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I was going to continue with my practice of setting 101 goals for the new year, but then I can't remember if I clicked "revert to previous draft" when I opened this page or not, so, my goal for the year is...accomplish something.

I did write about my media highlights and favorite music of 2015.

Goals actually accomplished in 2015:

  • I was able to show [ profile] whomp around San Francisco, and I also reconnected with many relatives on both sides of my family! I'm a really social person, and it was great to see and talk with them.

  • With the family, I returned to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. New places we visited included Yosemite and Mammoth, other towns in Gold Country, Also did more local tourism, including the Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruta. All the hyperlinks in this paragraph link to pictures!

  • I did get to speak Spanish more, especially in Puerto Rico, and I used Japanese a little at work (although, when one customer asked me a question in Japanese, I answered in Spanish. I corrected myself and she was fine with it, but yeah). I even had a simple conversation in Norwegian! Although I can't say more because we can't post about specific customers on the internet. Even a few phrases of Tagalog helped once. I am now on over 80 days of practicing Gaeilge and Norsk on Duolingo.

  • Finally visited New People when we went to a festival in Japantown. My mom bought me this Omocat sweater...partly because I forgot to wear warm enough clothing for that windy day...

  • I did start lifting 20-pound free weights, and while I didn't get to 25-pound, I did move from 10 reps to 15 reps over the course of the year.

  • I bought some nice and often useful clothes (many via work discount), as well as 2 CDs, nice yearly agendas (classic art for 2015, and a slim Star Wars one with Rey and BB-8 on the cover for 2016 through 2017), and the Universal classic Horror DVD set. Also received a new photo camera and mini-tripod prior to our Las Vegas trip.

  • I did read at least one book from every continent except Antarctica, but I think that's less of a feat because diverse selection is pretty much my general taste when I go to the libraries here. Also read five non-fiction books, as well as five books published in 2015. Now I want to read more from before 1900.

I think I'll just dump my list of TV watched from October through December here. So much I still have to catch up on...
the episodes )
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TV episodes watched from January through March, with some comments )


Fringe, Being Human UK, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended.
Shows I started and continued to watch: Utopia, Les revenants, In the Flesh.
I also plan on watching all the rest of Peter Gunn on Hulu in the future.

The only movie I saw from 2013 was Something Necessary, a pretty good Kenyan movie that MUBI streamed for free on the day of the Kenyan elections..
Movies I gave the highest ratings to on this year's movies-watched list:
The Saragossa Manuscript (now I want to watch more stories within stories movies), Chungking Express (finally watched it!), Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca), and the entire trilogy experience of The Human Condition (Ningen no joken)
Favorite viewing surprises: Paranorman, La main du diable, A Matter of Taste (Une affaire de goût), Miss Minoes
ok not really a surprise since I'm a fan of Johnnie To's work already yet the choreography of lighting and movement in Throw Down deserves a mention
Faces added to my to-watch list:
Hideko Takamine, Rachel Mwanza, Pierce Gagnon
Funniest moments:
the dinner scene in Vulgaria
the proposed graveyard scene from Seven Psychopaths
when the titular character gets a gun in The Gingerdead Man

Favorite books read so far this year:
Historia universal de la infamia, Jorge Luis Borges
A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness
Works that I can imagine as a good (or better) film or TV adaptation:
Esi Edugyan's Half-Blood Blues. Jazz musicians of African descent stuck in Berlin and occupied Paris in WWII. At least it wouldn't shift more focus towards the white characters like what I saw of Dancing on the Edge.
Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!), in a way that would get the epic sci-fi look and themes right, treat the problematic aspects as problematic, and not gloss over the character flaws and twisted relationships.
Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key, in a modern (though not modern day-set) adaptation that would include the book's meditative aspects, without being slow for the sake of self-importance.
John Ajvide Lindqvist's Little Star. Probably best as a miniseries.
Favorite short stories read:
"Four Rajeshes" and "Bibhutibhushan Mallik's Final Storyboard", by Rajesh Parameswaran
"Nights Can Turn Cool in Viborra", by Charles Portis

The only new music I've played on repeat so far: various selections from Cristobal Tapia de Veer's soundtrack for Utopia.
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at Let Them Eat Cake

Saturday was a nice day! I was able to go to the farmers market as well as a cupcake shop to get cupcakes for my brother and myself. He had the Dubliner (chocolate + Guiness) and I got the Scarlett (red velvet topped with cream cheese frosting). Good meals today and the Earthquakes won their game.

