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Some better things recently:

- went to California Extreme, a convention of pinball and classic arcade games
- saw one of my favorite directors, Johnnie To, give a talk at SFMOMA
- randomly received free dinner and something else free/nice that I forgot
- passed a promotion interview, so now I'm Advanced Associate/Division Advisor
- visited Angel Island again. I think I really like being near/on water.
- was able to stand in the home pub of the Bay Area Gooners and watch Arsenal win the first match of the season!

would have been able to finish my short film too if the headset mic was better. Need to research and buy an actual microphone now. Also need to go through so many photos...
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her music, at least

Earlier tonight, one of Shiina Ringo’s recent side projects, the handover ceremony at the Closing Ceremony of the Rio Olympics, took place. Her songs “Chichinpuipui” and “Bouenkyou no Soto no Keshiki” were used during the ceremony.


via: Sheena Ringo now has the power to make world leaders dress up as video game characters for her entertainment. I won’t hear any other explanations.


haven't checked flist in a while but tv-wise, I'm trying to stream any good episodes of Masters of Horror before it leaves free Hulu. The Night Of and especially Mr. Robot are v v tense and frustrating TV!

slowly progressing with editing my short film.

also, the posts about Puerto Rican gold medalist Monica Puig made me tear up last Saturday
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so many things going on in the world but my life somehow skitters back and forth and forward

went to Napa Valley wine country for the food on my birthday earlier this month. Here is my flickr album but you can see some of the food on this page of my tags rn.

still have to go through Father's Day photos because we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and I really like Puerto Rican food that goes beyond rice and beans. give me all the plaintains (and gas pain)

so...Euro 2016...some very interesting results. So great to watch Iceland. Still rooting for Germany of course (#11 scores! aw the memories), and France can be here and there. Poland sometimes catches my interest. too bad for Ireland and some other underdogs but at least they got good wins. haha England. at least it seems like the worst fans left before the round of 16. usually don't root for Italy but (sorry to fans) I was glad they knocked out Spain.

didn't get to see much of Copa America because of work
I did see the last US win, as well as a replay of much of a certain 7-0 game...
on Sunday, I was at PF Chang's bar during my work lunch hour (technically dinner but whatever). The mall was closed but the restaurants outside weren't.
Before the store closed, I saw one or two people in various club shirts, but someone passed by in a Dortmund jersey with Reus on the back and I was like !!! Made me wonder if I would have ended up supporting Dortmund if I started watching soccer later...especially since I like these Polish players (though one was eaten up by Bayern like so many) instead of trying to catch the odd game of unfortunate Bremen...
anyways while I was eating I heard "R U Mine?" play overhead and I was like yesssss. and then I saw on the ESPN news ticker that the Copa America final was about to end overtime and go to penalty kicks and I asked them to switch the TV channel so I could see. And Messi missed! I don't like or hate him or anything it's just a surprise.

wasn't able to get tickets for the Arsenal - MLS All-Stars game, but I'll check again before the match, and if not, I'll go to a place near the stadium to watch with fans.

oh, now I have a videocamera and tripod of my own! also updated my phone because my old hand-me downs became too troublesome. We'll see if I can get myself to be more productive with time and tech. Also going to see if I can use my gift card to get a dolly for the tripod.

btw two of the online compliments for the store where I work thanked me by name for my service!

sometime I'll get to the Penny Dreadful finale. heard it was disappointing but I'm not too invested and the show was often inconsistent anyways. Animal Kingdom started ok but I didn't finish the 2nd episode because it wasn't special enough, besides some good acting, for me to actually carve out time to watch. Orphan Black had an overall solid fourth season, and I'm trying out Thirteen on its BBC America airdates.

still catching up verrrrry slowly on Okkupert, Adventure Time, and Manhattan (I was waiting until I had enough free credits to "purchase" official stream episodes). Waiting out the hype on other shows I haven't tried yet, but maybe I'll start Gomorrah, Detectorists, Bojack Horseman, The Night Of, or Wentworth. Maybe some Japanese or Korean shows or whatever's waiting in my watchlists/bookmarks/drafts. Found that my libraries have more connections to streaming sites that make it easier and actually legal to stream some movies, TV, and books that are hard to find.
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Things are going better!

