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slowly getting back into things after my social network hiatus.

Episodes watched between October and December 2014 )
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I have been burned by so many things lately that now I'm ranking the shows I watch by their ability to disappoint. This isn't so much best  quality as "I know what to expect of your capabilities and flaws and strengths and are you going to sink below that?"

From top to bottom, least likely to most likely to disappoint amongst the currently-airing shows I watch:

Orphan Black - Paul and the names of the villainous organizations are the weakest points. Sometimes the sci-fi requires some hand-waving but the emotional bonds still drive the drama.
Adventure Time - It's episodic by nature, so any mytharc is a bonus.
Elementary - the second season was bumpy, but I liked most of the stretch of episodes in between Mycroft's latest appearances. Even the weaker episodes have a scene or idea in their favor.
Brooklyn 99
Broad City
I kveld med Ylvis
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones - the source material isn't perfect, but I still expect to shake my head or clench in dread/anger at least once an episode due to misjudged adaptation choices.
Hannibal - it's not just the Beverly fiasco (and I understand the overall reasoning for Alana/Hannibal), but since that event, it seems like it's more plot than character that's motivating events. Things are getting too heavy-handed with themes and soundtrack - the florid metaphors only suit Will's character. It's below GoT because GoT showed its problem cards right from the pilot on.
Doctor Who - I have hopes for the Capaldi era, but every good idea Moffat and Co. have is undercut by one poor decision or another.

I'd have to wait until after a few episodes to place the upcoming seasons of In the Flesh, Utopia, Flowers of Evil (Aku no hana) and Les Revenants on this list; as well as next year's seasons of True Detective and Inside No. 9.
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Overheard while my mom was watching The Expendables 2:

Mom: They should get that Japanese-looking woman from that movie, you know, the Transformers-like movie.
Brother: You mean Pacific Rim?
Mom: Yeah, she's good and pretty.


- - -

I just helped my brother with his Media Lit homework by directing him to a gifset on my tumblr.

- - -
Just watched Kaizers Orchestra's Siste dans concert and aw man is this really the end?
I did chuckle a bit at the people crying in the crowd, but they were chuckles of understanding.
- - -
Speaking of Norway, Ylvis brothers' shows subbed in English.
With these guys as well as Norwegian movies and my attempts to sing Kaizers songs, who knows what linguistic mishmash of Norwegian regions I'll pick up...
- - -

TV episode roundup July-September:

I really didn't watch much these three months. )
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Fall means that I'm starting to fall into more a TV-watching mood again.

Adventure Time has been good, and Elementary returned well. Boardwalk Empire is inconsistent as usual but it's always been a character actor show and some of those characters are still entertaining.

Agents of SHIELD was here and there but Mike Petersen's (J. August Richards) speech towards the end really got to me. If I had watched it the night it aired, which was the night I also had to end one job, I think it would have hit me even harder in the gut.

Currently tumblr gif-watching Sleepy Hollow until I feel comfortable enough with how the arcs are going to invest time in actually watching the show. The leads seem great, but I know there's more to the show.

After I finally finish Shirokuma Cafe, I've got a list of shows to try out: Flowers of Evil (Aku no hana) (it's on Hulu, but subbed or dubbed?), A Touch of Cloth, Rectify, Orange is the New Black (I don't know if I can add another show this season where I watch for side characters and not the main person, based on what I've heard), and Peaky Blinders.

Random observation: Iain de Caestecker (The Fades) and later on Ruth Negga (Misfits) will be on SHIELD. ABC also has Michael Socha (Being Human on their Wonderland spinoff. I won't watch the latter, but it's nice to see one of the Socha siblings getting work on American TV. How many more actors from across the pond who played young supernatural/superpowered people will show up on the network? hmm. k k just rambling
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I've been trying to write a proper post for a while, but my feelings shift with the tides.

So here are handy year-end links instead!

My year in new music!
Other highlights of the year in movies, TV, and books

Favorite new shows: Elementary and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
New favorite cartoon: Adventure Time

Feature-length movies I watched during the year:
Films of the 2010's, ranked:
Rankings don't necessarily correspond to ratings.
Books of all sorts read during the year:

aw man I need to update my cooking posts, because I did get to improve on this pasta sauce by simmering Roma tomatoes for a long time. I'll try heirloom tomatoes next when they're on sale.
Lots of stuff went down offline this year but I think I'll dump all that negativity in 2012 and only focus on catching up on food/restaurant/cooking posts in 2013. My next assignment: making acceptable masala chai tea (or even latte) with Assam tea base and pre-packaged garam masala spice.

ETA: whoops I forgot to finish up my "TV episodes watched" list!
episodes watched from October 1 to December 31 )
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My latest book review covers China Miéville's Embassytown.

