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Some better things recently:

- went to California Extreme, a convention of pinball and classic arcade games
- saw one of my favorite directors, Johnnie To, give a talk at SFMOMA
- randomly received free dinner and something else free/nice that I forgot
- passed a promotion interview, so now I'm Advanced Associate/Division Advisor
- visited Angel Island again. I think I really like being near/on water.
- was able to stand in the home pub of the Bay Area Gooners and watch Arsenal win the first match of the season!

would have been able to finish my short film too if the headset mic was better. Need to research and buy an actual microphone now. Also need to go through so many photos...
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so many things going on in the world but my life somehow skitters back and forth and forward

went to Napa Valley wine country for the food on my birthday earlier this month. Here is my flickr album but you can see some of the food on this page of my tags rn.

still have to go through Father's Day photos because we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and I really like Puerto Rican food that goes beyond rice and beans. give me all the plaintains (and gas pain)

so...Euro 2016...some very interesting results. So great to watch Iceland. Still rooting for Germany of course (#11 scores! aw the memories), and France can be here and there. Poland sometimes catches my interest. too bad for Ireland and some other underdogs but at least they got good wins. haha England. at least it seems like the worst fans left before the round of 16. usually don't root for Italy but (sorry to fans) I was glad they knocked out Spain.

didn't get to see much of Copa America because of work
I did see the last US win, as well as a replay of much of a certain 7-0 game...
on Sunday, I was at PF Chang's bar during my work lunch hour (technically dinner but whatever). The mall was closed but the restaurants outside weren't.
Before the store closed, I saw one or two people in various club shirts, but someone passed by in a Dortmund jersey with Reus on the back and I was like !!! Made me wonder if I would have ended up supporting Dortmund if I started watching soccer later...especially since I like these Polish players (though one was eaten up by Bayern like so many) instead of trying to catch the odd game of unfortunate Bremen...
anyways while I was eating I heard "R U Mine?" play overhead and I was like yesssss. and then I saw on the ESPN news ticker that the Copa America final was about to end overtime and go to penalty kicks and I asked them to switch the TV channel so I could see. And Messi missed! I don't like or hate him or anything it's just a surprise.

wasn't able to get tickets for the Arsenal - MLS All-Stars game, but I'll check again before the match, and if not, I'll go to a place near the stadium to watch with fans.

oh, now I have a videocamera and tripod of my own! also updated my phone because my old hand-me downs became too troublesome. We'll see if I can get myself to be more productive with time and tech. Also going to see if I can use my gift card to get a dolly for the tripod.

btw two of the online compliments for the store where I work thanked me by name for my service!

sometime I'll get to the Penny Dreadful finale. heard it was disappointing but I'm not too invested and the show was often inconsistent anyways. Animal Kingdom started ok but I didn't finish the 2nd episode because it wasn't special enough, besides some good acting, for me to actually carve out time to watch. Orphan Black had an overall solid fourth season, and I'm trying out Thirteen on its BBC America airdates.

still catching up verrrrry slowly on Okkupert, Adventure Time, and Manhattan (I was waiting until I had enough free credits to "purchase" official stream episodes). Waiting out the hype on other shows I haven't tried yet, but maybe I'll start Gomorrah, Detectorists, Bojack Horseman, The Night Of, or Wentworth. Maybe some Japanese or Korean shows or whatever's waiting in my watchlists/bookmarks/drafts. Found that my libraries have more connections to streaming sites that make it easier and actually legal to stream some movies, TV, and books that are hard to find.
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I was going to continue with my practice of setting 101 goals for the new year, but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

I did write about my media highlights and favorite music of 2015.

Goals actually accomplished in 2015:

  • I was able to show [ profile] whomp around San Francisco, and I also reconnected with many relatives on both sides of my family! I'm a really social person, and it was great to see and talk with them.

  • With the family, I returned to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. New places we visited included Yosemite and Mammoth, other towns in Gold Country, Also did more local tourism, including the Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruta. All the hyperlinks in this paragraph link to pictures!