I'm planning two microbudget independent short films right now because chrry

posted this Polish film comparison back in March

the new Last Shadow Puppets album is growing on me
it's better for room or headphone listening

at least BvS gave us a great theme for Wonder Woman

I've broken down all my goals into mini-steps that I can cross off and it's really helping me feel better about my life

the weather is getting warmer!

also forgot to putepisodes watched from January through March )
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Finally changed up some of my icons. I am, at default, an island of frost.

Been busy with retail work (survived Black Friday!) and family. The latter dragged me to the Exodus movie yesterday but at least I was vindicated when everyone realized how bad it was. The most entertaining part was 11-year-old Isaac Andrews' performance as Lil' Punk Almighty.

Frustrated that I might never get into making movies ever with the way life is going, (lol I know I'm only 26 but you don't know my life dude. Maybe I could direct or at least write a better Biblical short than 99% of what is made.) Maybe I'll try and edit some footage I still have, idk.

Catching up on Adventure Time and Elementary and other current watching includes Brooklyn 99 and Key and Peele. aw man Jakob's leaving Kollektivet but I wish him the best. Need to find some time to watch Over the Garden Wall and Blue Blazes (the Japanese live action show about anime creators in college) and other shows and movies from 2014 I can manage to find before the year ends. Anticipating the Black Mirror Christmas Special but I won't get my hopes too high for it just in case. Also cautious about the upcoming Star Wars film, although I like many in the cast.

Music I've been into recently:

Ladytron - "Melting Ice"

Shiina Ringo - "Shuen no Onna (Leading Lady)." I want to make a tribute to '60's Japanese crime movies that is set to this song. I also like how the title and sound contrasts with "Arikitari na Onna (Ordinary Woman)" (great live performance there) from the other album she released this year.

Utopia 2 OST - "To You All Kids Will Come"
Separating this from the events it accompanies in the show, this piece puts me into a state of euphoria. Ecstasy. Maybe just euthymia If I'm not able to play it at its best settings on any media player or in my head.

Music Go Music - "Shine Down Forever"

Small Faces - "Runaway"
I was looking up covers of Del Shannon's "Runaway" when I found this. Thus, I found out about Small Faces a few days after their keyboardist died. RIP. At least I found out about them?

need to play music to fight the Christmas music mix on loop at the store where I work. Also, my supervisors are pretty good but so many of them are younger than me and this is one of the things (along with current events and family arguments!) that gets me crisis-ing in my mind now and then.
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this is a much less comprehensive life update than I wished to post but

yesterday was a good day overall! My brother went to Best Buy to pick up an Xbox One/Assassins Creed bundle and while I was waiting, I started playing around with the cameras and now I wish I could start shooting video projects again! (I've also been re-subtitling clips for my telecommute boss recently, so I'm starting to fall into the editing rhythm too.)

Then we went to church at the Oakland cathedral before dropping into Cat Town Cafe (although the Cat Zone was too full for us to go visit the cats). Pics and info on the first page of this tag, along with pictures from when I finally got to hang! out! with! a! friend! (not related to work!) two weeks earlier.

After that, we ate at the larger Isla location in Newark. I had sinampalukang manok and had two bowls of broth after finishing the rice. Halo-halo for dessert! And then pearl tea from Fantasia afterward.

We stopped at Home Depot before heading home, where I went online and then watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine before falling asleep for six hours! There's an exclamation point there because, even without an alarm clock, my sleep's been broken up into two-to-four-hour increments. Then after some time online, I started going through boxes to find books for a book meme.

So, now my plans for media/creative work:
- Complete all my writing project promises
- try and watch a noir movie a day for Noirvember (still on my second movie though)
- watch other movies during the free month of Hulu Plus my brother won from the McDonald's Monopoly contest
- get back into shooting and editing personal video projects
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a video I made about Davis and Woodland

please forgive the rush job of a voiceover I did

a story I wrote back in October. One of those bizarre metafiction blends that I can't totally figure out. I edit them more like prose poems than narratives.

written sort of for Halloween )
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Hi everyone!