I've started to check out the costume stores in town, and I've only found a deep pink wig so far (out of the dark purple or light pink/purple wigs I needed for the other pony costumes). So I looked through my closet, and I've figured out a way to dress up as Applebloom! All I want to do is be a pony for Halloweeeeeennnn...

Everything was pretty good this week, so here they are ranked in level of entertainment.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - 2.4 - “Luna Eclipsed”
This has been a solid second season so far for the pony show. I didn't even notice that Rarity didn't appear!
(I guess they didn't want people to notice that she has the same voice actress as Luna. The actress also voices Zucora, but Zucora's voice has much more to differentiate it.) More discussion on the episode. )

The Fades - 1.5
“Are you wearing identical pajamas?”
Dialogue’s not sharp 100% of the time, but quality creepy introduction. I like how they show the social impact of what is going on with the Fades. I'm not that happy with what happened with most of the female love interests in this episode, and the talk-off ending of the episode was a bit eh to me. However, the plot is escalating and everything is exciting. Joe Dempsie is chilling as the head Fade, and Anna (played by the awesomely named Lily Loveless) is awesome. Natalie Dormer was fantastic in this episode too. What proved to me that this series works is that there are moments that bind character and plot perfectly, that make me react with smiles or gasps. Mac is still my favorite. MAC AND PAUL FRIENDS FOREVERRR

Boardwalk Empire - 2.5 - “What Does the Bee Do?”
Solid overall. This season is really better-paced than the first season, while taking care not to rush character arcs and moments like the one that closes this episode.

Downton Abbey - 2.5
This could have be higher, but the beginning was cheesy, and while there were many quality scenes, it just felt like it could have gripped me more. I think the blame has to do with the show- coming up with so many reasons for Matthew to show up at Downton in previous episodes.

An Idiot Abroad - 2.5 - “Meet a Gorilla”
“Who cut your hair, you?”
Not a bad episode, but it's becoming a little strained for Merchant and especially Gervais to skew Pilkington's journeys. I liked that Karl made burnt grilled cheese and beans for the tribe's king.
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TV roundup!

for the week of October 9 - 15

The Fades 1.4
It surprised me that I needed hours to emotionally recover from an episode of a show that started so recently with such an awkward pilot. This episode grounded the relationships within the show and introduced an understandable but truly terrifying villain. One or two moments seemed predictable or dragged out, but the episode found a fine balance between (or more accurately, blend of) action and emotional scenes.

Boardwalk Empire 2.3, "A Dangerous Maid"
Not perfect, but good showcase for many of the distinctive characters of the series.

Downton Abbey 2.4
The beginning seemed iffy, with not much quality covering the melodramatic backbone of the show, but it delivered by the end. The editing was slightly off, but the cinematography displayed a graceful fascination with reflections. I don't think I ship Sybil/Branson any more, unless something is remedied in the remainder of this series.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2.3, “Lesson Zero”
It was fun seeing Twilight Sparkle grow maniacal in her desperation.

Fringe 4.4, “Subject 9”
Good dramatic episode that returned to the core of the show. Also great to see how the Cortexiphan kids plotline panned out in this new universe. However, the direction of this episode made the numerous "pause, sit down, and talk" scenes too evident. It didn't find a truly engaging pace, despite the commendable work done with the mytharc.

Community 3.4, “Remedial Chaos Theory”
I was just about to drop the show when I was stuck with the TV and decided to giveit one last chance. Seemed like another gimmick episode, but thankfully returned to bringing out character qualities instead of escalating antics. I think the bar episode of last season was better at doing something similar character-wise, but this episode has an emotional high in its favor.

An Idiot Abroad 2.4, "Whale Watching"
Solid but not hilarious. Ricky drew out that prostate exam thing too many times.

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia - 7.5 - "Frank's Brother"
Not bad, but didn't bring out many laughs. Nice to see Lance Reddick, though. I think this was written just to give the main cast (sans DeVito) a break.

- - -

If I'm able to dress up for Halloween this year, I thought of some costume choices that fit one of my current fandoms:

Rarity would be the easiest - if I could fnd a long enough purple wig to curl. Then I can wear my long white skirt with a white shirt, with maybe a scarf or some other pink accent. Perhaps I'll customize a headband with her diamond cutie marks.

If I can't find a suitably long purple wig, though, I could mix short wigs for Sweetie Belle and still wear a white outift. Or just put a giant pink bow on a pink wig for Apple Bloom. I have a mint dress, but I don't think it's close enough to her color. I had a closer green dress, but I'm not sure if it's still in storage or was given to charity. I'm not sure if I have other clothes to match her color.