  • I did get to speak Spanish more, especially in Puerto Rico, and I used Japanese a little at work (although, when one customer asked me a question in Japanese, I answered in Spanish. I corrected myself and she was fine with it, but yeah). I even had a simple conversation in Norwegian! Although I can't say more because we can't post about specific customers on the internet. Even a few phrases of Tagalog helped once. I am now on over 80 days of practicing Gaeilge and Norsk on Duolingo.

  • Finally visited New People when we went to a festival in Japantown. My mom bought me this Omocat sweater...partly because I forgot to wear warm enough clothing for that windy day...

  • I did start lifting 20-pound free weights, and while I didn't get to 25-pound, I did move from 10 reps to 15 reps over the course of the year.

  • I bought some nice and often useful clothes (many via work discount), as well as 2 CDs, nice yearly agendas (classic art for 2015, and a slim Star Wars one with Rey and BB-8 on the cover for 2016 through 2017), and the Universal classic Horror DVD set. Also received a new photo camera and mini-tripod prior to our Las Vegas trip.

  • I did read at least one book from every continent except Antarctica, but I think that's less of a feat because diverse selection is pretty much my general taste when I go to the libraries here. Also read five non-fiction books, as well as five books published in 2015. Now I want to read more from before 1900.

I think I'll just dump my list of TV watched from October through December here. So much I still have to catch up on...
the episodes )
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been really busy towards the end of 2015 and now the start of 2016. My cousin just got married, and it's really great meeting with relatives rn. Kind of tiring with all my morning shifts at work lately, though.

I'm trying to go back and see old posts, but if you've posted anything you want me to see, please comment!
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An FFA friend posted a link to this today: In Celebration of Old-School Livejournal

I had stayed off of f-list and tumblr dash the past two weeks to make time to watch movies for a "Best of 2010-2014" poll for YAM-Magazine. The vote actually ends in fifteen more days, but I want my life back! So I'm slowly returning back to social media and all the TV and other things I had put off during that period.

I also had a really nasty sore throat; last week during an overnight shift I had to keep running back to the water fountain whenever I got violent, suffocating coughs that required lots of water to help me recover. (I made sure to cough into my elbow instead of the clothes I was fixing at the store, though.) Today, I'm still coughing a little, but recovery's going well.

Ranking some of the movies I've seen recently for the poll, from excellent down to pretty good:

  • The Boy and the World (O menino e o mundo), 2013: a dialogueless Brazilian animated movie that I first couldn't get into when I was tired, but when I woke up and sped up the movie a little (I thought the poll deadline was that midnight) it was perfect. Doesn't matter that the message is blunt- it's relevant to Brazil and done really well.

  • The Missing Picture (L’image manquante), 2013: The director, Rithy Panh, made clay figures to illustrate his life in Cambodia before and during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. Some commenters said it was slow but I thought the pacing had good speed. This is the only movie I actually paid to watch, since I streamed it with Amazon gift credit, and I was so captivated I had finish the film at wayyy too early in the morning.

  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Kaguya-hime no monogatari), 2013: It's great, but I have minor quibbles about things that stand out after reading the Yasunari Kawabata prose version of the tale.

  • Whiplash, 2014: Definitely my tempo.

  • Grey Matter (Matière Grise), 2011. It starts out a little meta, following a young director in Rwanda trying to put together a movie. Then you see the movie he had in mind. Some early parts seem really iffy but pay off at the end. Only wish for a little more to the final full circle scene, but otherwise a great debut that has me anticipating more from Kivu Ruhorahoza.

  • The Selfish Giant, 2013. Really plunges you into the lives (and accents) of two kids who try and make a little money from selling scrap metal.There are a couple of moments that made me gasp, and the last third of the film is so intense.

  • The Prize (El premio), 2011. Very good with performances and atmosphere. Though made in Mexico, it's based on the director's childhood under Argentina's dictatorship.Good interview in Spanish here.

  • Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia de la luz), 2010. Chilean documentary that makes a brilliant connection between astronomy, archaelogy, and the experience and aftermath of life under dictatorship.

  • The Dark Horse, 2014. An outstanding entry from New Zealand in the usually middling "troubled coach helps troubled kids through training in a competitive activity" genre.

  • Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (Jigoku de naze warui), 2013. A Sion Sono hyperexplosion of blood and color about yakuza wars and filmmaking.

I saw other good movies, but these are the ones I felt most compelled to write about at this time. Okay, special mention to the macabre Canadian comedy Eddie: The Sleepwallking Cannibal (Thure Lindhardt should really get to do more comedy!) and trippy Russian movie Generation P. The animation style in Le tableau is so gorgeous and the meta concept so innovative that I wish the script was better for the first third of the movie. Oslo 31 August really messed me up, and I was able to recognize quite a few of the performers in the end montage of Bombay Talkies.
Made some other discoveries, like: Tom Hardy does a really good Welsh accent and I can easily identify Andrew Scott's voice (Locke), and Matthias Schoenaerts in Bullhead/Runskop really looks like Tom Hardy. Looking forward to future significant roles for Amrita Acharia (Jeg er din), Saleh and Adam Bakri (Salvo, Lamma shoftak, Omar), Aniello Arena (Reality), Karidja Touré (Bande de filles), and so many of the actors in Starred Up. Also glad to see quality features from female directors such as Paula Markovitch (El premio), Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant moreso than The Arbor), July Jung (Dohee-ya), Annemarie Jacir (Lamma shoftak), Tanya Hamilton (Night Catches Us), Alice Rohrwacher (Le meraviglie and Corpo Celeste), Iram Haq (Jeg er din). Amma Asante (Belle), and more.

Finally, the reason for which I actually intended to make this post:TV episodes watched between January 1 and today. )
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There is no way I can do Solstice Special #16 this time.

did you knnow that the Macy's stores in Union Square were open 24 hours until Christmas Day? We got out after midnight and I sung "Silver Bells" to myself.

The Saturday before Christmas was busier than Black Friday at the mall where I work.

Merry Christmas Eve for now.
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Finally changed up some of my icons. I am, at default, an island of frost.

Been busy with retail work (survived Black Friday!) and family. The latter dragged me to the Exodus movie yesterday but at least I was vindicated when everyone realized how bad it was. The most entertaining part was 11-year-old Isaac Andrews' performance as Lil' Punk Almighty.

Frustrated that I might never get into making movies ever with the way life is going, (lol I know I'm only 26 but you don't know my life dude. Maybe I could direct or at least write a better Biblical short than 99% of what is made.) Maybe I'll try and edit some footage I still have, idk.

Catching up on Adventure Time and Elementary and other current watching includes Brooklyn 99 and Key and Peele. aw man Jakob's leaving Kollektivet but I wish him the best. Need to find some time to watch Over the Garden Wall and Blue Blazes (the Japanese live action show about anime creators in college) and other shows and movies from 2014 I can manage to find before the year ends. Anticipating the Black Mirror Christmas Special but I won't get my hopes too high for it just in case. Also cautious about the upcoming Star Wars film, although I like many in the cast.

Music I've been into recently:

Ladytron - "Melting Ice"

Shiina Ringo - "Shuen no Onna (Leading Lady)." I want to make a tribute to '60's Japanese crime movies that is set to this song. I also like how the title and sound contrasts with "Arikitari na Onna (Ordinary Woman)" (great live performance there) from the other album she released this year.

Utopia 2 OST - "To You All Kids Will Come"
Separating this from the events it accompanies in the show, this piece puts me into a state of euphoria. Ecstasy. Maybe just euthymia If I'm not able to play it at its best settings on any media player or in my head.

