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I was able to watch Arsenal, Werder Bremen, and the San Jose Earthquakes win today!

We've been carless for a week and doing alright so far. Davis is a fine town for walking, so even if we miss a bus and have to walk twenty minutes somewhere, it isn't bad.

I've also got my online life more or less together. Now I'm able to check flist and Blogger every day, and after unfollowing three people (not from LJ), I can now get through my dash twice in a night instead of taking a week to slog through it all. I don't even have to go on Tumblr during the day, which happens often when I'm both job-searching and leaving home early to walk/take the bus for errands.

Now to just get a stable job and finish some video/writing projects.

- - -

Something of linguistic interest from the Hetalia comm: a discussion on Prussian language/accent.

I also filled out the application to be a blogger/correspondent for MYX-Rated, an entertainment show on the Asian-American-oriented MYX cable channel.

Fall 2011 US TV show grid
an alphabetical list for all US returning and new shows
Doctor Who continues until October 1
September 13 - Ringer - alert for my mom, who's a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar
September 15 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
September 18 - Downton Abbey
September 22 - Community
September 23 - Fringe, An Idiot Abroad
September 25 - Boardwalk Empire
November 11 - Misfits
not sure if I should give American Horror Story a try. October 5 on FX.
I don't feel like trying any other shows at the moment, although I am wondering if there are any good superhero cartoons I should try out.
I'm catching up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Avatar: The Last Airbender then Adventure Time is on my to-watch list.
The Mercury Men is a fun retro sci-fi webseries from Syfy with cool black-and-white cinematography.

returning in 2012:
Being Human, Southland (January 17), Game of Thrones, The Hour, Suits (which I need to catch up on btw), Sherlock
interesting new shows to premiere 2012: Alcatraz, Awake, The River

- - -

Finally: the most tasteful image I've seen for the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.
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My grandma just told someone on the TV that he or she is "as crazy as a rabbit."

I didn't know rabbits were crazy enough to merit inclusion in a simile.

Also, I didn't know that this script would end up being seven pages's about a historical site (Fort Laramie in Wyoming), and I think I spent too long on events between the 1850's and 1860's...
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Congrats to Canada on the snowboard cross gold!

- - -
aww noooo Jeremy Abbott - although I could tell he'd be too nervous, even before he started the program. :{

yay Weir doing pretty well!

and I know I have a bunch of Plushy fans on my flist, and I don't deny his amazing skills and his fun exhibition routines. However, though I know he earned all his points, it looked like he was skating to an entirely different song. lol I'm still a Yagudin girl

Lysacek skated well. At least there's an American hope for medal. But even Abbott off his game had better-centered spins. That was the only flaw I spotted in Lysacek's skate, that he leaned weirdly in several spins. Yeah, I'm not a big Lysacek fan, but he works hard and if he does well that's fine.

Funny how the American broadcast was hyping up Patrick Chan even more than the American skaters. He skated to a tango-ish piece, right? nice.

My favorites in the final: Daisuke Takahashi and Stephane Lambiel. But I've liked them for a while now, so that's no surprise to me. Lambiel's recent European Championships free skate was breathtaking. If Weir can get on the podium, that would be fantastic.

lol Contesti's program with the blues/honky tonk thing I was like "what is this"

I can't help but think "Nobunaga Oda" when Nobunari Oda's on the screen, haha. Yes, I know he's a descendant

it's sad what happened to Tomas Verner. Too bad about Joubert too, but he's not a favorite of mine, so I don't mind much.

Takahiko Kozuka for showing promise and skating to Jimi Hendrix. Michal Brezina also seems to have potential.

I see some names whose performances weren't broadcast here:
Denis Ten (Kazhakstan), Florent Amodio (France), and Artem Borodulin (Russia). Were their skates interesting?


ETA: I'm looking bag in my "figure skating" tag at the entries up to 2007. haha.
I can trace my support for Jeremy Abbott to January 29, 2008. Still feel sad for him right now.
The female skaters I'm looking forward to watching are Mirai Nagasu and Yu-Na Kim. I haven't been able to watch as much to get excited over others, so if there's someone I should keep an eye out for, tell me!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] hobbitofkobol!

ahahaha in the Axis Powers Hetalia anime, America sends out its ally China to attack the Axis with cooking utensils. The battle suddenly stops when Grandpa Rome rises from the sea, belting a song version of the joke that goes, "In Hell, the cook is English..."
Later on: America, England, France, China and Russia sense another presence in the Allies' conference room. No one can tell that it's Canada.

also, Hungary is a fierce but nice female warrior, and Switzerland is rarely seen without his gun.

oh, and the Chibitalia/Holy Roman Empire scenes made my inner shipper squee.

this cracks me up:

I don't mind the show's cracky take on history, missteps and all. Better a distorted presentation (light manga/anime with ships and stereotypes, or to use another example, the film/fairy tale take of Inglourious Basterds) with some surprising adherence to historical fact than a realistic presentation that disguises major historical inaccuracies. Sure, if a media work is good, it's good, no matter how much they played with history, but realistic disguises make things stick longer in people's minds, as proven by many of my classmates.

I hope the writer does American Indian sovereign nations sometime. Because, at least here, the tribes are sovereign nations within (and since before the existence of) US boundaries. Hey, they already have Seychelles and Sealand (pop. 4). But whatever, Hetalia's not srs bsns.

