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oh man this Dortmund game

in other news, the Fringe series finale was good! even though I dropped out of most of this season
Nice to see Olivia use her powers again.
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welp, Arsenal...

at least Werder Bremen won!
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I was able to watch Arsenal, Werder Bremen, and the San Jose Earthquakes win today!

We've been carless for a week and doing alright so far. Davis is a fine town for walking, so even if we miss a bus and have to walk twenty minutes somewhere, it isn't bad.

I've also got my online life more or less together. Now I'm able to check flist and Blogger every day, and after unfollowing three people (not from LJ), I can now get through my dash twice in a night instead of taking a week to slog through it all. I don't even have to go on Tumblr during the day, which happens often when I'm both job-searching and leaving home early to walk/take the bus for errands.

Now to just get a stable job and finish some video/writing projects.

- - -

Something of linguistic interest from the Hetalia comm: a discussion on Prussian language/accent.

I also filled out the application to be a blogger/correspondent for MYX-Rated, an entertainment show on the Asian-American-oriented MYX cable channel.

Fall 2011 US TV show grid
an alphabetical list for all US returning and new shows
Doctor Who continues until October 1
September 13 - Ringer - alert for my mom, who's a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar
September 15 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
September 18 - Downton Abbey
September 22 - Community
September 23 - Fringe, An Idiot Abroad
September 25 - Boardwalk Empire
November 11 - Misfits
not sure if I should give American Horror Story a try. October 5 on FX.
I don't feel like trying any other shows at the moment, although I am wondering if there are any good superhero cartoons I should try out.
I'm catching up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Avatar: The Last Airbender then Adventure Time is on my to-watch list.
The Mercury Men is a fun retro sci-fi webseries from Syfy with cool black-and-white cinematography.

returning in 2012:
Being Human, Southland (January 17), Game of Thrones, The Hour, Suits (which I need to catch up on btw), Sherlock
interesting new shows to premiere 2012: Alcatraz, Awake, The River

- - -

Finally: the most tasteful image I've seen for the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.
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Arsenal: um. Well. I hope Djourou will be alright.
Werder Bremen: It's a point? Great goal, but things got pushy on both sides.

There are so many videos of the Japan earthquake on TV and I can't watch them for longer than 30 seconds. If you or someone you know is considering donating to relief efforts, [ profile] samn suggested Direct Relief.

With this and the Christchurch quake, I'm wondering about upcoming plate activity.

A happier topic: So many movies one could stream.
Check the links - some are out of date.
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I only saw the second half of the Pokal game...

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] malinowy and [ profile] nodancetonight!

and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] sammet, [ profile] alegorico, and anyone else I missed...

This was a nap dream I had on Monday:
In a night-time scene, either on Earth or another planet, there was a scoreboard for the Arsenal - Albion game. The video scoreboard was introduced by the guys from Merlin.

Soon, a tiny green alien saw the final score and got into such a rage that he got in his flying saucer and flew into space, which was full of traffic.

Then he started shouting everywhere in alien language.

Then I woke up.

Hey, Arsenal won its game. Werder, pooh, I saw little offense push from you. Toluca, you lost a CONCACAF Champions League game to a Puerto Rican team? That David Horst guy on loan from Real Salt Lake seems good, though.
I also watched some Street League Skateboarding yesterday. I'm liking Shane O'Neill and Nyjah Houston - they have flair and take risks.

I also continue to like Boardwalk Empire.
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Bremen goes through in the Champions League!

it was 3-2 to Sampdoria, with overtime, but 5-4 to Bremen on aggregate

My jaw dropped at most of the goals

I do like Samp, and they showed their particular crazy Italian character here. Aww them crying at the end.

ack Wagner bleeding though

aww bb Marin

someone needs to gif Cassano - his expressions are hilarious

I'm happy with the result, but I also liked seeing Sampdoria have a real chance at the Champions League. Maybe next time...

ETA: found a Cassano gif! )
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Currently watching Arsenal's first preseason match, 63 minutes in with 3-0 against Barnet. Jackyboy's really good at thinking while running.

the next preseason fixtures:

July 21, Sturm Graz, UPC-Arena, Graz, Austria
July 27, Neusiedl 1919, Sportzentrum Neusiedl, Austria.
July 31, AC Milan, Emirates Cup.
August 1, Celtic, Emirates Cup.
August 7, Legia Warsaw, Stadion P, Warsaw.

If any of you new World Cup fans are interested in getting into watching clubs, the Emirates Cup might be a good place to start, with a selection of teams from various leagues.

as for my other European club, Werder Bremen, there's the German Cup tournament (preseason matches between Bundesliga teams) and a Fulham preseason game I know of.

Özil: I Want to Fulfill My Contract
I hope Mesut stays, at least this season!

I also follow Sampdoria a bit because they're totally random, but haha I don't think there will be streams for their preseason
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Currently watching the Arsenal - Man City and Werder Bremen - Koln games

If any [ profile] gunnergirls are reading this right now, please join the Arsespam if you can! (I know some of you are watching on TV and can't liveblog)

aww Aaron Hunt being all chatty with Podolski as they leave the pitch

ETA: aha this Greek stream just had a pretty good promo for The Pacific

and then an ad advertising the "Lost in LA...using surf guitars on the soundtrack yeahhh

and now this weird ad where guys are flying (like, with their hands) in a Top Gun parody
it's for Axe
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] readywreadywit!
It's Pi Day!

