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A few days ago, I went through Hulu's entire movie and TV listings of free programs and wrote down titles of anything I found interesting.

I don't know if some of them will pull the "free preview - watch the rest with Hulu Plus!" thing that happened when I tried to watch Psych a few days ago, though.

reminder: Hulu is restricted to the United States.

assorted titles, with links )
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straight to the point

for Christmas, I got

- a 4-DVD package of the first four Batman movies
uh...I liked the first one? and I like Catwoman in the second one

- Virgin mobile $10 card for my phone

- 1600 Microsoft points. So I went on my brother's Xbox Live account and got:


and The Undergarden

I've played The Undergarden so far. It's interesting and kind of trippy. I got the "drop a bomb on a musician" acheivement on the second level.
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So I just finished reading the collected Batman: R.I.P.





Twice during the main story, I wanted to throw the book at the wall.

Yet the concluding chapters were so brilliant and, in my opinion, made it all worthwhile.

I still think they should have given some hints or at least visual shape hints or something earlier in the story. It could have been done without sacrificing the fragmented, plunge-into-action nature of the story.


I liked it sooooo much better than boring, overrated Hush though.
I feel sorry for those who had to follow this story issue by issue, though. It works much better when read all at once.

- - -
in Marvel land, is anyone reading Ed Brubaker's The Marvels Project? I am buying that one issue by issue. I'm a sucker for revisiting stuff from the superhero "golden age."
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Christmas was good times with family friends.

some highlights -

- Christmas Eve at a relative's house. Gradually getting better at karaoke (apparently being loud is most important points-wise). I TOTALLY ROCKED "EDELWEISS" AND EVERYONE SANG ALONG

- Christmas morning: so I haven't had the spare cash to buy good chocolate for a long time...but today I got 3 Valhrona bars! yessssss
as well as a PC movie editing system (anything is better than Windows Movie Maker) and Brian Azzarello's Joker graphic novel. Opened the box of genmaicha (matcha -a.k.a. green tea- and brown rice) packets I bought a few days ago. That tea turned out great.
Church had a really cool Nativity scene, with a manger made of palm tree fronds. Here's a picture.
lol there are so many palm trees here, might as well make use of the greenish fronds that fall

- Christmas afternoon and evening: went to the home of some family friends, where we usually spend Christmas. Lots of good food. For a while, I had been craving good persimmons but wasn't able to buy or obtain (a building at school had a bunch free but they had gone dry) any. But someone brought a bunch of persimmons to the party, and they left a ton over so I was able to take a good amount home. score.
Also got some good stuff like movie theater certificate money.

The little girl there got a Disney princess vanity for Christmas. What was particularly interesting was that the vanity and all its accessories doubled as musical intruments. Picture here. For example, the vanity itself became a keyboard (needed batteries to play though). The eye makeup was a harmonica and the lipstick a whistle. That's so strange it's brilliant. It's nice to see that they thought they had to add something else to sell the makeup toys to girls. Broadening horizons, one cracky product at a time.

I also ended up playing with the toy train set. The older (like, 50-ish) men also played with it too while talking. Train set toys are just that classic.
I took some pictures with the little toy robot there.

I'm still not great at Halo (3), but I did get to splatter and shoot a bunch of online people with a Mongoose, so I felt accomplished.

Later, I got sucked into rewatching the entirety of Be Kind Rewind with our friend Dominic. That movie always makes me teary-eyed at the end, argh, because it's about ~the power of movies~ and that's my dream. yeah.
My brother and I later showed some of the Kick-Ass trailers and we said maybe we can see it together when he's on break from college.

After getting home and taking a 3-hour food comagas pain nap, I woke up, ate some of my chocolate, and made myself a chai latte with the powdered mix I got from Walmart a week ago. Took a look around the kitchen. We have a lot of good food around. Great food possibilities too, mwhahahahahaha

Now I really want to plan a dinner for some reason. Cook and make drinks for everyone. After this, I'm checking out the recipes I bookmarked from tumblr.
I also want to make a short movie. Probably with my stuffed animals. My photo camera's video capabilities may be limited, but at least I have something that can shoot video.