Here are some updates on the Yet Another Magazine writing front:
the YAM staff's top 35 canciones de las '90's
Reviews of the French zombie drama Les revenants, Channel 4's Utopia, John Ajvide Lindqvist's Little Star, and the illustrated novel A Monster Calls.
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I've missed so many birthdays!

Happy belated birthday to [ profile] subtle__sarcasm, and Happy Birthday to [ profile] justbolognese!

Noirvember has taken over much of my free time. I even wrote a related book review here. Here is my "Criminal Chiaroscuro" list of movies. From my Noirvember watching, I especially enjoyed the Brit noirs They Made Me a Fugitive and Odd Man Out (James Mason with an Irish accent? whaaat). On the American side, I have a new addition to my favorite films:

Yeah the climax has similarities with one of my other favorite movies, High Noon (even the same director) but sheesh I was crying around the 2/3rds point at 4 AM- so late because it's tricky finding a link for this film.

Even the non-noir movies I watch in between noirs tend to stuck to the same '40's-'50's era. Maybe I don't feel like confronting a sustained movie-length version of the present right now.

I was also very addicted to playing Plants vs. Zombies until my recent discovery of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Charlotte Lu is my favorite. Whoa boy do I eagerly await the next video on Thursday.

I did have a weird dream last night, probably due to playing Plants vs. Zombies before bed. )

I hope to post some cooking experiments in the next post.
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[ profile] cloudytea gave me this casting game suggestion:
A zombie apocalypse from the POV of the zombies.

This is cheating, but the only idea in mind is that the show will have puppets instead of actors. Puppets of this quality. The zombies will be made of translucent material and there will be no dialogue, just zombies trying to figure out undead life.
why so weird, chrry

Here are trailers for some pilots that were recently picked up:

Alcatraz - FOX

Looks a little iffy, but SAN FRANCISCO (even if mostly filmed elsewhere) and retro criminals in a modern world could work.

Awake - NBC

Cool concept, but I'm not sure if it can stretch to a typical network series lenght. It's got Jason Isaacs and B.D. Wong. Dylan Minette was an alternate universe kid in Lost too hey
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In my dream, there were a lot of things, but I remember being in a house with family friends and Simon Pegg was there with some people too. We were going over some rules or something in a living room, because we were all sharing the same house. And then there were other things I barely remember, just that it was a brownstone in a city at night.
And then there was a part in a colorful place where I overheard a businessman talking about Taipei being basically tea places. I remember moving through some stores and then ordering hot rose tea at Tea Station.
Some more colorful places, a mall, a bunch of people suffocating themselves with rope and then turning into dolls with those circle eyes that move when you move the head. There was also a zombie-like virus and we had to be careful. I remember going into one clothing store with [ profile] blumenfeuer and we couldn't close the opening to the store. One teenage girl walked in, and then another teenage girl walked in. We couldn't do anything until we were sure they did/didn't have the zombie virus. [ profile] blumenfeuer went to talk with one girl in a couch and clothing display, and I tagged along to defend. The other girl sat on a nearby couch. One of the girls started acting weird, and then we had to chase her through the mall. I eventually found her on a desk of a police station crowded with shocked people. They said she wasn't a zombie, she was an extortionist. Who also killed people. Under a bunch of files and papers, I found that I had been too late. She had suffocated herself like the others, and I unwrapped yet another binding of rope to see yet another body turned into a small doll, with those globe eyes that moved as you moved it.
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First day of work was really nice.
I also found a small hand-saw and a razor blade when we were cleaning out the filing cabinet next to my desk. My boss and I were all :0 and ?
I work Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:30 PM to 5 PM. We actually got a lot done yesterday. I've been really lucky with my internships at Berkeley - the offices I've worked in were laid-back but productive.