Music Go Music - "Shine Down Forever"

Small Faces - "Runaway"
I was looking up covers of Del Shannon's "Runaway" when I found this. Thus, I found out about Small Faces a few days after their keyboardist died. RIP. At least I found out about them?

need to play music to fight the Christmas music mix on loop at the store where I work. Also, my supervisors are pretty good but so many of them are younger than me and this is one of the things (along with current events and family arguments!) that gets me crisis-ing in my mind now and then.
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With my mom's job in the city, we're visiting San Francisco more often. There are some pictures on the first and second pages of this tag.

A week after the opening of the Uniqlo store, my retail work schedule has gone down to a few days a week. I'm never bored there, though, because the standards of keeping appearances are so high that there's always something to fix or clean or refill even when there's no customer next to me.

I also used Fandor's two-week free trial to watch a bunch of movies legally. If I had known that my work hours would go down, I would have started it later so I'd have more time to watch more. Oh well. I'll update about the movies later because I watched so much.
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I just sent confirmation accepting an offer to work at the Uniqlo opening at the mall across the street from my new apartment! (I have to complete a background check, but I don't think I've done anything that would make them rescind the offer.)

I think I have Maru the cat partly to thank for this, because two years ago, when the US-West flagship store opened in San Francisco, I found out about the event because of the ad campaign with Maru. Because of this, during the interview, I was able to answer some questions about the stores opening in the USA!

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in the past six days I:

- broke my glasses
- had to get an eye exam and new glasses, then rush in late to my brother's graduation
- then we watched the GoT finale, packed our bags, and drove to Reno
- I watched World Cup (sometimes on all the ESPN-showing TVs while walking through one casino to another) games
- did other things while my family gambled (not into gambling for money, especially when the cent-games aren't interesting to me): walked around the casino floor, read restaurant menus, started AND finished a book I brought in my purse, whined a bit, played in arcades if the hotel had any (got these prizes too), and took pictures like this:

Then we drove back down around Lake Tahoe:

The first seven posts in this tag have more pictures I took.

Earlier this month, I finally updated my film blog with a comparison of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

I've been watching World Cup but I haven't been reblogging pictures on Tumblr because I didn't feel comfortable with posting pictures after all the mess involved in "preparing" the area for the games. Yeah it does nothing to help but it's what I'm doing.

Don't know how long we'll be staying in the Davis-Sacramento area, so we took advantage of the relatively short distance (about 2.5 hour drive) to Lake Tahoe and Reno as a graduation present for my bro. Also, midweek hotel prices were pretty good if you could find an open room. Also we haven't been out of state in forever.

I'm going to the apartment gym much more. Use it while I still can. It's funny when I'm exercising while watching a game, though, because sometimes I get stuck watching a particular play and I have to catch myself before doing more repetitions/losing count/holding for longer than planned. If we got cherries on sale, I bring them to the gym with my water bottle because I heard that cherries, pomegranates, and similar fruits help muscle recovery after workouts. Also incorporated 30 Days of High Intensity Interval Training into my regimen. It's helpful because you can adjust it to any level of skill or endurance or general amount of time.

I need to take more action job/life-wise but I just feel stuck and in a dull panic where I can't even think of a recent success or failure to write as a response to a job application query. Now that my brother's out of school, we're trying to figure things out, but my body's like set on chill fatigue while my mind races. I just turned 26 but feel stuck sometimes at 16, in good ways and bad, or as weary and cynical as someone who's endured lifetimes' more hardship. Even the writing I do for no pay takes me a long while to complete. I'm almost afraid to talk with or meet any of my classmates who only know me from school days. I shouldn't compare myself to any accomplishments they post on Facebook or LinkedIn but it happens.
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My first actual piece of writing is up at Film Antidote! It's about the 1969 Argentine speculative fiction film Invasion, directed by Hugo Santiago and co-written by Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares.

One of the things I gave up during Lent was picking at non-hair-root dirt on my face. That, along with occasionally washing with lemon juice at night/when I'm not going outside (it has some bad effect when you get in the sun soon after), has gradually helped my acne and acne scars clear up. Now I'm out of lemon juice, but my mom got a Biore charcoal wash treatment on sale for me to try after a co-worker recommended it.

