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first...if you like Christmas music, please participate in this:

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

second...I know I haven't been posting much lately. Too too busy with research stuffs. phooey. I've dropped quite a lot of TV watching, including three shows : Heroes (I wouldn't let myself get attached to the 4th season, the first half of the third season burned me too much), Gossip Girl (I was actually okay with this season but I left right before Hilary Duff showed up) and The Office (I was okay with the episodes I saw, but I left one episode before the wedding. I'm fine with where the characters are and I don't feel like seeing anymore? And all I've heard is a bit too soapy, even for my taste. But I must see that music video thing.).
Everything else I'm more or less catching up on one to three weeks of episodes. We're behind three episodes of Supernatural, and I'm not watching any new fall shows.

You know how people complained that they wouldn't touch continuing story shows and preferred super-episodic stuff? And how fans like me would call them lazy? I see their point. The only new shows I'm thinking about catching up on starting January are White Collar for awesome cast and fun, and Community, which I've heard has improved from the so-so things I've heard about in the beginning. Okay, I heard there was a really funny Batman scene and I have to understand everything leading up to it. Plus I like what I've seen of The Soup and its host.
Those two shows appear to be really light and entertaining shows, ones I can still enjoy while checking out research or job links or catching up on my immense tumblr backlog.

This is also partly why I've been watching movies. The full reasons are:
1) getting staging ideas for my research paper about a hypothetical movie or checking out mummy movies for my mummy project
2) I don't have to attach the computer to watch most of them on the TV
3) They have a definite end.

I'll end this with super cool link from a few days ago:
lost Chaplin film discovered in $5 can bought on Ebay
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first, some bits of lulz from Harry Potter actors:
via [ profile] tresca:
Tom Felton doesn't like photo manips much.

From this article:
"I can't wait to perform the Cesarean!" —Robert Pattinson on being excited to perform a C-section on pregnant Bella

Evanna Lynch's opinion of Twilight

Also, for Chuck fans:
via [ profile] buongiornodaisy - THIS AWESOME SEASON 3 POSTER

Heroes teaser trailer via [ profile] ontd_startrek behind this cut )

and, finally, Lost.
two videos with Jorge Garcia, Nestor Carbonell, and Michael Emerson posted by [ profile] moosewizard at [ profile] ontd_lost:

not sure if they play outside the US, but you can try... )

if you have time, check out the Comic-Con Lost panel videos at ontd_lost

and these Lost fake ads, via [ profile] buongiornodaisy:
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1) I actually liked the nasty little twist in the Heroes season finale. While I prefer the character that died over the character that lived, I'm just amazed that the show had the guts to do that. What can I say - I think this show does low-key and twisted much better than epic love/fighting/whatevers right now. And no, I'm not going with the casting shenanigans theory. Then again, I'm not much into the characters anymore - I just watch what happens.

And the slash was strong throughout, too.

2) That Heroes twist > the Chuck season finale twist. Although Chuck pwned Heroes in every other way.

And lol on Chuck, after they mentioned a certain character's name, the soundtrack song went, "Oh yeah..." My brother and I cracked up so much. seriously. And one scene had really weird overlaying of audio.

Also, why does it say "Yum" in a little circle in the Kentucky Derby ads? My brother says it might be a sponsor, but still IT LOOKS SO RANDOM AND CRACKY, like they're going to sacrifice the losing horses to a lucky eater or something SORRY FOR MY WRONG WRONG THOUGHTS

ETA: lol at Torchwood being used as a standard of coherence, continuity, and character development on the TWOP boards. Although it is better than Heroes nowadays. Season 2 of CSI Sci-Fi: Cardiff was better as a whole -although Jack himself became more hammy- but that's because they found the right balance for angst + fun. Heroes knew what it was about, but lost that in season 2.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] toronja

dude why do I take naps until 3 AM

also, I am totally going try and fit in the art of CAPSLOCK in my presentation about the blending of perceptual and conceptual information. Because all you technically perceive is text, but you think that the person is talking and shouting. These inputs share the organizing frame of the comment/response box, I think. Thanks to you guys (you know who you are) for being my intellectual inspiration.

