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aw man I wanted to make a supercool graphic for the layers of stories in Jan Potocki's The Saragossa Manuscript but this is how it turned out. Oh well at least it is done.

I also finally made a list of the movies featured in A History of Horror and Horror Europa here.

otherwise I don't have much motivation for anything. I enjoyed watching Pacific Rim and doing other things but any happy feelings feel much more temporary. I'm not even too excited for Comic Con announcements; it's just like "oh, that's good to know" or "hey that's interesting."

The temporary calling job's ok and the people are nice (the guys in my room often start singing at random times) but I want to get away from this town. Davis is nice if you like small towns with major college energy, and it's pedestrian-friendly for those of us without cars, but I don't want a job or anything to tie me down here. Yet with my family and finance situation I still have to wait at least a year to get out.
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First, a chocolate report:

$5+ but the taste is great and it was my payday so I spent $10 on food/drink for me. The finish isn't as fine as with some other chocolate but that's a minor quibble and probably because it's "raw."

I also got coupons for 3 free bottles of Honest Tea because I emailed them about an odd-tasting batch (marked by a plastic ring around the caps of the glass bottles).

I'm slowly starting to type up my novel draft. I'm changing tenses from past to present for the dreams. I've also got a fractal story idea that's partly written that I might submit to a contest by September 15.

Summer is ending. nooooo

I'm slowly getting back into the job search because my calling job only lasts until the end of this month.

TV-wise, the five-episode cinematic J-drama Shokuzai was pretty good and kept me thinking about it long after the five episodes had finished. Sometimes it was unbearably slow but I also felt that any faster pace would betray the characters. There was also director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's thing of sudden extreme plot twists. The acting was amazing, though. Great to see interesting parts for five female main characters. Some pictures here.

Doctor Who was alright. I've joined the legion of Oswin fans! Also made this graphic. I really like working with transparencies. As for the Ponds...I know that's a realistic problem but on top of everything else they've experienced, it seemed like Moffatt was out of ideas for relationship roadblocks.

Here are reviews I've written recently for YAM-Mag:
the dorama My Little Chef, the sci-fi novel Death Sentences, the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, the Olympics and its US TV coverage, and My Life in Movies.
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Newest corkboard collage. Made today.

I've also made various movie graphics, which you can find here at my Tumblr.

Also started watching FLCL on Hulu.

Trying to coax my creative side into finding something to do that might be productive for my job/financial situation.
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this is a collage of movies I've seen recently
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So I just made a Misfits/Lost crossover quote blog.

Save me, Barry.

I need other people to do the "subtitle" effect, because then it works better. SUBMIT STUFF


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argh Picnik messed up the collage so here it is in pieces

[ profile] zorabioz what have I done


now I will let myself sleep.

Anyone who can make a better version of this, preferably with a "Western" background, is certainly welcome to do it.
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oh look it's a post
lol look at this icon I made from a pic I took in North Beach

via 25timesasecond on tumblr:

Unreal Estate
“There’s something inherently spooky about the establishing shot: we’re approaching someplace we’ve never been before—whether through killer-cam, point-of-view or objective perspective, and whether glimpsed from a distance or walked through for the first time, it’s that sense of uncertainty that unites these views of some of the most iconic locations of cinematic trauma, whether that location is an old dark house, a motel, a mansion on a hill, a church, a split-level, a torture chamber or a spaceship. “

basically, a mashup of various establishing shots.

Not that great, but interesting if a) you're a film geek and want to identify shots, and b) you want to kill time.

It could be more awesome, but it inspired me to WRITE THIS AWESOME QUOTE:

I think the best establishing shots make a promise: something will happen here, and you will remember this setting for years to come.

point 2:
third (not second, thank you [ profile] geekfreak03 for the correction) in the Cities of Love series (that I haven't even watched, haha)
Shanghai, I Love You (a.k.a. Shanghai, wo ai ni)


for your time: KITTEN MITTENS GIF! )
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posted somewhere else on the internets:


I change my default a lot, so I don't know what you guys think of me

but I do think this sometimes

or choice of icon influences how I picture a person

or, more often, I see the icon saying what the person is saying
this can be hilarious
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so I made some icons

These are from a bunch of pictures I took when picking up my brother from his Confirmation retreat in Felton, Santa Cruz County.

I took some nice forest photos, but my icon skillz can't translate the glory to 100X100.

While waiting for my brother, my dad and I drove around Felton. We passed by the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, where I took this picture.
Nice little Bigfoot statues.