It was too much for LJ to handle, so I had to break it into two parts:
Part 1
Part 2

so now I'll check those recipes and make a little progress on my tumblr backlog before I go to sleep. Tomorrow, I guess I become British, because I'll obtain the Doctor Who "End of Time" (DO NOT SPOIL ME as well as watch a Boxing Day match wait nevermind Arsenal isn't playing? or are my streaming sites wrong?

ETA: I totally forgot - on Christmas Eve afternoon, I started randomly doing crochet after a year or two of not crocheting anything (not that I was great when I did it). I started doing random stuff and had the loose goal of making an asymetrical triangle. Instead, I made a tree. I WAS UNCONSCIOUSLY GUIDED BY THE SPIRT OF CHRISTMAS
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Hugs for all my Liverpool flisters.

superhero fun, via [ profile] cutiesaiyajin:

LiveJournal Username
Your Primary Super Power
Location of Head Quarters
Primary Costume/Uniform Colors
Why are you a Superhero?
Your Superheroic Codename
The veteran grim member of the teamdrowningduckie
The sexist and crass but annoyingly effective onesoleta_nf
The bright-eyed novice or sidekickvivielessar
The teammate that will eventually go evil or insanroses_of_athena
The inept yet determined/reoccurring supervillainlogic_less
The sinister Arch-Villain and team's greatest foeun_den_iable
The perky civilian that keeps getting kidnappedjaffacakes
How often does your team actually 'save the day'?
This Fun Quiz created by Shannon at BlogQuiz.Net
Libra Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction then copy and paste the meme below into your blog and change the comments to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A link back to this lens would be appreciated.

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random bits and pieces:

Edgar Wright reads an ONTD post where people make fun of his weight
aww Facebook update:

Edgar Wright read an indepth analysis on a fansite about his fluctuating weight. It was both hilarious and depressing. Note to self: Google alerts. Bad.

you can be an awesome director no matter what weight you are, Edgar.

oh hey it's a ballet post on ONTD!

from Misha Collins' Twitter
Okay, claim has been laid to San Francisco & the surrounding 10,000k. The rest of you now living in the Bay Area will be forcibly relocated.

I have many goats here on the steppe. Sometimes, in the summer, yoghurt is more plentiful than water. I bathe thus:

Correction for Central Intelligence address: Please redirect all hate mail there.

lol this guy truly knows how to make a Twitter account entertaining.

next things are all from [ profile] ontd_startrek:

Karl Urban speaking German.

Anton Yelchin knows who R’as al Ghul is!
and he even mentions Talia, though not by name
maybe he just watched the better animated series, though, and doesn't read comics
still, cool

Here are my own top 5 Bat-villains (I’m a few years behind on continuity, though), in no particular order
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
The Scarecrow

Least favorite (or, at least, most overrated): HUSH

finally, in the latest ontd_startrek party post, I made this comment:

This part of the database is temporarily down for maintenance.
Try again in a few minutes.

T h i s p a r t o f t h e d a t a b a s e i s t e m p o r a r i l y d o w n f o r m a i n t e n a n c e .
T r y a g a i n i n a f e w m i n u t e s .

T h i s
i s
f a r t
b a s e d
o n
t r u e
s t o r y.

p a i n t
t h e
t e m p o r a r y
w i l d
m i n t
o f
m e a n
a g a i n,
w i n
f e n c e.

have a nice day.
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was able to go to the Milpitas Library today. Got a good stash.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - the Hamlet parallel that's got notice from the Oprah book club crowd
Bat-manga - old school Batman manga
The Art of the Video Game

Creature from the Black Lagoon - I have to see old school monster movie

Open City - what I like Italian neorealism
Sisters of the Gion - it looks pretty, it's about geisha, and I want to see more of Kenji Mizoguchi's work
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser - the story seems interesting, and I really should see a Herzog film sometime
Gaslight - dude classic. plus, they have the original British version, and I like seeing original sources
The Great Train Robbery and Other Primary Works REALLY REALLY OLD MOVIES
Le Deuxiéme Souffle - I'm still on my way to watching all the movies of Jean-Pierre Melville
The Great Match - about peeps in Mongolia, the Sahara, and the Amazon trying to watch the 2002 World Cup. like a doc version of The Cup
Two Lane Blacktop - I've always wanted to see this, but the covers of the copies in the library were too cheesy for me to take home under the eyes of my family...thank you Criterion for your classy covers
I Walked With a Zombie/The Body Snatchers - MOAR CLASSIC HORROR WOOO
Man of a Thousand Faces - Cagney as Lon Chaney what
Ace in the Hole - I really like atypical film noir, and I keep on borrowing this but never get around to watching it
Duck You, Sucker - I've heard good things about it, and lol title