So, I was eating lunch outside before work. A black beetle-ish bug appeared on my knee. I swiftly brushed it away, and it fell to the ground.
Suddenly, a little bird swooped in and ate the bug.

I have several tasks. One is to help find press contacts. The next big event for the anthropology museum is a presentation on beer-making from 12,000 B.C. to today. Even though I don't drink, I can at least hang out around the exhibits and presentations, due to my now two-week-old status of being 21.

- - -

the big Iran election post that's making rounds around LJ can be found in English and Spanish aquí.

finally, the author of Let the Right One In has written a zombie book: Handling the Undead.
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was able to go to the Milpitas Library today. Got a good stash.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - the Hamlet parallel that's got notice from the Oprah book club crowd
Bat-manga - old school Batman manga
The Art of the Video Game

Creature from the Black Lagoon - I have to see old school monster movie

Open City - what I like Italian neorealism
Sisters of the Gion - it looks pretty, it's about geisha, and I want to see more of Kenji Mizoguchi's work
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser - the story seems interesting, and I really should see a Herzog film sometime
Gaslight - dude classic. plus, they have the original British version, and I like seeing original sources
The Great Train Robbery and Other Primary Works REALLY REALLY OLD MOVIES
Le Deuxiéme Souffle - I'm still on my way to watching all the movies of Jean-Pierre Melville
The Great Match - about peeps in Mongolia, the Sahara, and the Amazon trying to watch the 2002 World Cup. like a doc version of The Cup
Two Lane Blacktop - I've always wanted to see this, but the covers of the copies in the library were too cheesy for me to take home under the eyes of my family...thank you Criterion for your classy covers
I Walked With a Zombie/The Body Snatchers - MOAR CLASSIC HORROR WOOO
Man of a Thousand Faces - Cagney as Lon Chaney what
Ace in the Hole - I really like atypical film noir, and I keep on borrowing this but never get around to watching it
Duck You, Sucker - I've heard good things about it, and lol title


haha so I need to get through this book first, Soccer in the Sun and Shade by Eduardo Galeano. It's kind of awesome. Then finish Tales of Ise and the audiobook files of Pride and Prejudice. Then I'll finally read my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Then I'll read the copy of To Say Nothing of the Dog I bought a year ago. then I'll get to the books I got today.

I also have to finish Kingdom Hearts (hahaha how many years have I been on that game). And then play Bioshock all by myself instead of just watching my brother.

I will restart the Script Frenzy challenge in June.

my possible internship at the anthropology museum starts the second week of June.

I like summer.
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BLAIR BLAIR BLAIR FTW quote from season finale )

oh my gosh my grandma had ABC playing in her room and I couldn't stand hearing all those "ballroom version" songs for three hours

oh hey via [ profile] book_memes here's a book meme! )

finally, via [ profile] logovo:
Gender-reversed castin for Star Trek 2.0
great concept, though I don't agree with all the choices. I'm still working on a list, and I'd like some help. Don't take it personally if I don't agree with your suggestion - I'm quite picky, and you can always prove me wrong in your own post.
here's what I'm thinking so far:
Kirk- Katie Cassidy (the original Ruby on Supernatural) While I like Strahovski, I don't see her quite as Kirk, and Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck is a bit too close in character to Kirk for me to want Sackhoff to play a similar role
Spock- I have nooooo idea
Uhura- don’t tell me Chiwetel Ejiofor is too old for this
McCoy- If Natalie Morales were older and less skinny? Maybe Carla Gugino is the right age. I like Lena Headey, but her face looks too skinny and I'm still not sure about her accent
Scotty - Ashley Jensen (Extras, Ugly Betty). I think she can pull off slightly spotty genius engineer. And she's got the accent. 'nuff said.
Sulu - Anna Tsuchiya. More skilled (if not fluent) in English than most other Japanese actresses, and that voice. Physicality and voice is what's key for Sulu. She's tough and can probably fence like George Takei in his prime. Also, it'd be awesome for her to pull one of her non-standard Japanese accents/dialects for this.
Chekov- I guess I’ll go with that person suggested by [ profile] liviapenn in that post
Pike - Lena Olin? Michelle Forbes? I also like that one commenter suggested Angela Bassett, she'd be awesome

and I really like the OP's suggestion of Jennifer Connelly as Nero

give me your suggestions! I'll put together a post with more proof of suitability (pics/vids) later on.

also on that post: casting comment for reverse gender classic Trek. awesome.