I also thought of dressing up as Applejack, but I didn't feel like dealing with all of the "what a nice cowgirl costume" comments. Even if nobody understands the others, at least there's less chance of being confused for something else.
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quick TV roundup

Downton Abbey 2.3
This episode was more vivid with the visuals and editing than most, and I enjoyed the intertwining of many plotlines.
However, I've started the next episode, and everything is handled with much less grace. The soap opera mechanics are too obvious.

pretty good
Boardwalk Empire 2.2, "Ourselves Alone"
“Gentlemen! I’m running a business here, yes?”
An otherwise solid episode marred by scenes like the three nobody schemers spouting exposition working under the Commodore. Great to see Chalky get some more scenes, and the Rothstein-Luciano-Lansky trio feel me with irrational glee. Margaret also gets to shine.

Fringe 4.3, "Alone in the World"
Solid blend of the procedural and mytharc plots.

The Fades - 1.3
Still somewhat awkward (and the production department suddenly changed the clothes for many characters during the same day in one scene). The supernatural and teen storylines are blending better together, even if the romance part feels too easy and underthought. Otherwise, this is the best, most consistent episode so far. Mac and Paul are my friend!TP eeeeee. That womb thing was creepy. Even though I never watched Skins, it's amusing how many cast members from that show are appearing here. Also, it's interesting how make Fades eat human flesh to look human.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 7.4, "Sweet Dee Gets Audited"
It felt like it had the edge and energy of episodes from previous seasons.

An Idiot Abroad 2.3 , "Swim with Dolphins"
“Don’t wish for anything. It’s never what you think.”
Detours and snake farts ahoy.

Community - 3.3, "Competitive Ecology"
Aside from the bio professor's Lego monologue and Chang's noir-flavored absurdity, the main gang felt too shrill and petty- and their commenting on it did not alleviate matters. Poor Todd.
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week of September 25 - October 1

loose ranking.

Downton Abbey 2.2
Showed various aspects and changes for all the characters and storylines. Also, Mary got her sharp tongue back!
An Idiot Abroad 2.2
“There’s no rules here. It’s Russia.”
Lost a little momentum by the end, but provided plenty of big laughs.
Fringe 4.2
Dialogue too plain, but story itself was great.

The Fades 1.2
Promising blend of supernatural apocalypse with high school dramedy. Doesn't quite gel in all parts but I like the actors and characters. A few lines are great, but more often they strafe close to brilliance but don't hit the target. The main ship is cute and Daniel Kaluuya's character is my favorite - although his geek references are sometimes drawn from too shallow a pool.
Where is Natalie Dormer's character?
Boardwalk Empire 2.1
“Pardon me, dear, I need to wash up. Public spaces.”
Nice character sketches and starts right on the action, but much of the new main plot is based on a ridiculous event involving the Ku Klux Klan wielding machine guns. Things like Al Capone vs. the Third Person and random wrestling were just weird.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 7.3
Stronger and more consistently hilarious episode, though the energy fizzled by the end. It's always fun when the gang wants to put on a show.

Doctor Who 6.13
This sixth series was odd. I like that it had some great details, and brought many new fans to the show, but it felt too muddled to me and lacked the cohesion and energy of Series 5. other thoughts on the episode )

Community 3.2
Only funny things were slips and side-gags: straw in soda, Earth-2, Switzerland and Georgia. I'm losing interest in the characters, and yet again Britta is punished (although at least this time it was more about her pride than last episode, where she was just trying to help Abed). It could be interesting to see more Britta-Chang vibes - though not an actual ship, no.


list of all episodes watched between July 1 - October 1 )
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25 episodes I enjoyed the most in 2010

Only episodes I watched from beginning to end. So, for example, since I missed the first 20 minutes of the Lost finale, it could not be even considered for this list.
This also counts all the episodes I watched this year, not just ones aired in 2010.

It started to be in order at the beginning of the year, but then I got tired. I was also going to write an explanation for my choices…but I’m doing this during Arsenal’s halftime, because after the game ends, I really need to finish a report and do other things.

Conan Tonight Show farewell
Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor
Being Human episode 2.6
Misfits - Episode 1.4
Lost - 6.9 - “Ab Aeterno” - YEAH I LIKED IT OKAY
Community -1.10 - Environmental Science
Lost 6.1 - 6.2 - “LAX”
Community - 1.15 - “Romantic Expressionism”
Boardwalk Empire - 1.5 - “Nights in Ballygran”
Sherlock - 1.3 - “The Greatest Game”
Chuck - 3.10 - “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”
Sherlock - 1.1 - “A Study in Pink”
Lost - 6.7 - “Dr. Linus” - not best written but events
Community - 1.19 - “Beginning Pottery”
The Pacific- Part 9 - “Okinawa” (Buildup - Sledge is best character)
The Pacific - Part 3 - “Melbourne”
I, Claudius - episode 10 “Who, me?” - Caligula’s reign of terror
Community - 2.6 - “Epidemiology”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “Mac’s Mom Burned the House Down”
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “The Gang Gets a Boat”
Boardwalk Empire 1.9 - “Belle Femme”
Community - “Mixology Certification”
Misfits - 2.4
Doctor Who Christmas special
The LXD - “Elliott’s Shoes”

My favorite show this year: Sherlock.
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. just ask me for a letter if you want one
2. List (and upload) 5-10 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] mc_valya gave me the letter E.