Also, the episodes are only 5 minutes long. And they feature food a lot. I think I'm more inclined to like a show if they show good food often.

ooh right now North Italy and South Italy are fighting over sharing the bed.
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[ profile] hazel_belle, you just got me hooked on Hetalia Axis Powers.

Hetalia is a cracked Japanese webcomic view of history, with countries as characters. There's an anime too, but I have not watched it - yet.

So far, I've read the main WWI - WWII story and half of the the extra stories.

It involves pasta, bratwurst, exploding chairs, bad driving, and tearful farewells with panties. oh, and Chibi Italia/Holy Roman Empire is a pretty big ship.

quotes and other info:
- American War Movies: They are fighting the Russians when suddenly aliens attack, so then they band together with the Russians to exterminate the aliens.
- Feeling quite scandalized by the matter, France and Spain would often call out "Stop making passes at Italy!"
-Russia is ONE SCARY GUY. He also declares his hobby as partioning Poland.
- Wikipedia has this under China: He is a big fan of Hello Kitty and tends to end his sentences with the suffix -aru, a Japanese stereotype of how Chinese people speak, however, he replaces the customary -aru with the suffix -ahen, which means opium, when speaking to England, as a reference to the Opium Wars.
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via [ profile] cutiesaiyajin:

History according to students

original source

Delegates from the original 13 states formed the Contented
Congress. Thomas Jefferson, a Virgin, and Benjamin Franklin
were two singers of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin
discovered electricity by Rubbing two cats backward and also
declared, "A horse divided against itself cannot stand." He
was a naturalist for sure. Franklin died in 1790 and is still

Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100 foot clipper
which was very dangerous to all his men.

Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea where they made
unleavened bread, which is bread made without any ingredients.

In the first Olympic games, Greeks ran races, jumped, hurled
biscuits, and threw the java.

Julius Caesar extinguished himself on the battlefields of
Gaul. The Ides of March murdered him because they thought he
was going to be made king. Dying, he gasped out "Same to you,

The next great author was John Milton.
Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Since then no one ever found it.
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via [ profile] cleolinda:

Rachel Weisz to play the philosopher Hypatia?

I actually said "AWESOME" when I read that.

ETA: not sure if she's the exact same Hypatia I'm thinking about (the article does specify Hypatia of Alexandria), but either way, yay fof movies about female intellectuals of antiquity!
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Is it bad that when I read “Possible Tornado rips through Atlanta,” I thought “Possible Tomato?” And pictured it too. bad bad me.

[ profile] logovo1 posted these links:
LJ Ad butler
how you can remove ads from LJ accounts

some of the best recent webcomics that weren't about the late Gary Gygax:
Horton hears Cthulhu
You’ve been Ringrolled.

Video time!
[ profile] padfootie posted this video of Adrian Pasdar flying. In a plane, of course. Excellent choice of music.

Want something super bizarre: Watch World War II as reenacted by food
It kind of cracks me up that the assistant animator is named Adam Levine.

[ profile] hannahstarr posted a cute vid of a dancing walrus.

[ profile] cleolinda linked to two new "epilepsy-inducing" Speed Racer trailers.
ack they've been taken down. But I found this on Youtube, check it before that's gone too...

And two music videos.
One of them’s a pretty, mostly black-white animation vid for Shiina Ringo's "Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh ver.)," one of the songs from the movie Sakuran. The song itself is a pretty, punchy little tango pop song.
The black cat is Shiina Ringo’s alter ego symbol thing.

I have been playing this next video over and over for the past three? four? days.
Buraka Som Sistema (feat. M.I.A., Puto Prata, DJ Znobia, Saborosa) - “Sound of Kuduro”
The sound is fast and furious, and should appeal to those who like their dance music grimy and baile funk-ish.

What is Kuduro?
Kuduro isn’t world music. Well, not the kind of world music that finds its way onto Later with Jools Holland or a Damon Albarn album. This is the raw, uncompromising sound of the streets of Luanda, Angola. Meaning ‘hard ass’ or ‘stiff bottom’, it combines traditional Angolan Kilapanga, Semba and Zouk with Western house and techno.
related links here )

the past Sunday, we were eating at Chevy's. They usually play a bunch of current Spanish language pop, but I was suprised to hear ABBA singing "Mamma Mia!" in Spanish. I heard another one of their Spanish songs on the radio a while ago, and it's kinda weird yo.
And then what played next at Chevy's? A 60’s folk pop-style version of “Float On.” In English, mind you. Interesting.
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Dudes of awesome.

long, but entertaining and picture-filled, post about the Saturday night Japanese program Fuurin Kazan. Don't be scared, it'll be interesting. )

Today, after that episode ended and I caught the soccer highlights on Contacto Deportivo, I returned back to the Japanese programming. Nonai, the IQ quiz show. I usually can't catch it due to tiredness/interesting host on SNL/Doctor Who on PBS can we please get Season 2 please?

Nonai is an insane quiz show with many little games that "test your IQ." No subtitles for this one, just lots and lots of crazy-font text. There was one game where two people had to eat all the curry rice on a giant plate in order to discover the hint printed on the plate. There was another where the split screen showed similar videos of the frog-like superhero Gakkapi, and the trick was to spot the differences between the left and right sides. There was another one where, when you finished your answer, you had to bite into this red bean bun and then say a certain phrase. One guy forgot the phrase, so he just said, “paaaaaaa!” The way he said it cracked me up. Everyone started making fun of that afterward.