ETA: how about a female director too?
lol Agnes Varda's Star Trek
maybe Antonia Bird -she made Ravenous manly enough
not sure about Angela G. Robinson - the new Herbie and D.E.B.S. didn't do well
how about the lady who directed Point Break
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Saw Star Trek. My mind wasn't blown, but it was still lots of fun. There needs to be an accent-off between Chekov and Scotty and that subtle Southern-ish thing Karl Urban did for McCoy.
oh, and someone needs to make a manip with Lost's Jack and Sawyer and Dan's notebook, with the text,"Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!"

yes, Lost is still on the brain, and I keep on spamming [ profile] ontd_lost with more fake Lost songs.
more of the Lost dance musical can be found here and this tribute song for dead characters was inspired by the 30 Rock finale.
An example: In the comments for the first link, [ profile] amarettosours and I were talking about West Side Story and how Mr. (Tom) Friendly could probaby only find love off-island. It resulted in this:
Guys are the best in Ame-ri-ca
Short or long-tressed in Ame-ri-ca
Rustle and rest in Ame-ri-ca
I only love in America

These Other males are all just straight
Great guys yet at times it does grate

that I'm the only one like me
in island soci-e-ty!



Went to Borders while doing errands some time afterwards, and when I saw a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I totally grabbed it and ran like new!movie!Chekov to bring it to my mom, who was already in line for the cashier. En route, I knocked over some books and had to stop to pick them up. yeah.

So now I own Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I need to finish The Antigua Stamp (by Robert Graves, so good) and these other library books first, though. As well as those free audiobook files of Pride and Prejudice. I'm sort of half-listening to them, and I hope that experience gives me this dreamy confused nostalgia thing when I read the text altered in the zombie mashup novel.
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ummm...why does the last episode of Domo-kun end with "Xanadu?"

I've watched that 4 times now.

Virtuality pilot to air July 4
Independence Day? lol

lots and lots of upfront pilot news here

oh hey here's nice music meme. I don't usually spread friending memes, but this one's got a good variety of respondents.

music friending meme

Finally...Zombie Pinups!
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via [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 dead characters you'd like to see resurrected.

really? now? hahahahaha.

Tweetmeme lets fake BBC "zombie swine flu" story go unchecked

phew, folks.
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argh, I should have done more work this Spring Break. But then again, I don't feel that I've relaxed enough.

via [ profile] prthecrazyone:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends!
ah whatever, here you go, no tagging )

I've been in the mood for horror these past few weeks.

I finished reading Ted the Caver. It was alright, but I could recognize some of the tricks used in other stories.
thoughts on the story and its rumored veracity;
the original, complete story (pg 14 is where the online version stopped).
Sometimes it's better to leave things unexplained.
also finished Dionea House and its related sites. Also pretty good but I can see the gimmick. I guess, with stories like this, I want something as developed as House of Leaves.
Still, this is creepy: Those who know, we consume.
one of the commenters created a nice name for this genre: docu-horror
ETA: okay, I'm reading more of the connected blog comments and now I'm afraid of doors. what. I should be afraid of one-story houses

via IMDB:
Survive the Outbreak, an interactive zombie movie. Anyone want to try it?
the use of sound in horror film
Some of the best analysis I've seen on the "torture porn" genre, and very concise but informative on the topic of cinematic sound as well.
Zodiac utilizes an interesting technique when the voice of the Zodiac killer is heard over 911 lines. David Fincher and his sound team assembled a vocal track using two different actors’ voices, alternating each word, in order to create an altogether strange, but not unreal, moment.
aww cool.

finally, [ profile] ladyalcalmy found this link to last night's episode of Supernatural: The Changing Light at Sandover
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and now we continue


evaluations based on sample songs given.