1) "Ekimae (In front of the station)" - Tokyo Jihen

2) "Earth Angel"

3) "El Andén (Con Mala Rodriguez)" - Bajofondo

4) "El Justiciero" - Os Mutantes

5) "Eriatarka" - The Mars Volta

6) "Exo-Politics" - Muse
I've exercised to this song so many times

7) "Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone vs. Nas)" - DJ Erb

8) "The End of You" - Sleater-Kinney

9) "The End of You Too" - Metronomy

10) "“Echigo Tsutsuishi Oyashirazu” - J.A. Seazer, from Kokkyou Jyunreika, 1973

yay for Misfits coming back soon

Also, this Sunday is the US public television premiere of Sherlock, so I'll see what you all have been spamming about.


Stole this from tumblr, where I also got the idea to name the file, "MENACING HAIRCUT."
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- so many things in the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire
(although if they had included the deleted scene it would have been even better)

- scenes from movies like Ninja Assasin where people get sliced up close to the screen. Sometimes, I say "awwwww whoa," and sometimes I recoil in vicarious pain.

- the announcement of a certain popular character actor set to appear in Doctor Who

Also, I have the song from the Xbox Live's "Techno Kitten Adventure" stuck in my head because my brother plays the game from time to time. I just made my stuffed toy sheep Tilly dance to it.
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found via tumblr.

also, my brother got my mom to play Robot Unicorn Attack.

You can also discuss Boardwalk Empire here.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] malinowy and [ profile] nodancetonight!

and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] sammet, [ profile] alegorico, and anyone else I missed...

This was a nap dream I had on Monday:
In a night-time scene, either on Earth or another planet, there was a scoreboard for the Arsenal - Albion game. The video scoreboard was introduced by the guys from Merlin.

Soon, a tiny green alien saw the final score and got into such a rage that he got in his flying saucer and flew into space, which was full of traffic.

Then he started shouting everywhere in alien language.

Then I woke up.

Hey, Arsenal won its game. Werder, pooh, I saw little offense push from you. Toluca, you lost a CONCACAF Champions League game to a Puerto Rican team? That David Horst guy on loan from Real Salt Lake seems good, though.
I also watched some Street League Skateboarding yesterday. I'm liking Shane O'Neill and Nyjah Houston - they have flair and take risks.

I also continue to like Boardwalk Empire.
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random random update time

- so my mom and all my Filipino relatives have started watching Glee because of Charice Pempengco. Why do they autotune so much during the songs when I know that Charice can sing clearly?

- I went to the Davis Farmers' Market and bought some tasty yellow peaches. At least I think they're yellow peaches. I don't even remember the name of the farm. I just let the taste of food samples guide me lol

- why are people commenting (in TV reviews and online comments) that Steve Buscemi is not a magnetic enough leading man for Boardwalk Empire? Judging by the way the comments are worded, I think it might be a generational thing. Most people around my age (20's and below) think he's alright, although I don't want to stereotype viewers older than that. Just trying to find a common connection between samples of people that may or may not be true but gives some guidance for further exploration /anthro. He's not the typical lead, but I think he works well for this show, based on the pilot. It had some obvious plain pilot setup dialogue, but I think it's interesting and fun overall. IT HAD ME LOOKING UP WHO ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN WAS. (Though I knew Lucky Luciano.) And it has Kelly MacDonald. And pretty clothes and sets.

- Community was fun but that episode ending was THE BEST.

- Hawaii 5-0 I tried because it was free on-demand and I was bored. The lead guy's fine for this role but compared to Jack Lord (okay I only have vague memories of when I watched reruns of the original), he will never be cool. Seriously, this is the problem with many remakes - the classics had cool, the remakes have ANGST. The dialogue was mostly awful pilot setup stuff but there were some funny bits - "Why are you moving?!" However, all of the leads are likable (and Masi Oka becomes a recurring character from episode 4 on. So I can say that Hiro and Jin and Boomer team up to fight crime), and the scenery gives me so much happy happy Lost nostalgia.
I'll give it another episode.

- THE J.J. ABRAMS - MICHAEL EMERSON - TERRY O'QUINN SHOW IS BEING DEVELOPED BY NBC. I hope it gets picked up and turns out great!

- While moving, I found a small guide to Calculus AB I wrote, featuring Bob and Ed, two disembodied eyeballs looking for a home. Just wait until I scan this thing.

- I like living somewhat close to orchards and Wine Country.



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