Then there was one I would have so gotten if I had been thinking right…it was called “uwokingu to joggingu.“ That’s right- “walking and jogging.“ So for each category, they had three names, present by little walking/jogging cartoon figures with cut-out photos for heads Then they presented another name. You had to figure out the connection between the names, and then figure out what category the last name presented fell under. For the special hint, they named some celebrities and their categories. Gackt was mentioned as “walking hard.” It had to do something with turning things into Japanese.
Turns out that you had to turn “walking” and “jogging” into their Japanese equivalent - “aruku” and “hashiru,” respectively. Then, after turning those words into their hiragana forms, you’d see that the last characters, “ku” and “ru,” were matched by a character in the names presented under each category. So, Gackt=ga-KU-to =aruku=walking.
None of the contestants were able to figure it out, so they all crumpled up their response papers and started throwing them to the front.
Hee, Japanese quiz shows are the best. There is food. There are lots of metallic and bright colors. There are hyper contestants. There are animated sequences. There are people in froggy superhero costumes. There are mind-bending brain teasers. There is lots of text flashing on the screen. And there is food. No wonder all the contestants seem so happy.
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Okay, not all my news comes from Yahoo...a lot of this stuff I heard on the radio or TV. It's just that it's easier to find the linkable articles in one place.
Teen kills self, injures 4 in Ohio school, had access despite threats.

In Pennsylvania, racist incidents shock one school while a school shooting is prevented in Philadephia.
The 14-year-old was taken into custody after police searched his bedroom in a Philadelphia suburb Wednesday evening. He had talked about mounting a Columbine-type attack at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, authorities said.
The weapons included a 9 mm assault rifle that the teenager's mother had recently bought for him...

9 children killed in US raid in Iraq
House panel approves Armenian genocide measure, Turkey threatens repurcussions.
Chicago police scandal
Darfur rebels attack at end of Ramadan fast
Volcano erupts in Yemen
Burma shuts down last communication links
Atlantic City mayor goes missing
via [ profile] logovo1: Crowd swipes dying man's groceries. Hey, I have relatives in Mesa, Arizona...
Kite Runner film release delayed to protect child stars
I heard about the whole story on NPR. Those kids are in a really scary situation.
Hip hop stars rally for Jena 6
Aspiring horror novelist arrested in dismemberment case

also, something that stopped traffic this Thursday in the Bay Area:
Interstate Highway 880 in Hayward reopened today hours after a man's body that was scattered across the roadway forced the closure of all southbound lanes, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The body of the 53-year-old Hispanic man was located in the roadway between West A Street and West Winton Avenue, the CHP reported.

According to Alameda County Sheriff's Department Sgt. J.D. Nelson, the incident will most likely be investigated as a homicide, but authorities have not yet determined the official cause of death.
People first thought it was a mannequin or an animal...the remains were so nasty.
Full story: Body was struck by cars for an hour during morning commute

Warner Brothers vs. Women
Warner Brothers not to produce films with female leads, apparently blaming underperforming, lady-based entertainments like The Brave One and The Invasion for his studio's recent slump.
The WB replies: Wait, we didn't say that! That's not our policy!
The truth behind the denial
-shakes head-

and hungry 6 year old crashes grandmother's car on way to Applebees. No one injured or dead.

via [ profile] cleolinda: The American (squirrel) Invasion of Britain. My favorite quotes )

Macros will save us all.
Two works of genius from the [ profile] cololnials.
And finally, some recent favorites of mine from Lolthulhu...

ETA agh I forgot...
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There was a HUGE protest at my school today about the Jena 6.

In less important news, I should have trusted my instinct on my quiz because I knew that it was Lima in the central coast and not Trujillo and why couldn't I get this map in my head and at least I refixed that Nazca Valley thing at the last minute and at least I remembered that CHINCHORRO HAS MUMMIES

The sun is calling me the sun is calling me

let's see what links are in my Yahoo!Notepad

hey look what's on the UNITED STATES YAHOO page:
Soccer giants Chelsea reeling after coach quits, Mourinho out
and all I can say is
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and I wonder how exactly he texted Terry:
Hey JT
good luk w stuff

special 1


hey look mango helps you learn foreign languages


Canadian dollar reaches US dollar

hey hey look Will Hollywood collapse

wonders of juxtaposition FTW

can you tell I'm post-quiz crazy OH YES YOU CAN

hey look from here:

Hi Mr. Sun. Hi chocolate. I'll be meeting you soon

well, it's the $2.29 Cost Plus one. BUT SIZE DOES NOT MATTER WHEN YOU'VE GOT TASTE!

Seriously, whenever I had hunger pangs (yesterday and today) and couldn't go buy food yet, just a piece of that bar got my tummy feeling okay in a delicious manner. I can usually make my bars last for three days or more.

whee delicious delerious splat woo

okay me go outside now

I hope to make linkspam when I get home...if I get home...
the aliens
they be working with the Canadian moose ninja
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First off, via flist...
If you see a "Career Cruising" meme going around, please don't participate or pass it on. It's not a free quiz--it's on a pay site, and by using whoever's login/password it is, you're going to get them into a huge amount of trouble. It's a site for professional career counselors and their clients, and my suspicion is that one of those clients leaked the password, probably to their friends, and it went wild from there. So, you know, for the sake of this poor counselor, please tell people to delete or lock their meme entries or not participate at all. I don't know if the counselor can change his/her password, either.


