James Blunt. Weird Al’s Star Wars fan worship is so much cooler.
The ascendance of "White and Nerdy" on the charts: further proof of the Geek Wave in the entertainment industry? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s just fun. And Weird Al’s actually not bad at rapping. Just how old is he, though...his career is old enough to have written about "children starving in Japan" in "Eat it."

The kookiest Lost spinoff: Hey, kids! It’s Ben and Friends!

Below the Mean, a new comic about UC Berkeley.

Heroes links!
Interview with Adrian Pasdar
an auction of self-portraits by the actors
Director and producer Greg Beeman’s blog

And one Grand Comic Book Database.

I end with proof of my weird nature. )
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Aack, I haven’t been online in a week.

Watching the Angola-Mexico World Cup game right now. What is with the Angolese uniforms? The lowercase names on the back- I can’t decide whether they’re stylish or too cute.

Just graduated yesterday. It managed to be both hot and windy, so we alternated between sweaty and cold during the ceremony. It was interesting, with the speeches and the smuggled beach balls and blow-up doll. And what about Claude’s poem? It was nice that Loki came to watch. Just one thing- FREE SAMANTHA UYBICO!
We ate at Pacific Buffet afterward. The food and presentation is better than the average Chinese buffet. The TV in the small bar area was also showing PBS instead of a regular sports or network station. Too bad the chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries and marshmallows was turned off. I still dipped in what they had though. Michael Gaw, Ye Kyaw, Claude Quebec and Linh Dang also came to that restaurant some time after we did. We were all in this sort of "Graduate Corner."

Grad Nite, which was a week ago, was interesting. )

Too tired to write about anything else. Can’t come up with any more categories for the TV Awards thing I wanted to post, and anyways, it’s mid-June. Its time has past.

Things I’ve just finished that I’ve enjoyed:
Book: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, by Mark Bittner
CD: Frances the Mute, by the Mars Volta. I know it’s a year old, but I’ve just borrowed it from the library.
DVD: Excel Saga Vol 3, complete with Menchi recipes and a game about finding mints in urinals. Fun!
Gee, all those things came from the library. I wonder what my life would be like without libraries. Shudder.

So I guess I’ll end with some links. Most, if not all of them, came from the Popwatch Blog.
15 Megs of Fame, a place where you can evaluate unsigned bands.
Burton and Depp’s next project- Sweeney Todd?
Gnarls Barkley and Star Wars: A Crazy combination
Happy Summer!

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