Hey hey they sent me a email about the summer camp thing. My phone interview is in early May. woohoo
If I don't get it, the anthro museum here is still looking for summer interns. Ha ha, would you trust me around all the ancient stuff they have there...that'd be kind of cool

awww cool Chuck last night

and lol last night's crossdressing Heroes episode )

Finally, 30 upcoming TV pilots
hey, [ profile] claennis, Daniel Henney has an American TV pilot.
I didn't know he's going to be in the Wolverine movie too

the shows on that list that look interesting to me:
'Boardwalk Empire'
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon
Premise: Could this be a 1920s version of 'The Sopranos'? Producer and director Martin Scorsese presents a drama about drinking, gambling and mob activities in Prohibition-era Atlantic City.

that sounds awesome

Cast: Chevy Chase, Joel McHale
Premise: Funnyman McHale ('The Soup') stars as a lawyer who enrolls at a community college after his degree is ruled invalid. Also on board is Chase, playing a fellow student who has been married five times. Given NBC's success with comedies, this could be a nice edition to the community.

hey guys calm down McHale will still be able to do The Soup

'Human Target'
Cast: Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley, Mark Valley
Premise: Valley stars as Christopher Chance, a private eye who impersonates his clients to investigate threats against them, while Haley segues from one comic book role ('The Watchmen') to another.

I haven't read that comic, but dude Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley
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One of the more consistent things about Heroes has been excellent song choice. This season had "Psycho Killer," "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire," and in tonight's episode, Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk."

Here (in .wma format) is the Stray Cats' live version of that song.
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hey, Heroes was halfway towards awesome tonight. The Adventures of Hiro and Ando took a (okay, really random) turn for the better, and the Sylar-Luke duo makes me smile so wide, not gonna lie.
and lol my mom was like "It's Andy!" when she saw Andy Richter on Chuck

tagged by [ profile] sharkina: (I will get to those 25 things lists later, Facebook friends)

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list plus a bonus round. Copy this list, go to your own facebook account, paste this as a note. Then, put x's next to the films you've seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click post at the bottom. Have fun.

I'm going to add "-" for movies I've seen bits of. I've seen so many halves and fourths of movies, due to lack of interest or time or sickness or some other reason. I won't count them in the total tally, though.

the list of films floating in the American mainstream of the past 5-10 years or so )

the film snob in me urges me to include this:
I've seen 10% of the 1000 Greatest Films
5% of the next 1000 Greatest Films
13% of The Guardian's 1000 films you must see before you die
and 16% of both the 21st Century's greatest films so far

ETA: I am tired of all these American remakes of horror films! There was the J-horror phase, and more recently we have Quarantine (remake of the Spanish film Rec, which I really want to see), The Uninvited (remake of South Korean mindsmasher of a film A Tale of Two Sisters), and My Bloody Valentine: 3D and Friday the 13th, both remakes of older American films and both starring one Winchester brother. argh
It's a trend in other genres too, but I was sort of raised on horror, so it's very close to my thoughts...yeah, I read Fangoria now and then...
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okay, that NBC Super Bowl ad for Monday Night shows?

The one that starts with Sylar vs. Hiro and then they start lipsynching? And then Matt (with invisible keyboard) and HRG (with microphone) show up? and then the people from Chuck (and Medium too, they're okay but I'm not big fan) start lipsynching and dancing too?

I think that ensured that I'll be looking forward to Heroes tomorrow.

haha I am so weird

ETA: via [ profile] cleolinda:


ow my digestive system hurts just looking at it
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Sorry for posting so many times. I often get like this when I'm nervous about school.

for everyone who watches It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
Sylar/Mohinder vid set to "Nightman"
Baby tries to sing "Dayman"
trailer for "A Quiet Little Marriage". ending slightly NSFW. Charlie Day and two other faces you might recognize are in this.

and IASiP is related to Fox vs. SciFi 2009.
You might have heard about the trials and tribulations of a certain show called Dollhouse.