So that is my loose, loose story of most of the main music and music fannishness that's been going in my head recently. If I can get at least a few of my flist trying out the awesomely raw rock of Sleater-Kinney or the creative (yes! really!) reggaeton of Calle 13, then...that would make my day.
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Hi people. It‘s Linkspam Weekend!!!
As always, not LJ-cutting in case anything catches your interest.

Messthrough ‘07
The revised letter to LJ/Six Apart that you can sign with a comment.
Via [ profile] logovo1: What! Links aren’t safe either? You’re going back on your word, LJ.
Also from [ profile] logovo: A different view on the matter.

Season 2 preview! Guaranteed to elicit reactions of “wow” and “what?”
Hints on new villains
Hey, it’s Sark n’ Sylar! Hey, David Anders, smile better! You’ve just been promoted to series regular!
On a different tangent, Spock meets Spock!
Masi Oka: ''When Zach and I would hang out, he'd have a rubber band over his fingers, practicing his muscle. We've come up with ways to practice — wiggle the fingers, doing yoga for the hand.... He's been practicing for about a month. I'm betting on him. He'll get it down.''
Quinto will go MIA during a chunk of the upcoming season to film Star Trek (the logistics were hammered out between Lindelof and Heroes creator Tim Kring, who are old friends)

Meanwhile Milo’s in “A Mall World”, doing his best Conor Oberst impression to date.

Snatched from [ profile] miladygrey: Doctor Who macros sing Buffy’s “I Have a Theory.”
For more macro fun,
here’s one from [ profile] colonials, the best macro site in the 13 colonies.
Lego Torchwood?
John Barrowman’s Scottish accent

Leftover TV Dinner
Vote in Kristen’s Tater Top awards!
Interview with Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth (!) on 30 Rock.
Buffy’s Jonathan is now a screenwriter!
John Krasinski as a kid
Spy on Chuck

Becks makes respectable debut, but Galaxy still lose
Is it weird that when I see the headline “Beckham makes MLS debut as Galaxy fall to United,” I think Man United first?
Oh, and Becks vs. Zidane in Sydney game?
Volzy stuck in the toilet?
Footballers when they were young (hee Iker) and more fun footballer pics.
And via [ profile] der_schnix: Great Bundesliga article
Best player
Diego: 13 goals, 100 assists (roughly), a bit of magic and spades of imagination.
Best form of dissent
Willy Sagnol to referee Markus Merk: "Ref, we'll substitute."
Merk: "I don't see your sub."
Sagnol: "No, we're substituting you."
Great job, Surly Sagnol!
The Ashley Cole Award for super secretive contract negotiations: Miroslav Klose
Waaaah…I shall get over this. See my icon? That is my coping icon. I AM COPING!
Unfortunately, his young and inexperienced agent couldn't get the phone to ring so in the end the only option was to look south. Interesting…
From [ profile] nolwe: Arsenal posing with white kit, interviews with Tomas and Theo.

Amy Winehouse rushed to hospital and now sent to rehab, while Lily Allen is detained at airport and and needs chicken soup. Oh, and Keith Richards really did snort his dad’s ashes.
Via Buzzgrinder: “Jamgate is live; a web-based app for musicians to manage, sell and distro their music without the commission that is usually charged on other sites.”
Free Flight of the Conchords MP3: Business Time. Through that link you can also listen to their new EP, The Distant Future.
La Blogotheque made Sufjan Stevens perform on a roof.
The Arctic Monkeys perform dressed as clowns.
Make sure your stomach’s strong before you watch this super weird vid for Klaxon’s “Magick.” Seriously, green stuff spurts from their eyes.
Treasure Island gets its own music festival! Ooh, look at Saturday…Gotan Project, DJ Shadow, MIA, Dengue Fever, Honeycut…On Sunday they’ve got Modest Mouse and Spoon. I’d want to go Saturday, but tix are expensive. But their green measures seem sound…
In October, there’s Vegoose in Vegas. Set to play are: Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, the Shins, UNKLE, Gogol Bordello, Battles, Iggy & The Stooges to offer up a track-by-track retelling of Fun House, and more
Speaking of Battles, check out the cool vid for Atlas. They just might make Math Rock accessible to the masses! Or at least the indie masses. Download “Leyendecker” here.
You must watch these Cold War Kids performances. In the second one just watch where they end up. Wow. I hope those people weren’t in a rush to go anywhere. Also, the video for "Hospital Beds". Editing is fast but not dizzy, some cheesy shots but overall alright. Wow, Nathan Willett is buff.
The Section Quartet: A violin quartet that plays versions of The Strokes, “London Calling,” Radiohead, and more. Download their cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Phenomena” here.
Daytrotter has new sessions by Sondre Lerche and White Rabbits. White Rabbits White Rabbits yay yay oh my gosh my fave White Rabbits song just started to play on my media player how awesome how freaky but song’s still awesome
Also great: [ profile] bittersweet_bun has uploaded both Sakuran, the film that Shiina Ringo scored, and Heisei Fuuzoku, a new album “inspired by” the film. Check them out here. Heisei Fuuzoku consists mainly of orchestral/jazz covers of older Shiina songs, but in “Karisome Otome” she incorporates tango in way reminiscent of one song from Moulin Rouge (same message, too). But it is so much better and less gimmicky and -faints- Just when I thought I couldn’t appreciate Shiina more, she makes a tango song. -stands up, sighs, faints again-
More apple goodness via [ profile] shiinaringo_: Tokyo Jihen- Killer Tune Now that’s what happy chipmunk-voiced J-pop should sound like!
And if you’re looking for a nice, soft summer song, listen to Melody Day by Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba).