haha so I need to get through this book first, Soccer in the Sun and Shade by Eduardo Galeano. It's kind of awesome. Then finish Tales of Ise and the audiobook files of Pride and Prejudice. Then I'll finally read my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Then I'll read the copy of To Say Nothing of the Dog I bought a year ago. then I'll get to the books I got today.

I also have to finish Kingdom Hearts (hahaha how many years have I been on that game). And then play Bioshock all by myself instead of just watching my brother.

I will restart the Script Frenzy challenge in June.

my possible internship at the anthropology museum starts the second week of June.

I like summer.
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So I left late for Free Comic Book Day because of family and grandma stuff. I haven't read the comics yet, but among the titles I actually bought was issue 1 of Marvel's version of Pride and Prejudice. Novelty buy.

I also had the following conversation with the cashier guy at the first store:
"Is [Neil] Gaiman's Batman any good?"
The cashier says yeah, and explains that you can jump right in without reading some issues beforehand, that it's more an elegy for Batman.

"Oh, so it's after the Batman death thing"

"Yeah. Although he's not really dead," just being kept somewhere or something.

"Ha. He can't be dead, He's Batman!"

The guy says something about them never really killing anyone.

"Unless it's Captain America," I said.

"Yeah, but he's coming back too."

"Oh right, yeah. They always come back," I replied. "Even Jason Todd."

The cashier smiled at that. "Haha, that's right."

I was so happy after that convo. It's been so long since I had a proper geeky conversation in non-online life! The last time was probably... around December 19th. I wish I was able to meet more with my geeky/fannish friends. ha, I haven't been able to meet outside of class/clubs with friends the whole semester, just random run-ins on the street. I have some conversations with classmates, but they're normal. Or normalish. Well, except for [ profile] poet77 (hi hi hi!), but we sadly don't get to talk much outside of class.

I wonder if anyone will be available for my 21st birthday next month. Usually scheduling is difficult, and last year I ended up just going around Santana Row with my family.
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blog post on "cinemetrical analysis" of director Hou Hsiao Hsien.
I haven't seen any of Hou's work, but the post provides an interesting way of analyzing movies.

The Dark Knight: (complex action sequence, dialogue scene, beginning of dialogue/action scene)
shots: 80
avg. scene length: 0.5 min
avg. shot length: 0.13 min (~7.5 seconds)
avg. shots per scene: 4.00

A Christmas Tale: (brief opening scene, expository montage, dialogue scene)
scenes: 8
shots: 97
avg. scene length: 1.25 min
avg. shot length: 0.10 min (~6.2 seconds)
avg. shots per scene: 12.13

Flight of the Red Balloon (boy with balloon, balloon flying)
scenes: 6
shots: 9
avg. scene length: 1.67 min
avg. shot length: 1.11 min (~66.7 seconds)
avg. shots per scene: 1.5
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inspired by [ profile] croakvegas reading Watchmen:


The media often mentions Watchmen, Maus, and other such works when showing how comics have "grown up." I'd like to give a showcase on other worthy titles that the media reporters don't pick up on Wikipedia.

There will be titles for every taste here: bibliophiles, history buffs, superhero fans, manga addicts, even those on the avant-garde side.

note: I tend to call long series "comic books" and more stand-alone titles "graphic novels."

click click )

I think that's enough for now. TO BE CONTINUED. My computer's getting tired. I spent exactly (yeah, exactly. it's scary) 3 hours making this. I did eat dinner during that time, but I ate fast.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] decadentdream!

and Happy Thanksgiving to all American flisters.

some news:

119 killed in Mumbai shootings, Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel
The latter article is more current. Just one tiny nitpick not intended to undermine the seriousness of the story: "Indian commandoes killed the last three gunman at a landmark hotel late Thursday."

I found this article a few minutes after seeing Robert Pattinson spelled as "Robert Pattison" on the ABC Thanksgiving program. aaaaargggghh

Protesters halt takeoffs at Thai airport.