Well, Charlie, Rob, and Glenn (the creators of IASiP) have created a sci-fi comedy pilot for Fox, called Boldy Going Nowhere. video of them talking about it at Comic-Con. According to various entertainment blogs, it seems the most likely of the three sci-fi shows to actually air this year.

The third show? Virtuality, Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore's next post-Battlestar Galactica project that isn't Caprica.
Click on that link to see the progress of the show.
It's about the crew of the spaceship Phaeton, who seek escape from their important 10-year voyage (and the mission-financing reality show featuring them) in virtual reality environments. But a mysterious green-eyed man is attacking them in their virtual worlds...
so yeah, at its most simple, it's like holodeck malfunction meets Freddy Krueger with a dash of Sunshine.
extremely detailed discussion of the pilot. The script has been getting good word-of-mouth, and Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) directed the pilot.
But of course, Fox wants the two-hour pilot recut.
The cast of characters (with comments culled and sometimes copy-pasted from various blogs, articles, and forum postings)
- Frank Pike, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (New Amsterdam). The mission commander. Ex-military. Yes, his last name is Pike, Trek fans.
—Roger Fallon, played by James D'Arcy (UK Sherlock). Psychiatrist. Also producer of an onboard reality show in which the crew members are obligated to take part, the price of their interstellar voyage. Often described as a mix of BSG's Gauis Baltar and Brother Cavil.
—Rika Godard, played by Sienna Guillory. Botanist, in charge of the hydroponics. Fallon's wife, though Guillory said that her character is having an affair with someone on the ship.
—Manny Rodriguez, played by Jose Pablo Cantillo. Mathematician and superstring theorist.
—Valentin Orlovsky, played by Gene Farber. Geologist and Rodriguez's partner. The gay couple wonder if they might have been "cast" for the reality show and publicity considerations...
—Kenji Yamamoto, played by Nelson Lee (Blade, the Series). Exobiologist. Married to Alice Thibadeau.
—Alice Thibadeau, played by Joy Bryant. Exobiologist, but with a different specialty from her husband.
—Jimmy Johnson, played by Ritchie Coster. Inventor of the matter/antimatter weapons technology used to propel the ship. In a wheelchair because of a past accident. Coster described his character as "an agent of chaos."
—Julius "Jules" Braun, played by Erik Jensen. NASA scientist, designer of the ship and navigator.
—Adin Meyer, played by Omar Metwally. Ship's doctor. Born in the West Bank, of Israeli and Palestinian parentage, which I'm sure the writers will exploit utilize.
—Billie Kashmiri (Kerry Bishe). Computer expert and geek. Interfaces with the ship's artificial intelligence. Her virtual reality persona is that of a Joan Jett-like rock star who's also a spy. And the rest of the band are spies too.
—Sue Parsons (Clea DuVall). Ship's pilot. An ex-fighter pilot and very much into physical activity. Her virt modules are mainly about extreme sports. Often called by internet commenters as "Starbuck, Jr."
- and the green-eyed man attacking everyone? Played by Jimmi Simpson, who was Liam McPoyle on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
It all ties together!
oh, and Wendy and Lisa, who compose the original score for Heroes, are set to do the soundtrack for Virtuality. Not as awesome as Bear McCreary, but I can see it working.

