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ok so we rented a car for two days.

First we went to Dixon so I could drop off a completed work application BUT I only found out when turning it in that I had brought the copy my dad told me to make of the completed application instead of the one I actually wrote on with blue pen. When I was at the desk, I asked the person there if photocopies were ok and she said yes but what if that gives a bad impression?

Then we went to Berkeley to see if I could finally pick up my official transcript since my debts to the school (although not to other loans) have been paid. But I didn't know that they moved the Registrar into a student center that was only open until noon during spring break. So I got there late. There's a site where you can sign up for it to be sent to you, though.

Then I went to the comic store in Berkeley to see if I could pick up the Hawkeye #17 that I missed. I was so glad to find it that I didn't think to check to see if there was a newer issue out too. THERE WAS. I guess it might have been sold out by the time I got there, and that's the reason I didn't notice it, but still, I should have checked! I hope I'll be able to call and check in the morning if the store in Davis still has a few copies.

Then we went to the Goldilocks in Daly City and to some stores in San Francisco and it was ok. I got a cool Star Wars "Join the Rebellion" shirt to counter my brother's Empire shirt. Overall, I'm glad we had this opportunity, but I'm still fuming at myself for my mistakes.

argh I should work faster on my writing stuff for Film Antidote too but I'm just inching along

ETA: Wednesday was much better AND I did get Hawkeye #18.
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Any Berkeley people or people wanting to crash a party need to go to

seriously, this AnonCon has been so boring compared to previous ones

I just got Gareth Keenan (The Office)/Dark Helmet (Spaceballs) on a pairing generator

where's that full fic generator? The one where you put names and words and it makes a fic?

I also can't do much on the internet because my brother's not done with homework and there are Doctor Who spoilers everywhere


oh my gosh no I just got John Locke (Lost)/Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)
Marlin (Finding Nemo)/Number 6 (Battlestar Galactica 2004)

found the Drabble Generator


10 April 2010 02:28
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I'm so so tired after babysitting (my mom wants someone over 18 present in case their parents go in the house and want to see a supervisor) my brother's classmates and friends...the last ones left at 1 AM

I had to go to Berkeley twice this week for grad stuff, and on Thursday, after months of text/phone tag, I finally got some time to hang out with [ profile] fancyxthat. WE FOUND VINCENT'S CAR. THE DOG LIVES

aww dude Nivi I forgot to discuss tea with you.

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if any of you Berkeley people are free today between 11 AM to 1 PM, text me so we can lunch before I have to go prepare for a presentation at 2.

via [ profile] qwantz: using sink water to flush the toilet. YAY ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS, PUTTING THE "LOGIC" IN ECOLOGICAL

A collection of Craig Ferguson's musical and/or puppet openings for The Late Late Show.

Tilda Swinton says she'd welcome the chance to portray Conan O'Brien

finally, via [ profile] retrokicks:

I totally thought they were going in for a kiss towards the end.

ETA: oh, and I finished Red Dwarf series 1 a few days ago. Now I want a cat book.
"Yeah, it's a cat book. They don't use marks, they use smells."
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serious: CNN's list of charities providing aid for those suffering from the Haiti earthquake

other news: Conan O'Brien's excellent letter to the people of the world

now, on to the last parts of that 2010 movie preview I promised.

Part Ten. What looks most interesting:
The Town: I liked Gone Baby Gone, and while I'm not sure about Ben Affleck both appearing in the movie and directing, it's also got Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner.
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: nice over-turning of the "evil hillbilly" trope. Plus Alan Tudyk!

Part Eleven:
The Way Back: Peter Weir directing a movie about prisoners escaping a Siberian labor camp. whoa.
Womb: Eva Green (thankfully without too much eye makeup - seriously, I can rant over and over about how this woman in particular doesn't need gobs of eyeshadow) and MATT "ELEVEN" SMITH in a sci-fi romance drama

Additional list
Abel: Diego Luna directorial debut little kids imagination!
Confucius: dude, it's a big-budge Confucius movie. Starring Chow-Yun Fat.

a little thing I found on tumblr for you Misfits fans: Iwan Rheon (who plays Simon) speaking in Welsh.

some free local art events for those in the Bay Area:
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1/16/10 - 1/18/10
Closest BART Station: Powell St. OR Montgomery St.
more info here

Addison Street Windows Gallery: RE-FORMED! FOUND OBJECT ART sidewalk opening
Closest BART Station: Downtown Berkeley
more info here

Finally, via [ profile] ontd_lost: Ben Linus in Hats.

oh wait! if you're into horror and creepy stuff, go join [ profile] ontdcreepy!