artist/bands starting with C - De

aww so bright and peppy and twee but in a good way. from LA.
spacey yet cool reggae song from Taricqua, Trinidad and Tobago. I checked out more of his work at his Sonicbids site. I recommend listening to "Top of the Mountain;" the other songs have too much of an 80's MTV late-night feel too me. Really cool how he adds more electronic and rock flair to the usual cafe world music fluff.
rap from Gainesville, Florida. Cool jazzy beat, and lightsabers are mentioned early in the song.
Designer Drugs
get your New York City horror-rave on with the track "Zombies!"

moody, dark, midtempo cool from Bilbao.
Dexter Romweber Duo
Chapel Hill, NC band with low-fi rock 'n roll sound

Café Funquê
funk-lined jazzy rock from Rio de Janeiro
kitschy electronic fun from Milwaukee

cute French pop from Montreal
Susanna Chouffel
there's something to this radio-friendly folksy alternative pop tune. From Austin.

very different down-tempo hip-hop, with soft-pop touches and bongos. From Enfield, NS
Common Market
rapper from Seattle.

Bart Davenport
r&b with hints of twee. Slow jam on a Sunday afternoon. Simple, similar to many songs, but something about it is special. From Berkeley.

alright stuff from Berlin

The Devil Makes Three
Bluesy midtempo alt-country from Davis.

avant-classical business. From Austin.

Chip Pope
just bizarre
some lo-fi vocals with crazy electro Britrock feel and random metal screams. From Hermosillo, Mexico.
avant-garde atmosphere in a whirlwind, hippie hipster vocals and guitars. From Toronto.
Delhi 2 Dublin
What the Vancouver band's name says. With some other sounds thrown in.

artists/bands starting with B can be found here
starting with A found here

unrelated: who was a dork and stayed up until 4:30 AM (with a nap from 11 ~ 1:30 ish) reading Henry James stories?
I was.
at least I didn't stay up late due to internet mucking-about or procrastining on homework
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] azuresquirrel!

I wish there was a "vote Kara" banner

ETA 2: thanks to [ profile] yaiyah:

lol it's Dean vs. Sawyer HOW WILL WE CHOOSE

My dad finally developed some pictures we took on a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood many, many years ago. It was especially interesting to see shots from the King Kong part of the tram tour (that part was burned in a fire several years ago, I think. I know it's gone). Oh, and THE SET OF PSYCHO FREAKED ME OUT EVEN MORE THAT I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE.

oh, and I caved and watched that first episode of Make Me a Supermodel season 2. Colin is as adorable as everyone says, although I really want to go through the screen and straighten his back. don't slouch, especially on the runway dear.

(ETA: ohmygosh, he titles his blog "Dearest Journal." I am giggle-crying now, that is so cute)

But hey, I made up for it by watching two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Still not caught up, but we ended on "Deadlock," so not too far back

finally, Alan Dale vs. zombies.
“It starts on a 747, which lands and gets overrun with zombies. My character has three children, Kelly joins us, we escape. At one point I’ve got a flamethrower and we’re cooking zombies!
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no one told me that the upcoming book/and maybe movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies HAS MR. DARCY TEACHING THE BENNET SISTERS IN THE WAY OF THE NINJA
quote from the author:
“I hated her when I was forced to read Austen in school, but when I started re-reading I realised she was a brutal, but very funny, satirist,” he said.

“I can only aspire to be as mean-spirited as she could be.”

(link via [ profile] cleolinda)
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First Faye Dunaway vs. Hilary Duff, now Etta James vs. Beyonce Knowles. Video comparisons.

Fox gets its grindhouse on with retro combo ad for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse.
It would be awesome if ABC did a similar thing for Lost...

- - -
speaking of Lost, Entertainment Weekly's "Digging Inside Season 5"
spoilerish, but more of the hinty variety, which I'm okay with.
Particularly of note are comments about the show from the cast - especially: Jorge Garcia talking about the Hurley-centric “The Lie,” Matthew Fox giving some very interesting thoughts about the triangle business, and Jeremy Davies talking about how the Faraday role has helped him deal with recent tragedy.

Also, for those who think the show's new Latin detail is out of nowhere, take a look at the Blast Door Map from season 2. Got the tip from a TWOP poster, I think.