Dispatches from Cloverfield
more news
From [ profile] cleolinda: New Cloverfield trailer?
Video and photos from the set

Carla Gugino in Watchmen
Trailer for We Own the Night, which features Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg as brothers on opposite sides of the law.
Becoming Jane’s historical merit
Ridley Scott talks Monopoly movie
Lego Indiana Jones?
Via [ profile] foresthouse: Light Fantastic and Color of Magic to be movies? I only found about the Hogfather movie when I was walking and talking around Palo Alto with [ profile] point_earedpain. Pratchett talks about the projects.
And yes, there really is a movie called The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? Yup, you read that punctuation right.
Clip from the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There leaked: Watch Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan meeting Allen Ginsberg.
Trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest: Darjeeling Limited, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzbaum, and Adrien Brody as brothers.

Science and its fictional counterpart
Quadruple sunsets are possible!
How to sell Sci-Fi, according to Buffy writer Jane Espenson.
While, via [ profile] officialgaiman, an article on SF in China: part 1, pt 2 (In the early eighties, the Party considered Sci-fi an evil, which could lead the public astray. All sci-fi writing across China ceased), pt 3.
"Sci-Fi writing is now supported by Chinese government as it is considered to be a genre that can inspire the whole nation's ability to think imaginatively and popularizes science nationwide, "
Does time exist?
Via [ profile] anthropologist: The truth about The Donner Party

Are Canadians just smarter than us?
Universal’s Back to the Future ride is closed
At least the LJ main page is still recommending great comms. Really, [ profile] awesome_places post some really awesome places.
Beijing’s eco-experiment
Christopher Walken cooks.
"It is not proper to sell soft drinks or snacks right at the toilets"
Those two last links have nothing to do with each other.
Secret of levitation revealed?
Bad Thai cops to wear Hello Kitty armbands
Xkcd strikes gold again: Aeris Dies.
Edgar Simic new US poet laureate

And finally, from [ profile] logovo1 (again): Slaughter Your World, the best Little Mermaid parody ever. From the gamer webcomic Looking for Group. The clip premiered in this post. I really want to read the comic from the beginning now.

So… 3 Buffy mentions, 3 British musicians in trouble, 2 Lego mentions, 2 articles on China, 3 macro links (two for Doctor Who), 2 trailers for movies centered on brothers, 2 articles about food, and 1 article on legendary cannibals.
Have a great weekend. Sorry if I hurt your flist-scanning eyes.
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I'll talk about soccer stuff later. Just felt like posting and premiering the new Ianto icon I made (lookie so dark and blue emo hee)

Spinner has Mark Ronson’s newest album, Version, up on their free CD listening party page. He's gained buzz due to his producing duties on the latest albums by Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. He also has a really cool band/orchestra with him. I'm listening to the CD for the third time now. He makes big band + 70's funk/pop + 80's and 90's hits + 00's hipster sensibility sound guilt-free fun AND cool. Version is a bunch of covers, redone in the now-signature Mark Ronson sound. For example, there's an interesting hip-hop version of "Toxic" (Britney Spears' greatest contribution to music. I can talk about it for quite a while). My favorites on the CD:
1) "Valerie," sung by Amy Winehouse. It makes me bounce about giddily.
2) The Stop Me Medley
tied for 3) the instrumental tracks "God Put a Smile on Your Face" and "Inversion"
I've heard snippets of the in the Annie Mac Minimix he made available for download on Stereogum. The only song I don’t really like is “Pretty Green." The whole CD's great summer listening. Light and slick pop with a bit of brain and heart.

Via [ profile] historyisfun:
US colonial-era macros FTW
All your colony are belong to us.
If you're in the mood for something more classical...
Also found out about LolTheorists, although I didn't join that one because I couldn't get them all. But I have found a comm geekier than me! Wow!

Cloverfield news via [ profile] cleolinda:
There are comms for known Cloverfield facts and for discussion and speculation. There's also the official site.

I was going to start rereading HP books 5 and 6 on Saturday, but I started reading this book on the history of American radio and it was so interesting that...I'll get to that rereading later. What? I can be speedy!

oh, and to end full circle, here's some Torchwood stuff I found via cyberduck on TWOP:
Interview with John Barrowman
The writer repeats some stuff, particularly his hints about James Marsters’ character, but overall the article's pretty cool. Hee, he was at the Trader Vic restaurant I went to when I was 7 and I fell asleep and my parents took pictures and...never mind.
It also mentions that he was high school friends with Andy Dick and that he was up for the part of Apollo on BSG. (imagine the possibilities! But hey, Bamber's cool, and if Barrowman had gotten the part Captain Jack wouldn't Captain Jack.)
and, the fun quote finale:
I failed every spelling test in high school because [I was up late on Sundays watching] Doctor Who. That’s why I’m a [bad] speller. But I don’t need to spell on television.
Oh sure, Jack. Blame the Doctor.
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Hey y’all. Got links to spread.

First, some history.
Bones of oldest-known gun victim found
Lincoln’s Civil War letter found
Study points to human sacrifice in Europe
Rome Reborn!
Goth/folk/rock cellists Rasputina have a new video for “1816,” the year without a summer.
The Go! Team also have a new video for “Grip Like a Vice.” There are visual and aural references to various things from the 1960’s through ‘80’s, most notably he Black Panthers.
Ancient Egyptian city spotted from space

Science, now.
Scientist says that Mars once had oceans
Paleontologists discover small gliding reptile.
Origin of “déjà vu” discovered
Dinosaurs died painful deaths
Scientists discover 24 new species.
Among them, black frog w/purple fluorescent markings.