ETA: Danny Pudi (Abed on Community) speaks fluent Polish?
Community's Joel McHale and Danny Pudi had a bet over who would leave the party last. Pudi was on his way out when he and Caprica's Magda Apanowicz realized they both spoke fluent Polish and had a loud, squeal-filled Polish freak-out moment.
That needs to show up in a dream sequence or something
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Discoveries in 2009 that had an impact on me

- Music Go Music
- the Maiku Hama series
- aloe vera drink
- chai
- Alison Mosshart (at first I thought she and The Kills were too hipster-cool to appeal to me, but then I heard her voice (sans the usual affectations) on the Last Shadow Puppets cover of "Paris Summer" and I never looked back
- Henry James' supernatural stories
- J.A. Caesar's crazy rock opera experimental music
- Fulltime Killer
- friends from ontd_startrek
- "The Pillowman" - a play by Martin McDonagh (writer/director of In Bruges)
- Creepyposts
- Sisters of the Gion and Osaka Elegy
- Brand Upon the Brain!, The Saddest Music in the World, and other Guy Maddin works
- Half-Price Books - this year I actually went inside and bought things
- rose gelato and Epicurious Garden in Berkeley
- Cupkates Bakery
- that cafe in Berkeley with the vegan pizza
- Tumblr
- this pear green tea
- Kern's Peach Nectar soda
- the mango sorbet with blueberries and granola combo I only found at Papamingo
- Arnold Palmer drink - thanks to [ profile] kerlin!
- Felicia Day
- using the "bookmark" feature not just for sites I want permanently bookmarked, but also to return to sites I want to return to soon for a limited period of time. I used to paste links into a document for that.
- Final Girl

I like how many of these are food-related.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I can remember at the moment. Go post your 2009 discoveries in the comments or on your own journal!
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It is pouring rain.

There is a girl walking with a thin shirt, pants just below knee length, and no shoes or socks.
She is still using an umbrella.

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It seems like half of the times I post now, I'm explaining why I've been gone for several days. Well, due to anthro project fieldwork, family errands, and other homework, I've only been able to really get online around 3-4 AM these past few days. So I've flisted very little.

Today was a good rest day after class, after staying up till 6 AM (okay, with a nap from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM) working on anthro stuff. Oh, and I had a test today on an entirely different subject. Just one essay question on a Tale of Genji thing. I hope my answer wasn't too rushed.


While I'm not into the boutique cupcake shop trend going around right now, I do like the Cupkates cupcake truck. Gourmet cupcakes in a more palatable setting, I think.

See you tomorrow in Downtown Berkeley at 12. Addison and Shattuck across from Berkeley Rep.

I've tried the Red Velvet Cupcake. The cupcake itself is good, but it's that cream cheese frosting that was reallllllllly good.

the menu is here. Somewhat expensive, but a nice treat now and then.

Also, Sweet on You has reopened inside the Subway on Telegraph Avenue. This location's much smaller, but they still have a nice variety of classic candy shop fare. The buttermilk frosting for their cupcakes is pretty good too, and a dollar cheaper than Cupkate's stuff (a bit smaller though).


Finally, three versions of the same song. I have an mp3 of the last version here, but I'd like one of the first one. And the second one too, if possible.

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The UC Berkeley (actually, it was UC-wide) protest I helped shoot for CalTV. Some other groups tried to push their message there, but the main protest was a faculty and student strike about proposed budget cuts.

oh my gosh I have asked the camera department head to tell me when there's a session dealing with lighting, because wow my lighting was bad up there. I thought I put it to let in the least amount of light possible! And it was still like that! Yeah, it was noon, but still...

Any video people reading this, especially [ profile] claennis: How do you get your colors and lighting look so good?
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I was in from 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM, and then 9:30 AM to now (with breaks for food and brother using comp and other things)


lol everyone getting high on my pens
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Finally. I am done with the two papers.

I stopped flisting around Sunday, and I only let myself get distracted by music and [ profile] ontd_lost. So if you posted anything you want me to see, leave a comment here.

I went and found some nu cumbia music to accompany my frantic typing.
You can get some good free tracks from the Bay to Buenos Aires label here and here (I recommend "Mundo Querido" from that last one) and free mixtapes from the Buenos Aires club Zizek.