To less serious matters:

Transporters 3’ Star Jason Statham on Fighting a Dozen Guys While Stripping
IT'S "TRANSPORTER 3" Vulture - you should know better!
I was working on the street selling perfume and jewelry, and to fantasize about working in action movies in Hollywood didn't make sense to me. I'm more of a realist. But I was lucky enough to get that leg up. Then I knuckled down and took it seriously.

Finally, the epic Harry Potter vs. Twilight article commentspam.

I collected some of the best quotes that I haven't seen posted elsewhere.
Warning: negative attitudes towards Twilight contained within. However, I tried get the more creative quotes. Just mentioning an awesome character doesn't count.

Edward, you know there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously sparkly.

Posted by: Zoolander

I wonder what would happen if I touched one...
Posted by: Ned the Pie Maker

I really wonder what would happen if Ned touched a vampire...

It was the best of stories, it was the worst of stories, it was the age of Harry Potter, it was the age of Twilight, it was the epoch of excellent adventures, it was the epoch of gross child-births, it was the season of Noble Wizards, it was the season of Wussy Vampires, it was the spring of victory over darkness, it was the winter of emo moping, we had marvelous magical spells before us, we had a whole lot of boring beige before us, we were all going direct to the fun-vee, we were all going direct to the humdrum-vee - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Posted by: Charles Dickens

so many obscure fan references! FOR IT IS TOGETHER THAT WE SPARKLE! )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] never_frugal!

foof. plorp. I'm tired. Schoolwork and stuff.
My parents' anniversary was Monday, so we went to the ultrahip Chinese restaurant Sino, which was pretty good, not too overpriced. Portions were big. Last night, I had to stay late in Berkeley for some CalTV meetings, so before that we ate at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. ULTIMATE JAMBALAYA WOO. I also tried some of my dad's penne pasta and their sauce (along with the little orange heirloom tomatoes) were just marvelous. yup. and beignets! nice. They were served in this bowl full of powdered much that I choked a bit at first, all that powdered dust...I did the same thing with the souffle at Sino...
haha we don't usually eat out like this two days in a row. It just happened.

oh, and now the CalTV site is all new and improved and stuff. Here are all the projects where I've done camera work!.

random random links

via [ profile] cleolinda:
Danny Boyle to direct a musical? awesome.
Jane Austen's "The Dark Knight" interrogation scene.
Add cowbell and Christopher Walken to any song
NY Post critic smacks Rogert Ebert with a binder, Ebert's response.

Klinsi interview!
It's dubbed, so I don't know if my German flisters might find that annoying. There's probably an undubbed version on the site...I'd look for it if I wasn't tired right now
I only caught a bit of this on TV. I'll watch the whole thing when I have more time.

hey hey Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet on Heroes) is now a guest blogger on TWOP!

They're hitting Denver today, followed by Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.
They do have some simple pie recipes on that site, though.

Gossip Girl!
pics of Blake Lively's 21st birthday
aww she invited everyone
via [ profile] yaiyah: Leighton Meester singing "Bette Davis Eyes."
overproduced, but Leighton's voice is cool and low and surprisingly un-Blair-like.
Gossip Girls in talks to make appearance in 30 Rock flashback
this sounds fantastic! of the better stunt casting decisions I've seen about 30 Rock's second season

also, did anyone notice in the season premiere how Serena borrowed Dan's copy of Nylon Magazine? soo hilariously appropriate product placement. Hey, they're a pretty cool, hipster fashion mag, and they cover other things too. like a certain time-traveling island show.
I totally bought the issue with Leighton Meester on the cover. Seriously, back in May, I saw it on a rack, and I grabbed it right away.

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?
Karl Lagerfeld: Still not a ninja. For now..
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via [ profile] cleolinda:
Morgan Freeman seriously hurt in car accident


“They had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the vehicle,” McFerrin said. “He was lucid, conscious. He was talking, joking with some of the rescue workers at one point.”

"There will be SO many penguins at his funeral."
ack why am I laughing he will not die!

and, of course, so begins the Batman curse speculation. I don't believe in it, but it's interesting, in a macabre way.

