24 September 2010

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- so my mom and all my Filipino relatives have started watching Glee because of Charice Pempengco. Why do they autotune so much during the songs when I know that Charice can sing clearly?

- I went to the Davis Farmers' Market and bought some tasty yellow peaches. At least I think they're yellow peaches. I don't even remember the name of the farm. I just let the taste of food samples guide me lol

- why are people commenting (in TV reviews and online comments) that Steve Buscemi is not a magnetic enough leading man for Boardwalk Empire? Judging by the way the comments are worded, I think it might be a generational thing. Most people around my age (20's and below) think he's alright, although I don't want to stereotype viewers older than that. Just trying to find a common connection between samples of people that may or may not be true but gives some guidance for further exploration /anthro. He's not the typical lead, but I think he works well for this show, based on the pilot. It had some obvious plain pilot setup dialogue, but I think it's interesting and fun overall. IT HAD ME LOOKING UP WHO ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN WAS. (Though I knew Lucky Luciano.) And it has Kelly MacDonald. And pretty clothes and sets.

- Community was fun but that episode ending was THE BEST.

- Hawaii 5-0 I tried because it was free on-demand and I was bored. The lead guy's fine for this role but compared to Jack Lord (okay I only have vague memories of when I watched reruns of the original), he will never be cool. Seriously, this is the problem with many remakes - the classics had cool, the remakes have ANGST. The dialogue was mostly awful pilot setup stuff but there were some funny bits - "Why are you moving?!" However, all of the leads are likable (and Masi Oka becomes a recurring character from episode 4 on. So I can say that Hiro and Jin and Boomer team up to fight crime), and the scenery gives me so much happy happy Lost nostalgia.
I'll give it another episode.

- THE J.J. ABRAMS - MICHAEL EMERSON - TERRY O'QUINN SHOW IS BEING DEVELOPED BY NBC. I hope it gets picked up and turns out great!

- While moving, I found a small guide to Calculus AB I wrote, featuring Bob and Ed, two disembodied eyeballs looking for a home. Just wait until I scan this thing.

- I like living somewhat close to orchards and Wine Country.



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