After delivering my papers, we went to that food court place in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto area. Got some good chocolate at Alegio, and the guy at the counter let us taste these cool specialty chocolate covered sweets from Barcelona. aha I found it Enric Rovira. This little shop is the only place that sells these chocolate in the United States. We had to guess what ingredient was covered by the chocolate. I guessed the third one right - peppercorn, although I didn't know it was pink peppercorn. Really odd things, but they tasted good anyway.

now all I have is internship stuff and a poetry reading. Phew.
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I have so many pictures to post that I haven't even resized yet...I have 1+ GB of photos and video from Homecoming and tons from Christmas in the Park I haven't even sorted through...

But here's a few to get out of the way:

Two pictures of the Mining building on campus. I only had my cell phone camera then, and there are a few more pictures but my cell phone can't handle sending them all at once for some reason.

Here they are, in smaller sizes for flist convenience:
big picture mining building

more fun with light at night

swirly window

finally, the view from the foot of the Campanile. That's the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the view I get when I leave class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes it's too cloudy to see things, though.

home 135
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Wednesday was a very non-boring day.

Got to school a little early for CalTV filming. Saw a superlong line of people, some looking like they camped overnight, waiting for the tickets to see the Dalai Lama.

After filming, the reporter and I were walking in front of the Campanile and at that moment, a whole bunch of high-schoolers were running a race on the same path. It is so weird seeing a ton of people suddenly running towards you. We escaped, but shoot that was freakycinematic.

Caught a bit of the Arsenal CL game before class. Argh Roma scoring.

Class had a very interesting discussion about how movie/images have strength in presentation but how text has the edge in articulation. Made me think of people replying to each other in images (sign language still counts as "word" language). Not all discussions can be done via Youtube reply threads.

Silly me maybe shouldn't have had that yogurt shake after only one hot dog...
but it was so weird- on the way to the yogurt shop, I saw all these record and CD covers strewn around in the plants and someone bought from Rasputin (just down the block) and then just took the records/CDs

immediately went to the school pub to finish the CL game. Because I am made of fail, I forgot that it was going to penalties and came out all disappointed. Oh well, had to print something and get a snack anyways before next class. While printing, checked ONTD a bit. Saw this:
Casting started for Star Wars live-action TV show
you do not understand. I had this tag for quite a while already. I don't care if it's bad or good, I just want to see it happen!
The plot of the series would "follow the Rebel Alliance as it slowly gains strength against the Empire. There will be Stormtroopers, but no Jedi or Darth Vader will appear on screen. As he did with the “Clone Wars” series, Lucas will write and shoot an entire year’s worth of episodes before looking for a cable channel on which to air the series."
I am such a geek.

last class required much participation. I started out sort of stilted and organizing things with my hands, but by the end of the class I was explaining my opinions pretty well, yay
but my headache really started during this class as well

On BART, the sun keept attacking me. I kept on flinching, tried napping a bit but that didn't last long. I'm such a sunbaby, but headache plus not being used to lots of sun in these coldish days = flinchattacks and massaging my temples

got home around 6:30 PM. Took Tylenol and napped until 8:45ish, but got pissy when parents asked about dinner

bad mood bad mood. Catch a bit of pop-up Lost for some lolz and Faraday, though.

go online - find out that I was failbot and didn't figure out that Arsenal went to penalties. But sooooo happy they won. Penalties vid here. aww, Pat Rice is squeeing around 1:40

also, lol : Clive Owen leaves own movie premiere for Liverpool match haha
and via [ profile] claennis:
“ Sometimes on a day off I go to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. When we play at home, I go there after the game and it’s like a doughnut party! Everyone is eating doughnuts inside their cars - it’s like a disco! „
Cesc Fabregas, everybody.

so now I'm happy. I've been jumping around and eating clementines.


random other stuff:
lol Ed Westwick you creep
Best total Lost picspam ever (I like [ profile] navras_rheya's too, but this is just epic

So awesome and Canadian!
from the comments: Poutine: How do you Canadians eat this stuff
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Also, found out that Hershey's is closing down the Scharffen Berger plant in Berkeley


why take over a brand and then expand so much when YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP THE ORIGINAL THING STILL GOING
there should have been something in the contract that mentioned "keep the old plant running"

they've been making much of the chocolate at other plants for a few years now, and there hasn't been a big dip in quality

okay I'll do the boycott thing

but I'll miss the nibs and specialty blends especially

and I'll still wear the shirt

finally, meme via [ profile] hobbitofkobol:

Answer all of the following with one of your userpics.

here )
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Thanks to everyone who has already submitted questions to the character question meme. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? I NEED EVEN MORE CRACK

Hero pilot in New York plane crash is UC Berkeley visiting scholar

[ profile] cleolinda:
Jaw-dropping line of dialogue in NSFW comic
oh my gosh. haha. whoa.