I had some interviews for jobs. I felt I responded better, but I still didn't get hired.
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ok so we rented a car for two days.

First we went to Dixon so I could drop off a completed work application BUT I only found out when turning it in that I had brought the copy my dad told me to make of the completed application instead of the one I actually wrote on with blue pen. When I was at the desk, I asked the person there if photocopies were ok and she said yes but what if that gives a bad impression?

Then we went to Berkeley to see if I could finally pick up my official transcript since my debts to the school (although not to other loans) have been paid. But I didn't know that they moved the Registrar into a student center that was only open until noon during spring break. So I got there late. There's a site where you can sign up for it to be sent to you, though.

Then I went to the comic store in Berkeley to see if I could pick up the Hawkeye #17 that I missed. I was so glad to find it that I didn't think to check to see if there was a newer issue out too. THERE WAS. I guess it might have been sold out by the time I got there, and that's the reason I didn't notice it, but still, I should have checked! I hope I'll be able to call and check in the morning if the store in Davis still has a few copies.

Then we went to the Goldilocks in Daly City and to some stores in San Francisco and it was ok. I got a cool Star Wars "Join the Rebellion" shirt to counter my brother's Empire shirt. Overall, I'm glad we had this opportunity, but I'm still fuming at myself for my mistakes.

argh I should work faster on my writing stuff for Film Antidote too but I'm just inching along

ETA: Wednesday was much better AND I did get Hawkeye #18.
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Today was a very windy day.

So of course I decided to walk instead of taking the bus to volunteer at International House.

Went to Grocery Outlet so I could get a drink (and use my EDD debit card to get $10 back because ATMs only give $20s). Then I figured out the general direction to walk in an unfamiliar block so I could cut across to downtown and pick up Pretty Deadly issue #3 at the comic book store because I was short 50 cents yesterday. I couldn't run as fast with the wind and my heavy jacket, so was two minutes late to my volunteer job. But it was ok.

Volunteering went fine. (In spare time, if I have the laptop, I check this Gaeilge vocabulary page because it won't take much attention in case visitors walk in.) After my shift finished, my dad happened to have enough time to drop me at Safeway before he took another taxi ride. I used the rest of the $10 to get new flowers for the vase near my grandma's ashes, as well as pearl tea for myself.

I feel a little accomplished and want to do some actual productive things right now but there are arguments going on behind me and I'm too semi-secondhand-agitated to focus on watching or reading. Just music or Tumblr, pretty much. I have some reviews and year-end posts to write for YAM-Mag and I'm also joining this film journal project. Also need to update my resume to try and get something that pays. At least the volunteering job helps me practice my front desk assistant skills.
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I'm sick with something like a cold/cough/fever and I can't focus on watching or reading something for more than 30 minutes.

It took me an actual week to realize that we had Thanksgiving dinner buffet at an American Indian-owned casino.

List of anime I want to try out:
The Butt-Biting Bug seasons 1 and 2
Samurai Flamenco
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Gregory Horror Show
Sakamichi no Apollon

I've volunteered more hours at the International House. Yes it's unpaid but it's nice to feel more competent at something professional.

One time when I ejected the flash drive my mind turned the message into “safe to reject memory.”

The name "Marinara Massacre" has been taken.

TOP's "Doom Dada" is still my favorite video of the year and it's also cool reversed.

If my hair is messy like many a Doctor's hair then can I be a Time Lady?
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An Adventure in Space in Time was lovely overall.

Probably won't be able to watch the 50th live because of a school ceremony event for my brother. At least there's reruns and OnDemand.

I happened to be awake late last night and decided to watch the live stream of the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs). There was under an hour to go, so I finally started reading the Filipino comik Trese.