I've been swamped with stuff lately. I'm on a computer all day so in the little free time I have, I quickly check a few comms and my tumblelog and then either nap or read/watch something free from the glow of the computer.

I am going through flist, but I stopped around skip=300 today because I'm just tired. also, I haven't seen the last two episodes of Doctor Who yet so I haven't been commenting on that.

but hey, I saw a person on a bike stop to play his red vuvuzela.

Oh and last Wednesday I went to a free event in San Francisco. It was at the Faculty Club, amongst the fancy hotels around Nob Hill. There were a bunch of Russian people in the hotels, maybe because Medvedev was visiting Silicon Valley that time. The Faculty Club itself is very posh, with fantastic views of the Financial District/Transamerica Building area.

on the far right is a sneak peek of the room the event was held in.

There were several speakers who talked about distribution and promotion of projects. There was also a crackers and cheese platter with some of the best big raspberries and blackberries I have ever tasted. I talked with a few people. While walking around before the talk, even one of the speakers was ready to continue a conversation with me before someone else called her to do something. The older people were nice.
Some of the younger people tried to shake me off when I talked to them, though. Probably because I'm small and young and probably can't help an aspiring screenwriter's career. lol I should be as career focused, but I guess I just like talking to anyone too much

But some of the Scripped guys were looking for people to interview for testimonials, so they chose me. I think they'll just use my audio, if they use my interview at all, but we'll see. They were pretty nice.

I also managed to have great, fun conversations with two fellow aspiring screenwriters. We've initiated email correspondence, which is cool because people usually never reply back to me.

After the event, I wondered if I could ever make any of my crazy script ideas into filmed reality. I have no proper camera, little time, no money to rent or even pay for extra gas transport, and while my friends are cool they're also legit busy and too spread all over the area to make consistent crew. Even those who make short films made with "no money" usually have a camera and editing system already, and don't have to support one's family like I do.

Oh well. I'll try something. I still have that toy bunny footage to do something with.

Now I'm tired and must sleep.
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So now I have a Tim Howard icon. Got it from [ profile] streetlightsss. The keyword is "howardmyhero."

I also now have Psylocke (my favorite blonde superhero turned suddenly Asian purple-haired ninja) as my default, and Miroslav Klose doing some weird arm thing in another icon. I uh kind of choked up when he was subbed off...just something about the image of him walking off the pitch really got to me

I've been v v busy lately. But at least we get to watch World Cup games at Work 1 while we work. yesss
Also, my video skills might help me get more paid hours there than I might have recieved. I'm waiting on word about the project, but yayyy my other skills being handy
I listen to the other games on the radio while driving to Work 2, and then I put the live updates on the computer while I'm working, because I don't want to mess up their connection with video.
I'm still looking for secure full-time positions, though.

Happy Birthday to [ profile] teaglass (I haven't seen you around, but maybe G can tell you I said hi?) and dear cookie [ profile] hellopinkie!

And welcome to all my new LJ friends! I'm the weirdo with a Peter Lorre tag who likes busting open double doors and walking off into the sunset.

uhh....random music.

"Tell 'Em" - Sleigh Bells - I have no idea why I like this song. It's some weird breathy peppy pop song but with loud guitar and cool burst what percussion and street dance background. Free and legal mp3 from Rcrdlbl.

"Il Cielo In Una Stanza" and "Ore D'Amore" as sung by Mike Patton. Classic Italian pop songs, recorded today. I heard lots of praise for this album, and after listening to it, the thing weirds me out. It sounds all retro but then the sound is slick and there are little things thrown in here and there. I don't even know much Italian pop what is this

"Sadie Hawkins" - Doomtree. Hot and cool.
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This is the Lost promo I made

You should let it buffer a little first before letting the whole thing play...although the editing player messed up and I couldn't preview the whole thing before submitting
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another clip from the llama caravan project I'm editing


Mine Sequence from Diandra Rodriguez on Vimeo.