Here, have a sneezing panda (via [ profile] pressao).
And another
and an angry cat

and some fun Batman snark.
not to be all "Leave Bruce Wayne alone!" but here's the thing: He's Bruce Wayne and he's famous! He's a millionaire playboy, he's a man about town, and probably quite a number of people are in a position to recognize him. He has to disguise his voice! What are his other options? Affect a British accent, like Madonna? Hold up signs? That would make it pretty hard to toss off witty remarks while holding people in headlocks, wouldn't it?
-thinks of Batman holding up little signs like Wile E. Coyote-
another fun article from Vulture
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Saw The Dark Knight. Overall good stuff, not perfect but not bad at all.
No spoilers in the comments for this post, please. But THE PENCIL.

lol when we were getting back to the car, a guy going past the cars facing us did a double-take on my Batman shirt. He kept on trying to covertly look at the yellow Bat-sign, like it was glowing in the night or something. haa

I like it when little boys see my Batman shirt and say, "Hey, it's Batman!" They don't mind the fact that I'm a girl or anything, just OOH BATMAN. yay win

wow. I just realized that the last book I finished was titled Conquering Gotham. It's about the construction of the Penn St. train station in Gilded Age New York, though. I totally did not plan this.

- - -
Also finished Battlestar Galactica S3. MIND BLOWN, even knowing spoilers.

- - -
Members* of the MLS team New England Revolution help subdue man on flight
*The manager, goalkeeper coach, and team director.

- - -
Finally, I used the icon above in replying to [ profile] never_evil's post about Dr. Horrible.
She suggested a Dr. Horrible collaboration with The Master.

sounds great.
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via [ profile] foresthouse:
Hi, I’m a Marvel, I’m a DC.
Batman to Iron Man: "Did you just compare yourself to Walmart?"

via [ profile] nekare:
Tony Stark/Iron Man armor is canon, people!
I totally agree with this commenter:
Regardless of whatever else he’s responsible for, I will forever feel a special kind of affection for Quesada for giving me this storyline.

I am going through Lost withdrawal now. I'm lurking on forums and everything. ack

here, have some Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday):
seriously scary as Charles Manson
But totally adorable in this Subaru ad. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
when I was looking through magazines and newspapers for collage stuff, I found an interview with him (done pre-Lost) in The Onion's AV Club: read it here
What I've been doing with my misfit, so-called acting career in film from day one on my first film, Spanking The Monkey, is, I've kind of made a concerted effort to hijack my acting career to turn it into film school, because I've always had the blasphemous idea of becoming a reasonably competent filmmaker in my own right some day.
aw cool I've wanted to do that too
Steven Spielberg is such a remarkably generous man. I still remember him taking breaks and setting up little diagrams, grabbing rocks in the dirt and showing me how to navigate. A dinner scene, for example, I remember him saying, is one of the hardest things to shoot in the world, because there's only so many ways you can do it, and you end up repeating yourself, and everyone's done it.
I think I'm really drawn to filmmakers and artists who are kind of pathologically incapable of thinking straightforward about film, and about life as well, who cannot help but think laterally, think sideways about an approach to anything cinematic.
read the letter-writing part, it's pretty inspiring.

also, this joke ship is totally fun: Eclairians (Ethan/Claire) also check that link for a pic of Nestor Carbornell (Richard Alpert) as Batmanuel on The Tick. lol

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has a blog

Mira Furlan (Danielle) asked to be written out
but maybe some appearances in the future? please?

now, disturbing ad time.
Swedish McDonald’s ads are crazy
But how odd is this Japanese McDonald's ad? Here's the male version
GIANT URINE SAMPLE FTW. Links to their Youtube videos on that page.
via [ profile] cleolinda
The least offensive of a recent Burger King campaign. You can find the other ones on those pages.
The more violent ones somewhat appeal to my twisted violent humor side (TOMATOSPLATTER!!1), but I heard that these were on the bottom of kid's meal trays, and that's so not cool.

Finally, also via Cleo:
Dr. Clive Owen will see you now.
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Store shooting in Chicago, 5 dead
Chad rebels fight government force in capital

via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm: The Underrated of 2007.
ooh, it includes Angela Kinsey (The Office), C.S. Lee (Tang on Chuck), Jack McBrayer (THE BEST PAGE EVER on 30 Rock), Orbit (Digby on Pushing Daisies), and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)

Lots of good bands to play at Coachella.