Cowboy Bebop with Keanu Reeves is set to go

also, that trailer in the article cannot get across the cool of this show. The title sequence does a much better job.

Empire's list of 23 buzz films at Sundance
[ profile] nekare, it has Rudo y Cursi
[ profile] orangecrackers, it has 500 Days of Summer
[ profile] greenet, it has Dead Snow
[ profile] claennis, it has that movie.
Also includes a movie directed by John Krasinski, and another movie based on a Nick Hornby novel and starring Peter Sarsgaard and Emma Thompson.

The 1000 Greatest Movies
based on 1,825 critics/reviewers' and filmmakers' top-10 lists, culled from many sources. Additionally, we have also factored in over 900 magazine polls, film institute polls, and many other polls of interest. The net effect of all our fine-tuning over the last twelve months is that a total of 96 films have debuted or re-entered our list and, of course, 96 films have dropped out.
Criticism of the list

Some movies I tried and didn’t bother finishing (maybe one day, Robert Bresson) or didn't have time to finish.
There are two movies on these lists I will never watch: Salo and Irreversible. I just don't think I can stomach them. This is coming from someone who's watched Cannibal Holocaust. I think the moralistic/exploitation/B-movie tone helped me get through that.

My progress on the list. 7 %!

They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? also compiled this list of the 21st century’s most acclaimed films
I've watched 16 %!
the criteria

There's also 250 quintessential noir films, of which I've watched 4%.

Some months earlier, I posted a link about how Ricky Gervais was going to write and direct a movie about a world in which no lies are told...until now.
This Side of the Truth is in post-production now, and the cast list is crazy:
Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Patrick Stewart, Rob Lowe, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor, Fionnula Flanagan, Stephen Merchant (!!!yay!!1), and even Jimmi Simpson (Liam McPoyle on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lyle the Intern on David Letterman, and a small but important role in Zodiac, among other things)
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The College of Natural Resources tour video I made is finally up!

Some problems, but this is the best encoding formula I could get after months of trying. The host looks better in this longer version, but the audio problems are more obvious there in stereo, and the panning shots that I'm addicted to using look much more dizzy.
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Since you've got the funky NZ time going on...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] never_evil!

I'm taking a break from big project right now to bring you all some prime Robert Pattinson/Twilight crack

all links via [ profile] cleolinda.

cast premieres "exclusive" clip
the best part is at 0:45:
"All right SHUT UP! AHAHAHA!"
lol is rpattz venting?

Seriously, the fans made him cry.
some quotes:
And – you know, just the whole thing, having a bouffant haircut and stuff, doesn’t – it’s not really that intimidating.

in paranormal stories, you have a zombie. Zombies aren’t that interesting. It’s like, whatever.
OH I’M GOING TO SLAP HIM NOW lol. even if it's part of his analogy.
or send a pack of zombies after him. haha are they interesting now?!

You've probably heard about the Twilight mall riot in San Francisco.

lol the Hot Topic on Telegraph in Berkeley has a big rpattz pic, and I have to keep myself from cracking up when I see it.

The fabulous Entertainment Weekly interview
After the panel, the shaken actor bruised some tender hearts when he likened the sound of the collective squeal to something one might hear when entering ''the gates of hell.''

''Why are we here?'' he wonders, looking around at the uptight crowd. ''I feel judged!''

his dashboard caught on fire. haha

''I have very, very low expenditures, but still I manage to spend it all. I guess Hot Pockets are more expensive than I thought."

rpattz, always be famous. Then we can hear your crack for all time.
although I might need to send some chipmunk ninjas to be your guards. Or at least some inconspicuous sunglasses and a wig. or something.

But Rob isn't the only one getting the weird attention.
"I had a woman ask me if I could hold her baby for a little while because she really wanted Rosalie to hold her baby."

back to zombies: Quantum of Solace director to take on "World War Z"
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new header yay
a non-copyright infringement header too!

pic I took (or maybe my brother? I think this was me, though) of SF.

doesn't match completely with the rest of the journal, but it's pretty...

I am so pooped from the Homecoming game. But yay we won! But the weather kept on changing from rain to cloudy to blazing hot and sunny back to rain back to sun back to clouds back to sun then back to clouds again...good thing for trenchcoat/sweater/t-shirt layers.

they wouldn't let us bring the umbrellas into the stadium, so everyone had to stash their umbrellas outside.
Everyone who didn't buy a tiny polka-dot black-and-white umbrella that fits in my trenchcoat pocket, that is. ;)
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signs that you are in Berkeley:

the details:


finally, found in a bathroom stall

ETA: There was also that time when I found out that deer run very, very fast.

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