I didn't get the Camp Galileo job, though. :(

so I'll try the Hearst anthro museum. Or maybe I'll end up continuing the llama caravan project this summer.
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I think I'm going to give up on finishing the Script Frenzy 09 project for now. April is just a bad month to do these things in, and I'm stuck on a scene and I'm tired of writing around it. Plus, I'm only at 28 pages, excepting the random stuff I wrote on paper about events past that hard scene. grrrr
I'll probably try it again in summer, though. One of the reasons why I want to get out of college a semester early? When (or if haha) I find a job, I can probably keep work at work and have whatever free time left totally separate. agh homework and tests and reports about things I'm not too excited about.

oh, and the tentative schedule for my last! semester! ever!
(still have to wait for Phase II, in July, to get the other classes)

definitely signed up for the class:
Anthro 136I - Archaeology and the Media
This was initially a second choice for me, but I talked with the anthro advisor and she said the class shouldn't be redundant for me (I took Ethnographic Film before, and I'm currently editing footage for an archaeologist). Also, she said that the class and the professor have helped students get good jobs in the past, so yay

This class conflicted with the Japanese Horror Film class I wanted to take, but hey, being able to work on films > just watching more films.

Japanese 7A - Introduction to Pre-Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
lol I'm not obsessed with Japan I just happen to like a lot of things from there. But I don't really like sushi, for some reason. -shrugs-
and I've already read The Tale of the Heike and The Tale of Genji, so I have a head start. And the class does not have a language requirement.

my Phase II first picks:
Principles of Business
okay, so this might fill up before then, but it's worth a shot

Anthro 169B - Research Theory and Methods in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
yay more cultural anthro

in unrelated awesome:

I should actually play the first game through instead of staring awestruck at the screen when watching my brother play

in other news:

Happy Earth Day!

oh, and Gossip Girl surprisingly made me happy after yesterday's tiring day.
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So I keep on talking about the editing I'm doing for a llama caravan project, and some of you may be going, wha?

Here's a clip I just subtitled. It's rough, but it's something. It's in Spanish, because the transcript translations were in Spanish. We'll get to the English translations someday.

rough cut subtitle test draft 1 from Diandra Rodriguez on Vimeo.

This is a clip from an upcoming llama caravan project.
This clip concerns the "cinta" ribbons inserted in the ears of the llamas. For more information, please visit

The audio is taken from an interview of llamero Fidel Cruz Anco by Edison Mendoza Martinez.

Project by Nico Tripcevich
Editing by Diandra Rodriguez
Translation by Edison Mendoza Martinez.

Para más información (en inglés) sobre este proyecto:
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Yesterday was a good day. It stopped raining - few sprinkles; nothing a hood couldn't handle. I started matching up the audio interviews to the llama documentary first cut today. woohooo, this thing will take a lot of work, but it's looking better than I thought.

During lunch, I gave one of those student-run charity org booths a donation in exchange for a fresh grilled cheese sandwich. Ate it while walking to Half-Price Books. Couldn't find Movies in Fifteen Minutes there - the cashier recognized the name but said all the stock was in the shelves, which means they're gone now. :(
But there was a $3.95 book called The History of Farting, so I bought that. Little book of fart facts.

In the afternoon, I realized that a discussion section was cancelled this week, and the following class was also cancelled, although the instructors would in the classroom to answer questions about the project. So I went to a computer lab, and eventually got the urge to check for some books for personal reading. Wrote down call numbers, went to the appropriate library, and found the first title on my list, Suspects. Unfortunately, a quick rifle of the book showed that it did not look like the crazy read I wanted. So I went through more of my list. While I was looking for one title, (some two or three shelf aisles away from my first search), I saw another book titled Suspects. I had searched for the wrong author! This was the book I was looking for! I picked that volume up and dropped my search there. Got the last title at the East Asian Library (Tales of Ise- I'm a geek) after checking in with the ES instructors about my group's project.