in random, unrelated conclusion: Aphex Twin videos are really disturbing. argh you Chris Cunningham. "Come to Daddy" wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, though, because those kids' facial deformities do not automatically = scary to me. Suddenly changing appearance, though? that's scary.
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via Pop Candy:
Polaroid 2.0?
Swoosie Kurtz to appear on Heroes, while Amber Benson will be on Private Practice.
Fables writer Bill Willingham's essay on Super versus Hero
runs on the simplistic side (the "American way" argument gets particularly muddy), and a big conservative vs. liberal war rages in the comments, but I think there is an important nonpolitical idea behind this discussion: be true to the characters.
one poster: I guess my problem comes down to the fact that most so-called “adult” takes on superheroes are adult in the same way that a late night movie on Cinemax is “adult.” They have pretensions to sophistication and sneer at the “kid’s stuff” while reveling in their gratuitous sex, violence and “shocking” subject matter. That’s not adult, that’s juvenile.
Note the inclusion of the word "gratuitous." I sure do like grit and change and diversity in stories, but altering characters just for shock or PC value is a different matter.
or, as another poster put it: I can handle rounded edges, but just don’t sandblast away the essence of the character.
Interesting to see writers like Chuck Dixon and Darwyn Cooke in the comments.

via [ profile] cleolinda: Internet smackdown of guy who says women aren't interested in "boy things" like superheroes

AV Club interviews with Paul Hogan (Tigh on BSG) and Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords

Two interviews with Kristen Schaal (Mel the crazy fan on FotC)

The meanings of the songs Schroeder played in Peanuts

another list of anticipated films at Sundance

Sneak peek at the monsters of the Where the Wild Things movie

Foreign Film Oscar shortlist; some controversy
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I give up I give up…I couldn’t do it…I can’t watch any more TV episodes…internet or otherwise. I give up!


My rules were pretty strict, though. I had to have seen the episode from the very beginning, with permission made for bathroom breaks and stuff during the episode. So that’s why there’s so few Brothers and Sisters episodes and other shows - I watch them in bits, but I rarely catch the whole thing. Also, news/late night shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien were not counted.

You see later on that I started to include sports events I watched on TV. This was inspired by [ profile] padfootie’s monthly recap posts. I wanted to keep a record of them somehow. I didn't write down the Olympics, though, because that would be too much.

Sometimes I would comment on an episode. No comment doesn’t mean no reaction.

via [ profile] canadian_turtle: the 500 television episode
Episodes in 2008

My list )

So, for next year...shows to finish/start/try out, in no order
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Mad Men
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
Extras and Office (UK) series finale
Arrested Development
Green Wing
Mighty Boosh
Band of Brothers

and some others
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I am finally done with my Human Biogeography of the Pacific take-home final.

Now just a report (for Arch 110 AC) and another take-home exam, both due Monday, a music practical (sight-singing) exam on Monday, and the written Music exam on Thursday.

oh, and I need to finish editing the mini-movie for the llama caravan project. Screaming llamas sound scary.

hey hey [ profile] claennis, we need to finalize times for meeting on Tuesday. As you see above, I need a break.

after my parents' anniversary dinner tonight, I'm going to watch Pushing Daisies and NMTBuzzcocks. and then start working again. -faints-

links I saved on this "post entry" page:

Greek officials defend handling of riots
Five days of rioting that saw bands of youths marauding through the streets has shocked a generally tolerant Greek public and led many to question how the situation was allowed to degenerate.

Pin-up icon Bettie Page died in Los Angeles on Thursday after falling ill with pneumonia following a heart attack earlier this month. She was 85.

something to cheer you up:
via IMDB:
40 inspirational movie speeches in 2 minutes.

Hamlet, performed in Klingon
From the article: Now if only they could get David Tennant to do the Klingon version, I can die happy.)

Sonya Walger (Lost, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) joins ABC's Flash Forward


John Glover (Lionel Luthor on Smallville) to appear on Heroes in very special awesome role

Golden Globes nominations
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Was that actually a good episode of Heroes I just saw? I only had to bury my head during The Day the Earth Stood Still commercials! My eyerolling quotient was back to Season 1 levels! egads!