Weird and/or wacky
Four dolphins wash ashore, with gunshot wounds Sheesh. But maybe Shark Tale was right and there are shark mafia! -hasn’t actually seen the movie-
Via [ profile] threthiel9: Stephen Colbert is White and Nerdy
Snatched from [ profile] subtle_sarcasm: People problems at the Help Desk, Geek cakes, and The CompuTable!
Pete Doherty sings tribute to Disney tunes. Yes, that Pete Doherty. Who, among other things, has tried to get a penguin high.
Via [ profile] kerlin: Sleepy puppy!
Pug imitates blender
An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch. Wow.
Stolen from [ profile] silverence: With most of the 1.3 billion people in China sharing just 100 surnames, the Public Security Ministry is considering rules that would combine both parents’ family names.
Mike Tyson wants to do Bollywood movies.
Thief forces woman to fill his SUV with gas. Whaaaa?
Video: Fat kitty likes bunnies. He also likes to bite them. Cute and disturbing.
Two-toned lobster caught
Interesting article on “The Helvetica Hegemony.” Wow, there’s a lot of anger in the font world. Arial vs. Helvetica! Ban Comic Sans!
They‘ve made a Dirty Dancing video game.

Weird and Wacky, Episode V: The Linkspam Strikes Back
Via [ profile] cleolinda: Squirrels with light sabers!
Sylar vs. Vader
Darth Slide
So cute! Baby Yoda!
The Anakin Syndrome. Genius.

Representing the Trekkie faction: Sanctioned fan fiction?
Star Trek royalty (George Takei, Wil Wheaton and writer Andre Bormanis) and are teaming up with CBS Interactive and the Star Trek franchise for a fan-driven storytelling event that uses scenes written by you and other Star Trek fans to create a new online story.
Prizes include a trip to Las Vegas, Apple MacBook computers, iPhones and (of course) Star Trek merch.

Ooh, FanLib. Lot of bad feeling with that one.

Just a few more links before I go:
Justin Timberlake is still unable to keep two words apart
Johnny Weir explains why he recently changed coaches

And, finally, When is a fandom dead?

The Solstice Special is coming up next post.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] claennis and [ profile] deadxdreamer!.
Oh, and today is also Juneteenth. Via [ profile] historyisfun:
Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of of the emancipation of the slaves in the United States. The significance of June 19 is that day in 1865, Major General Gordon Granger landed at Galveston, Texas and announced the order that the slaves had been freed. This was two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, and the reasons for this could be one of many, including the desire to not let them know so owners could reap another harvest, to the fact that there weren't enough Union soldiers to enforce it until Granger arrived. Nevertheless, they were finally freed from their enslavement, and Juneteenth is the celebration of that day.

Okay, now for the promised Conchords craziness! First, thanks to [ profile] kiwimangoodness, who introduced me to Flight of the Conchords some months ago. Flight of the Conchords is a comedy folk duo from New Zealand, consisting of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. They now have a TV show on HBO.
On Bret: Bret has been involved in a number of musical endeavors outside Flight of the Conchords. He was a member of number one-selling New Zealand band The Black Seeds that produced three gold albums and toured extensively in Europe and the South Pacific. He is also a founding member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.
Slight of build and fair of face, McKenzie already has done his part to shine a global spotlight on his homeland by playing the enigmatically pouty elf extra, dubbed Figwit by online admirers, in the first and third Lord of the Rings movies.
I want some Figwit pics!
On Jemaine: he stars as an antisocial geek in the New Zealand film comedy Eagle vs. Shark, opening Friday
I’ve heard stuff ranging from really good to “good actors, muddled movie” about Eagle vs. Shark.
Last year, Clement only muddied matters by posing as an Aussie in several offbeat Outback Steakhouse ads, making such deadpan declarations as, "In Australia, it's a day ahead. … That's why the food's so good. It's from the future.
Bwahahaha watch one of them. I think I saw them…
TONGAN NINJA, a film he co-wrote with director Jason Stutter, features Jemaine as Action Fighter, the aptly-named nemesis of the title character.

Now, the links!
Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey. Our fave folkers go down (or east?) to Austin for the South By Southwest music festival.
Part one, with special appearance by Morrisey.
Part 2 Bret takes the passport wherever he goes, just to remind him of home. So cute. And eeevil Canadian tent.
Part 3: Yes, dear, there are bands in New Zealand.. Also, Peaches makes them massage her feet.
Pt 4: The medium break they’re looking for. Baby reaches for the mic, Neil Young appears, Time mag photo shoot.
Pt 5: The Sub Pop concert Stage dive!
Some other videos:
The Bowie song David Bowie in Outer Space!
Interview in Wellington. They’ve got great American accents.
Performing on Late Night with David Letterman
On Craig Ferguson, with “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous”
Two articles on the kooky Kiwis.
Ooh they’re going to be on Conan tonight! I can’t wait.