Back on January 14, Spinner posted this music video: "Ready for the Floor" - Hot Chip. The song's just alright, but the video itself is really interesting. They've borrowed a bit of a colorful '60's look, and there's a Joker character with Two-Face split and Riddleresque shenanigans. This was released before Heath Ledger's death; I don't know if the Joker imagery has affected airings of the video.

movies (most links from [ profile] cleolinda)
Meanwhile, Sean Penn, Christian Bale, and Jake Gyllenhaal have offered to help finish Ledger's last film, Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Johnny Depp has alread taken over the role, but this is nice.
Heath’s character falls into a magic mirror four times during the film. It allows Terry to change the actor easily if he wants to.

As for The Dark Knight, the advertising people have put a memorial on the main site, while slowly turning over the marketing focus to the Harvey Dent/Two Face character, played by Aaron Eckhart.

The Rotten Tomatoes Awards came out a few weeks ago. They added up all the critics' percentages and arranged the movies by release and by genre, which is nice.
Check out the winners of "best wide release": Zodiac, Enchanted, Gone Baby Gone, Knocked Up, Juno, Hairspray, Sicko, The Bourne Ultimatum, No Country for Old Men, Ratatouille.
Of those, I've only seen Zodiac, but I really want to watch Ratatouille.
Once topped the Limited Release category.
Dude, James McAvoy was in 3 of the 5 top Romance films. There was an interview with him in Parade, and he said that he and his wife together don't make enough money to live in London's West End or Chelsea. (They live in North London.) Sheesh, how much money does it take?
Back to Rotten Tomatoes. The movie I want to see most, out of all the genre films: The Host. It's a well-reviewed Korean movie about a sea monster. The visual effects were done by a small but respected San Francisco studio, and the film was released many months before Cloverfield.

Whether you liked, disliked, or vomited through Cloverfield, check out this parody: Watching Cloverfield. And in case you missed it, there was a nice little hidden surprise in the last shot. Also, there are spoiler macros.

we end with cute
Finally, [ profile] padfootie is so right - Knut's baby sister Flocke does sound like a car with starting problems.

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hey hey look what I got for Three Kings' Day!

Batman: Ego and other Tails (yes, the spelling's right) by Darwyn Cooke -faints-
World War Z paperback yay!
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods oh my gosh

My brother got more video game/comp game stuff, and my mom got the Tomb Raider PC set (she's a big Lara Croft puzzle action fan), Angel S1, and Buffy S4.

I woke up to find out that Arsenal has won too!

Yesterday I went out to visit my friend Loki. We just hung out around Palo Alto, having arepas and spicy hot chocolate at Coupa Cafe, eating cream puffs and cookies at Satura Cakes, peeking inside the temporarily closed Stanford Theater, and browsing around the Borders that used to be another grand old movie theater. Good times.

oh, and I watched all the episodes available online for that certain Upper East Side Show. Starting with the Thanksgiving episode and moving on. I have no desire to see the previous eps, but I'm looking forward to the next one.

and I finished Slings and Arrows S3, effectively finishing the entire show. It's both the most problematic and most powerful season of the series, and now I can truly say that the entire show is one of my favorite TV programs ever!

I also got into Jeeves and Wooster. Not totally perfect, but still great stuff. And the production and '20's/'30's clothes are gorgeous. And Hugh Laurie is good as Bertie Wooster, but Stephen Fry and his character Jeeves are AWESOME.

I'm happy, for the moment. Are you happy?

ETA: Iris, if I could I'd run across the Dumbarton Bridge and hug you.
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After reading various comments and posts, I’m less distraught over Arsenal’s 0-0 game. We’re only 1 point from the lead, after all, and that’s great. We’ve got a more-or-less solid team, and as Johnny Rotten said, “Those boys are doing something fantastic.” (Really, talking about Arsenal was the only time Mr. Rotten seemed lucid in his odd, seemingly drunk talk at a Guitar Hero III launch thing my brother showed me. Oh, and Johnny ranted against Spurs.)
In the world today. 78 feared dead in Indonesian landslides, tiger makes deadly escape at San Francisco Zoo (humans to blame?), retailers hope for post-Christmas lift to slightly disappointing holiday shopping season, and (via a letter in [ profile] officialgaiman) The Library of Congress is now classifying Scottish authors and works under “English literature.” Boo. LoC FTL.