Is it bad that when I looked at the first two shoes, I immediately thought of those towns' football teams? haha
and hey, [ profile] canadian_turtle, they named a shoe after Emmen!
but yeah, nice shoes with reasonable heels. Too bad the prices aren't reasonable for my budget...

culled from io9:
Review of Marvel's "Secret Invasion" event
And no, I haven't read any of the issues. But I did find a term in the comments for what I have: "event fatigue."
Robot Chicken clip: Joss Whedon and Ron Moore want to kill Seth Green!
Bad science can lead to good stories!
as long as it makes sense to the people in the story, it doesn't have to make sense in real life
Coming to your TV: Flash Forward, in which everyone sees a vision of the future
Starring PotC's Jack Davenport, as well as John Cho and Joseph Fiennes.
Davenport will play Lloyd Simcoe, a man trapped in Northern California, who needs to reach his son in the hospital when the black outs occur.
I find it really amusing that this is airing after Lost. And that the surname of the author whose book this is based on is "Sawyer."

cool Hungarian short film about time travel in WWII

many flisters seem to be watching one Scandanavian movie or another, so, how about a Swedish short film?
via [ profile] charlidos: Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, the home invasion tale you can dance to.
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hey hey [ profile] croakvegas you can skip last week's Heroes and just go into this week's. Not a perfect episode, but the unevenness is more like the unevenness in the early first season. Some cheesy moments and some great moments. Or you could just skip to the ending...

okay, I think I'm finally on the Misha Collins (Castiel on Supernatural) train.

you know why?

via [ profile] subtle__sarcasm: I'm going to get a little personal here for the fans, again. What does Misha Collins like to do on his day off? What are his interests?

Misha Collins: Well, I like to write poetry. I'm a published poet. I've been published in several literary magazines this year. I also built the house that I live in. I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I've built the house I live in and most of the furniture that's in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still. And I also like the outdoors a lot. I spend a lot of time camping, and in the winter I do a lot of back-country camping and snowboarding up in the High Sierras. As long as you don't hit trees you're fine.

from here.

lol I don't go for snowboarders at all, what

yeah, he's a published poet and built his own house and even worked in the White House and all.

but, strangely, the most important thing to me: HE SNOWBOARDS.
I am so weird...

finally, since this seems to be the "stuff related to what [ profile] croakvegas likes" post...

I need this movie! It's Jean-Pierre Melville's last film! That Alain Delon's in it is only a bonus (yeah, directors > actors in my movie taste) but why they not have at even university film archive waaaah

- - -
oh, and any American TV know that car ad with the really breathless editing? Lots of different things happening, but all the flashes are less indie-film-jarring and more organically pulling out at the last "breath" and I think it's for the Toyota Camry...
I'm hopeless searching for it on Youtube. BUT THE EDITING MAKES ME SWOON. EVERY TIME.
I was all gushing about it to my brother and he's all shaking his head, "you video people"
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hey hey, Heroes is back!

I enjoyed the premiere, even though it wasn't consistently interesting and even some of the awesome things don't totally hold together under some prodding. But it was a fun ride. I can somewhat understand other people getting too confused and frustrated, but jump the shark comments already? (I had gone over to TWOP to look for a certain quote about Sprint, and there's where I got all the negativity.)

one thing one commenter noticed:
One thing no one has mentioned: the color-coded scenes are back!!!!! New York is blue again! ...and other locations that would spoil the unspoiled have their own distinct colors. It was a nice touch, and I didn't realize it had been missing until I saw this comment.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] never_frugal!

foof. plorp. I'm tired. Schoolwork and stuff.
My parents' anniversary was Monday, so we went to the ultrahip Chinese restaurant Sino, which was pretty good, not too overpriced. Portions were big. Last night, I had to stay late in Berkeley for some CalTV meetings, so before that we ate at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. ULTIMATE JAMBALAYA WOO. I also tried some of my dad's penne pasta and their sauce (along with the little orange heirloom tomatoes) were just marvelous. yup. and beignets! nice. They were served in this bowl full of powdered much that I choked a bit at first, all that powdered dust...I did the same thing with the souffle at Sino...
haha we don't usually eat out like this two days in a row. It just happened.

oh, and now the CalTV site is all new and improved and stuff. Here are all the projects where I've done camera work!.

random random links

via [ profile] cleolinda:
Danny Boyle to direct a musical? awesome.
Jane Austen's "The Dark Knight" interrogation scene.
Add cowbell and Christopher Walken to any song
NY Post critic smacks Rogert Ebert with a binder, Ebert's response.