Just a bit of Heroes casting news to finish off:
David Anders starts working on Heroes this Monday. Yeah, Mr. Sark, from Alias, Sydney’s constant foe and one-time partner-with-lime.
Anders has been given the much coveted series-regular role of Kensei, a Sark-ish character who just so happens to be 1,000 years old.
I wonder what accent he’ll use. I wonder if he’ll end up like the person who got immortality on Alias…
Yes, Sylar’s coming back. Ooh, slashy pic there. Another article on the matter; similar text plus wrap party vid.
They found a guy for Claire. Details of D'Agosto's character are, naturally, being kept close to the vest. However, according to the HR he will have "a very cool superpower.”
Pooh. I still liked Zach, even just as a friend.
The show is also looking to add a couple other recurring characters, including an Irish mobster and a woman who was a surrogate mother for Niki (Ali Larter).
Is Kensei the Irish mobster? Nahhhh….but now the surrogate thing makes more sense.

Finally, if you’re wondering about what my mood says…
Elephant is a short, slow, disturbing movie, no, experience by Gus Van Sant. It follows the lives of various high schoolers, two of whom are planning to kill many of their classmates in a school shooting. It’s frustrating yet very unique, very real, very, very hard to forget. I don’t think it’s possible to like it…maybe just respect it. You just sit and watch and wonder why and how and shoot I know people like her and places like that and I did that once would I do that if…
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I’m taking a break from studying to post this. Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) was today. After dropping off my mom at work, we went to Black Cat in Milpitas, Heroes (hee name) in Campbell, and Lee’s Comics in Mountain View. There, I took pictures of some Star Wars cosplayers coming out of Costco. There were also two ducks invading a nearby café. Lee’s Comics was conveniently located next to a restaurant that my mom and grandma wanted food from, so we dropped off food at my mom’s work and home.

Then we had lunch at Rubio’s (hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo, we had to eat something Mexican-related). My brother wanted to go to Fry’s to check something, so I tried to look for a copy of Entertainment Weekly there. No luck. So we made a final FCBD stop at Treasure Island Comics, and then went home to rest a bit and organize our comics loot.
Along with a ton of free comics and free Batman Heroclix, we also spent around thirty dollars on comics and magazines. Spent $8.00 on what turned out to be a variant cover of an issue I already had. -faceslap- Oh well, it might come in handy someday.

I really, really wanted to get a Heroes cover Entertainment Weekly. After checking Albertson’s (nope) and letting my dad get some Starbucks coffee, finally found it at Borders. I chose the Claire-HRG cover. The article is very spoilery in the beginning, but I quickly learned how to skip the dangerous paragraphs and get enough info to sate my thirst. Among the comic items I bought was an issue of Wizard magazine with a joint interview of Tim Kring (Heroes) and Damon Lindelof (Lost). But I won’t get to reading the FCBD stash until after finals.

Ah, finals. My Japanese written exam is split into Monday and Tuesday sessions. My Archaeology mini-final (presentation takes up more points) is on Tuesday. History of Art final is Friday, and the Physics and Music study session is Wednesday, with the exam on Saturday.

On the last day of Conan in SF, they had a funny clip of Conan at Intel headquarters, which is quite near my mom’s work. My brother said, “Conan was so close to Mommy!”
Oh, and Conan + kids + cubicle = fun.

My Japanese oral test was on Friday. During the test, I actually said “y” instead of “to” in order to express “and.” I think this is all because I tried to learn Japanese (and a bit of Mandarin) one summer, and it kind of continued while I was taking Spanish 3 in high school. It can be so weird, thinking Spanish while listening to Japanese or vice versa.

Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on Smallville) was breakdancing on Last Call with Carson Daly. It’s so weird to see him with hair. And dancing.

A few hours ago, I just watched the fourth episode of Doctor Who and now I’m really hooked. At first, I just watched for the awesomeness of Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, as well as the certain low-budget (compared to the US) charm, zany humor, and sad undertones. But now I’m into the show as a whole.

Simon Pegg interview on "The Ewoks get a hard time." He also has a cool point the prequels.
AV Club interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
Studio 60 returns on May 24
Magneto movie?
Aww, I missed a free sneak preview of this movie: Eagle vs. Shark. It looks like a fun, quirky New Zealand romantic comedy. And it has Jermaine from Flight of the Concords! The movie site is cute, but unfinished.
Via [ profile] logovo: lol Trek.

Via [ profile] cleolinda:
Hugh Grant’s weapon of choice: baked beans.
Julia Stiles to be in happy version of The Bell Jar? I don’t like Stiles much, though she is skilled and does fit the role. But a happy version of THE BELL JAR?
Ryan Gosling is cool and teaches Ellen how to salsa.
Christian Bale says Heath Ledger has really crazy take on the Joker
Eric Roberts (music videos, movies, Thompson on Heroes) in The Dark Knight

Stolen from [ profile] heroes_alerts:
MAD TV’s Heroes parody Like it’s Lost parody, it’s just okay, funny in bits, sometimes unfunny crude, especially in the Claire part. The best parts are the Hiro and Niki ones.
Art history interpretation of Sylar’s painting. Yay, I understand it! Interesting, because Fauvism kind of falls under Primitivism, which is kind of the opposite direction from what Sylar wants…and ooh Alex Maleev does his paintings! I really liked some work he did for the Daredevil comics.
picspam of Jack Coleman (Mr. “HRG” Bennet”) back in his Dynasty days.
Not related to the show, but: Make your own superhero!

Via [ profile] subtle_sarcasm: Animated Bayeux Tapestry! and this fun meme:
Ask me my top five anythings. Can be fandom-related, doesn't have to be. Come on people, entertain me ;)
It’d give me a nice break from studying.
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I keep on humming this guitar riff -see song-
Is it cruel that I laughed so hard at this video of a drunk squirrel?