I slowly woke up today, hearing weird music that seemed totally disconnected from what's playing on my grandma's TV next door. It was weird, reminding me of maybe some '80's movie soundtrack or something. When I moved around and let my ears clear a bit, it became weaker but still noticeably there. It was all weird synths, the type you'd see accompanying bad graphics of sunsets or something. I stayed under the covers, even though I wasn't too creeped out by anything yesterday. The sky seemed very loud one moment - I know that sounds weird but it really was. I heard - and continue to hear- the birds chirping outside. The birds are a normal, crisp, distinct sound. I asked my brother (we share a room) if he heard anything and he just sleepily mumbled, "what?" and went back to sleep.

I went to my mom in my parent's room, and she said that she was just reading her forums (Filipino star gossip), not watching videos. I heard a faint bit of it again while starting the computer to watch the Werder Bremen game going on right now.

Five minutes ago, I turned down the volume of the game because I heard something similar for a few seconds...from the infomercial in my grandma's room. Shoot I heard some pipes now, but it's totally separate from the infomercial. My hearing can be very sensitive, catching things happening across the house. It sounds like it's from outside. It's gone now.

I think it's either my ears catching weird wavelengths in the infomercial, and it's mixing with outside-sounding sounds are stuff carried by the faint winds outside my house. I was wide awake during most of this, and I distinctly hear the train now so it isn't that. It wasn't the floating altered state I'd sometimes get after weird napping.

At first I was a little scared, but now it's just surreal. A trick of earwax, or something. And it woke me up for the Bremen game, especially helpful since now I find that my parents turned off my alarm.

aww shoot Mertesacker that was really close
uh oh what happened to Almeida?
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To any [ profile] gunnergirls members reading this right now: the reaction post to the current game against Liverpool is here.

Also, who watched the DFB Pokal match between Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim yesterday? Yay Werder!
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so I'm watching this figure skating Grand Prix
just saw Plushenko and that American Mroze

and the Arsenal game's starting right now

and then the Bremen game starts in fifteen minutes
but there's no stream for that, so I'll just check live updates

ow my head

feel free to leave reactions in comments

aww yay wasn't perfect but still solid, sadly not enough
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shoot I checked a streaming site and they didn't say that the DFB Pokal game was today

I knew I was missing something

yay for Werder Bremen

but aww shoot I missed the game
and Diego's last goal for Werder
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Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my flist, as well as to the beloved mothers of flisters!

shoot I'm getting teary-eyed. but not that much

but hey, I was watching a bad stream of the Werder game at the same time, so while I couldn't see the goals as they happened, at least I cheered up a bit.

it was nice to see the Valencia highlights during halftime, though. I don't follow them much, but I like to hear how they're doing from time to time.

and while I was dressing up at the time, I did check on the Sampdoria score. It was 3-0 at the time. Now, thanks to this fantastic write-up of the game, I find that it ended 5-0. yay for the random (in many ways) Italian club I rarely get to see but still like to follow! And now I know they're called the Blucerchiati!
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Right now, I'm watching a stream of the Werder Bremen - FC Köln game. It's sans commentary, which is interesting and actually makes me pay more attention. The audience sounds are still included, though, so that's nice.

Ah Prödl, you deserved that card.

I feel sorry for the guy in the Köln wall who got hit in the crotch by the ball.

Posting this around the 44th minute.

ETA: HT. Lol Köln's ibex? ram? [ profile] louis_quatorze informs me that it's a goat.

58th minute: aww no what happened to the stream? and there are no other streams

61' of course Koln scores now, while I can't watch

FT :(
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Thanks so much Bremen!

No streams were available, so I had to make do with live updates. Bit sad during the first half, but yay comeback!

And it actually feels very, very nice to sleep before 12:30 AM and naturally wake up (I didn't set the alarm because I knew I needed whatever rest I needed) before 6:30 AM.

My sleeping habits are so much better when I don't have school the next day
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yay Arsenal!

aww Werder (argh I woke up and no streams available)

also, thanks to ONTD, I have learned that the usual American size 6 = British size 10.
unless you go to H&M, at least in the US...then I (usually size 4, for shirts and pants and shoes) have to get like size 12...and I've brought so many cute shirts to the dressing room, only to find out in mid-fit that the shoulders are tailored to people without any arm muscles. I get so scared of ripping the shirt. hmph.

what are your clothes complaints?
my most recent one, from shopping at Macy's about a month ago: I can understand pants being too small for my big thighs. While super-long pants are annoying, I understand that I'm kind of short at 5'2 and 3/4" (around 1.58 meters), so even with longish legs I probably don't hit average.
but when I'm trying on pants that seem to fit (even my thighs and hips!) until my foot can't come out because the bottom of the pants seem to be made for people with no calves? what what what
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Bundesliga: Bremen 4-0 Stuttgart

Yay Diego and Pizarro and Rosenberg! Aww Diego has to jump up to give his tiny hugs in the huddle
It is so weird seeing Jens for Stuttgart
This announcer pronounces Dusko Tosic’s first name like “Disco”
Number 4!!!!1 Rosenberg always finds the times when there are no defenders…and later on shows his temper when he gets a yellow
almost number 5 in the last minute

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] glorfindelghost!

So many people on my flist seem to be unhappy and sick. :(

what we need:

:) :) :)

I need some cheering up too.

What I'm giving up for Lent:
1) pearl tea
2) chocolate
3) illegal downloading/uploading
4) taking naps without having brushed teeth first
5) wallowing in puddles of sad

therefore, this post shall be...


- geekery
- crazy people on crazy islands
- barbecue sauce
- delicious healthy food
- my flist
- beignets
- pretty views of nature and cityscapes
- my cool sorta-new trenchcoat
- that fight scene IN A CAR on the latest episode of Chuck
- being random
- Andy Richter to be announcer on Conan's new show
- hearing that Werder Bremen did not lose in the UEFA Cup (sorry Milan flisters, I guess that's not happy for you)

feel free to post more happy things in comments.

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