Klinsi interview!
It's dubbed, so I don't know if my German flisters might find that annoying. There's probably an undubbed version on the site...I'd look for it if I wasn't tired right now
I only caught a bit of this on TV. I'll watch the whole thing when I have more time.

hey hey Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet on Heroes) is now a guest blogger on TWOP!

They're hitting Denver today, followed by Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.
They do have some simple pie recipes on that site, though.

Gossip Girl!
pics of Blake Lively's 21st birthday
aww she invited everyone
via [ profile] yaiyah: Leighton Meester singing "Bette Davis Eyes."
overproduced, but Leighton's voice is cool and low and surprisingly un-Blair-like.
Gossip Girls in talks to make appearance in 30 Rock flashback
this sounds fantastic! of the better stunt casting decisions I've seen about 30 Rock's second season

also, did anyone notice in the season premiere how Serena borrowed Dan's copy of Nylon Magazine? soo hilariously appropriate product placement. Hey, they're a pretty cool, hipster fashion mag, and they cover other things too. like a certain time-traveling island show.
I totally bought the issue with Leighton Meester on the cover. Seriously, back in May, I saw it on a rack, and I grabbed it right away.

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?
Karl Lagerfeld: Still not a ninja. For now..
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oh my gosh Lost deleted/damaged footage scene
They reshot it into a more concise form in the episode, but...DANIEL FARADAY JUST LOOK AT HIM

found via...a Kaniel (Kate/Daniel) thread. I KNEW IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR SOMETHING
- - -
also, via [ profile] canadian_turtle:

Heroes S3 trailer!

apparently there are other ones being shown on NBC too.

from my comment on [ profile] gossy16:
"oh my gosh I was all sleepy and my brother was like NEW HEROES TRAILER and I tried to look at the TV through my sleepiness (argh you, 4th of July, for exhausting me) and there was Claire and HRG and Peter I think staring at a desert landscape and AIEEEEE
I've seen the one with Sylar though. I can't wait till September TV!
September school can definitely wait, though."

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I'm way behind on flisting, but I should have enough time to catch up tomorrow.

first, Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] kerlin!

Monday marked the start of TV upfronts. It was NBC's day.

The Fall 08-09 schedule

NBC's "in-front" Experience: Conan O'Brien's disembodied voice boomed over the loudspeaker.
"If you didn't get a seizure walking through this, you'll probably never get a seizure," the future Tonight Show host intoned.

interesting Heroes bits
from the 2nd article above: I did, however, learn that the cast of Heroes has been back at work since May 1, that Adrian "Nathan Petrelli" Pasdar had worked the red carpet outside the Experience (though the show's publicist demurred when I asked if that meant Nathan isn't actually dead)
from the Twitter updates: Milo and Quinto goofing on each other at the put-your-head-on-a-character photo booth.
not from upfronts, but whatever: Masi Oka guest stars on Japanese Kat-tun show

main information (a.k.a. if you don't want to read the links)
- Friday Night Lights to return for third season
-secret spinoff of The Office is still top-secret
- - Late Night with...Jimmy Fallon
- NBC has even gone so far as to lay out its schedule for summer 2009, promising Canadian drama "The Listener," cooking competition "The Chopping Block" and a pair of shows from the producer of "Ice Road Truckers" for 14 months or so from now.