What is it about Cheez-Its and Goldfish? “With cheese and salt combined, we are…Captain Addictive!”

I should get some Heroes links out of the way before the next episode…how come Canada gets Heroes a day before us and gets Lost an hour earlier than the US?
Nifty little Heroes quiz, via a Heroes comm. I got Claire. Ooh, I got HRG in another quiz.
Two Zachary Quinto (Sylar) interviews:
Found this on the TWOP boards. Mentioned are one very cool Starbucks incident and one not cool yet life-changing car accident.
[ profile] canadian_turtle had this link to Zachary Quinto and Greg Grunberg interviews. Sylar plays the banjo! hee
There’s also a short ZQ interview in the latest issue of TV Guide. The more I read about him, the cooler he becomes.
Also found this kind of old Masi Oka interview in the Star Wars Rocks archives. I also saw Masi Oka beatbox on Carson Daly. That was awesome.

Okay, how many villains have names that start with “S?”

Someone noted on Pop Candy that Nikki was wearing a red shirt in the last episode. Combined with news that the actress will be in another series later…
Oh, and via my f-list: Little Lost Sunshine!

Geico’s Cavemen to be ABC series What?
Via my bother brother: Guild Wars vs. World of Warcraft, the dance battle
Interesting article on met narratives. Main focus is comics, but talks about all pop culture.
"The Past, Present and Future of Food," the struggle for the soul of organic
The 30 Second Bunnies take on Bond.

From [ profile] theblended:
Good Luck Toilets!
Via [ profile] foresthouse: The Hot Fuzz trailer! Besides the Shaun of the Dead guys, there’s also Martin Freeman (Tim from the Office UK), a TON of British stars, and some songs by Robert Rodriguez, my family’s cousin (okay, we only share a surname. But we still call him our cousin).
“We’re the only trailer in cop movie history to include doughnuts – and proper doughnuts too, not Krispy Kremes.” yeah!

Ninja-swiped from [ profile] cleolinda:

Blackbeard’s ship found

Expert in Litvinenko case shot. This case keeps on getting more and more movie-like.
Darth Vader robs store
The Tin Man, a remaining of The Wizard of Oz.
Great Hera!
Using laptops while driving KILLS.
Pete Doherty gets a penguin stoned. Hey, maybe he can go to rehab with the squirrel.

And, finally, via [ profile] censorthiis:
Leave a comment here and I'll pick one or a few of your profile interests and you should tell in your journal why you're interested in this.
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Winter’s sharp air stings, and the squirrels are in hiding. New semester has come, and with it come new classes, new textbooks, new headaches, and for the past few days, new gas pains.
My classes:
Japanese 1B
Anthropology 2AC: Introduction to Archaeology
History of Art 11: Renaissance to Present
Physics and Music

I want to post about new classes, Smallville and Supernatural, the song I so want to sing at an Arsenal-Man U game, and my strange connection to land. However, homework is calling, so I’ll just dump here some memes and links I’ve collected.

Ninja-swiped from [ profile] devilintraining:
What Your Bathroom Habits Say About You

You are a giving soul. Way too giving in fact. You often get stuck doing the dirty work that no one else will do.

Your look is put together, classic, and stylish. You always look fashionable without trying.

You are a little shy and easily embarrassed. You often wonder if you are normal.

In relationships, you are practical and realistic. You have a romantic side, but you only let it out when it's appropriate.

Wow. Nice, and pretty accurate.

Via [ profile] jeanne_dark in [ profile] ninth_wonders
Interview with Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who, 28 Days Later), who will play a new character on Heroes. A quote I liked:
HS: How does working in American television differ from the routines of doing British TV?

CE: It doesn't, apart from the food. You guys really like to eat. The food is good, but apart from that, it's in vast quantities compared to British sets. We're a little more frugal about feeding ourselves. But no. It compares very favorably. Very similar.

Another interesting quote from the actor:
"you search for the relationships, and obviously a key relationship in this is Claude and Peter."
Dude, you’re just inviting the slash.
And Dark is Rising movies? I remember reading The Boggart, which I think is the first book in the series. Hope the films turn out well.

Via [ profile] yahtzee63:
Unknown swordsman saves cops in London. Yahtzee’s right- it so reminds me of Hiro!

Taken from [ profile] cleolinda:

The Canadian Pillow Fight League
! Ah, Canada.
Why there were no official goodie bags for Golden Globes presenters. “It was reported last year that the IRS was looking at a $1.2 million haul from the Academy Awards alone."
Mystery of Napoleon’s Death solved

Nazi Racoons on the March in Europe.

Johnny Depp to produce Alexander Litvinenko movie.
Woman dies of water intoxication after partcipating in water contest for a Nintendo Wii. What Cleo said was, sadly, so true: “Ah, catching up to the Playstation death toll, I see.”
Tusken Raider Whole Milk at Further proof that us geeks are taking over.
From [Bad username or site: stern bunny @] in Cleo’s comments:
The Battle of Helm’s candy.. Shoot.
'Lost' producers discuss series' end.

The world’s most unusual restaurants
I’ve heard about Moto and their edible menus and experimental food. The main chef was interviewed on the radio once, and he was really cool. Oh, and I’ve seen stuff on El Bulli too. Ahhh…fooood…-dies-
Interesting photos from Saturn
French offer tips on being rude

Finally, the ten random things meme that people have tagged me for again:
What? )

There are still characters unguessed on the Favorite Characters meme. Answers to come next post!

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