Ran to catch the BART. In Fremont, I went straight to Borders to see if any copies of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were available. It was released April 8th. Sold out. And it turns out only two Barnes and Noble stores in the entire South/lower East Bay thought of ordering the title. The Fremont location was not one of those stores. FAIL

But after finishing a school text, I started reading Suspects, by David Thomson. It is so good that I'm going to take a reading break from the internet after this post. It's the ultimate book for film buffs, especially those like me that are more into crime stuff.
Some characters:
Jake Gittes
Ilsa Lund
Norma Desmond
Norman Bates
Harry Lime
Kay Corleone
Travis Bickle
Laura from Laura
and so much more. And each chapter begins with each character's name, along with the actor/actress, name of film, year, and director. Basically, each chapter is a description of each character's life, going beyond the film they appeared in. Want to know what could have happened to those kids in Rebel Without a Cause? It's here. You don't even need to know all the films referenced - the stories and writing are compelling enough. What unifies the book is the wealth of connections, either through echoed themes or author-created meetings between the character and other well-known characters.

There was an Ilsa Lund connection to the painter Edward Hopper that got me searching for the painting "High Noon." Well, the first painting on this site reminded me of a certain Bates Motel seen here in this picture I have from the Universal Studios backlot.

Guess I have a weakness for crazy books that steal other characters and then put them in cracky circumstances. See - the need for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, my fangirling over Sacco and Vanzetti are Dead! (That book is so awesome if you know stuff about really old slapstick comedy. Because, instead of being anarchists, Sacco and Vanzetti are comedians. It really works.)

alright, I've talked too much.

Also, feel free to leave a comment if you've watched Lost and want to ride horses for Anubis
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oh my gosh I have seen so much footage of llamas climbing up hills and rocky terrain agggh

don't get me wrong - I like this internship, and the overall footage and everything about the llama caravan project, but soooo manyyyy llammaaaaaas I've seen in the past hour




For next time: go through the audio clips (I read through the 110 pages of transcripts once, but now I need to get specific), match words to image, , subtitle things
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"Passengers, please remember to check for all your belongings before exiting the BART train. Anything left behind will be taken and divided amongst the rest of us. Please do not leave children or spouses behind."

Half the people leaving the train laughed after that.

Also: to edit this llama caravan video, I use the computer in the Archaeological Research Facility. In the bathroom, there's liquid soap, but someone also brought a pink bar of soap in the shape of a fertility idol. haha anthro joke
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I am finally done with my Human Biogeography of the Pacific take-home final.

Now just a report (for Arch 110 AC) and another take-home exam, both due Monday, a music practical (sight-singing) exam on Monday, and the written Music exam on Thursday.

oh, and I need to finish editing the mini-movie for the llama caravan project. Screaming llamas sound scary.

hey hey [ profile] claennis, we need to finalize times for meeting on Tuesday. As you see above, I need a break.

after my parents' anniversary dinner tonight, I'm going to watch Pushing Daisies and NMTBuzzcocks. and then start working again. -faints-

links I saved on this "post entry" page:

Greek officials defend handling of riots
Five days of rioting that saw bands of youths marauding through the streets has shocked a generally tolerant Greek public and led many to question how the situation was allowed to degenerate.

Pin-up icon Bettie Page died in Los Angeles on Thursday after falling ill with pneumonia following a heart attack earlier this month. She was 85.

something to cheer you up:
via IMDB:
40 inspirational movie speeches in 2 minutes.

Hamlet, performed in Klingon
From the article: Now if only they could get David Tennant to do the Klingon version, I can die happy.)

Sonya Walger (Lost, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) joins ABC's Flash Forward


John Glover (Lionel Luthor on Smallville) to appear on Heroes in very special awesome role

Golden Globes nominations
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The College of Natural Resources tour video I made is finally up!

Some problems, but this is the best encoding formula I could get after months of trying. The host looks better in this longer version, but the audio problems are more obvious there in stereo, and the panning shots that I'm addicted to using look much more dizzy.
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I've finished and uploaded the second video of my video production internship. This one's about the College of Natural Resources and the various orientation days.

ack, turned out a bit more bright than I wanted, but the motion didn't look as bad as I expected Youtube's encoding to make it.

Creative Commons license music from:
"Whaddiyasay?" - Zap Mama
"Revenge!" - Spoon

something for the lolz:

Angelina Jolie in talks to replace Tom Cruise in spy thriller

Finally: aww shy tiger

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