New Shows (all info from here)
America's Toughest Jobs - Reality - Premiering: Summer 2009
Premise: Twelve contestants venture out of their comfort zones to tackle jobs like logging, oil drilling, driving on icy roads and extreme fishing.

any other suggestions for tough jobs, flist?

Chopping Block - Reality - Premiering: Summer 2009
Premise: "Hell's Kitchen" with a different tyrannical chef

I see.

Crusoe - Drama - Premiering: Fall 2008
Premise: Described as a combination of "MacGyver," "Castaway" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," this take on Daniel Defoe's adventure tale follows a man who has been shipwrecked on a tropical island for 28 years, but is still determined to return to the wife -- and life -- he left behind.
Stars: To Be Announced

So has he been rescued?

Kath & Kim - Comedy - Premiering: Fall 2008
Premise: Based on the Australian comedy series, a self-absorbed young woman separates from her husband and moves back home with her divorced mother who is herself discovering that life doesn't stop at 40
Stars: Molly Shannon ("Saturday Night Live"), Selma Blair ("Hellboy"), John Michael Higgins ("The Break-Up"), Mikey Day ("The Underground")

Promising cast.

Kings - Drama - Premiering: Winter 2009
Premise: A soldier rescues a king's son from enemy territory and is thrust into the limelight, setting off a chain of powerful events in this take on the classic David vs. Goliath struggle.
Stars: Christopher Egan ("Resident Evil: Extinction"), Ian McShane ("Deadwood"), Sebastian Stan ("Gossip Girl"), Allison Miller

what's the time period?

Knight Rider - Drama - Premiering: Fall 2008
Premise: Based on the '80s series, the classic KITT car has become even cooler. Thanks nanotechnology!
Stars: Justin Bruening ("Cold Case"), Deanna Russo ("NCIS"), Sydney Tamiia Poitier ("Veronica Mars") and Bruce Davison

Forget the Hoff - go meta with a Moritz Volz appearance.

The Listener - Drama - Premiering: Summer 2009
Premise: A 24-year-old paramedic uses his ability to read people's minds to solve crime.
Stars: Craig Olejnik ("The Runway") and Ennis Esmer ("The Path to 9/11")

you wish it was the new "Scrubs."

Merlin - Drama - Premiering: Winter 2009
Premise: Using modern story-telling, this fantasy series is set in Camelot but follows Merlin and Arthur as young men before they became legends.
Stars: Colin Morgan ("Doctor Who"), Bradley James, Anthony Head ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Richard Wilson, Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath ("The Tudors")


My Own Worst Enemy - Drama - Premiering: Fall 2008
Premise: A middle-class efficiency expert/suburban family man shares his body with a a trained killing machine in the latest take on the classic Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde dynamic.
Stars: Christian Slater ("The Good Shepherd," "True Romance"), Mike O'Malley ("Yes, Dear"), Saffron Burrows ("Boston Legal")

more: On "My Own Worst Enemy," meanwhile,[Saffron] Burrows will play the therapist to one of the two sides of Slater's split suburban dad/superspy identity -- and the girlfriend to the other.
so then it's Jekyll + Hyde + Desperate Chuckwives. or something.

The Philanthropist - Drama - Premiering: Winter 2009
Premise: After the death of his only child, a billionaire playboy begins going to extreme measures to help those in need around the world.

more on "The Philanthropist": "Battlestar Galactica" executive producer David Eick is in talks to take over as executive producer of the show, which is about a billionaire who uses his means to help those in need, sometimes going outside the law to do so.
a non-butt-kicking Batman.