When the sun sets in the city of Manila, don’t you dare make a wrong turn and end up in that dimly-lit side of the metro, where aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings, where kapre are the kingpins of crime, and engkantos slip through the cracks and steal your most precious possessions.
When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese.</i>

It's 99% in English, was recced by Neil Gaiman several years ago, and you can read the issues here. Managed to finish the first volume and they're nifty episodic supernatural mysteries.

While it's good to see the response (and debate over resources) to Typhoon Yolanda, I'm wary of how The Philippines and Tacloban are used as shorthand for natural disaster. The Philippines is so rarely mentioned in outside news that the Filipino media clings to every single related thing, from '1/4 Filipinos getting small parts in Hollywood to another celebrity mentioning Filipino food. If I talk to people about Filipino things, will they think about news headlines and footage when I mention the word "Philippines?" If I talk about capiz shells or the legends of Leyte aswangs, I'd have to mention the devastation of the area as well.  Even though I grew up in relative privilege in the States, it's still my mother's country that I'm close to, and I'm reluctant to reblog pictures of actual suffering people in The Philippines and elsewhere- that others will only associate the words with images of suffering and for countries considered part of the "Third World" there's a constant question of how to represent a balanced picture of people - show the problems, yes, and state accurate ways people can give aid, but don't make it like constant helpless tragedy in "underdeveloped nations" (a Western standard, with positive progress often undermined by situations that Western colonialism/industrialization created or aided) when people in all situations have positive aspects of their lives and make active efforts to help themselves.

Anyways, I had planned to watch the MAMA Ylvis + Crayon Pop collaboration as a clip the next day, but then I heard that TOP was going to perform the only live version of "Doom Dada," which is my favorite music video right now. So while I was greatly entertained by how much fun Ylvis and Crayon Pop had on stage (this was the best performance even with "dog goes meow" and idk if it's Ylvis' contract that's making them do more appearances because in other things THEY ARE TIRED. SHOWS OUTSIDE OF NORWAY PLS ASK THEM TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT AT LEAST COME ON THEY CAN PLAY TONS OF INSTRUMENTS INCLUDING ACCORDIONS AND SAXOPHONES OR DO NON-MUSICAL THINGS ok I'll stop now), I stayed up wayyyy later for TOP.

Earlier that day, I had volunteered three hours as Desk Docent for the International House, doing front desk as well as trying to figure out the best way to sweep the leaves so as to keep the entrances as clear as possible during a windy autumn day. Also had to test a bunch of keys in the doors and help with Thanksgiving decorations. Had to wake up early, but I like being productive for others, although it's unpaid.

One of my backup EDD filings was returned because something was supposedly incomplete but my parents and I triple-checked it and it was no different than the others I've filed. Maybe this one time a person or the computer system couldn't recognize that

means "word" and "word repeated," although that hasn't been a problem before. I've simply written things twice on the refiling and I hope they accept it. At least it was a backup payment and not the regular one.

Otherwise I've got my 15-minute/day part-time telecommute, Noirvember and other media, and random stabs at being creative. How will motivation and means meet?
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On Thursday, the lady I talk with about job searching took me to the university's International House to look for volunteer opportunities. Turned out they needed someone to cover the front desk later that afternoon, so after the person in charge checked my qualifications on their application and on LinkedIn, I filled in. I just stepped in and did a job with no prior notice! My phone answering and message-taking could have been smoother, but I just kept on asking questions and didn't mess up much. I'll volunteer there more in the future. They're nice and they also help with networking and career-building matters.

Trying to catch up on movies of 2012 for a YAM poll and I just watched Dans la maison, which is pretty good although the director later said some icky things about women. white French art-world males just living up to stereotypes on how they think about women ugh

anyway, I was led to the movie because the lead young actor (Ernst Umhauer) was so smirktastic in a trailer.

and by today I ended up translating a Japanese article here because it sounds like it was written by a big fan of the movie trying keep things professional.

