5 July 2010

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argh you online job applications

I am both Filipino and Puerto Rican - I don't consider one side "primary"

and on other apps, there should be a "Two or more races - one Hispanic/Latino" if they have a "Two or more races - not Hispanic/Latino" option

ETA: some clarification from [livejournal.com profile] 1166
from what i've seen, it's an optional stats thing you can fill out, iirc it asks you that, your age (the mandatory application ask if your 18+ usually), gender, if you receive(d) certain gov benefits, if you're eligible for some program where the employer gets taxes off for hiring you, etc.
yeah, it's an optional thing at the end of applications. I fill it out in case they're considering diversity/quota options and I might get some additional consideration (though not secure the job itself). They usually have gender, race, disability, and veteran/military service.
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He had never seen the ocean before. Rippling, shifting and infinite.

He had seen cars before, and had learned that humans were a race of skinny tricksters to tolerate but never touch.

This ocean, though.

The ocean was a revelatory image for a mind without words.

Yet, if the bear knew words, as well as the abstract concepts in their bones, there is one name he would give the ocean:


Freedom from trees.

- - -
XD and now I shall sleep
ohmygosh should I continue this with the bear sailing the ocean yes yes
and then he finds kelp forests
and this shatters his worldview again

why am I thinking about Mako Tsnami from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged now


oh wait I have a title: MACRO STORIES

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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] misachan!

In other news, I spent July 4th dealing with a massive headache.
We went to Jack London Square in Oakland, and thankfully for my head, the fireworks were cancelled.
It was on the way there that I revealed to my parents that my headache was still crazy active.

so we just ate as soon as we got there and that helped the headache start to go away

in less serious matters: argh the nice bakery/candy shop that was going to open there isn't open yet

I need my good chocolate

Cost Plus World Market doesn't carry any of the brands I like anymore


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