Here are some other icons from photos I took on my birthday in San Francisco.
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random question

Why are so many icon makers so obsessed with macaroons?
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some icon stuff made of a certain young character in Lost episode 5.3, "Jughead." Not great, but the best I can do with limited time on the better iconing computer.

more here )

List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] croakvegas gave me "U." I'm using non-Youtube links until that UK business gets sorted out. Even if you don't like the songs, the sites provided might help with further musical adventures.

1) "Untitled" - White Rabbits
first song to hear/download if you scroll down here
you lived across the street when we were kids
as we grew older our mothers hoped we'd stay friends

ahaha I cheat. I think this song might have a name now, I forget. But I'm a sucker for the clinky piano-rock of White Rabbits.

2) "Unintended" - Muse
You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended

be quiet be quiet. I usually don't like songs like this, but the melody gets me.

3) United State of Pop - DJ Earworm
Mashup of US Billboard top 25 songs of 2007. Strangely works as a song. The 2008 version (Viva La Pop) is fine but not as fun and danceable as the 2007 version. But the 2008 version does have a cool video.

4) Una Música Brutal - Gotan Project
trance-tango you might have heard in a few ads and TV shows/movies. The last 20 seconds is my favorite part. cool and slinky. yup.

5) Usti, Usti Baba [Altiplano Mix] - Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar; Señor Coconut
An official mix! Balkan cumbia what? hahahaha. I have no idea what the screaming man and dog at the end is about. I think it's a weird CD break; it fits the next song on the album better.

I should go sleep now.
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if anyone can make a better version of this, I will be very happy.

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random icons made from random stored pictures. I'm not sure how I feel about them, but I'm trying out new things.




Alias -
Lost - screencaps by [ profile] phoenixothon
Movies - Leave Me the White, search engine blog surfing
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so I spent hours trying to look up how to do rotating headers. Even registered for a free site to host files on and all. But that site isn't working...agh I give up.

but this site should help anyone else who wants to try it.

some test headers I made:

GIANT header pics of random big pics I found:
Star Wars, Le Samouraï, photo of street in Berkeley we drove past yesterday, Arsenal, and a certain...interesting...Spain NT pic )

I think I'll go with the Star Wars one, but I'll check my other comp before I change anything...
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Guess who set the alarm clock for the Arsenal game, but forgot to actually TURN ON THE ALARM?!

oh well.

Right now I'm watching Shaun White do Vert Ramp skateboarding. With him, the hype is totally justified- great speed, good height, and very consistent. There are others who stay low and play safe and others who start with great energy and then fall.
Bob Burnquist is next. I like him, but oh he fell. But he's still continuing. Nice run.
Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Bucky Lasek didn't succeed, so Shaun White is in 1st today.

I also like Ryan Sheckler, despite the hype (sad to see him hurt his elbow), but I'm tired of this Panasonic ad with him that they keep on showing again and again

Here are some random icons I made. Not a lot, so I won't put it under an lj-cut unless requested to do so.

Pushing Daisies (caps from Striped Wall and me)

Gene Tierney (pics capped from IMDB)



Shiina Ringo (pics from

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Why, self, why? Why is this Lost withdrawal still going on?

Anyways, I was thinking about aspects of film noir and then that mutated and changed past that and all of a sudden it turned into a crazy Lost banner project. I was thinking of making a black-and-white vid with this theme, but I have neither the time nor the computer memory to do the vid justice.

So here it is: Lost character/banner preview thing for upcoming seasons speculation. )
Now I wish someone could do a real film noir/Lost crossover...
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Starting to mess around my profile page, because I feel like it.

Here's an Arsenal banner I made. Not up to the best work of the graphics people on my flist, but a lot better than my previous work:

Looks better on a white background.
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I am constantly switching trains between The Crazybusy Zephyr and the I-Don't-Even-Want-to-Go-Online Destress Express. But I must dump links from my link document!

via [ profile] yahtzee63:


oh hey check out the Ned icon above. I'm not all that great at GIMP yet, but this was my first sorta sucess with a Pushing Daisies icon yay! It's not as good as the more pro icon makers out there, but I'm still liking it.

Speaking of Lee Pace, [ profile] subtle__sarcasm linked to the HD trailer for the fantasy movie The Fall. All I can say for now is, gorgeous cinematography and production. And aww cool Lee Pace in bullfighteresque uniform. More stills and info here.

hey Gossip Girl fans: I stumbled on to The Chuck Bass Experience. Yes, it's a picspam. Of Chuck's clothing. XD
via [ profile] supersyncspaz7: Production pictures from filming upcoming episodes. Jenny's yellow trench is very nice, aww dogs, and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chuck's red...thing.

okay, back to work.

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