I had the help of the Perapera plug-in for Firefox but still that is another achievement

also saw Antiviral and there was also Caleb Landry Jones for another strange but oddly fascinating face for a young male lead in 2012

memorable film faces are great to study- attractive or not, classic or contemporary- because they're such a part of characters and they can't be generically pretty or ugly or ___ but stand out in motion because of a quirk or flaw or how they can capture the screen's attention at a startling moment and...

then I'm reminded of the general old Hollywood rule for filming leads: "light men for character, light women for beauty" and how that more or less stands today unless an odder-looking character actress scrapes some way to top billing. I want to make a movie that lights women for character.
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Currently sort-of trying to watch a horror movie a day for October. So far I've watched seven.
aww yeah my listing of The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting in my "movies that scared me" submission got people interested in watching the movie!

Also started meeting with the nice lady from the UC Davis campus about job prospects as well as improving my resume and job search. I'm working on her suggestions but I think I could have done more if this snifflecold didn't sideline me.
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I also earned pay raises at my two part-time/temp jobs. If only they were full-time!

My list of five favorite classic cinematographers was posted on YAM-Mag!

and yesterday I managed to make a run on the construction-filled UC Davis campus, from the Mondavi Center to the Memorial Union, in seven minutes! Wearing Keds-type shoes! so I could feel pebbles and construction gravel through my shoes! but it didn't matter! because I was blasting Nico Vega's "Beast" on my phone in my bag! and I managed to catch the bus before the driver left one minute before he was supposed to leave!

This week, I made a ton of sales at my subscription calling job, and everyone tried to catch up, haha. Also, one of my co-workers thought I was meowing and another coworker suddenly started meowing "Eye of the Tiger" and then belted "it's the- meow of the tiger, it's the thrill..."
...yup. Singing is one of the ways we dealt with the stress of possibly not making goal this week. but some of us stayed a little later and then we beat goal.
Later, I joined a coworker in singing "Under the Sea" and had a braintwin moment with another coworker about Elmo's goldfish in "Elmo's World." We also had enough food this Saturday to put together a good lunch to eat while calling.

Too bad I wasn't able to see Arsenal win twice this week too.
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- working on third draft of novel.

- just got a raise for my telecommute job! The hours are still limited (0-15 minutes a day due to limited funding for this small arts company) but my boss thought that it would be fine to do this after three years of work. I'm also close to the next pay level on my phone campaign job, which should give me at least a month of higher pay before the campaign ends sometime in October.

- I thought I could just use my reusable bag to protect my fingers when picking prickly pear from a cactus. I was wrong. I was able to pick two good pears and clean and eat them fine, but the little spines are still in the bag after several washes and pats and I've got so many splinters in my fingers that I hope won't get infected.


11 May 2013 08:10
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Until the last episode, I wasn’t 100% sold on Hannibal. Now everything is people and nothing hurts- except the possibility of no second season.
Too bad Southland will not have a sixth season, though. I can see the season finale as a series finale, but it’s quite the gloomy series finale. I WANTED HAPPINESS AND REDEMPTION ARCS

One of the film blogs I follow has added my film blog on its link sidebar! (scroll up in comments)

I did update my film blog… with a post on TV shows. Here’s my comparison of Hannibal, Utopia, and Les Revenants (Rebound). It’s sort of vague due to my policy on not stating major spoilers. I’m worried that my writing sounds pretentious. Oh well, as long as I picked the right words to describe things. Specificity over style.

I also reviewed the new Pulitzer Prize-winner for fiction, The Orphan Master’s Son.

Job-wise, I’m back on the subscription calling campaign from 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM, M-Th, and 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM, Saturdays. I had realllllly hoped to be in a career position where I didn’t have to take the job again, but at least the boss and coworkers are good people and the job’s better than most. We’ve also switched from a paper system to a computer-based system, so at least that’s a variation. I’m getting antsy with life right now and I don’t know how I could have handled doing the exact same thing for another 4+ month campaign. Still have my (very limited) part-time telecommute job; also looking for something additional, temporary or permanent, full-time or at least with more hours.

After I finish a short story and a few articles for other blogs, I’ll start on the third draft of my novel.

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