Lost party costumes!
aww the little kid dressed as The Island

Nestor Carbonell talks about Richard and eyelashes.
- - -

via [ profile] cleolinda:
Christian Bale: "I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable. And I hope that that is absolutely clear,"
other quotes:
"I also appreciate you making fun of it," he says. "You know, I had it coming. Feel free to make fun of me."
also: “Please, Michael Phelps, swim in the next Olympics,” Bale said.
via [ profile] lilychick: The inevitable Newsies mashup.

last item in this article: Anna Friel gets three pilot offers
Interview with Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck)

more Dollhouse: an article about the beautiful set, and
promo shots of Matt Keeslar (The Middleman!) from the second episode. Mark Sheppard will also be in a recurring role on the show.
Interview with Joss Whedon.

I was looking for more info on the Fables TV pilot, and I found this article from a while back.
Comments of interest:
It would be sweet if they put the Fables borders around the screen. changing them depending what was happening.
I like when they do the fake HD splitscreen thing for music videos, but other people don't like it, so whatever.

But the big problem is I REALLY want to see Snow White empty a gun into Shere Khan while screaming "Die you sick mother fucker!" I just don't see that happening in this version.
yes, that did happen in the comic. Why aren't you reading Fables yet?

Finally, Zombie Hello Kitty cake.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] lessthan3stars!

I was walking to lunch a day ago and I spotted some fellow CalTV members filming. They needed people to interview. I volunteered. My mind was rushed and focused on food, so I was a little flustered, but fortunately, I had some props on hand.
see me starting at the 2:19 mark on this video

Basically, I pull an orange and a potato from my pocket and make them talk.

argh I am trying to finish application for Google summer internship

if I get the job, please do not direct complaints about company evilness to me I am lowly (possible) intern

but I hear they have the best cafeteria food, and it's all free

The commute I know already - I interned at NASA before (yeah, that NASA, haha) and that was in Mountain View too

I finally found Death Cab for Cutie's cover of "Earth Angel" from the Stubbs the Zombie video game soundtrack. I remember hearing it on the radio...I remember it being more atmospheric and haunting...or was that another indie cover of a similar '50's song...or maybe it was a live memory is fuzzy...
still, this song is now stuck in my head. Or at least battling for headspace with that Katy Perry hot/cold song that is playing everywhere...please win, Death Cab, please win
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Since you've got the funky NZ time going on...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] never_evil!

I'm taking a break from big project right now to bring you all some prime Robert Pattinson/Twilight crack

all links via [ profile] cleolinda.

cast premieres "exclusive" clip
the best part is at 0:45:
"All right SHUT UP! AHAHAHA!"
lol is rpattz venting?

Seriously, the fans made him cry.
some quotes:
And – you know, just the whole thing, having a bouffant haircut and stuff, doesn’t – it’s not really that intimidating.

in paranormal stories, you have a zombie. Zombies aren’t that interesting. It’s like, whatever.
OH I’M GOING TO SLAP HIM NOW lol. even if it's part of his analogy.
or send a pack of zombies after him. haha are they interesting now?!

You've probably heard about the Twilight mall riot in San Francisco.

lol the Hot Topic on Telegraph in Berkeley has a big rpattz pic, and I have to keep myself from cracking up when I see it.

The fabulous Entertainment Weekly interview
After the panel, the shaken actor bruised some tender hearts when he likened the sound of the collective squeal to something one might hear when entering ''the gates of hell.''

''Why are we here?'' he wonders, looking around at the uptight crowd. ''I feel judged!''

his dashboard caught on fire. haha

''I have very, very low expenditures, but still I manage to spend it all. I guess Hot Pockets are more expensive than I thought."

rpattz, always be famous. Then we can hear your crack for all time.
although I might need to send some chipmunk ninjas to be your guards. Or at least some inconspicuous sunglasses and a wig. or something.

But Rob isn't the only one getting the weird attention.
"I had a woman ask me if I could hold her baby for a little while because she really wanted Rosalie to hold her baby."

back to zombies: Quantum of Solace director to take on "World War Z"

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