Shark Taggers - Reality -Premiering: Summer 2009
Premise: Marine biologists use cutting-edge technology to track and hand-tag the ocean's top predators.

lol Discovery Channel envy

the Fall-summer-winter schedule diagram

non-NBC content
"Scarlet" is fake TV show, really ad campaign for TV sets
Dude, they had David Nutter named as producer. Which sounded awesome. I suspected something, though- the actress, Natassia Malthe, looked too fake and model-pretty to be a real lead. Oh right she was in Elektra.
Check out what could have been at the Scarlet series Youtube page.
early review of pilot scripts for J.J. Abrams' "Fringe" and Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse"
Cast updates for "Caprica": Esai Morales as Grandpa Adama
Eric Stolz as rival
Set 50 years before "BSG," "Caprica" follows two rival families -- the Graystones and the Adamas -- as they grow, compete, and thrive in the vibrant world of the 12 Colonies.

Stoltz will play wealthy computer engineer Daniel Graystone, who, after a family tragedy, creates something technologically amazing that will change the future of Caprica. Could it be a Cylon?

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Today was an awesome day.
My friend Loki was in town, on Spring Break from UCSD. We went to San Francisco.

We ate lunch at Buca di Beppo, where the walls are littered with color and kitsch, and “small” means one pound of pasta. Good times, good food.

Walked some blocks. Browsed through some of the stores in the Metreon before watching Be Kind, Rewind. It was sweet, fun, and funny. Despite the small audience in our theater, the whole room seemed to really enjoy the film.

Went to the comic book store next. They were having a going-out-of-business sale, so my brother and mom got stuff.

What I got:
- a Heroes shirt that said "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" around the Tim Sale drawing of Claire emerging from the flames
- Doctor Who figurine of Ten in a spacesuit

Then we ran under the waterfall in Yerba Buena Gardens, before ending our day with yogurt in waffle containers.

On the way home, we talked about the most random things, including, "Exactly when did they decide that the lights in front of cars should be white and lights in back of cars should be red?"


Got home about 8 PM, said goodbye to Loki.

And now I see on the news that there was a bad crash on the Golden Gate Bridge earlier in the day. San Francisco's a big place.
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Is it bad that when I read “Possible Tornado rips through Atlanta,” I thought “Possible Tomato?” And pictured it too. bad bad me.

[ profile] logovo1 posted these links:
LJ Ad butler
how you can remove ads from LJ accounts

some of the best recent webcomics that weren't about the late Gary Gygax:
Horton hears Cthulhu
You’ve been Ringrolled.

Video time!
[ profile] padfootie posted this video of Adrian Pasdar flying. In a plane, of course. Excellent choice of music.

Want something super bizarre: Watch World War II as reenacted by food
It kind of cracks me up that the assistant animator is named Adam Levine.

[ profile] hannahstarr posted a cute vid of a dancing walrus.

[ profile] cleolinda linked to two new "epilepsy-inducing" Speed Racer trailers.
ack they've been taken down. But I found this on Youtube, check it before that's gone too...

And two music videos.
One of them’s a pretty, mostly black-white animation vid for Shiina Ringo's "Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh ver.)," one of the songs from the movie Sakuran. The song itself is a pretty, punchy little tango pop song.
The black cat is Shiina Ringo’s alter ego symbol thing.

I have been playing this next video over and over for the past three? four? days.
Buraka Som Sistema (feat. M.I.A., Puto Prata, DJ Znobia, Saborosa) - “Sound of Kuduro”
The sound is fast and furious, and should appeal to those who like their dance music grimy and baile funk-ish.

What is Kuduro?
Kuduro isn’t world music. Well, not the kind of world music that finds its way onto Later with Jools Holland or a Damon Albarn album. This is the raw, uncompromising sound of the streets of Luanda, Angola. Meaning ‘hard ass’ or ‘stiff bottom’, it combines traditional Angolan Kilapanga, Semba and Zouk with Western house and techno.
related links here )

the past Sunday, we were eating at Chevy's. They usually play a bunch of current Spanish language pop, but I was suprised to hear ABBA singing "Mamma Mia!" in Spanish. I heard another one of their Spanish songs on the radio a while ago, and it's kinda weird yo.
And then what played next at Chevy's? A 60’s folk pop-style version of “Float On.” In English, mind you. Interesting.

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