Oh my gosh. My Filipino friends, there are clap-on parols.

On Friday I was supposed to meet with a friend in Berkeley, but she couldn't make it and so I just spent the day doing Christmas shopping. At Comic Relief, they didn't have the Buffy issue my mom needed, so I just bought the Gaiman/McKean book The Day I Traded my Dad for Two Goldfish for my dad and an Astro City issue for me. At Gamestop I got a $10 gift certificate for my brother, and put it inside the nifty little Xbox 360 gift card holders. Walked over to check out Amoeba. In the bargain bins I found a CD my brother really wanted...for only $1.98. waaah! ooh the spending possibilities... Too bad I couldn't get the $7.99 2 CD set of Benjamin Biolay. (What! I first heard about him while watching a report on his sister, Coralie Clement. He has a cool voice. -hides-) I did buy an Os Mutantes CD for $8.99, though. It's the same one I've already heard a million times...but the other ones were more expensive. Even copies of the same CD were more expensive. Hey, I found a deal! I need to go back there again. Amoeba has some great deals, if you take the time to look.

Now, at JC Penney, there was a bear that caught my eye one day. I mentioned it here as one that displayed true sadness. Well, a month ago, I saw it again. I dragged it all around the store with me, but had to put it away because we weren't buying anything else, and the lines were long.
On Sunday, while Christmas shopping with my family, I found the bear again. The price tag was gone, and some seams were roughed up, but it was still the same bear. It was $0.97 now, and I used another bear of the same model as a price comparison. But this one looked distinctly different from the others of its model. My brother became obsessed with it too- to this day he keeps on asking me to look at it. It usually makes him laugh, though. Hmph! The bear's name is Snowflake Sparkles.

That day, I also found nice clothes for Christmas (in my family, my brother and I HAVE to get new Christmas clothes. No matter what. We still use them afterwards, though.). I got a platinum blouse, with light metallic thread woven in tastefully. Then I FINALLY found a nice, long skirt that fit me. It was dark gray and had a faint herringbone weave. My mom said such a long skirt demanded boots. Knee-high leather boots. yeah. I was surprised. So now I have shiny black leather boots that go up to my knees. Even my grandma said they were nice.

Christmas was fun. After church, we went back home to prepare food for the party we were going to. While my parents were cooking, I felt like watching something Christmassy. So I put in a Doctor Who S1 DVD and watched the backstage scenes of "The Christmas Invasions." Hee, David Tennant's real accent. Then my mom asked me to help with gift-wrapping.
We then went to the house of our family friends. Tons of people were there: all my parents' friends and their kids that are like my cousins, some of their relatives and friends...lots of people. The little 4-year-old girl B was so cute. "Santa gave us guns!" Nerf guns, dear. She also flashed us her panties, and told an 8 year old that he wasn't old enough to play Guitar Hero. This was while she was holding the guitar controller, trying to play. Lots of fun, that girl. XD
We played Guitar Hero III and Halo 3 in their garage, with food and foosball breaks. It got cold, and my feet froze in my tights, extra-thin socks, and boots. But I enjoyed rockin' out when I could on Guitar Hero (and helped teach one uncle there. "You push the colors. And then you strum that thing."). And while I'm still not great at Halo multiplayer- I think 9 kills was my highest- I was still the sneakiest person in Capture the Flag mode. That led to some great stories and laughs...And my username was BATMAN. It was one of the names already there, but how could I not be Batman?

Oh, and my gifts: Lost S3, the Heroes graphic novel, and a bunch of stationery. And a Subway gift card. And some candy. I don't eat that much candy, though (too much gives me a headache, and my tongue has grown discriminating) so I'll just let the rest of my family have at it. Buying and researching real good chocolate has destroyed my taste for Dove and Hershey's and even Godiva and Lindt. Better to save up and wait for true quality than get quantity at a discount. Or mass-marketed "luxury," in Godiva's case. Their fillings are alright, but the actual chocolate is kind of waxy to me - good texture, little flavor. [/chocolate snobbery]

Wow, this long post is mostly happy. I feel kind of guilty, for some reason.

ETA. Oh, and my gift to Mom: Godiva. Because she still likes the stuff.

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